Best Coilovers for Mazda 3 | Top Picks In 2023

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Different cars demand different suspension kits or coilovers. When it comes to enhancing the ride quality, and performance of the Mazda 3, it is worth mentioning choosing the right Coilover is essential.

Mazda 3 is a premium and high-quality AWD compact design car that requires the best Coilover. Sometimes, finding out the exact and superior-quality suspension for Mazda seems too challenging. Therefore, here you will test the 5 best coil-overs for Mazda 3.

Among the 5 best options, ST suspension kits, D2 racing, and Ksports come out the best. However, the other two are also efficient in increasing handling and ride quality. Different Coilover provides different benefits. So check and recheck before buying.

This article will show you the perfect Coilover for Mz3 with a buyer’s guide. Read this article carefully and make the best purchase ever.

How Do You Improve Mazda 3 Performance?

Making the Mazda 3 faster and improving the overall condition is key to experiencing real riding. Now the biggest question is how can you improve or upgrade your Mazda 3 car? By applying some simple tips and ways, it is straightforward to improve the overall condition.

Lowering the Car

The first thing you can do to upgrade your Mazda 3 is lowering to a typical height. Lowering the car not only enhances the appearance but also ensures optimum performance. To lower your car, coilovers play a significant role here. Installing a perfect Coilover means you are going ahead with your next satisfactory ride. After lowering the car, the car achieves exact gravity and accurate handling while enhancing ride quality.

Change the Damaged Battery

The battery is another crucial and mandatory part to get the required performance. After time passes, the battery gets damaged or needs to be recharged. When it starts working, the entire system starts to malfunction. Therefore, changing the old battery from time to time is crucial when it is lousy. By doing so, the car will give a hassle-free and uncompromised performance.

Install a New Exhaust System

The exhaust system contributes a lot to eliminating bad odor, unhygienic fuel or gas, dampening sounds, and enhancing appearance. After a year or more than a year, it seems rusty and broken. When the exhaust pipe gets damaged, you will hear weird sounds, the engine fails to work, air circulation will turn off, and proper balancing will destroy it. In addition, the tailpipe with a tip makes the car gorgeous.

Change the Front Bumper or Grille

The front bumper or grill protects the vehicle from external damage. But sometimes, it gets old or broken completely. In this case, the car looks so gloomy. By replacing the old one with a new one, the car gets the perfect look again.

Change the Old Tires

Tires enhance the outer look as well as driving comfort. But after harsh and crazy driving, they get old or damaged. In addition, after a few months, it looks dull. In this case, changing the tire to a new one will be great.

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5 Best Coil Overs for Mazda 3: Improve Your Vehicle

Without a perfect Coilover or shocks and struts, the overall ride quality won’t get. Therefore, choosing the right lowering kits is the priority. Otherwise, you are no longer available to get a perfect ride and performance from your Mazda 3. Here is a detailed discussion of the best coilovers for Mazda 3.

1. BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

The BC Racing BR Series Coilover kits are the perfect and significant choice by BCRacingPower. It is the best Coilover for riding in the street without any harsh experience. In addition, there are thirty levels of damping adjustment, corner weight adjustment, and ride height adjustment.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers compatible with 2004-2013 Mazda 3 (N-03-BR, best coilovers for mazda 3
  • Variable adjustment

The manufacturer introduced tremendous coil-overs that fulfill almost every demand. They have different adjustables like corner weight adjustable for turning safely, ride height adjustable, and damping adjustable. There are 30 levels of damper adjustable that hold the oil vastly and keep the piston working under pressure.

  • The higher class upper mount

It features a pillow ball upper mount joint which is made of Aluminum alloy. Anodized aluminum adds extra durability. The camber adjustment feature is a significant edition of BC racing. It says if your car has the option to upgrade with camber adjustment, the BC Racing will automatically provide camber adjustable pillow ball upper mounts.

  • Premium grade construction

Developed with a fine-tunable rustproof alloy aluminum shock body with a chrome steel finish. It looks so glossy with this chromed finish. There is no risk to take a tour in the darkest winter full of ice if the car has this one. Because chrome’s steel finish provides ultra-layer protection against corrosion which ensures ultimate durability. In addition, the brackets, dampers, screws, and locking collars are made of Aluminum and steel materials.

