7 Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra (Review) In 2023

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Toyota has long been a leading player in the truck and SUV industry, with a strong reputation for quality and innovation. The Tundra is one of the most popular trucks on the market, and its popularity comes from its versatile design and easy ability to switch between different driving styles.

However, many car enthusiasts prefer coilovers over the stock setups of the Toyota Tundra to take the suspension game to the next level. But, like any other market, coilovers are offered by many brands with diversified specs. 

That might bring a headache to any ordinary person. If you’re one of them, our buying guide and review of the best coilovers for Toyota Tundra is for you. So, why settle in confusion? Let’s start. 

Note: To get a better-fitted Coilover, we appreciate browsing the list of coilovers we recommend. But there could be other effective options available on the market. So, if you don’t find a suitable one for your Toyota Tundra here, we encourage you to perform more research. 

Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra Comparison Table

Bilstein Shocks and Suspension KitBILSTEIN Shocks compatible with 07-16 TUNDRA 4WD9.7 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
MaxTrac 876825F Fox CoiloverMaxTrac 876825F Fox Coil Over 2.5 in. Fox Coil Over9.3 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Fox Shocks 880-06-420 Rear CoiloverFox Shocks 880-06-420 Rear Coilover Shock Absorbers Fits Toyota Tundra9.8 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Rough Country Vertex Adjustable CoiloversRough Country 6" Vertex Adjustable Coilovers for 2007-2021 Tundra - 6890139.4 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
King Shocks 25001-143 Performance CoiloverKing Shocks 25001-143 Performance Coil Over Shock Kit Performance Coil Over Shock Kit9.6 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Bilstein Rear 5160 Reservoir Shocks SetBilstein 6112 + Rear 5160 Reservoir Shocks Set for 07-18 Tundra w/0-.75-2.5"9.9 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Arnott C-2242 Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott C-2616 Coil Spring Conversion Kit9.2 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon

The Importance Of Toyota Tundra Coilovers Upgrade

You may be wondering about the value of trading your Toyota Tundra suspension system for a Coilover setup. In essence, coilovers have a few useful advantages over spring-and-shock suspension setups.

Coilovers around your Toyota Tundra allow you to manage your truck’s elevation and dampening, improving your center of gravity and stiffening your chassis for finer maneuvering with pinpoint control. 

Not only does your truck look more sleek and sporty, but it also helps you take your modifications from theory to reality, transferring them into real-world wheel horsepower.

When it comes to improving performance on the open road, upgrading your Toyota Tundra coilovers is a must. Upgrading your coils will give you an increase in both travel and reduced squatting. 

Additionally, upgrading your coilovers with a new set of pads will enhance their durability and reduce those annoying squeaks that can come from aging alignment devices.

One of the most important things to do when upgrading coilovers in a Toyota Tundra is to make sure that they will still work after a significant overhaul. This is because the shocks and struts in a Toyota Tundra are built to last for many years, but their coils can only last for a few years. Upgrading your coilovers will help ensure that they will continue to work for years to come.

Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra Buyer’s Guide

We’ve crafted this comprehensive guide to coilovers, providing everything you need to know about this type of suspension. This guide is perfect for those who are thinking about incorporating coilovers into their ride, no matter their level of understanding. 

There’ll be something for everyone on here, whether you’re an intermediate enthusiast trying to get the most performance possible or somebody with budgetary constraints.

Types of Coilovers

Recognizing what kind of Coilover setups you have will determine whether you’re purchasing your next aftermarket Coilover setup or need to change your products. The three major kinds of aftermarket Coilover setups are discussed below.

  • Non-Adjustable Coilovers

Non-shock coilovers are full-bodied coilovers offering shocks, but they are not adjustable. Where it is possible to easily alter shocks, the majority of competitors lose time on the Non-Adjustable shocks. 

The compression and rebound values are alternatives for each nook of the car, therefore when you change a gear there’s no reason to fret about what the new one transpires to be. They also enable someone to rapidly determine how to change the settings on the right track.

  • Adjustable Coilovers

An adjustable shock can improve in the rightly used hands. With relatively quick adjustments, you can change its valving, but given that you can adjust yourself, you can also turn the knobs independently. Most other racers can’t resist pushing the knobs, while you can hold them back.

Based on the adjustability of the Coilovers, most full-length inclined coils are adjustable. What sets them apart is their structural consistency, which makes them a good fit for off-road use.

  • Coilover Sleeves

Coilover sleeves are something you might be familiar with f if you’ve heard about lowering springs. However, they are different in their ability to be adjusted into numerous forms. You are able to choose between various pricing choices and alternatives.

They have an optional Top Mount Mounting and are fully adjustable over an existing shock. They’re commonly recommended for newcomers who are in pursuit of a suspension upgrade.

