BFO Coilovers: An In-Depth Review

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It’s certainly spring, and this is the time of year when countless car shows are eagerly anticipated. Following the fun you had in the winter, making sure that your auto looked perfect in every old car show, you are looking to put more enjoyment into it.

Despite the reservations to the contrary, we tend to be itching to go on a road trip. So, you should be careful about whether you have recently changed suspension points this year.

Do you intend to smooth cruising everywhere? If this is the case, then that time might be ideal for you to receive a Coilover upgrade. Have a look at our BFO Coilovers review to assess whether they are useful.

BFO Coilovers Review

BFO coilovers review

BFO’s component products are a good aftermarket option for your vehicle’s Coilover suspension product. The brand name is a well-known innovator in the industry, developing high-quality products at good prices. Additionally, its product design, features, and quality have all contributed to its success. Have a look below at a few of the key factors.


No one wants their commute to look too inexpensive if it isn’t going too far on their wallet. However, there’s something about the BFO Coilover design that’s intriguing. 

Even though the BFO designs fall into the inexpensive category, you can’t tell the difference between them and pricier Coilover just by looking at them, as they look similar to each other.

By modifying a few of these specific attributes, you become able to keep some money, and it improves your suspension. You may be able to find some welds and flaws, but these shortcomings don’t have any significant presence in your suspension. 

Because you aren’t concerned about the Coilover not looking good on your car ride, you ought to agonize over the welds and poor markings.


BFO coils are highly durable and often cost less than Coilover of this quality. From our observations, we have yet to come across another Coilover that works as well and costs less than BFO’s. Versatility, price, and long-lasting quality all factor into BFO coils’ lucrative workmanship.

If you have a brand new set of Coilover from BFO, you can healthily use a good track season with them. However, because the price isn’t very high, it’s possible that you will have to get a new part by the first day of the following season.

Even if you’ve been having difficulties with your current Coilover during the course of the current season, they will last a few seasons if you plan to use them as daily driving parts.


With a concentration on low-cost Coilover, the makers of MFO Coilover present a shortcoming compared to other design agencies. In our opinion, since it is devoted to supplying affordable Coilover, it doesn’t fully check if they’re up to quality standards. 

Perhaps it aims to avoid subsequent expenses amid this financial focus. Nevertheless, it does leave a less-than-flattering image for the brand due to the volume of the Coilover having to be adjusted right away. As there is not that much about it, you should be good.


As far as adjustability on BFO Coilover goes with this particular price range, we don’t believe there’s a much better product available. Again, we think it’s impossible to get much better adjustability at such a minor price. 

You can determine the desired ride height anywhere from 1 and 3 inches, depending on your preferences and driving conditions. BFO Coilover additionally offers an adjustable damper.

You have more control over the way the vehicle is rideable. This feature also adds to the appeal of having a tilt wheel vehicle since you control its oscillating camber plates only in one direction. However, the adjustability of the plates is only one axis, limiting your options. Nonetheless, it is still worth the price.


If we want to analyze the performance of BFO Coilover, we must focus on some vital aspects. Let’s see:

  • Steering

Some individuals say that the steering is somewhat too rigid with this Coilover. It does not indicate that being stiff is bad. But the steering is still quite nice compared to other Coilover in its price point, it is.

  • Ride On Bumps

These coilovers make for a satisfying ride, given that you accept the various types of qualms they offer. You ought to accept that some perturbations did not elevate the interior quite as much as you think they would. Still, they are not the roughest kayaks you can buy, regardless of forking out the cash.

Given that BFO Corporation has been able to keep its customers happy, consumers have actually been spending less. This company’s Coilover adapts well to broad road bumps.

Hence, you will not feel anything from the ordinary daily grind when you’re on one of these coilovers. As for the track, the round is very enjoyable and provides plenty of torque.

  • Braking

Cruising along BFO Coilover is effortless, thanks to their solid brake saddle. It’s a neat characteristic for BFO Coilover to have that you find in more expensive versions. It’s an indicator of the price at which the company values your safety when riding.

What’s more, they fit perfectly with the center of gravity even on virtually every car model. As a result, your vehicle shouldn’t move significantly when you apply the brakes. Instead, the force will remain evenly dispersed throughout your entire car, allowing for a smooth braking experience.

  • Effect on Tires

Many users noticed a few issues with BFO Coilover, which were related to the tire’s condition during the time they were being used on BFO Coilover. The only instance where it’s bad for you to keep tires set on Coilover is if you haven’t maintained them frequently. 

Also, be sure to buy a new one once they wear out. Keeping this tire on Coilover can cause additional damage to the suspension as well as the tire.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Mileage or fuel efficiency is contingent on your car’s bodywork in addition to the Coilover. If your car is in poor condition overall, you should not just point the finger at BFO; they are typically suited to provide reasonable mileage even if you follow regular Coilover maintenance.

To maintain good tires, you’ll have to continue to drive with Coilover while they’re misaligned. Because of this, your suspension is harmed, and other components involved require increased gasoline consumption when you drive with them.


Coilovers are sometimes not cheap, as is a consequence of well-known manufacturers. If you glance at iconic brands such as BC Racing, their lesser Coilover can cost you $1,000. 

Nevertheless, the price is not a major issue with BFO Coilover because they were designed to provide economical pricing. Typically, you get a high-quality BFO Coilover starting around $275.

When you’re using this Coilover and think it does not match the style, it may be the case that the suspension is inadequate. However, it’s not the case in this case. BFO Coilover is known for not only being inexpensive but also excellent for this price range. 

More importantly, even if the current suspension is aging, you can save your money and invest in another Coilover with the company and will not have wasted as much money as if you had spent a lot on a premium Coilover.


One advantage of Coilover is that its products don’t suffer from quality assurance inspections. The two-year warranty helps put the customers’ minds at ease. The space warranty provides a little assurance to purchasers concerned that they may not receive the flawless Coilover they were expecting.

Nevertheless, if you obtain a defective part, BFO is always ready to pay you back. Thus, those who hesitate to get Coilover due to its low cost can rest assured.

Pros and Cons of BFO Coilovers

Coilover suspensions have positive and negative attributes. By knowing both sides of the situation more thoroughly, you’ll be able to understand any given suspension setup better.


  • Excellent ride
  • Decent adjustability
  • Reasonable price
  • Satisfying ride on bumps


  • Not much durable
  • Stiff ride

BFO Coilovers review – Our Verdict

Folks who have bought Coilover say that they are not all high-caliber Coilover, although this is true. To describe the unilateral views of the buyers, most studies focused on consumers’ notions regarding how satisfying the Coilover is for their price. 

According to customers, the Coilover has not been settled enough to be completely reliable, and some need to be resolved with a replacement in a couple of years.

Compared with other suspension systems on the market, the function of our Coilover is pretty wonderful as long as you’re willing to spend very little money each time you have to replace it. 

The essential factor determining the quality and endurance of these Coilover is how you’re likely to use them. If you are too hard on them, they will wear out sooner.

Rather than disregarding them, make sure to take care of them and expect them to last longer than you would imagine. In addition, there are a lot of negative reviews about these items. It’s generally because these products are targeted by people who aren’t aware of exactly what they are getting. 

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