  • Perfect coil spring

Premium-grade steel spring construction makes it top-notch in the competition. Coil springs are made of high-quality SAE9254 potent cold-wound steel materials. They are tested for more than 500k cycles with just less than 5% deterioration.


The only downside is the fitment. Sometimes it behaves too harshly when fitting as the holes don’t line up correctly. In addition, the cartridges go bad after a few months.


  • High-quality oil to control the rebound and compression restlessly.
  • The dampers are pressurized with Nitrogen that helps floating pistons to reduce aeration.
  • Adjusting the dampers is straightforward.
  • High-rated and top-class in any aspect.


  • Only 1-year warranty.

2. ST Suspension Coilover Kit

The ST suspensions for Mz3 are made for regular off-roading drivers. For more than 42 years, ST has added great value to its product and is determined to be the best in the competition. Still, they produce high-quality and precise materials that meet customer needs.

ST Suspension For Mazda 3 (BL) 2004-2008 Coilover Kit | 13275018
  • Sensational coil springs

The coil springs are made to keep the crazy rider in mind. They developed their springs to protect the internal part of the shock body. Springs are made with a process called the tempering process that includes annealing and shot blasting. In addition, the spring caps are made of composite polyamide with lightweight, rust-proof, and vibrant-resistant seats that ensure durability.

  • Corrosion resistance

The strut housing is constructed with an abrasion-resistant, zinc-plated coating that prevents every unknown or sudden wear and tear. Additionally, dirt-proof and sludgy-resistant threads last for a long time and allow you to adjust comfortably. As a result, you can drive your car in all conditions and climates.

  • Improved performance (handling and speed)

ST utilizes advanced technologies, innovative design, high-quality materials, and streamlined procedures techniques to ensure excellent driving performance over rough and tough conditions. Perfect height adjustability and precise handling make the ride straightforward without breaking or wearing out.

  • Correct fitment

All the required tools and hardware are readily available for installation convenience. The kits fit correctly with Mz3 and it takes little time to install. The fully attached thread makes it effortless to turn clockwise and anti-clockwise.


These suspension kits are heavy to carry and move. In addition, there is no camber plate adjustment to fit smoothly.


  • Within the TUV-examined adjustment range, individual lowering is possible.
  • Dirt-proof, rust-proof, and wear-free thread joint. 
  • Potential twin-tube dampers and high-quality materials.
  • Long-lasting and durable within a satisfactory price range.


  • Weight is slightly high.

3. KW Coilover Kit V2 For Mazda 3

Introducing the perfect and gorgeous suspension kits by the KW. The Coilover kit is not OEM grade but an aftermarket product. For drivers who want more stability and ride comfort, choosing KW’s whole set Coilover kit is enough.

KW Coilover Kit V2 For Mazda 3 2007 2008 2009 MPS-Mazdaspeed (BK) | (15275010)
  • Looks dashing

If you are looking for both the stylish and ride height adjustable coilovers for your Mz3, there is nothing perfect except the KW variant 2 Inox-Line kits. Moreover, the Coilover is fully conically shaped, and advanced technology (TVR-A) enhances the overall functionality and performance. 

  • Enhance ride quality

Ride height adjustability, advanced twin valve rebound adjustable (TVR-A), adjustable rebound damping with 16 clicks, and lowering benefits within tested adjustment make the ride comfortable and direct. A vehicle’s adjustable damper settings with the most rigorous testing and dynamic testing produce the best results. This is why you can ride with full confidence and the ride will be more dynamic.

  • Numerous fitment availability

The manufacturer is committed to providing a variety of parts as per your needs which will be good for you. Whether it’s a Mazda or Mazda 3, it will fit both vehicles beautifully.  So the worry of coilovers for your Mazda car will be gone in no time.

  • Great quality

Quality is all about when buying coilovers for the beloved Mz3 car. It is worth mentioning that the quality of KW is superb and meets the users’ needs. The kits are made of premium-grade and high-quality materials that everyone will be satisfied with. They are made from 100% rust-proof and long-lasting stainless steel for maximum durability.

  • Easy to install

The manufacturer provides all the essential documents and components for comfortable and quick installation. With 16 different rebound clicks, it seats with tires and other parts of the vehicle more firmly and securely. Therefore, that being said, for drivers who want more satisfactory driving without hampering the speed, buying KW might be the greatest decision ever.


