6 Best Coilover For F150 (Review) In 2023

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Are you tired of searching for the best coilover for the Ford f150? If yes, you are in the right place to find the best solution ever. All your efforts and struggles finding the right lowering kits will be fun after reading this article. We notice you struggle to choose the correct Coilover for your beloved F150 car. A perfect combination of rims and coilovers transforms a worthless car into a head-turner.

However, we picked each of the 6 coil overs without compromising quality and durability. Also, they provide the utmost output at an affordable price range. If you are in a hurry, you can choose any of these without thinking a second.

Needless to say, there is no substitute except Coilover to upgrade your car from top to bottom. This is considered an X-factor and an unavoidable part of every vehicle. You don’t want to waste money by investing in the wrong Coilover kits, so read this review to the end. Hope you don’t get frustrated and make your deal fine.

Among the 6 best Coilover, the overall best is Fox Shocks Rear Coilover considering quality, affordability, durability, ride height adjustability, ride comfort, and everything else.

Best Coilover For F150 Comparison Table

NameBest ForRatingPrice
ICON Vehicle Dynamics CoiloverBest Overall4.9 Out Of 5Check prices on Amazon
SUPERLIFT King CoiloverBest For Off-road4.7 Out Of 5Check prices on Amazon
Fox Shocks Rear CoiloverBest For Daily Drive5 Out Of 5Check prices on Amazon
Rough Country 3″ Vertex Adjustable CoiloversBest For Performances5 Out Of 5Check prices on Amazon
Fabtech Front CoiloverBest For Ride Handling4.3 Out Of 5Check prices on Amazon
RKRLJX Full Coilover Shock KitBest For Durable4.4 Out Of 5$$$

Reasons Why Ford F150 Needs To Be Coilovers Upgraded

The necessity of Coilover kits is a bigger description. Without a perfect set of Coilover, you won’t achieve the highest comfort and performance. Installing a new set of Coilover increases performance and looks. There are many benefits of upgrading your car with coilovers.

Meet The Best Ride Quality

Coilovers are great for achieving the most riding performance and aggressiveness in driving. No matter whether you are driving, from a straight path to rough terrain, it helps to drive excellently. When you upgrade your car with new coilovers, the ride quality will rise tremendously. A Coilover enables a driver to adjust rebound and compression damping. Most significantly, Coilover can reduce body roll or shaking when cornering or turning.

Lowering The Car

Coilover does a lot to lower your car to a significant height. However, there are lots of benefits to lowering the car. Lowering the car means lowering the center of gravity, which enables it to ride smoothly. In addition, it helps to lessen the body roll while cornering and improve handling significantly.

Achieve Perfect Ride Height

Perfect ride height with preload damper adjustment allows a firm grip and precise handling characteristics. But higher ride heights are not suitable for achieving a perfect ride. To get perfect ride quality, the ride height needs to be lowered. With accurate ride height, you can feel more comfortable and improve ride quality.

To Achieve Sportier Handling

The purpose of installing or upgrading your car with Coilover is to achieve sportier handling. Normal suspension or lowering kits are not as efficient as Coilover. A perfect set of coil-over suspension kits, specially built to improve the handling of any car.

To Feel The Sturdier And Stiffer Ride

Another thing Coilover does is provide a sturdier and stiffer ride over terrain or highway. It also allows you to drive both on and off-road conditions excellently by reducing road bumps. With proper ride height adjustment, a Coilover can make your ride peaceful and enjoyable.

Best Coilover For F150: Buying Guide

Many customers complain that they invest their money in the garbage. Why does this happen? Simple! Most of them don’t consider some major things when buying a new set of Coilover. Choosing the right one will result in the best performance. Therefore, check the factors below before confirming your purchase.

Overall Inspection

The most important thing is to check Coilover’s overall condition. Sometimes, rubber boots or bushing cracks inside, even if it is new. So don’t consider checking the condition thoroughly. Also, the springs can be broken or curved. The painting and thread need to be checked for maximum safety. You don’t want to invest your valuable money buying garbage, right?

Upper Mounts Or Top Mounts

Usually, there are 3 main types of top mounts–Rubber, Pillow-ball, and OEM. Most aftermarket Coilover uses pillow ball top mounts, where a spherical bearing is set between the strut assembly and the top hat. The purpose of using a pillow ball mount is to achieve more precise and sharper handling. So ensure you pick Coilover with a pillow ball mount.

