5 Best Coilovers For Nissan Maxima (Review) In 2023

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If you wish to drive your Nissan Maxima in a calming and relaxing way, then a Coilover is going to be ideal for you. You’ll get to advance the efficiency of your Nissan Maxima with the Coilover.

Coilovers are much better than shock absorbers when it comes to maintaining a calm, managed driving environment. Hence, coilovers are frequently used to fine-tune the handling and ride quality of road vehicles. 

However, the popularity of these techs has led to a plethora of choices with numerous Coilover brands, models, and variations on the market. Before purchasing coilovers, Nissan Maxima drivers are left with very little guidance. That is why we’ve come up with our best Coilovers for Nissan Maxima buying guide along with some of the best models available in the market 

Best Coilovers For Nissan Maxima Comparison Table

NameBest ForRatingPrice
Ksport CNS050-RR Damper SystemBest Overall9.9 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
D2 Racing D-NI-07 RS Series CoiloversBest For Ride Handling9.7 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
BC Racing BR Series CoiloversBest For Daily Ride9.9 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Godspeed MonoSS CoiloverBest For Performance9.3 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
OREDY Full Set StrutsBest for Budget Friendly9.6 Out Of 10$$$

The Importance Of Nissan Maxima Coilovers Upgrade

Curiosity may lead you to ponder an examination of the replacement value of Nissan Maxima coil-over suspension systems. Essentially, coil-over suspensions have better advantages than spring-and-shock setups. Coilovers around your vehicle allow you to control the incline and firmness, raising your trailer’s center of gravity and stiffening your chassis for improved car control.

It’ll transform your theoretical Nissan’s modifications into real-world horsepower if you choose to buy the perfect suspension setup. Your vehicle’s gotten all the modifications you’ve envisioned, and it will practically revolutionize the automotive universe.

Whenever you want to upgrade your Nissan Maxima coilovers for off-road driving, look no further than altering your suspension system. Selecting new coilovers can offer you an increase in comfort and lower. Upgrading your coilovers with all-new cushions will prolong their lives and decrease unwanted screeching.

It’s crucial to make certain that your coilovers are updated if you’re doing the renovation of a Nissan Maxima. The reason is that your coilovers are intended to last for a long while, but their coils can only last for a couple of years. Upgrading your coil-overs will ensure they will continue to work until a substantial upgrade.

Best Coilovers For Nissan Maxima Buyer’s Guide

The variety of Coilover options may be bewildering. There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a Coilover for your vehicle, making it difficult to know which ones will be worth the money and which ones need to be avoided. 

In this guide, we have included all the information you are ever going to need, from what the coilovers are to simply how much they cost. We’ve outlined this information for even the most inexperienced vehicle enthusiasts, so no matter who you are you will find this guide helpful throughout the process.

Damping Control

Occasionally, the ups and downs of the car’s suspension system affect the vehicle’s speed and in turn, will propel the vehicle either closer towards or larger than the normal position. Adjusting the damper setting for this situation will give your vehicle a softer or stiffer ride. 

For those who like wild driving, changing the suspension system’s damping setting can be satisfying, but it should be adjusted only in some cases. Upgrading your automobile ride quality generally requires a lot more research and diagnosis concerning the health of your suspension setup than precisely how well your car is functioning. 

If your vehicle needs optimum damping control, you may be able to spend a lot on some two- and three-way coilovers, but if you don’t have much understanding of your vehicle’s suspensions, you’ll just throw your money away.

Even if a set is the finest one in a business doesn’t imply that it’s the right one for you. Improperly installing your compression, rebound, and dampening on your suspension in your automobile can cause it to handle badly.

Upper Mount

Prior coils are often attached to the rear of an auto using a Coilover mount. It’s an important part of this type of drive system as it allows for fitment and ease of use. There are four principal kinds of coilovers, a rubber mounting, a spring pillow prime mount, a dual-spring prime mount, and an R/T-Primal mounting.

The majority of coilovers available on the market feature a bearing-on-top structure, which makes for a spherical bearing, allowing the connection between the ball and a plate that sits in the car.

