5 Best Coilovers For VW T5 (Review) In 2023

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Who doesn’t want to get the most traction and performance while driving? It is achieved when you lower your car. Lowering the car is possible when the perfect Coilover suspension is installed. There are plenty of options available right now, especially when it comes to choosing Coilover suspension for VW T5. Among them, figuring out the best Coilovers for VW t5 is slightly challenging. But today’s article makes the journey of picking the best suspension pretty straightforward.

Flexibility, quality, handling, controlling, excellent traction, and proper cornering are the first priorities to achieve the smoothest journey. But not all the time it doesn’t achieve. The hindrance to this is poor-quality Coilover suspension.

Conventional suspension can’t provide much performance the way high-quality Coilover suspension handles. Not all suspensions are perfect or bad. Quality matters great if you want to achieve the highest performance and quality driving.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you won’t be worried about choosing the right suspension for your beloved vehicle. Here you will get 5 well-functioning, unique, and premium-quality Coilover suspensions.

Among lots of suspensions, the best are picked out here. All details information, features, benefits, and compatibility will be mentioned here. So stick to this till the end and avoid mistakes when buying.

5 Best Coilovers For VW T5: Features, Benefits, And More

So you are an owner of a VW t5 and looking for the best coilovers for it, right? Not only you, but almost every car owner, especially a VW t5 owner, desired to get the perfect Coilover suspension kit. But unfortunately, they make mistakes while choosing the right one. Here are the 5 best and most demandable, highly rated suspensions that meet your desire.

1. Aldan 3000106 Coilover kit: High-performing and perfect adjustability

Aldan 300106 Coil-Over Kit, GM
Manufacturer Aldan American
Package dimensions‎3.25 x 16 x 9 inches
Diameter 2”-2.5” inner diameter
Compatibility Chevrolet: 1963-70 C10, 2WD Trucks, GMC: 1963-70 C15/C1500 2WD Trucks
Spring rateFront: 550 lbs./in.Rear: 160 lbs./in. 

Are you looking for the best Coilover suspension kit for your beloved VW t5? Don’t need to look here and there. Aldan 3000106 Coilover kit is the best coil over for VW for t5 t28. Its versatile functionality, hybrid coil springs, direct fit, and perfect adjustability make it a significant option.

  • Glossy look

Aldan Coilover suspension kits are significant in many cases. Among them, they look so gorgeous as it has T-6 billet Aluminum in the body section. In addition, it has multiple colors and the spring is fully black. The inner part which is under the spring is finished with 100% chrome silicon steel. Apart from this, it features polyurethane bushing material with a silver anodized shock body. So overall, it looks glossy and excellent that anyone can fall in love with them.

  • Adjustable ride height

With both lower and upper studs and tie bar front and eyelet rear, mount features make it adjustable. The height is adjustable and lowers your car dramatically. As a result, you can widen and shorten the car whenever you need. I just need to tighten the collar A and B against them.

  • Great quality

The quality of this Coilover kit speaks louder than it seems. No matter where you are driving–be it potholes or high hills, it provides you with the best ride experience. Additionally, this suspension kit is uncompromised to enhance the ride quality. Precise construction makes this viable in any condition to improve your riding.

  • Ease of installation

Not every Coilover comes with OEM benefits or functionality. Fortunately, this Aldan American Coilover kit is an OEM kit that is straightforward to install. In the meantime, the manufacturer added everything that is required for installation.

As it is developed with Aluminum, it needs to add copper-based anti-seize materials to tighten the spring. Then, screw it until it sits against the coil spring. After that, use the spanner wrench which is provided with the box, and adjust it until it attaches tightly and is locked up thoroughly.

  • Precise construction

Handmade in the USA is what makes it particularly satisfying and significant. With precise conduction and factory shocks, rubber bushing, and springs, it ensures riding improvement with satisfactory handling.

Lightweight and compact design, highly strong, 6061 T-6 CNC-engineered billet aluminum with endurance chrome silicon steel construction. This superior construction ensures strong, consistent, and restless driving all the time.

  • Satisfactory Value

Considering all the benefits and features, it is the lowest in price value. This quality exclusive design, and solid construction are only between $1400 and 1500, depending on parts and equipment.

The only drawback is it demands 12 inches heavier spring in the rear, depending on how much weight the vehicles carry. Also, there is lacking reliability in purchasing. For example, you ordered a 550lb/ft spring Coilover but they provide 650 lb/ft. Adjustment hassle because of the inconvenient ring.