Monotube vs. Twin Tube

There are two different types of coilover configurations, monotube, and twin-tube. For a monotube coilover, you will need a piston and rod, and the damping case is all that you need for the coilover.  The twin-tube configuration consists of an inner and an outer tube, with the inner tube containing the cylinder and shaft and the outer tube housing the fluid. 

This is called a hydraulic fluid reservoir if you want to know more! It has benefits, such as a more efficient piston stroke, and spread more! A monotube coilover is commonly found in low-priced to mid-range options because it doesn’t require more manufacturing or effort to create, while a twin-tube coilover is more commonly found in higher-end choices. 

In the most expensive coilovers, a dual-tube coilover will be installed. If you’re not too bothered by spending more, be profuse in your appreciation. Some people are unaccustomed to the idea of Coilovers, what with how it comes into existence instantly if your car leaves your possession at the stoplight, and your odds of getting one are extremely low indeed. 

Spring Rates

Before you get a new coilover setup for your Tundra, it’s crucial to consider the compression or spring rate. Keep in mind the spring rate refers to the amount of pressure it takes to compress the spring by one-inch length. You may see this measurement in pounds per inch.

In other words, 250 pounds in the front and 220 pounds in the rear will be more brittle than 400 pounds in the front and 420 pounds in the rear. Seeing as the first example will be more appropriate for better drivers who are not overly aggressive in their driving style, while the second one will suit all cars a little bit lower or sport tires.

Dampening Adjustability

A damping adjustment is the capability to do quickly what springs gently and how fast the springs rebound. So, the capacity of damping adjustability refers to the ability of the suspension to control the compression and rebound of the coil springs to quicken or slow down the automobile’s ride. To put it simply, it is adjusting how stiff or soft you would like the suspension to be.

Beginning off with coilovers, you’ll usually see two options for damping: just one damper, which is more affordable but less energetic, or adjustable setting dampers, which allow the driver to concentrate more on the road and the ride. Damping coilovers are more expensive than adjustable ones, but provide the driver with a much more adaptable ride.

Ride Height Customization

Coilovers in the vicinity come in a number of varying suspension setups. The components of a suspension differ from model to model; some incorporate a single height, while others consist of 1 moving and one fixed level.

A number of fixed-height Coilovers are offered, along with other Coilover frameworks of varying heights. You can also choose between different options depending on your driving style, personal preferences, and the setup requirements of the car. 

By way of example, you may alter the front-lower mount setting based on your driving style, your preferences, and the car you drive. The lower movable mount settings will affect standard Coilovers, and the settings in the upper mount will affect high Coilovers.

7 Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra Review

Over the years, we’ve selected and tested the best coilovers on the market to offer you the optimum one for your Toyota Tundra. From inexpensive to top-of-the-line options, we have you covered. Whether you want to make it feel more responsive like an upgrade to the back end or a trick to make it handle better, our selections might have what you need.

1. Bilstein Shocks and Suspension Kit 

bilstein is one of the Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra

Being one of the leading providers of aftermarket car suspension kits, Bilstein is a frequent name that’s well-known throughout the world. Bilstein coilovers have earned many positive user opinions for their comfort, safety, and associated performance. 

This tailor-made Toyota Tundra suspension delivers results a surprising amount greater than what you have been experiencing with the normal suspension. Bilstein’s Coilover engagement was designed particularly to subsist in harmony with the chassis of the Toyota Tundra automobile. 

This model signifies a compression and bounce control yield of the unit for your Tundra. It comes with variable compression and rebound rates with a selection of settings and active driving modes. These inexpensive coilovers can serve as a simple and effective modification for your Toyota. 

Behind the wheel, they have a beneficial effect on everyday cruising across the city and can also facilitate the attainment of pole position. It is somewhat less difficult to use than its competitors, making it a fantastic deal for the cost.

Driver Experience:

I just installed my Bilstein shocks and suspension kit, and it was a great experience! My practical experience tells me that even though you are looking for a smooth suspension as a result of innovations to roads, this is a superb option. Road use tends to be one of the greatest benefits linked to these. 

To be fair, this kit is a great option for modifying suspension on a wide range of vehicles. But, there are two major downsides to using a Bilstein kit: They’re often difficult to install, and the kits are rare. This can be a bad thing if you don’t happen to know a lot regarding suspension modifications or have the right tools for the job.


  • Smooth operation
  • Feel well built
  • Easy to adjust settings
  • Racing-grade quality


  • Difficult to install

2. MaxTrac 876825F Fox Coilover

MaxTrac is best for load adjusting for tundra

In the second position, we have included MaxTrac in our listing of shock absorber brands. In addition to being an established manufacturer of shock absorbers, MaxTrac remains at the top. The company makes some of the most effective shocks available today. This certainly rings true for their MaxTrac 876825F Fox Coilovers. 