By utilizing a pillow-compression ball, handling is enhanced, and the jolt caliber is improved, but it supports greater violence and is projected throughout the suspension on an uneven foundation. Instead, rubber upper mounts that are offered by most new brands absorb a little steering deflection. Coilovers that are set up using them generate minimal outflow because of these mounts.

Shock Design

One of the key elements of any coilover suspension system is shocks. There are two distinct shock types, including a mono-tube unit and a twin-tube unit. A mono-tube shock has a compliant damping effect across all corners, like a popular OEM choice.

On the contrary, a twin-tube coilover is made up of two shocks and has been designed to support the position of the driver. It usually has a larger overall diameter than most one-tube coilovers and for that reason feels a bit more comfortable on the road. However, it is considerably more expensive.

Dual-tube shocks could be appealing to you if you’re generally drawn to gentle driving. Also, this isn’t meant to imply they won’t be able to impart adequate power in handling.

Spring Rates

The Coilover is something you have to understand when in the market for a Coilover setup. Springs are very significant when it comes to controlling the vehicle’s suspension bushings; without them, they may not absorb bumps or make the vehicle lose its flexibility.

The increase in your suspension spring rate will increase how much pressure is required to compress the spring. A fast turn or brake forces the suspension to move faster, which makes it more difficult to compress the springs.

Before investing in aftermarket coilovers, it’s beneficial to compare them to OEM suspension. The stiffer springs in many coilovers provide better handling and improve the driving experience, allowing for increased situational awareness.

The amount of force that is required to compress a sprung weight depends on its spring rate. The scale of your springs influences how much force will be necessary to compress the spring. If the spring has a spring rate of 300 pounds per inch, it compresses 1″ for every 300 pounds of force. 

If you exert another 300 pounds of force on the spring, the spring will compress an additional inch as the load is 600 pounds. The spring rate does not change over time.

Adjustment Options

Coilovers are known for their ability to alter the elevation of your vehicle. They are typically distinguished by a shock made of low-pressure nitrogen gas, which has been valued for being sturdy and steadfast. Thereafter, there isn’t a difference in setting the vehicle’s height between various Coilover installments, allowing you to make this setting cheaper and not require a mechanical device.

Coilover shock absorbers are better than spring shock absorbers because they enable you to adjust the vehicle’s handling on both the road and the track. What matter does it make if your car hampers and you look good doing it? This makes it possible to adjust how your car moves independently and on the road.

Intended Use

How are you going to utilize your new car? For instance, do you want to take a long road trip daily to support your Nissan Maxima’s track records? Alternatively, do you want to remain at your old car’s old pace for as long as possible?

Roads and racetracks differ in many ways. Ordinary roads have curves and smooth slopes, while racetracks have corners and speed limits you have to comply with. It’s even trickier for suspension systems paved on either surface to adjust to these differences.

Coilovers have evolved over the years to be used more frequently for everyday objectives than for motorsports driving. Some motor vehicle owners seek coilovers that perform better, whereas other consumers emphasize comfort. 

Street-adapted coilovers stored in the car before driving generally have a lot of customization, but they are not the ideal option in the manner in which you usually drive. Track-only coilovers are much less flexible and more tense.

5 Best Coilovers For Nissan Maxima Review

We’ve selected and tested only the best coilovers for your Nissan Maxima. Ranging from inexpensive to high-end products, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to improve its handling like a trick to the back or give it an improved response, our selections have what you want.

1. Ksport CNS050-RR Damper System

Ksport CNS050-RR Version RR Damper System

Top of our preferred products list is the CNS050-RR Damper System, a Ksport damper system suited for drivers who want to lower their Nissan Maxima for the optimum driving experience. If your goal is to drive your Nissan Maxima at a lower height and after a sturdy, adjustable design, this unit will surely benefit you.

Let’s get into the details. First up, it consists of two single-bleeding C-arms that have built-in reservoirs, so inflating or deflating the shocks is easy. The Coilover setting of your suspension is comparable to yours for many different car parts setups, so it will be as fun and straightforward as other elements of various companies.