  • Ensures better ride quality and improved handling.
  • Satisfactory construction and heavy-duty kit.
  • Hand-built in the USA.
  • Complete bolt-on design to diminish cutting and welding.


  • Stiff bad causes a bouncy effect.
  • The price is slightly a concerning issue.

2. Truhart Street Plus Coilovers: Twin Tube 

Truhart Street Plus Coilovers 1994-2001 Integra
Manufacturer Truehart
Package dimensions23 x 13 x 13 inches
Diameter 56 mm
Spring rateFront: 7.2Kg/mmRear: 18Kg/mm
Specialty Rebuild options and replacement parts are available.

Truhart Street plus Coilover is a great addition that fits with the VW t5 directly. It simultaneously improves handling, height, and weight adjustable, enhancing ride quality and it is affordable. In other words, it is the best budget Coilover for VW t5 right now.

  • Improve handling

This Coilover is fantastic when it comes to dealing with handling. Truehart is a fully monotube and twin-tube design Coilover with a separate pre-loaded spring. Dramatically, it significantly enhances the handling and keeps the vehicle on mode always.

  • Adjustable height

Its height-adjustable ability, automatically adjustable lower mount, and excellent upper mount allow the car owner to lower their car whenever needed. It can lower the car between -.5” and -4”. With these versatile features, the Coilover keeps the vehicle running mode without sacrificing performance. This Coilover suspension provides sporty yet blissful driving on the highway or any local street.

  • Reliable

Truhart is now becoming the most excellent and reliable option for their customers. For more than a decade, they have provided numerous products without questioning or compromising the quality. This Coilover kit is developed with users in mind who are satisfying the warranty issue.

The manufacturer ensures a 2-year warranty to increase the value to their customers. It is reliable and affordable considering everything compared to its competitors.

  • Enhance ride quality

Test a better ride experience, better shipping, and distribution, dedicated ride quality, and unmatched and uncompromised riding experience with Truhart Street plus Coilover suspensions all the time. The quality and affordability ensure the quality and precise riding capability on every surface.

  • Durable construction

Powder-coated zinc body with anodized lock rings ensures ultimate durability. The body is coated with zinc to keep it rust-free and corrosion-free, yet you drive harshly on a damping surface. The solid upper and lower mounts improve the ride quality.

  • On-budget

Everyone should be amazed to see the price considering the quality. You can get Truhard Coilover by just spending around $600 to $700. The installation process is also much easier than a beginner can perform.

Unfortunately, this is not the Coilover that has a dampening adjustments feature. For this one single defect, the car will lose its drivability in the worst condition. But fortunately, it doesn’t create too much effect on driving on straight or even surfaces. Another limitation is it has poor warranty benefits. After harsh use daily, the rubber boots get blown out after a few months.


  • It is a great option to make the ride perfect.
  • Allow the car to lower perfectly.
  • Durable construction for enhancing longevity.
  • Fit the specific vehicles accurately.
  • Mid-range budget with plenty of benefits.


  • The rubber boots can break easily after daily harsh use.
  • Comes with inappropriate fitment or adjustments.

3. Godspeed MMX2100-B MAXX Coilovers Suspension Lowering Kit

Godspeed MMX2100-B MAXX Coilovers Suspsension Lowering Kit, 40 Levels Damping, Full Adjustable
Manufacturer Godspeed
Diameter 52mm
Spring rateFront: 12 kg/mm (672 lbs/inch)Rear: 10 kg/mm (560 lbs/inch)
Specialty Fast response, bump absorption improving, accurate grip for safety.

Godspeed comes with multiple features and benefits to take your ride in different dimensions. Perfect adjustable ride and vehicle height allow the car, honda, or truck to lower time. Here are some additional features and benefits to get more clear information.

  • Plenty of dampening settings

The most significant and outstanding thing is that the Godspeed Project Maxx improved its Coilover suspension with 40 superior damper adjustment levels. Lowering the vehicle between 30-60 mm is possible, depending on the car chassis. Both standard upper and lower mounts are available to ensure precise handling and ride quality. 

  • Rebuildable

There is a rebuild option available to replace and build again after wearing out or defect. Replacing kits and equipment are readily available to keep your vehicle up to date always.

  • Exclusive Design

This model of this suspension features a monotube-tube design with liberal ride height and pre-load spring adjustments availability making it outstanding and the best competitor in this field. The mono-tube design kit is highly recommended for its high viscosity index.

