Maserati Levante Air Suspension Problems

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The Maserati Levante is a luxury car that is optimally equipped to give the driver a fulfilling and engaging experience. It has been created with absolute concern for detail and crafted with utmost attention to the tiniest element. Incorporated with various cutting-edge technological innovations, it stays ahead of the competition.

The air suspension system in this vehicle is one of them. This adjustable suspension system keeps the vehicle comfortable regardless of whether you’re driving on a flat road or over a bumpy road. Still, it’s quite unfortunate that there are some Maserati Levante air suspension problems reported by owners. 

For instance, the Air suspension malfunction warning is a typical glitch when it comes to Maserati Levante S Model 2017. This unit has been notorious for being one of the malfunctioning parts of this SUV. 

Some 2019 Maserati Levante owners also complained about squealing noise coming from the front end. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing this vehicle, we recommend that you thoroughly read our article first.

Maserati Levante Air Suspension Basics

No matter how difficult a Maserati Levante air suspension problem is, knowing the suspension properly will help you anticipate what’s actually going on and what measures you should take. 

This is why we’ll start with some basic knowledge about the Maserati Levante air suspension system. Well, the Maserati Levante air suspension consists of the following components: 

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers of a Maserati Levante air suspension system are similar to those of ordinary suspension systems. The primary goal of these components is to disperse shock brought on by road imperfections. The air suspension system has 4 shocks for each wheel.

Air Compressor

The air compressor is the most crucial component of a typical automobile air suspension system and the massive one to repair. It helps to inflate and deflate air bags or air bellows. It is typical that every vehicle will have only one.

Airbags or Bellows

These are the components on which your vehicle’s ride height depends. They control and adjust the air pressure in the vehicle to raise or decrease the ride height, or the firmness, of the suspension. 

Valve Housing

The valve housing of your air suspension system acts to equalize the pressure to make sure air pressure is distributed through each bellow of your car.


Tubes that move between the valve housing and the compressor tube constitute the bellows. These serve as means for air to both enter or exit.


It signals the control device and the compressor to fill or empty the airbag (externally inflatable vehicle cushion).

Maserati Levante Air Suspension Problems

Air suspension can create a smooth ride, but it also introduces a new set of potential problems. For those purchasing the Maserati Levante, failure rates will be much higher than you would like while the vehicle is being offered as a premium luxury car. 

The worst fact is the excessive cost of repair and replacement parts due to the lack of availability domestically. However, here are some of the more common issues reported by Maserati Levante owners:

Damaged Shocks

The shocks for your car will become more prone to failure inevitably at the level of your older Maserati Levante. In addition, the seals will wear out for some of the conventional shocks because they’ve been in use over certain miles of road. 

Unfortunately, your factory shocks are not replaceable. It makes sense that you replace an ailing shock with an OEM shock or offer adjustable Coilover shock replacements rebuildable and at a lower price compared to a new Maserati.  

It’s also wise to note that the failure of just one shock absorber may affect the long-term reliability of your suspension setup because older shocks often begin to fail sooner or later. Likewise, it means that replacing the shocks is a prudent investment for most Maserati Levante owners. 

Air Suspension Malfunction Warning Light

Many vehicle drivers have commented that they “received a warning, Air suspension broken” and when they look at the underlying reason, they find that they can not resolve the problem because the matter involves more involved components. 

It could be a multitude of different things such as a faulty sensor, module, or shocks, and it is a must to turn to a professional to know about the codes and further inspect the situation. The connectors for the top shocks are located on the shock itself, which is in the case of the Rear for the QP means that you need to remove the trunk lining and other parts to gain access to it. So it’s not a simple check for the average owner to perform.

Whining Noises

Some owners have also reported whining noise coming from the front portion of the vehicle. In general, this is related to the compressor malfunction. Implausible noises that are not in line with the level of activity or that deviate from regular operating habits can be an indication of a mechanical issue with the compressor. 

If you hear any odd noises, such as loud clicks or grinding, then you may well have a problem with the compressor’s motor or fan.

Fixing Air Suspension in Maserati Levante

If you need to fix your Maserati Levante (2016-2021) air suspension and you’re able to afford to repair the suspension, don’t be concerned. As you often see today, deception can be quite common. 

First of all, correctly study your motor vehicle. Hook it with a measure of three feet from the ground to the top of the bumpers, and leave it there for several days before the examinations. Again check it when it becomes your opportunity. Here, you may see two different scenarios.

If you see that your vehicle’s height has not decreased, it’s an indicator that the airbags are good, and the circuit is also working properly. In this kind of scenario, it is good to shift the car a bit, lower it a bit, and retest the airbags. To this end, if you have a tear in the edge of the olive, where the car is in that position, do not alter its position.

However, if you see your vehicle’s height lowered, you must inspect the axles that are distinguishing the front and back of the vehicle. In case, you notice the front left tire drops, you’ll have to look underneath the cowl to see whether any axles have passed out of place. 

Although in some cases the axle failure of the tire on the left is the sole issue, sometimes it comes in the shape of an axle failure on the right, and vice versa. Regardless of what, now you want to go to the workshop to verify the below in detail and confirm that the review of the specialized technical aligns with what you observed.

Final Words 

If the air suspension warning light on your Maserati Levante is flashing, it indicates that the compressor is failing or there is a leak in the air suspension bags, possibly resulting in them losing inflation. Regardless of your Maserati Levante air suspension problems, it’s wise to fix the issue before more severe damages occur.