Bilstein B4 vs B6 vs B8 – A Real Comparison

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The world-renowned B4, B6, and B8 models of Bilstein offer tuning enthusiasts an opportunity to fine-tune their ride quality according to individual preferences. But how do these three variants differ from one another?

Bilstein B4 serves as an excellent factory replacement option, ensuring your vehicle maintains its original damping performance. In contrast, the Bilstein B6 offers a significantly sportier and stiffer feel. 

Meanwhile, the Bilstein B8 shares similarities with the B6 in terms of providing a sportier experience but features a shorter stroke length. This facilitates more aggressive driving. 

So, which one should you choose for your vehicle? Stay with us to get the answer as we dive headfirst into the exhilarating Bilstein B4 vs. B6 vs. B8 debate, uncovering their dissimilarities and guiding you toward making an educated decision.

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Bilstein B4 vs B6 vs B8 – Comparison Table

Before we enter our main discussion, let’s put these three models side by side on a table for a quick overview:

PurposeOEM ReplacementUpgraded SuspensionsSports/Lowering Applications
Vehicle TypePassenger Cars & SUVsLarger Sedans & SUVsSports Cars & Performance Vehicles
Performance LevelFactory Replacement ComfortEnhanced Control & StabilityUltimate Handling & Performance
Height AdjustmentN/AN/ACompatible with Coilover Spring Kits for Adjustable Ride Height
Application        Daily DrivingMild-Sporty HandlingHigh-Performance

Bilstein B4 vs B6 vs B8 – Head to Head Comparison

Since B4, B6, and B8 are all Bilstein products, you might not see too much difference in design and construction. 

The only and most crucial factor that differentiates each product from others is its targeted customers. In this perspective, B4, B4, and B6 can give different results in various aspects of driving. Let’s see them below. 

Performance Level 

Starting with the Bilstein B4 shocks, are known for their original equipment quality and are perfect for drivers seeking a comfortable ride without sacrificing handling. They are built to match your vehicle’s factory specifications, providing excellent damping characteristics and reducing body roll. 

Moving up the ladder, we have the Bilstein B6 shocks, which offer improved handling and stability over the stock suspension components. They feature firmer damping characteristics.

Finally, at the top end of Bilstein’s range are the B8 shocks. These high-performance monotube shock absorbers are specifically engineered to deliver exceptional handling capabilities. The B8 series provides superior control and precision during aggressive cornering or high-speed maneuvers.

Damping Technology

While all three models use Bilstein’s gas-pressure technology to reduce vibrations and enhance suspension response, the damping characteristics vary. The B4 provides balanced damping forces for everyday driving conditions. 

The B6 offers increased damping forces to handle higher stress levels while maintaining ride comfort. The B8 provides even firmer damping to maximize vehicle control during spirited driving.

Vehicle Stance

The B4 maintains the original ride height while enhancing handling characteristics compared to factory shocks. The B6 series provides a subtle lowering effect, resulting in a more aggressive stance without sacrificing ride quality. 

On the other hand, the B8 series delivers a significantly lowered vehicle stance suitable for racing or aggressive street driving.


The B4 series does not offer adjustable options, whereas the B6 features adjustable damping settings, allowing drivers to fine-tune their suspension preferences depending on road conditions or personal preferences. 

Similarly, the B8 incorporates adjustable spring perches for precise control over ride height and corner balance.


The Bilstein B4 shocks are an excellent choice for drivers seeking a factory-like feel while enjoying improved handling and stability. They excel in maintaining consistent damping control and are compatible with most standard suspension systems.

On the other hand, the Bilstein B6 shocks offer enhanced damping characteristics, ideal for those who desire superior handling and performance even when encountering adverse road conditions. These shocks are perfectly compatible with stock height and lowered vehicles with sports springs or performance upgrades.

