What Is Static Suspension? Pros & Cons

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What is Static Suspension? You may have seen this term used before, but do not know exactly what it means. Static Suspension is a type of suspension that uses shocks and springs to keep the car stable while driving.

The word “static” means that your car will not go up or down in height with just one click. Coilovers remain very popular among enthusiasts though, so many people still love them even if they do have some downsides like reduced comfort when compared to air suspensions.

The Coilover is one of the most popular suspension systems for modern cars, and it’s been around way longer than airbags. Some people prefer to go with this setup because you can make your car more track-ready by adjusting the tension on certain parts like springs or dampers depending on what type of driving style suits you best.

Coilovers can change the way you ride by giving you more control over spring rates and dampening, allowing for changes in the rebound as well. They come at different prices depending on what kind of setup is wanted; $500 to $100 will get a basic setup while high-end ones cost over $2000.

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Are coilovers static?

Coilover Static

A Coilover is a type of suspension that uses springs and shocks to lower the car. The term “static” refers to the fact that the car is lowered via static suspension, as opposed to active suspension, which uses electronic or hydraulic systems to actively control the suspension. 

Many people use Coilover for stance cars, as they allow for a great deal of adjustability in terms of ride height. This allows you to get the perfect look for your car, whether it’s super-low like a Sprinter or more subtle like a Ralliart. In addition, Coilover offers better handling and stability than traditional suspensions, making them ideal for track days or aggressive driving.

Is Lowering Springs Considered Static?

Is Lowering Springs Considered Static

Jacking up your Coilover suspension will allow you to set a new height. While this may cost more than lowering the springs, it’s better for maintaining vehicle integrity and keeping its value as high as possible while still having one static stance that can’t be changed with inflation or lack thereof due in part to using airbags during accidents, which also increases safety by helping reduce damage caused when crashing into other objects/people etcetera.

What Is Static and Bagged?

Static Stance vehicles are lowered but unable to move. This means that you can’t adjust your suspensions because they are static. There is usually one way of lowering the vehicle in this type, which will be through some form or another with different methods used depending on what kind and model it may be for each specific make/model combination.


  • The easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve a static vehicle is by building your own.
  • The changes are very simple. You will not have any problems with the implementation or update process at all.


  • The negative effects on your car will be irreversible.
  • You’ll have to buy aftermarket shocks if you want the handling and performance that this vehicle is designed for.

Bagged If you want to go the extra mile in your car, this is how. With bagged suspension systems there’s no need for springs or shocks because they use airbags that inflate and lower as needed. It’s adjustable in seconds.


  • With a wide range of suspension options, you can find the perfect ride for your needs.
  • With the speed bumps out of your way, you can enjoy driving in peace.
  • You will get more value if you look for products with a good return policy.


  • The most expensive way to give your car that aggressive look is with a set of lift kits.

Static Or Bagged Which One Is Right For You?

There are many different types of vehicle suspensions available on the market, and the right one for you depends on your driving habits and what you need from your car. There are two main types of suspension: static and bagged. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. So which one should you choose for your car?

The pros and cons of static versus bagged suspension have been discussed, so now you can make an informed decision.

If you want a suspension that’s easy and cost-effective, go with static! It will be ready for installation in no time at all.

The bagged suspension has a wide range of selections you can set up by your preference whether it is off-road or dirt road.

The following is a list of possible drawbacks to consider when choosing one over another. Make sure you read through them carefully and find the right fit for your needs.