Yonaka Coilovers Review – Is It Worthy?

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You’re standing in the automotive specialty section of your regional shop and must make a decision about what suspension setup to purchase. You drive around with someone close each day of the week, but she seems very uncomfortable getting on a more rough ride with rigid suspension.

Maybe then you can begin looking into lowering springs and adjustable suspensions, but until you reduce costs on racing, you won’t have to think about a soft suspension. A long time ago, suspension comfort and, in fact, performance were only to have their areas kept scrupulously apart.

However, Yonaka has made it possible to blend comfort and performance in a single suspension setup. Yes, we’re talking about Yonaka coilovers. We have a chance to make a Yonaka Coilovers review for those who want to get the most out of their investment, no matter how limited their budget. 

What is Yonaka Coilovers?

Yonaka Coilovers

Yonaka Coilovers are performance series easy-to-lower Coilovers that only lower the vehicle from its factory height. You can not lift or lower the vehicle or keep it at its OEM height with these coilovers. Unless indicated otherwise, assume the Coilover kit will drop your vehicle at least an inch up to 3 inches.

Features At A Glance

  • Fully adjustable damping pillow ball bushing damping skirt 
  • Variety of camber plates 
  • All aluminum upper mounts have 0-4″ height adjustment 
  • Fully threaded dual-tube advanced shock absorber 
  • Inner bump stop to protect against damage caused by rapid compression impacts 
  • A wide range of heights without changing the spring compression. 
  • The bottom of the shock absorber is threaded to adjust the height.

YONAKA Coilovers Review – Analyzing Basic Factors

Well, now it’s time to review Yonaka coilovers in detail. Here we will discuss some of the most notable features and basic aspects to describe these coilovers. Let’s go:


To be frank, the design is extremely new and dramatic for your enjoyment by the Yonaka coilovers. Whether it has been made so that your installation is simpler or lower priced for you to actually benefit from, this specific design has been created with you in mind. They’re created in the Isle of Purbeck, England, and are an excellent JDM design, loaded with cutting-edge technologies.

We’re just amazed at its ability to ascend to tie-down strap height adjustment, have a couple of tubes that contain joy-ride wheel suspensions, possess a damping-force adjusting method, have a whole kit containing upper mounts, and include the 1 full kit. 

The EFDC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) series is designed for in-car damping force adjustment. The upper mounts are designed to be used on a single-vehicle model.

Its robustness, extensive rustproofing, and high-quality powder paint have made it a real favorite among classic enthusiasts. The springs are suitable for low-temperature heating applications due to their material composition, consisting of a high-temperature steel strip that is cold-bloodedly forged. 


One thing worth noting about these Coilovers is that their base damping can be adjusted. The spring rates of these coilovers, which are used for the front and the back, are as follows: the fronts have a six-kilogram spring with 200-mm travel and the rears have a four-kilogram spring with 180-mm travel. 

This implies that every time you applied a force of six kilograms per square inch, the coil over would move one millimeter, and every time you applied a force of four times four kilograms, the coil over would move 180 millimeters.


Whether you’re a novice to coilovers or have decided to purchase one, these high-performance coilovers give you everything you need for a fantastic ride. Set up is a breeze, and they’re very user-friendly once you take them out of the box, making the package an excellent choice for the average everyday driver.

In short, Yonaka Coilovers boasts a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and stiffness. People have been satisfied with them, in addition to their price and ease of operation, which is grounds for the consumers’ confidence. Furthermore, these Coilovers are highly stable and last forever. 

Using the appropriate adjustment settings, it’s surprisingly easy to alter the ride height to suit your specific needs. A superior Coilover is the best option for someone wanting an increase in their car’s ride height or look. Simply select the make, model, year, and trim on this webpage, and we will have your Coilover ready for installation a short time later.


There is a guide chart in the instructions detailing how to build a package of which weight per tier, to prevent weight hogging on less-flat rides. This is useful as it permits you to adjust the pressure in the tiers based on your center of gravity once you’ve assembled and installed the ride. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to use oversight and trial and error to screw around the tiers to place the wheels back on for a short drive, then park the car, jack up, remove the mast, and lower the chassis to attain the ideal elevation for the consequences.

The profilers instruct trimming the front OEM silicone boot when re-installation. The boot prevents dirt from getting into the seals and pistons of the shocks. It appears like the installation should have cut short the boot. 

However, once the car is set down on the ground, the rear shock boot surrounds the piston and overlaps the rear shock just enough so that the shock will allow gas to be threaded through it.


The base price of this suspension setup is just $479, which is fantastic. Finding a dropped-coilover suspension setup for under $1,000 takes work. They are definitely worth it, and according to our other acquaintances who install them on their cars, they’re also quite wonderful. Again, this is an excellent introduction to coilovers.

It can appear to be overpowering when you see the price of coilovers, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 or more. You may ponder if it is worth paying that lot when you go to a shop to get a lower price. Or, perhaps a cheap Coilover will suffer early wear and tear and ultimately have to be replaced anyway.

You will be correct if you buy the Yonaka coilovers. These are a terrific bang for your buck, which is why we highly advise them. 

Pros and Cons of Yonaka Coilovers

Nothing is perfect in this world, so you can’t expect Yonaka Coilovers don’t have any drawbacks. However, the ratio of advantages and negative aspects can be determinant in that case. So, we have put together both pros and cons of Yonaka Coilovers here:


  • Exceptional welds are used to upgrade the workmanship, and it’s simply remarkable.
  • It’s a fun and fairly comfortable ride on the street.
  • Moderate cabin setups often fail to feature a rewardless lower body compression element.
  • They might go so far as to 4 inches above the ground. 
  • Suitable for handling track usage.


  • Differentials are quieter than some people believe, and some find the ride to be too stiff. Offering coasters at such a low price point is likely responsible for such inconsistencies.
  • Shock body mounts fit incorrectly, resulting in quick rollercoaster ride heights that could not be modified through replacement since exceeding it and not requiring replacement.

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