Helper Spring

Look at the helper spring which is installed between the original spring and spring mount. Helper spring helps the mainspring to carry overload and bump to reduce body roll and jumpiness. If the helper spring is in its place, the ride will be smoother even if the mainspring is unloaded. So make sure the helper spring is in the accurate zone.

Choose True Coilover Instead of OEM

There are some coilovers that have both OEM and true Coilover features. But a true Coilover setup is demanding for those who want precious performance. Also, it is better when considering handling and daily driving options.


Price is another crucial consideration before buying any set of Coilover. There are lots of Coilover in the higher price range. As a beginner, you can choose a mid-range budget Coilover without compromising quality.

6 Best Coil Overs For Ford F150 Review

Picking up the right Coilover is tedious, time-consuming, and tricky if you have less knowledge about it. However, in this review, we will discuss the 6 best Coilover for f150, which demand is skyrocketing. No more wasting time, let’s look at them deeply.

1. ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2015-2020 Coilover Set

ICON vehicle dynamics Coilover pair of the set features 0-2.63” lifting height, perfectly compatible with Ford f150. It belongs to the ICON V.S. series, which is the most in-demand right now. These Coilover kits are the best solution for those who want to upgrade their car’s front end.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 0-2.63" Lift 2.5
Manufacturer Icon Vehicle Dynamics
Compatible withFord f150 and all 4WD vehicles.
Lifting height0-2.64”
Key materialsAircraft grade Aluminum materials
Availability of Factory wheels and tire fitmentAvailable 
Price $1600-$1790
Weight 51 pounds

Are you looking for an expandable lifting height Coilover to upgrade your car? Then Icon vehicle dynamic V.S. Series Coilover is the perfect option for you. This Coilover set offers vehicle-specific valving that helps you to feel a sportier ride both on and off-road.

It has a variable adjustment ride height running from 0“ to 2.63”, which means you can adjust road height to your comfort. It also helps you to combine both wheel and tire more extendably and aggressively, resulting in better handling and grip.

A larger shock body (2.5”) and extended piston area covered with stock components give you the most dampening capability and uncompromised ride quality over rough terrain. Surprisingly, the happiest thing is there is no need to cut or weld for installation as it has a complete bolt-on feature.

Moreover, the construction of this Coilover is mind-blowing and unmatched. It has Eibach springs with 6061 aircraft-grade Aluminum CNC-machined materials. Plus, a rustproof CAD-plated shock body with a thicker (⅞”) shaft is a bonus, which extends the longevity.

Interestingly, you’ll be amazed to see the lower bar pin is made of robust CNC machined. In addition, the end bearings are equipped with an FK rod, which increases the longevity and keeps the deflection away.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Easy-to-install benefits.
  • Perfect adjustable ride/lift height.
  • Improved wheel travel and ensured a quality ride.
  • Robust and built to last.
  • Fits perfectly.


  • Slightly higher in price.

2. SUPERLIFT Lift Kit with King Coilover Shocks

Our second choice is SuperLift’s new King 6” lift Coilover kits. It is the best choice for those who have a new 2021 Ford f150. From local streets to rough terrain, the maximum lift or ride height can absorb road bumps and provide you with a perfect ride.

SUPERLIFT | K130KG | 6" Lift Kit - Best coilover for f150
Manufacturer SuperLift
Made inUSA
Compatible withAll new 2021 Ford f150 and 4 Wheel Driven vehicles.
Lifting height6”
Key materialsAlloy Steel and grade 8 hardware
Weight‎283 pounds
Price More than $4000

SuperLift is a well-known and ancient company with vast experience in this, determined to produce lowering kits for off-road and true truck folk. Since 1975, it has been producing long-lasting and demanding aftermarket Coilover. Recently, SupeLift introduced the maximum height adjustable King edition, which comes with perfect valve coilovers and shocks.

This edition is perfect for discovering you in the world’s toughest racing. However, this is not the end. Interestingly, this version of SuperLift’s coil overs kit is entirely assembled and bolt-in designed for effortless fittings (installation). Moreover, there is no special assembly and high-quality spring compression needed for installing new kits.

Needless to say, there is unmatched and uncompromised construction for additional durability. Surprisingly, in this King shock version, they used the latest 3D design. Also, OE CAD is designed for 100% suspension accuracy, which ensures risk-free riding.

Now let’s talk about the construction. The steering Knuckle is made from Ductile iron that ensures the utmost durability. In order to maintain Original Equipment alignment features, these CNC knuckles work simultaneously with the heavy-duty fabricated steel cross members of the control arm.

