Best Coilovers For Nissan Frontier (Review) In 2023

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Are you experiencing in your Nissan Frontier rolling or height adjustability? Understand you need to upgrade the entire coilover in your beloved Nissan Frontier. Check out our selectable best coilovers for Nissan Frontier to upgrade your entire system.

However, lowering the car means you improve handling, control, increase look, etc. We picked the Fox performance series and Ksport Kontrol Pro coilover set considering everything you need to enjoy a safer and better ride. In terms of improving ride quality, camber adjustability, shock oil, handling, steering, and traction control, Ksports is playing a mastery role.

Here is a detailed review of the best coilover kits for your Nissan Frontier if you wish to learn more about them. Here everything about them will be discussed for your convenience.

Best Coilovers For Nissan Frontier Review

Coilovers are the most crucial parts and are considered a game changer in the automotive world. If you want to lower your car and improve performance, handling, and others, you should pick the right Coilover kits. After deep research and keeping you in mind, we select the 2 best Coilovers for Your Nissan Frontier.

Best For Daily Drive: Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over

Fox performance series Coilover with performance shocks features a bolt-on design and advanced suspension technology. In addition, this series coil coilovers has vehicle-specific top mounts and factory-tuned valves with Internal Floating Piston (IFP) shocks. However, if you are looking for comfortable riding and performance on both on-road and off-road, choose the Fox performance version.

Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over + 2.0 Performance Shocks fits 05-16 Frontier


This series comes with plenty of advanced and mind-blowing features and benefits to soothe your mind. Here we list overall features and benefits for your convenience.

  • Bolt-on Design

Any changing or modification of your car’s suspension unit, especially the Nissan Frontier is a critical decision. The Fox performance series Coilover combined with dual shocks comes with a bolt-on design with the latest technology. It is designed to flare your heavy-duty truck or any other 4WD vehicle front-to-rear.

Through this bolt-on design, you can achieve better handling and straightforward mounting benefits. Additionally, it helps to simply remove the existing part.

  • Adjustable Ride Height

Ride height adjustability allows the driver to swap the ride height as required. Fox Performance Coilover features 0-2” lifting availability for better ground clearance even if you are driving on solid terrain. But what are the benefits of ground clearance? Well, a lower ground clearance efficiently enhances performance and saves fuel economy when driving at high speed.

  • Monotube Shock With IF Piston

Performance series Coilover equipped with monotube shock design and Internal Floating Piston. We all know now that monotube shocks are more suitable than twin-tube for various reasons. There is a single cylinder with a larger diameter internal floating piston that works to separate the shock oil from the Nitrogen gas chamber. 

Also, monotube shock can dissipate heat to keep the system cool for better ride control and handling. In addition, the IFP eradicates oil aeration which provides maximum performance.

  • Improved Ride Quality

The IFP allows the shock to separate the shock oil from the nitrogen gas chamber allowing excellent ride quality. The factory-tuned precision valving and vehicle-specific top mounts with race-standard high-flow dampening pistons provide the ride quality that you are expecting.

Not only that, it improves handling in the roughest terrain. Race-quality shock oil allows smooth pistons up and down to eliminate tiny particles and keep the ride consistent.

  • Durable Construction

Metal finish with rustproof Aluminum body delivers a long lifespan without wear and tear. Also, this 2” CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum body enhances shock cooling capacity which ensures more solid control.

The upper mount, rubber bushing, and coil spring are also made of quality composite materials to resist noise and vibration. Also, the Aluminum body dissipates heat well to keep the system cool during high-temperature situations. Transparent anodized finishes protect the shocks and other parts from rust and corrosion, which allows for working excellently in both wet and salty weather.

  • Easy-to-install

With the bolt-in, no modifications feature, install-ready option for fast and easy installation. No advanced or industrial hardware needs to mount the Fox Coilover. So anyone can do it with some basic tools and knowledge. Moreover, fits perfectly with the Nissan Frontier as it has an OEM upper mount with quiet nitrile rubber bushings. 


  • 0.625” solid chrome-plated piston for maximum durability.
  • The aluminum body for excellent heat dissipation compared to the steel body.
  • Vehicle-specific race quality valving with vehicle-specific upper mount.
  •  Ensures perfect handling with a quality ride.
  • Easy-to-install. 


  • Spanners are not available to adjust them.