  • Higher-grade construction

There is no question about the construction of Godspeed Project Maxx Coilover suspension. JIS Seamless 52mm carbon steel made shock body completed with IP F.A dampers liquid for a better ride on public roads. In action, the brackets are also made with carbon steel. The components are made of lightweight T-7075 forged Aluminum.

The price is a concerning issue for a mid-range tuner who is looking for the best at a mid-range budget. And there is only a 1-year warranty from the day of buying. Installation can be a tough job if there is no specific hardware available.


  • Fits perfectly and is easier to install
  • Numerous damper adjustments for better riding.
  • The metallic body is finished with carbon steel.
  • Lightweight and compact design.


  • The price is slightly higher for a low-budget tuner.

4. Coilover shocks, fit ball joint: best in budget

Coil Over Shocks, Fit Ball Joint Front VW, PAIR, Compatible with Dune Buggy
Manufacturer ‎EMPI
Package dimensions‎22.4 x 6.5 x 3.1 inches
Diameter 2-1/4″
Specialty Completely adjustable Coilover shock make your adjustment hassle-free and fits with specific vehicle easily.

These Coilovers are developed to keep in mind beginners. Some great things include ride quality enhancement, height adjustable, perfect dampening quality, etc. significant features.

  • Enhance ride quality

This pair of suspensions is equally perfect for both country roads and mild off-roading surfaces. Its solid construction with a chrome finish makes the ride safe and comfortable.

  • Great appearance

This pair of Coilover suspensions is black in color, which is gorgeous. The black color enhances the beauty and outlook. Moreover, solid spring over the body makes it a bright choice for everyone who wants to add some glamour.

  • Precise dampening quality

Suspension dampening means controlling or stopping the vehicle when it rebounds. But it doesn’t allow the vehicle to lose its grip or handling. It allows the driver to keep the grip right without dampening too much.

  • Budget-friendly

Fit ball joint front Coilover is made for the low-budget searcher who is looking fr upgrade their suspensions to make the ride comfortable all the way.

The fitment, often, seems clumsy and inconvenient and can rub the torsion arms. Very cheap and weak. Can break easily if there is any deviation in installation.


  • Ride and vehicle height adjustable.
  • Super dampening ability.
  • Affordable and 100% adjustable.


  • Can’t lower all vehicles.

5. Shunk2 Racing Coilover Spring Suspension: Durable And High-Quality

Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4725 Pro-S II Coil-Over Spring for 1996-2000 Honda Civic
Manufacturer Shunk2
Package dimensions‎23 x 11 x 11 inches
Spring rateFront: 8 kg/mmRear: 8 kg/mm
Specialty Long-lasting and adjustable

Recently, Shunk2 has been the perfect Coilover shock for both design and build. The manufacturer trying hard to provide the best product to their customers. However, these racing coilovers are great in enhancing the handling and grip.

  • Perfect fitment

Shunk2 Pro-S II has a liberal pre-load spring and billet top hats with polyurethane bushing that allows the ability to adjust the shock accurately. In addition, it features a shortened and threaded shock body that allows you to fit with required vehicles effortlessly.

  • Improve handling

Nowadays, Shunk2 racing Pro-C is made for improving handling, ride quality, and the option to lower your car according to needs. Additionally, it ensures the perfect ride without any shock travel or reducing the ride quality. It perfectly balances road and tracks performance while ensuring uncompromised handling.

  • Affordable

With the best handling benefits, mind-blowing features, and other outstanding features, the price is not so high. The price range of this Coilover is around $700 to $800.

  • Durable construction

These suspension kits are made with CNC machined solid anodized forged 6061-T6 Aluminum spring perches. Also, the CNC springs are made from high-quality SAE9254V steel. For more than a decade, Shunk2 has made its place in the competition. 

This Coilover suspension is very stiff. This is why you can’t ride with it regularly. Otherwise, it will lose its shape and hamper ride quality. Another downside is it fits great some specific vehicles. Moreover, one more defect is that the lower control arm bushing is tiny than the existing eg. It is common that it bumps while cornering.


  • Great fitting and enhances ride quality significantly.
  • Advanced and precise finish with hardened chrome shaft.
  • Long-lasting and adjustable.
  • The installation process is straightforward as it is a fully assembled product.


  • Arm bushing is smaller than average.
  • Slightly expensive considering its quality.