In your car’s suspension, these coilovers permit you to tweak your own ride height by adjusting the height of your vehicle’s coils. Their range of adjustability allows you to modify the ride height regardless of whether the vehicle it’s mounted on has low or high coils.

It is generally softer and more widely accepted than most prejudgments, and we may be more at ease and obtain use from switching to the cozier and springier analysis. 

The engraved median between what our group needed and what came was 220 mm of thread, 1.5 mm of bump stop, and 1.5 cm of coil-over travel. To be frank, this model has been thoroughly developed and created, so we recommend contacting a professional for service. 

As noted, it could be beneficial to attempt the task yourself, but the only drawback is the fact that there’s always a chance that something may become lodged inside the joints. To make sure things get more difficult instead of easier, there must be a zero-instruction guide included in the package.

Driver Experience:

I just wanted to let you know that I have had a chance to try out the MaxTrac 876825F fox Coilover, and I am impressed! The ride is much better than I expected, and it feels great when I’m on the road. The only downside is that it’s a little too expensive for what you get, but overall I’m very happy with it. 


  • Provides high-performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Improved handling
  • Feels good on the road


  • Expensive

3. Fox Shocks 880-06-420 Rear Coilover

Fox is best for durability

Thrill-seeking racers are happy with soft suspension. Height adjustability is much less essential when their cars maintain their maneuverability and safety standards. One master requirement is ground clearance, no matter how soft the suspension is. If you’re part of an entourage similar to this, it’s in your best interest to check out the Fox Shocks 880-06-420 Rear Coilover.

In Exceptions 1.3 and 2.5, the size is in comparison to the 2.5-inch diameter, inclusive of everything that goes into the shock and it is used for the shock of both Coilover and the rear shock. This will decrease fade and permit more fluid to move, but you also get a bigger piston, and you get valving.

Another advantage of these shocks is that they’re conventionally designed to be external reservoirs or piggyback-resistant. These reservoirs placed behind these shocks allow fluid to move with your shock.

We only need to take note of the fact that if you have less weight on your car you should exert as much control as a consequence. You notice an immense difference between any normal strut and this unit when you increase the speed of the car quickly. 

Driver Experience:

At a minimum, you likely would never know that the vehicle you were driving had aftermarket suspension if you hadn’t been told, and even then you probably wouldn’t have figured it out on your own. The truth is they produce an exceptionally sharp chassis for a more immersive sports commute, but you still feel like you’re driving over bumps in the road. Body roll is minimal, too.

After the installation of our Coilover, we noted a popping noise emanating from the passenger side. After performing a thorough inspection, we discovered the small rubber bushing was the culprit.


  • High-quality materials
  • Improved performance
  • Rust free
  • Easy to install


  • Popping noise

4. Rough Country Vertex Adjustable Coilovers 

Rough country coilover is Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra, and it is ideal for daily drive

Our next candidate flaunts the use of some distinctly European aspects on the aftermarket suspension game. What does that look like? The Rough Country Vertex Adjustable Coilovers, spec’s for a Toyota Tundra. These cars are well-known for Toyota lovers who want to add a unique flair to their ride.

This unit offers a way to alleviate your chassis to the ground, meaning they can help eliminate your chassis to the ground. It’s a bit like we mean that it’s not really low, although it’s true that you can make small adjustments without any problems to the chassis’ ride height without changing the chassis’ spring mounting. 

You may want to implement a touch of caution when using this hardware configuration because of the restrictions on the chassis’ ride height change. This system features two adjustable suspension struts along with a set of easy-to-understand bolts that can be attached to the chassis. 

Furthermore, it is packaged with a drop-in design, and its components and instructions come with it. Nitrogen-charged trickles from the US possess a small, isolated tube design, with an exterior reservoir for extra fuel capacity and shock-damping sensitivity. Each shock features a large diameter piston and a high-speed 22mm chrome hardened piston rod to outperform the competition in fuel capacity.

Driver Experience:

I have to say, these Vertex shocks are simply awesome! They’re far superior off the street and in the driveway compared to the cheap junk lifttrucks.com used. With the 3-year warranty and steel braided reservoir line, you can’t go wrong. 

However, As you install the Coilover on your automobile, you may hear unusual sounds and detect a slight trembling of the elements. 


  • Enhanced Ride Performance
  • Better Steering Feel
  • Fine-tuning
  • Perfect for any Terrain


  • Unusual sounds and trembling

5. King Shocks 25001-143 Performance Coilover

Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra

Do you have something in mind for a Coilover set for your Toyota Tundra? Truhart Street has the custom coils perfect for you! They have a compact design made specifically for your Tundra, providing the perfect amount of adjustability for a customized ride.