The only concerning matter is its price range. For newcomers or beginners, it’s tough to decide whether buying is okay. The price range crosses the expectation, so beginners can’t afford or gather encouragement to buy.


  • Great quality that meets the customer’s needs.
  • 1-month guarantee from the day of buying.
  • Complete guidelines for comfortable and quick installation.
  • Durable, reliable, and top-notch drivability.


  • The price range is higher than expected.

4. D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers

D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers are the most satisfactory and famous edition from D2 racing. Its lightweight and monotube design makes it top-rated across the world.

D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers Compatible with 2019+ Mazda Mazda 3 BP CHASSIS
  • Mono-tube design

Monotube variant coilovers are great for separating the gas and oil accurately. In addition, the single tube efficiently handles and releases the oil when the heat is up. Moreover, it helps to prevent early cavitation and a larger oil capacity decreases heat dissipation. In almost all temperatures, it works just perfectly.

  • Variable dampening adjustability

It features 36-way dampening adjustable settings to allow the car to provide more accurate and satisfactory performance. More dampening adjustability means a more stiff or harder ride and increases resistance. Consequently, the ride height increased by a satisfactory amount. A most important note is that the dampening adjustability improves handling without stopping weight transfer. Additionally, it controls road bumps and allows the car to respond as soon as bumping inequality occurs.

  • Tun-able finish

With modified and precise construction, the D2 racing coilovers are now the most demanding to customers. SAE9254 grade materials are used in the spring to prevent all kinds of deformities and sudden damage.

Other components are made from 6061 aluminum so they won’t rust or corrode when driving in snow or rain. The thread is coated with a high-carbon polymer (Teflon) and a deviation-free CNC finish for additional durability.

  • Improved top mounts

The perfect pillow ball top mounts with camber plates ensure the perfect fitting and perfect Coilover for regular driving or intermediate track vehicles.  There are usually 3 types of upper mounts where the pillow ball is the top-rated and highly demandable. This pillow ball top mount is designed to protect the passenger from sudden shock when a road bump occurs.

  • 100% ride height adjustability

Lowering your car up to 2” in a second without hassling. Ride height adjustment allows the car to perform more efficiently according to the needs. Also, different heights and preload spring adjustments ensure optimal driving without affecting the ride quality.


It looks difficult to install, depending on which side you are installing. Front assemblies are pretty straightforward though, the rear is tough as it comes with no upper mounts. The installation process is slightly time-consuming as well.


  • Features spring isolators for reducing unnecessary sounds.
  • Pillow ball mounts for quick response in handling.
  • 36-way dampening adjustability.
  • Flawless construction for the utmost durability.


  • Only 1-year warranty.

5. KSP-CMZ250-KP Full Coilover System

If you are looking for the best and most reliable Coilover suspensions at an affordable price range, go for KSP. It simultaneously improves the handling and power of the vehicle at a standard height. Many more are below to make your choice easily.

KSP-CMZ250-KP| Full Coilover System | Lowers Vehicle & Increases Handling
  • A significant number of damping adjustable

There are 36-way damping adjustments available for maximum handling and riding comfort. Also, damping adjustments move both compressions and rebound together for efficient and user-friendly setup changes.

  • Pillow ball upper mounts

The top mounts of Ksports in both front and rear allow the vehicle to assemble and set up to OEM specs. These mounts provide the perfect adjustability and performance. In addition, there is also camber adjustability in pillow ball top mounts to help dial the camber for aligning the car. Note that not every top mount with a pillow ball has a camber adjustment.

  • Adjustable lower mount

It features an adjustable lower mount to allow the car to get the utmost shock travel. So there is less chance to affect the ride comfort when adjusting the height. In addition, it doesn’t affect the shock and spring travel. As a result, you can set the ride height as needed without feeling tension.

  • Increased handling

Whether you’re on the street or in the stack, the Ksports Kontrol pro-Coilover provides maximum ride comfort and handling. By featuring the 36-way damping adjustments, it always allows you to dial in your car perfectly. For those who are looking for the potential, lower stance, responsive, and enhanced handling, these Coilover kits are the perfect and excellent choice.