What To Look For Before Buying Coilovers For VW T5: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right coilovers for a specific vehicle, especially your VW t5 is a crucial consideration. Many people make mistakes when choosing Coilover. It happens to know less about some things. Here are some mandatory factors to look for before buying new Coilover suspensions.

  • Spring rate

Spring is a crucial part of any suspension kit and it plays a vital role in keeping the shock body workable. They are uncompromised to control the vehicle in bouncy and unsurfaced areas. Additionally, it absorbs the bumps and keeps the vehicle running smoothly. The higher the spring rate is the more pressure can a spring handle. So ensure you look at the spring rate before buying suspension kits.

  • Height adjustability

The purpose of installing new shocks and struts is to lower the car dramatically. By doing so, it increases comfortability, ride control, and grip capacity. When the suspension kits are height adjustable, the chance of lowering the car will be enhanced significantly.

  • Durability

When buying the most crucial part of your beloved vehicle, you must look at its durability. No one wants to invest their valuable and hard-earned money for bad kits. As a result, before buying, ensure the kits are made with premium grade and rustproof materials.

  • Price

Price is another significant consideration. Mid-range budget suspension kits are the best for all users. Suspension kits around $400 to $1000 will be a great price range. In this price range, the Coilover is perfect for enhancing ride quality and performance.

  • Monotube or twin-tube design

In every Coilover suspension, there are two types of designs–monotube and twin tube. Both have a significant contribution to the vehicle. The twin tube design shock and strut have both inner and outer tubes. The inner tube holds the piston shaft while the outer tube holds the damper oil

 In contrast, a monotube design Coilover pushes the dampened piston through the oil. Surprisingly, the monotube design Coilover can hold more fluid compared to the twin tube.

  •  Upper mounts

Another most significant and crucial consideration before getting the right suspension is the upper mount. There are 3 main and common types of upper mounts available– rubber, pillow-ball, and OEM. Maximum suspension is made with pillow ball mounts that are more compatible and durable. It means the spherical bearing performs as a joint between the strut assembly and the top hat.

The purpose of using the pillow-ball mount is to enhance the ride quality, handling, and precise riding. Apart from these, it can eliminate unnecessary vibration and harshness while providing the utmost performance.

Many manufacturers use rubber and OEM mounts but they are not effective as pillow-ball.

How do you lower your VW T5 suspension? 

Lowering the car has numerous benefits including improved performance and ride quality. However many car or truck owners don’t know the exact procedure of how to lower the VW t5 suspension. Here’s how you lower your VW t5 will explain.

  • First, take the front and rear springs together. Then, put the rear spring adjuster in it at the top. Here using the v14 kit will be okay.
  • Now, adjust the spring seat on a Coilover where the spring seat is firm.
  • There is a nylon nut you will see in your single strut. They come with a nylon top nut. You should use the OEM nut which is longer but not the Nylock nut.
  • Put the top mount and set the nut on top of your top mount.

How do you adjust coilovers on a VW t5?

Getting the perfect and the utmost benefits from the Coilover required correct adjustment. If there is any fault in adjusting the Coilover, the ride will be hampered greatly. So here’s how you adjust:

  • First, take a screwdriver and a hammer.
  • Now, insert the screwdriver into the grooves without stripping.
  • Tap the back of the screwdriver with a hammer until it adjusts to the accurate height.
  • Use a spanner wrench on the lower spring to seat the locking ring.
  • Spin the locking ring clockwise until it gets tightened to lower the car.

What are coilovers used for?

Usually, coilovers are used to lower the car or obtain accurate handling. They also help to improve the ride quality and allow you to adjust the ride height. Additionally, they provide a balanced ride and accurate grip to provide a stiffer ride. Finally, they are determined to lessen the body roll while cornering or turning.

Will T6 springs fit a T5?

T5 and T6 springs are almost the same. Therefore, it is possible to fit all the T56 springs to the T5 springs if the model is the same. Before fitting, ensure the model is the same and it will be easier to fit the T6 springs to the T5 trouble-free.


Lowering the car to achieve the best riding experience is great fun. Before getting these benefits, the car must have the best Coilovers. When you have a VW t5, you may want to ride with great fun, right? The top 5 best Coilover for VW t5 will fulfill your desire accurately.

Among them, the Aldan Coilover kit is the best in terms of performance improvement, and great functionality. Truhart Street plus Coilover is the best in budget while Godspeed has satisfactory height adjustability. So now, the decision is up to you about which one you should buy to upgrade the vehicle’s suspension parts.

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