Just because they’re not as famous as some of the more popular brand names, these coilovers should not be overlooked especially considering their performance. These coilovers allow drivers to have a comfortable, compliant suspension system that can be improved to their driving styles.

Consistent through a variable spring rate curve, these shocks provide enhanced ride comfort and better control, making them suitable for use on both paved and unpaved roads.

You can make modifications to how considerably soft (or stiff) the stiffening in your automobile is in under a couple of minutes using this upgrade. Furthermore, you can use the included lower sticks to deepen or lighten your stumbles without altering the air suspension.

People have praised the King Shocks coilovers out of the box due to the fact that their temperate control is superb. The torque of a vehicle is comparable to that of a vehicle with an uptick in expenses. It won’t bottom out, which is one of the main reasons many people prefer these options.

Driver Experience:

 I have been using them now for about a month and a half and they have definitely made a huge difference in the suspension of my car. The ride is much smoother and the handling is much better too. Whenever I try to get loose or park my car, it’s almost inconceivable. 

The most heightened issue I see when I attempt to deal with tight corners or park my car is literally a humming noise that originates from the back of the coilovers.


  • Adjustable stiffness
  • Custom ride height
  • Improves Vehicle Handling
  • Versatile


  • Humming noise

6. Bilstein Rear 5160 Reservoir Shocks Set

Bilstein is best for smooth ride, and fits well with Toyota Tundra

The Bilstein Rear 5160 Reservoir Shocks Set is an easy-to-use manual adjustment upgrade model if you’re shopping for a simplistic upgrade for your vehicle. This model has a height range that varies from 1 inch to 4 inches. The less time your speed goes, the smoother the ride.

A great feature of this model is its aluminum construction. Beyond being lightweight, this model is also durable and offers good performance and durability even under severe tension. Finally, it’s powder coated for high strength and cold wound spring attitude.

Several settings allow you to choose both a preload adjustment and ride height, allowing your ride quality to adapt even when you’re at an extremely low altitude. The unit also offers 15-way adjustable suspension damping, so you can customize the spooling of your drive quality at any level.

Sometimes, it will take many attempts to locate the ideal height at the peak of a house. Before installing axle suspension, you’ll probably require climbing a little higher on the rotational air controls. You may put in new air springs a bit later if need be, but you’ll have improved performance and handling of your worn-down vehicle earlier if new suspension parts are installed.

Driver Experience:

This unit seems a bit bouncy. It isn’t expected to eliminate that procedure. Additionally, there is no documentation establishing specific positioning and instructions to assist you. Thus, if you don’t have professional expertise, you may have to learn the procedures for yourself.


  • Monotube shock design
  • Complete package
  • Better handling
  • Smooth riding


  • Difficult installation

7. Arnott C-2616 Coil Spring Conversion Kit

Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra

Arnott C-2616 Coil Spring Conversion Kit may be the most effective coilover for driving on the road. These brand-new coil-overs feature ingenious traction. Even though these shocks have been created for optimal driving performance, they’re also incredibly durable.

Concurrently, this piece comes equipped with all the parts a professional installer would need. The parts provide an even higher quality of handling and the performance that comes with it is great for any sort of weather or situation you may happen to drive in. 

Lately, the booming sports car industry’s current design affinities are seen in the re-emergence of fine kinesthetic riding. In addition to that, the unit also has a Tensile Performance Spring that will provide you with enough comfort and support while operating the unit. 

It comes pre-assembled and effortlessly fits onto the frame by means of a simple top-mount acclimation procedure and with no special alignment, which guarantees its steadiness even on the track. This setup is obtainable only in red but consists of front and components only, making it convenient for all modifications you may decide to make.

Driver Experience:

I just wanted to share my experience with the Arnott C-2616 Coil Spring Conversion Kit. I had a lot of fun converting my stock suspension setup to longer, more durable lives. The kit was very easy to put together, and the results were fantastic. 

The only flaw that I discovered was that the adjustment tool could be damaged easily because the quality was not that good. Other than that, this model is fairly reliable.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Adjustable dampening
  • Perfect wheel alignment
  • Aluminum construction


  • Tend to be damaged 

Best Coilovers For Toyota Tundra – Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect coilovers for your Toyota Tundra, we can say without a doubt that our team has the best options available. With a wealth of reviews and experience, we’ve put together a selection that’s sure to fit your driving needs. 

The best coilovers for the Toyota Tundra are the ones that feature a design that allows for plenty of movement and input, as well as overall performance. With this in mind, the Bilstein Shocks and Suspension Kit offers excellent value for money and can handle most terrain and driving conditions.

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