Fox 2.0 Shocks: An In-Depth Review

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Off-road enthusiasts have modified FOX shocks for years for use on their own vehicles. Prerequisites included cutting up a lifted or stock suspension, customizing, and even embedding a blow bronzing a certain length of time or too short. 

FOX has at last, in recent years, serving the customers of off-road vehicles who seek a direct replacement for standard and lifted suspensions and functions. The latest Fox 2.0 shocks introduced by FOX have updated technology. These shocks deliver performance like their higher-end racing shocks but at a more accessible and cost-efficient price. 

Fox 2.0 shocks can be installed quickly to help transform any pickup truck or SUV into a racing machine. Want to try these shocks on your own truck or SUV? Hold on, try our Fox 2.0 shocks review before you drop your cash on them. 

Fox 2.0 Shocks – Key Features and Specs

Fox 2.0 shocks review
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Fox.0 shocks include some remarkable capabilities that make potential buyers feel as though this will be a great investment at a great price. However, what you’re given once you buy one is a completely different story. 

We’ve got more to say on the subject, but their features are our focus. Let’s first look at the important features of Fox.0 shocks and their specifications for your own quick assessment

One-Piece Aluminum Shock Body 

The Fox 2.0 Performance Series features a one-piece aluminum shock body that exudes improved corrosion resistance and lowers heat production better than a steel shock body.

Hard Anodized Remote Reservoir

Fox 0.0 Shocks utilize aluminum reservoirs with an anodized coating. However, the color of the coating varies depending on the model. The hoses and fittings are braided for durability and long service life, and the plastic IFP is more affordable and offers better capabilities for mass production.

Aluminum Clamps

The reservoir connector clamps come with a rubber mounting block to mount the reservoir to the shock body. The shock absorber clamps include an aluminum clamp to mount the reservoir to the shock body. 

These clamps are designed to be mounted to an actuator plate or the shock hoop. However additional reservoir mounts can be purchased separately when needed.

High Flow Pistons

A high-flow piston has been integrated into each Fox 2.0 performance shock. This piston allows for more oil flow, which provides a smoother ride. An effectively built shim lay at the base of the upper piston rotary motion. 

These shims can be adjusted synchronistically with the software application used to configure the Fox 2.0 performance shocks. To obtain the clearest suspensions, identical shims are maintained for each piston.

Adjustable Ride Height

The Fox 2.0 Shock Bundle is designed to stabilize your car or truck when driving, providing you with a level ride height. The shocks measure at the bottom of the ride, making it easy for you to use bigger wheels than stock with the added height of the shocks.

The adjustable ride height determines the tightness of the shocks to suit your needs when choosing the appropriate tire and wheel size.


BodyCNC-machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
Shaft5/8” alloy steel
ValvingApplication specific
SealsRedundant sealing

Fox 2.0 Shocks Review

Fox 2.0 shocks
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Hopefully, you have been equipped with the crucial info about Fox 2.0 shocks. Now let’s move the analysis into the review: 

First Impression and Package Details

Fox 2.0 is a fairly simple entry-level suspension kit that does not use external reservoirs or have any wacky modifications or adjustments, just having a 3-way adjustable shock and some springs. 

The shock settings are suitable for street running and for all driving styles on a vehicle. The kit is reasonably priced and an excellent means to get the handling you want without needing to be too aggressive for the price. 

This package contains a preloaded shock loop with adjustable preload for both the front and rear. The front shocks include adjustable coil-over construction that heightens the dampening effect and allows for adjustments to account for changes in the geometry, such as when there is a lift kit installed. Rear shocks are also offered. 

These are a gas-charged strut design that reduces the vibration, lurching, and bobbing motions typical with regular shocks. The package also includes all necessary hardware for the installation. 


Let’s start in a synchronized way. So, we’re here going to talk about the installation. As you probably know, the package is supplied with all the necessary hardware. Basically, they’re intended for do-it-yourself installation.  

So, adding FOX shocks can be performed at home using some basic suspension tools, a set of wrenches, and your bodily strength. We advise you to remove any mud residue on your undercarriage before beginning work. 