For drivers seeking aggressive handling capabilities coupled with an exhilarating driving experience, the Bilstein B8 shocks deliver exceptional performance on sport-tuned or track-prepared vehicles. 

Specifically tailored for shorter springs or coilover setups, these shocks provide precise response, reduced body roll, and increased stability without compromising comfort.


Due to their varying performance levels and technologies employed, there is a noticeable price differentiation between these Bilstein shock absorber series.

The Bilstein B4 stands at the lower end of the spectrum due to its focus on comfort rather than performance-oriented features. The B6 shock absorbers come in at a slightly higher price point due to their sportier characteristics and improved handling capabilities. 

Finally, the flagship option – the B8 shock absorbers – command the highest price due to their specialized design aimed at delivering maximum performance in demanding environments.

Bilstein B4 vs B6 vs B8 – Highlighting Their Pros and Cons

Like any other suspension upgrades or aftermarket replacement parts, Bilstein B4, B6, and B8 shock absorbers have pros and cons. You just need to weigh between them and make your decision. Here is what we found:

Pros and Cons of Bilstein B4

Bilstein B4
  • Pros: 

Improved comfort: The B4 series offers excellent damping for a comfortable ride, making it ideal for daily driving.

OEM equivalent: These shock absorbers are designed to provide the same performance as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shocks, ensuring optimal fit and function.

Cost-effective option: With their competitive pricing, the B4 series provides quality ride control without breaking the bank.

  • Cons:

Limited adjustability: The non-adjustable nature of these shocks restricts customization options for more demanding driving conditions or specific preferences.

Moderate performance: While suitable for normal road use, the B4 series may not deliver high-level handling performance required by aggressive drivers or those seeking enhanced sportiness.

Pros and Cons of Bilstein B6

Bilstein B6
  • Pros:

Enhanced handling: The B6 series is engineered to improve vehicle stability during spirited cornering and abrupt maneuvers, providing better control in various driving scenarios.

Increased durability: With their robust construction and superior materials, these shock absorbers are built to withstand heavy loads or challenging road conditions without compromising performance.

Adjustable option available: Some variants within the B6 range offer adjustable settings, allowing users to fine-tune suspension characteristics to suit specific driving preferences.


Firmer ride quality: Due to its sport-oriented design, the increased firmness may lead to a harsher ride experience on uneven or rough surfaces compared to softer alternatives like the B4 series.

Higher price point: As a higher-performance upgrade over some OEM shocks, the Bilstein B6 comes at a slightly steeper price.

Pros and Cons of Bilstein B8

Bilstein B8
  • Pros:

Maximum performance capability: The B8 series is specifically designed for maximum handling precision and superior response in high-velocity driving situations, making it suitable for motorsport and track applications.

Enhanced control and stability: The B8 shocks provide improved control and stability, especially during aggressive cornering and quick maneuvers. This makes them ideal for drivers who demand precise handling and want to push their vehicle to its limits.

Increased damping force: The B8 shocks have a higher damping force compared to the B6 series, allowing for better suspension control and reduced body roll. This results in improved overall performance and a more enjoyable driving experience.

  • Cons:

Stiffer ride quality: The B8 shocks are designed to provide maximum control and responsiveness, which means they may transmit more road imperfections and vibrations into the cabin. This can make the ride feel harsher, especially on rough or uneven surfaces. 

Limited comfort for daily driving: While the B8 shocks excel on the track and during aggressive driving, they may not offer the same level of comfort as stock or softer suspension

Which is Right for You?

Choosing between the Bilstein B4, B6, or B8 series entails understanding your vehicle’s needs and driving preferences. If you value comfort without sacrificing performance, the B4 series is ideal. 

For those desiring heightened performance with responsive handling, opt for the superb capabilities of the B6 series. And if you demand unrivaled control during aggressive driving or track days, look no further than the remarkable performance of the B8 series. 

However, we always recommend consulting with experts who can evaluate your requirements before deciding which Bilstein suspension system suits you best.