The cross members are made of ¼” plate steel with a premium-grade hardware body. It can clear up to 35” tire and allows for more than 20” larger aftermarket wheels. A laser-cut Superlift logo appears on the skid plate and the front rake is adjusted to get the best level stance.


  • Offers OEM-based ride quality and improved handling.
  • Steering components or ball joints are not required.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Provides 0 to 6” lift or ride height.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Expensive compared to aftermarket coil-over shocks.

3. Fox Shocks Rear Coilover Shock Absorbers

Fox Racing Coilover set is made for those who love to ride off-road comfortably. Fox Factory series Coilover is the perfect solution for racing. Race-proven dampening technology and easy-to-mount assembly ensure optimum efficiency.

Fox Shocks Rear Coilover Shock Absorbers Fits Ford F-150
Manufacturer Fox Racing
Made inSanta Cruz County, California
Compatible with2014-2018 F-150 4WD Front ATV, Truck
Lifting height2” to 3”
Key materialsSeamless steel body and ZInc plated finish.
Weight65 Pounds
Price $1,550

Fox variable adjustable ride height Coilover reservoir set doesn’t compromise the ride quality and handling improvement. Additionally, to gain the utmost suspension travel and performance both on and off-road, the Coilover set is tested rigorously by Fox’s engineers.

However, a simple direct replacement bolt-on feature makes installation easier. No matter whether you are on a highway or desert, or on rocky surfaces, Fox Coilover ensures super dampening performance, precise suspension control, and a satisfactory spring rate for achieving peak performance.

As a gift, this set of Coilover comes in different rock-solid configurations to fit with your believer Ford f150 smoothly and perfectly. 

We are amazed to see the sturdy and rigorous construction. We are satisfied with the materials used to build them. However, the body is made of a soft bore and honed seamless steel with an zinc-plated excellent finish.

The internal and external components like collars, shafts, springs, and perch are black anodized, made of 6061-T6 billet Aluminum CNC -machined.

Additionally, here is a 7075 solid-anodized max-flow Aluminum piston with velocity-sensitive deburred valving. A reusable ORB O-ring is used for tight sealing with a remote reservoir and high-temperature endurance Viton redundant sealing pack with triple sealing options (main seal, wiper seal, and scraper seal).

In addition, a 0.875” 17-4 H900 solid chrome plated rust-resistant steel shaft with spherical, PTFE-lined, heat-enduring alloy steel bearing maximizes overall performance. 

Using high-quality JM92 Advanced shock oil to enhance performance at any temperature.


  • Top-class Coilover with rigorous construction.
  • Bolt-in design for easy installation.
  • Fits with expected applications perfectly.
  • Vehicle-specific valving.
  • Works in variable temperatures range (-30 degrees Celsius).


  • Defected spring preload adjustment.
  • Rebound or compression adjustments are unavailable.

4. Rough Country 3″ Vertex Adjustable Coilovers

We notice you are a crazy driver with a calm mind! So we choose Rough Country 8-stage adjustable reservoir shocks. If you are looking for both ride quality and off-roading performance Coilover at a reasonable price range, this set is the best.

Rough Country 3" Vertex Adjustable Coilovers for Ford F-150
Manufacturer Rough Country
Made inThailand
Compatible with2014-2022 4WD Ford F-150
Lifting height3”
Key materialsAluminum components with CNC machined steel body.
Weight‎‎76.2 pounds
Price $1,399

Do you know what’s the twist and individuality in this Coilover? The monotube design. Wait! Not only this, there are many specialties in this. Rough Country 3″ Vertex Adjustable Coilovers series come to provide off-road performance and smoother ride.

The 8-stage adjustable reservoir shocks allow changing the vehicle height at the higher end. As a result, you can achieve max lowering benefits and ride comfort on unsurfaced areas like terrain.

This nitrogen-charged Vertex shock has a Monotube shock design that ensures heat dissipation and one cylinder path with a separate oil and gas chamber. It provides a custom feel, the highest performance, better damping force, and reliability.

There is no chance to mix gas with oil, which ensures less fluid insertion. Interestingly, there is an additional reservoir with monotube variation for improved oil capacity and dampening response. This piston has a 2.5″ larger diameter and a max-flow 22mm piston rod (hardened chromed finish).

Installation is straightforward, no drilling or welding is necessary. The painting’s exterior design prevents water and removes water droplets from the body to extend its lifespan. A triple-stage fortified seal ensures the shocks keep kicking and in the meantime, the honed steel body offers longevity while aesthetics is a bonus.