As you’re driving your vehicle, you’ll understand whether it has increased the rate at which you travel. In case you have a vehicle that have had suspension struts fitted on it, you’ll discover whether your automobile’s rate has been modified. 

It’s one of the fundamental goals of tinkering with the suspension to adjust the car’s bottom bounce; however, this isn’t always the outcome. However, you might need to make slight changes to your vehicle’s damper settings later on after a little more time, but you will gain significantly better driving and road-handling abilities when you choose to install new shocks earlier.

Driver Experience:

I wish to share my experience with the Ksport CNS050-RR Damper system. I had a lot of fun finding a package that increased the strength and longevity of my stock suspension setup. The kit was a breeze to set up, and the improvements were astounding.

One flaw I identified was the low-quality, and therefore easily damageable, calibration tool. Other than that, this was quite good.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Adjustable dampening
  • Perfect wheel alignment
  • Top-class construction


  • Tend to be damaged 

2. D2 Racing D-NI-07 RS Series Coilovers 

D2 Racing D-NI-07 RS Series Coil-Over Shocks for Nissan Maxima

Introduced over 20 years ago, the D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers have been a popular mid-level option for those modifying their street cars. With 36 clicks of simultaneous compression & rebound damping adjustment, the unit’s mono-tube damper design has been a favorite among those considering the modified car used primarily for track days.

This Coilover comes with different height and preload settings, letting you adjust your suspension to your desires while maintaining complete spring and shock stroke. The D2 RS Series Coilover Kit is the perfect option if you’re interested in performance while at the same time lowering your vehicle’s stance.

D2 Racing has contributed to the advancement of motorsports ever since the introduction of the very first coilovers, produced in their state-of-the-art factory to meet the highest manufacturing standards. D2 Racing’s North American division has been sharing your enthusiasm for auto sports since 2002, opening a New York office in 2002 and a West Coast office in 2012.

One of the priorities of coilover customers is the adjustment of the height in their vehicle. With these coilovers, you can genuinely arbitrate the height of your ride as per your desire. It’s also possible to refasten the spring brake, which is often one of the options with passion.

It then helps you decide if you want to ride at a high altitude or a softer altitude. Consequently, you can select your top mount height (material that raises it up and stiffens the spring) and the wheel stiffness. Next, there is the ball top mount made of plastic. 

At the same time, it resists noise while enhancing the ride of your board and improving your steering capacities. Thus, you will be provided with a great handling experience.

Driver Experience:

They are by far the best I have ever used. The rebound is incredible, and the overall feel is great. However, it seems a bit unstable. It is intended not to perform this procedure. Additionally, you can find no documentation defining setup and instructions to assist you. Thus, if you don’t have the proper know-how, you may have to learn the ways by yourself.


  • Monotube shock design
  • Complete package
  • Better handling
  • Smooth riding


  • Difficult installation

3. BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers Compatible with 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima (D-01-BR)

Launched in 2004, BR Series coilovers from BC Racing have garnered worldwide recognition among its many consumers because of their comfort, high quality, and affordability.  

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers, which feature perfect differentiation concerning their road handling, is one of the company’s best-selling products. Because of this, we always get a thrill out of the announcement of their release. 

The BR Series is specific in its ability to provide top-notch damping to all Nissan Maxima cars, though it lacks dual, three-way, and four-way damper arrangements. For the BC Racing BR Series, there is info about a tandem, three-way, and four-way setup, plus a minimum 2-inch decrease in ground clearance.

If you already have it, it becomes clear whether the latch process has benefited from the extra time it has seen. Car driving becomes much more convenient and simple after you first install the extra turning bracket. These upgrades are handy here and can make for a more viable substitute for daily use.

Furthermore, this Coilover kit has numerous compression rebound settings, so you will be able to seamlessly exploit the power of your compression rebound to command the vehicle’s elevation. Along with determining your car or truck’s elevation, you can adjust the ride quality instantly. By utilizing these coilovers, you will become more grounded when driving.

Driver Experience:

In the summer of 2019, I relied on these cables for a while now and have found them to be quite helpful. The ride is more comfortable and better-taken care of by driving the car. Quite frequently I have to go to parking, which has been quite difficult because my driving is the continuation of the suspension.