Best For Performance: KSP-CHY250-KP Full Coilover

We notice you are struggling with your Nissan Frontier when it comes to lowering the vehicle and improving handling. To remove your worries, we have come to release the pressure by picking the top-rated Coilover. Ksport Kontrol’s KSP-CHY250-KP Full Adjustable Coilover System comes with everything you need. It features pillow ball top mounts, standard ride height adjustment, camber adjustment as required, aerospace-quality ALuminum components, and so on.

KSP is Best Coilovers for Nissan Frontier


Ksports Kontrol series is equipped with some incredible features with enhancing suspension technology as well as promising benefits. This is one of the most incredible and dashing systems from Ksports.

  • The Standard Amount Of Dampening Adjustment

No matter whether you are driving local streets to rough terrain, feel the utmost driving comfortability with the Ksports Kontrol Pro series. Why tell this?

Surprisingly, it features 36 levels of dampening adjustability which alters both compressions and rebound at a time.

Additionally, it allows you to dial in your Coilover suspension unit for both perfect handling and comfort. Additionally, a variety of damping options ensures quick and easy setup changes.

  • Pillow Ball Upper Mounts

Most coil overs pillow ball top mounts. But Ksports developed advanced front and rear pillow ball top mounts allowing you to have safe, fast, and hassle-free installation. Interestingly, in high-demand strut applications, Ksport’s exclusive upper pillow ball mount provides the same level of adjustability and performance as a normal pillow ball mount. It also makes you feel better when steering.

  •  Monotube High-Pressure Shock Design

The Ksports Kontrol Pro Coilover kits feature a high-pressure monotube design shock to reduce oil leakage, which saves fuel economy. There is a single cylinder with a separate oil and gas chamber which reduces heat to keep the system cool for better and consistent ride control.

  • Superior Ride Quality And Reliability

Monotube shock design with a standard rate of height adjustment ensures precise ride quality. Also, a standard adjustable lower mount allows accurate height without distorting suspension travel. It simultaneously increases driving comfort and improves handling with solid steering while cornering.

Since 2003, Ksports has been providing quality suspension kits and coilovers to its customers. So in terms of reliability, there is no question or debate.

  • Camber Adjustment For Specific Models

Surprisingly, not all but Ksports offers camber adjustments for applications that have a pillow ball upper mount. It is really helpful to dial in your camber when you need to align the vehicle. This also eliminates extra worry about buying additional camber kits. With its ability to lower and raise the ride height while not damaging shock and strut travel, it is an effective way to improve handling without damaging ride quality.

  • Perfect Ride Height Adjustment

Most Ksports Coilovers feature adjustable ride height with a lower mount without affecting suspension travel. There is no chance to bottom out the shock, which allows for getting the desired ride height at any surface.

The best part of this Coilover is the height adjustment is controlled by the spring perch and shock’s lower mount, especially in vehicles with separate rear shocks and springs or with a high-low kit.

  • Durable Construction

Most of the components like collars, mounts, spring perches, and springs are made of 6061-T6 billet Aluminum, which is durable, rustproof, heat reducer, and corrosion resistant. It also makes the system lighter.

The shock body is made of stainless rigorous steel with a black-painted coating, making the kits more dashing and aesthetic. Also, there is a metallic finish with zinc coating to prevent rust and works as a shielding of entire elements.

  • Quality Spring With Better Spring Rate

Ksport’s coil springs are made with rust-proof steel with a perfect spring rate. The front spring rate is 7.5 kg/mm and the rear spring rate is 4 kg/mm.


  • 36-way dampening adjustments.
  • Enhance handling and better response over rough roads.
  • Fits with any 2WD and 4WD vehicles superbly.
  • Durable construction.
  • Metallic exterior external finish.
  • Dust boot to protect damper seal.


  • Slightly bumpy.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced driver, you can’t achieve a quality ride without a proper set of coilovers. For your convenience, we pick 2 best coilovers for your Nissan Frontier. Both coilovers are high-quality and engineered with advanced technology.

Both are considered the perfect for Nissan Frontier and fit perfectly. Fox performance series coilover features an Internal Floating Piston with high-grade race-quality shock oil for aggressive on-road and off-road worlds. Ksports is the overall best product with maximum durability and 36-level damping availability. So you can pick any of them as you like!

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