Additionally, with an eye-catching silver finish, laser-etched RC logo, matching “Vertex” decals, and CNC-machined billet Aluminum collars, perch, and other components with the chromed-finished hardened piston rod. The bearing is made of alloy steel to treat heat with a steel braided reservoir line. Finally, there is a double-coated zinc-plated finish for ultimate durability and longevity.


  • 400 hours salt spray rating.
  • Heat enduring allows bearing for the utmost performance.
  • 3-stage sealing system.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Monotube design with an external reservoir for higher oil capacity.


  • May lost expected ground clearance.

5. Fabtech Front Coilover Shock Absorbers

Are you looking for a high-quality coil spring Coilover set? Fabtech is now in your hands. No matter whether you are on or off-road, it can go incredibly soli without breaking or settling, or bowling.

Fabtech FTS22333 Front Coilover Fits Ford F-150
Manufacturer Fabtech
Made inChicago, California, USA
Compatible with2021 Ford f150
Lifting height6”
Key materialsStainless steel body and billet aluminum piston.
Weight‎71 pounds
Price $1,771

With more than 25 years of experience, Fabech Dirt Logic 2.5 aftermarket Coilover is impeccable regarding design, function, and testing. State-of-the-art technology is applied to make a high-end product for high-end racing capability.

In-house manufacturing with world-class production techniques is used for customer satisfaction. With a 6” lifting height, this Coilover ensures superior adjustment according to the road conditions. The highest quality coil spring ensures maximum performance while reducing road bumps. However, it can fit different applications with desert racing experience.

Bolt-on design without additional attachment allows fitting perfectly and assembling hassle-free. It provides incredible dampening capacity when driving off-road, which means aggressive driving with comfortable handling. You can go lower and upper with an adjustable 3” lifting height that allows a more convenient ride.

However, this top-notch Coilover is made of a 2.5” stainless steel body with premium-grade materials and components. The piston has an extra large (2.25”) diameter made of billet aluminum with a ⅞” NitroSteel matte dar piston rod. This piston efficiently separates oil and N2 gas to prevent early deformation. As a bonus, there is an optional reservoir with a stainless O-ring hose.

The highest quality Eibach coil spring absorbs bumps and provides regardless of handling and steering grip. Plus, all the products made by Fabtech are hand-made in their factory. So the reliability of construction is satisfied.

Moreover, state-of-the-art CNC lasers, mills, lathes, and welders’ construction of each part ensure durability, quality, and robust strength. Finally, Fabtech adds significant value in this suspension field for all 2WD and 4WD vehicles in the market.


  • Preset with accurate preload.
  • Improved ride quality and performance.
  • Spherical ball mounting ends.
  • No breaking, molding, cutting, drilling, or other modification is required.


  • Sold as a pair, not single available.

6. RKRLJX Full Coilover Shock Kit

Rear shock problem with your F150 car? Don’t worry select RKRLJX Motorcycle Shock Absorber Complete Struts & Shocks Full Coilover Shock Kit to keep you in mind. This brand new Coilover kit with shock absorber and strut assembly helps to gain stable and satisfactory performance.

RKRLJX coilover
Manufacturer RKRLJX Motorcycle 
Made inChina
Compatible withFord F150 RWD only 2004-2008
Key materialsAircraft grade dry carbon fiber
Weight6.17 pounds
Price $1,978

This Coilover set is tested by senior workers and engineers to ensure its durability. Also, the product is made under a tight machine which is satisfying. So there is no confusion about the performance and reliability. High-grade shock fluid or oil is used for all-weather performance.

In addition, with special modification, it reduces harsh friction while ensuring a smoother road response. Moreover, it features completely displaced valving, which is tuned specifically for every application. This valving adjusts to the road conditions automatically and provides an incredibly consistent ride.

Most of the components are made of aircraft-grade dry carbon fiber for extra durability. The kits are very straightforward to install. Just adjust onto the front forks which are wrapped with carbon. Most importantly, this shock absorber is perfect to lessen the excessive vibration caused by rough roads.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reliable


  • Need to do some clipping for installation.

Final Touch

Coilover is a must-needed part for any truck or car to gain optimum performance and lower your car. When it comes to installing a Coilover for an F150 car, a good Coilover set is crucial. In this review, we pick the 6 best coilovers for F150 that are highly demandable and have a 5-star rating.

All of them are perfect for the Ford F150, you can pick any of them. But among them, Fox Shocks Rear Coilover Shock Absorbers and SUPERLIFT Lift Kit with King Coilover Shocks are mind-blowing from every side.

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