Take a look at the bolts attaching the shocks and bolt spray with additional WD-40 in case the parts are rusted. Pay attention when you’re taking off old shocks because it’ll be useful when reconnecting the new unit. 

Work with technological gizmos in an effort to snap photographs with your smartphone to help you as a reference. As a nitrogen gas-pressured shock unit, getting the lower shock to match against its bracket may take some effort, and a few attempts may be needed.  

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On the road, these shocks provide a quiet ride of their softness. These shocks have been trained to provide a more subdued ride than their factory counterparts. That is what makes them such a great pickup for heavier loads. 

With respect to off-road performance, these shocks are on the supple side. It only takes the excessive bounce and refines it so that you are comfortable and haven’t jostled around inside the vehicle. 

Some people enjoy a vehicle suspension that is a bit stiffer and slightly more playful and truckish and if this type of suspension setting appeals to you, this is probably not the right choice for you. 

We get on well with them as they allow lengthy driving without needing to fear about their trucks rattling apart or you’re gonna be weary and it does feel great. At the trail, Fox 2.0 shocks are a lot better than the truck’s factory suspension. 

With these, the truck is constantly traveling down, you don’t veg out when driving, it has much more control and it keeps you more entertained. 


Handling, comfort, and safety, all are intimately related to each other. So, whenever we think about a good suspension setup, how good handling it will provide remains at the top of our priority list. And if we’re not wrong, the same thing goes for you as well. Hence, let’s discuss handling

  • Handling in Street

We have to lower our expectations when we look at these projects. Undoubtedly, the costly mishaps that impose four times as much address the issue, yet it’s our fervent wish to arrive at an optimistic end.

Fox 2.0 shocks are among the highest-rated shocks within this price range, however, we reserve the right to alter the specifications as it rates increase. We’ve yet to transcend the maximum speed allowed by the regulation, but we’ve not observed over an extended period of time in the context of high speed.

These shocks won’t turn your vehicle into a roaring racing beast, but driving over highways will not be difficult thanks to the stability of the Fox 2.0 when pushed at moderate speeds. 

The vehicle’s rear-wheel traction is trustworthy on bumps and is particularly stable when driving at moderate speeds. It has an intense level of driving comfort, enabling you to feel safe at the helm even when driving over steep terrain.

  • Handling in Off-Road Conditions

Unless you happen to be looking through the truck’s interior equipment, you might not notice the truck’s suspension is equipped with aftermarket shocks. Fair to say, that these shocks provide a greater sense of control than found in an SUV or a pickup truck. 

The only part that these shocks really are achieving is that they get you slightly out of the street, which is truly what they accomplish. Your body doesn’t roll away, your body squats minimally, and your body does not dive around heavy braking. 

The suspension is specifically tuned to ensure that the rear of the vehicle doesn’t dive more than usual when you’re overburdened when you pull over a bump.

We felt like it made a fairly smooth journey even though there were some unavoidable bumps along the way. The vehicle makes much less of a fuss on rough surfaces. Especially, the suspension is remarkably insensitive to sharp jolts.

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Our Verdict – Should You Choose Fox 2.0 Shocks? 

So far so good, we are really happy about the way things go with this kit. We wish to make a point to state that we think this kit is an excellent solution for novices who want to experience much more agile-encased vehicles.

However, in regard to drawbacks, adding lots of weight to your truck may be an issue. Additionally, while the features of this shock kit may prove to be useful to you, they’re not appealing if you like a stiff ride setting. 

But, the price tag for this shock kit the ease of installation, and just how well it works all make this a suitable case for a lot of guys who are going to be thrilled with it. Another point worth noting is that the construction quality of these shocks is sturdy.

While we really like the suspension on our four-wheel-drive truck, there’s not a lot of cheap or low-quality to say regarding its performance on the road. We think virtually any motorist who is out in search of a suspension alternative that is somewhat modest and suitable for daily driving will likely be more than pleased by what it gets.

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