  • Mono-tube design

Not every suspension is made with a monotube design. Monotube design Coilover kits have a high value. It works in all temperatures and reduces oil leakage. The most crucial benefit of single-tube design suspension kits is they separate the oil and gas through the cylinder.

  • High-quality materials

The components like mounts, collars, and spring perches are made with rust-resistant and durable 6061-T6 billet Aluminum. Aluminum is not a weightful component. So it is easy to move the Coilover and easy to install as well. The shock body is made of stainless steel with electroplating. In addition, for the utmost protection, zinc coating is a bonus and works as shielding for rust.


Ksport Coilover has been great and high-quality since they come. There is, however, a problem with the springs popping or front spring binding. Often, on bumpy roads, you may hear noises as the upper and lower side of the springs keeps the spring from binding.


  • Looks dashing and excellent.
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable construction.
  • Easy fitting and perfect ride height adjustability.
  • Lightweight monotube design for temperature endurance.


  • A poor installation can lead to it breaking after a few miles.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Coilovers for Mazda 3

Not every Coilover is a good and perfect match for Mazda 3. Again, the quality, performance, durability, price, spring rates, shock design, and many other things include picking the best coilovers for Mazda 3. Before buying an essential and crucial part of your vehicle, ensure it fulfills every aspect of your expectations. Here are some factors you should consider before picking up coilovers to improve your entire performance.

  1. Overall condition

When you decide to buy the coil-overs, first, look at the appearance and external conditions. External parts like spring attachment, body shaft, upper and lower mount, nuts, and bolts condition, thread, and bottom part. If all the parts look good and in new condition, go for the next consideration.

  1. Coilover spring rates

 Coil springs are important to manage and reduce road bumps and unusual shaking. The more the spring rate is, the more you feel the stiffer ride. So look at the spring rates if you want more convenience in riding off-roading conditions. Typically, springs should be compressed 25-30%, depending on the length and weight of the vehicle. Softer springs are suitable for maintaining a connection between the road and tires for a better and smoother ride.

  1. Upper mount and lower mount

See if the upper mount is a pillow ball mount or not. The Pillow ball top mount is now highly rated. This tip mount ensures passengers’ protection from sudden road bumps. It also ensures a perfect and stiffer ride over potholes and rough terrain. Adjustable lower mounts adjust your ride height without affecting the shock travel.

  1. Check the studs

Studs are worth checking as they help to keep the bonding firm. If the studs are lousy or get damaged, especially if the thread of the stud is broken, you can’t fit it. Therefore, check it thoroughly and ensure its thread is well-organized.

  1. Check the movement

Checking whether the Coilover upper part is moving or not is another thing worth mentioning. Press the upper part with generous force and see if there are any changes or not. If the top mount is square and now it’s going down, it’s not good at all. However, if it still serves its purpose, it is fine.

  1. Look at the thread

Thread is another crucial part to check thoroughly. If the thread has cracked or is invisible, you can’t install it. So before buying the Coilover, look at the thread and ensure it is perfectly fine.

  1. Coilover designs

There are two main types of Coilover available–monotube design and twin tube design. Considering everything, the monotube design Coilover is the best. Monotubes have lots of benefits including high-temperature endurance, reduced oil leakage, separating the gas and oil within the cylinder, etc.

  1. Height adjustability

Ride height adjustability is crucial when you want to lower your car. Also, it enables you to adjust the height according to your needs. Therefore, ensure the suspension kits are height adjustable.

  1. Dyno test or not

Ask them if the suspension passes the dyno test or not. Dyno-tested coilovers are high-quality and dynamic. If the kits pass the test, purchasing will be satisfactory.

  1. Check the warranty

From the day of purchase, almost every manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty. But not all. There are some manufacturers and dealers who give more than a 2-year warranty. If you want to buy something reliable, then look who gives more warranty duration.


Finding the best Coilover for Mazda 3 is pretty challenging. But the article showed you the best budget-friendly without compromising quality coilovers. As the Coilover is an essential part of every vehicle, there is no chance to ignore it when buying. This is why this article has included the buying guide to avoid mistakes while buying.

Among the top 5 best coilovers, D2 racing, ST suspension kits, and Ksports are the perfect Coilover considering everything. In other words, they meet users’ needs and are reputable for their customer service.

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