The biggest challenge I see when seeking to maneuver tight spots or park my car is a strange noise that originates from the back of the Coilover.


  • Adjustable stiffness
  • Custom ride height
  • Improves Vehicle Handling
  • Versatile


  • Strange noise

4. Godspeed(MSS0720-A) MonoSS Coilover

Godspeed(MSS0720-A) MonoSS Coilover For Nissan Maxima 00-03

Now we have the Godspeed MSS0270-A MonoSS Coilover for your Nissan Maxima. This suspension is ideal for driving from day to day and provides cozy travel while not sacrificing performance. With that design, the Coilover emphasizes handling and flight stability to give a smooth ride.

If you do use a single-tube shock, it can break down the greater units of gas and maximize your foot area for proper strain. Along with this, it guarantees higher precision in damping and is more efficient in heat dissipation.

Stainless steel used in the production of stainless steel enhances its toughness and endurance. If you want to change the bouncing damping strength, you can get it from a 16-level adjustment. It’s a solid deal for daily driving. In addition, the Koyo Japan 6204-Z bearing creates a very smooth stroke and takes the whole thing to a new level.

This product has an independent eccentric tension modification setting. You can alter tension without changing the elasticity of the springs. On top of that, this product contains a shock laboratory oil that provides you with a great deal more confidence in your shock diagnosis abilities and spares the springs from any avoidable wear and tear.

The lower tubing component is made using aluminum, and it’s extraordinarily beneficial and encouraging for coilovers. It isn’t just the appropriate item to strengthen coilovers’ service life, but it helps them to withstand all forms of circumstances.

Driver Experience:

The driving issue may take you approximately 1 hour through several challenging hills. To make matters worse, you will have to handle the installation of its parts by a service numerologist since it does not come with a fitted mounting set. However, this car has some impressive features. So, in this case, I strongly recommend that you purchase it.


  • Enhanced Ride Performance
  • Better Steering Feel
  • Fine-tuning
  • Perfect for any Terrain


  • Unusual sounds with abnormal shaking

5. OREDY Full Set Struts

order-best coilovers for Nissan Maxima

Oredy has been noted to be one of the most productive brands for years. It has only recently introduced many outstanding products, but its influence is undeniable, and it has drawn wide praise from consumers. For instance, the Oredy full set struts are being praised by many people, when other brands fail them in quality or durability.

For optimal protection, OREDY struts are made from a hollow bumper, which helps keep additional equipment inside the unit and smooths the landscape of the installation process, as well as prevents damage to outside components from everyday use. 

The strut also helps prevent accidental damage during falls, and the hollow design helps the strut withstand damage from collisions on concrete. It supports the framework with its rigid edges in such a way that it cannot move around nor bend inward when carrying weight. 

On the other hand, they afford maximum protection for your automobile while compromising neither performance nor quality. It can take particular crash landings along with vibrations and driving inputs than other suspensions absorb, which means you’ll be able to take advantage of bumpy roads without putting in much physical effort. 

Additionally, because of OREDY’s exceptional craftsmanship, purchasers are certain to receive a durable suspension system of outstanding quality at a very reasonable price.

Driver Experience:

My OREDY Full Set Struts setup was installed very quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth my ride was. I used to find that I’d get a rough road as a result of improvements to pavement quality, but using Bilstein shocks to fix this issue is a significant improvement.

This suspension kit is a great solution for changing your wheels for several vehicles. But while this kit usually enables swift installation, it can be hard in some scenarios to find and buy a kit. This, along with only having one version, can make installation a challenge if you’re not mechanically inclined.


  • Provides high-performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Improved handling
  • Feels good on the road


  • Hard to install

Final Words

We’ve evaluated the BC Racing BR series Coilover kit as our favorite option for the Nissan Maxima, and we think it’s a great option for you. It comes with a lot of flexibility and great features, making it a desirable option for that vehicle. In addition, we suggest researching coilovers from Ksport as well based on what is perhaps the most amazingly high-end variety of options.

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