7 Best Coilovers For 350z (Review) In 2023

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The Nissan 350Z has evolved as a well-liked racing-style automobile due to its exceptional weight distribution, wide footprint, short wheelbase, and infinitely adaptable V6 engine. 

Numerous parts and accessories are readily available for upping the power from its VQ35 motor. However, what’s the point if you’re unable to handle that incredible speed while cornering? 

Coilovers are an excellent way of making your Z more predictable around corners, and the ride height reduction makes it seem excellent. These constituent parts of muscle and racing cars are greatly revered given their importance for novices and these vehicles of racing and precision. 

Would you wish to be regarded when driving at a remarkable speed like this? Yes, having coilovers will give you the impression that you’re effortlessly nailing your tight turns. Here we have gathered some of the best coilovers for 350Z you could ever find. 

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What Is A Z33 350Z?

The Nissan 350Z (known as Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) in Japan) is a two-door, two-seat sports car, produced by Nissan Motor Corporation from 2002 to 2009 and characterized as the fifth generation of Nissan’s Z car line. The 350Z was first produced in 2002, and it was marked as a 2003 model in August of that same year.

Nissan’s 350Z sports car was derived from the 240Z concept vehicle, drawing its inspiration from its 1998 public debut. Like the 240Z, this vehicle has the long-hood short-deck design common to the Z-Car family. External design highlights include a sloping, fastback-style hood and an aerodynamic windshield.

What Do Adjustable Coilovers Do?

Adjustable coilovers are a type of suspension system that allows the driver to make small adjustments to the height, pitch, and roll of the car’s suspension. This allows for a custom driving experience, as well as improved handling and performance on different roads.

Coilovers share features with shock absorbers as suspensions that keep your automobile from bottoming out as you’re driving. Since coilovers do the exact same job, vertically supporting the struts beneath the coil. 

However, they differ in their manner of doing that work, the most significant difference is that a coil sits atop a perch, whereas struts sit directly on the chassis of the vehicle. These coils allow the owner to adjust the height, which in turn gives them better access to the strut.

If you encounter a challenging hilly road, such as a winding road, you can install a coil-over suspension on your car. In addition to allowing variable damping and height, coilover suspensions also offer various adjustment options. You can also adjust the rebound or compression damping in your coilover suspension.

Adjustable coilovers offer a number of benefits that can make your driving experience more enjoyable. These may include:

  • They offer a great deal of adjustability, allowing drivers to customize the ride height, pitch, and roll of their car. This gives them a great deal of control over the handling characteristics of their vehicle and makes driving much more enjoyable. 
  • The lack of an excessive amount of rebound or compression during suspension travel also results in improved handling, stability, and overall ride quality. 
  • The adjustable feature allows for fine-tuning of the suspension to best suit the driver’s needs and driving style.
  • Additionally, adjustable coilovers offer an option for drivers who have a difficult time finding a comfortable driving position due to height or weight differences. 
  • In fact, adjustable coilovers are often cheaper than other suspension options, making them an affordable choice for those looking to improve their driving experience. 

Buyer’s Guide

Not all coilovers are created equal. There are many factors that go into choosing the right suspension for your car, and it can be a daunting task to try to figure out which ones are worth your time and money. To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide. 

Damping Control

Your vehicle’s suspension is impacted by your dampers, which affect your speed and send The vehicle either nearer to or larger, than normal. On the most basic level, modifying this setting will give your car a softer or stiffer ride. 

For those who wish to take feral pleasure in everyday driving, the damping of a car’s suspension system needs to be adjusted, but it is of utmost importance to give the track a respectable ride and responsive steering. 

That is more or less a broad response, and improving your car’s driving dynamics requires more investigation and diagnosis regarding your car’s suspension setup. If you have inadequate expertise in setting up your vehicle’s suspension, you could essentially be throwing money away on more advanced two- and three-way coilovers. 

Just because a set of coilovers is the best in an organization doesn’t imply that it’s the best for you. Improperly installing your compression, rebound, and dampening on your suspension can make your car or truck handle horribly.

Shock Design

Perhaps one of the crucial elements of any coilover suspension system is shocks. Two types of shocks are available, these include a moderate mono-tube unit and a twin-tube shock. A mono-tube shock has a neat handling effect from corner to corner, like an OEM option.

Whilst, a twin-tube coilover consists of 2 shock absorbers and is designed to support the particular place of the driver. It often has a larger overall diameter than a single-tube coilover and is for that reason more comfortable on the street. However, it is significantly more costly.

If you’re always attracted to gentle driving, a twin-tube design could be a decent pick. Furthermore, it is not meant to imply that twin-tube shocks won’t be stronger at handling.

Spring Rates

The rate at which your vehicle’s springs decompress and justify determines its ride quality. Drivers who are doing a lot of regular driving will have coilovers with a slower spring rate that provide them with comfort. Backseat motorists, however, prefer springs that recoil quicker, so they can maintain control of the vehicle.

Sports vehicle coilovers have a spring rate of 10k, which means 10 pounds of force would be necessary for every millimeter of useful force. The higher your spring rate, the stiffer your car will be. 

As well the better it’ll operate, the less of a chance you will get knock-kneed. The lower spring rate of your coilovers lets you give up body oversteer but correspondingly knocks down your margin of safety to a corner.

Adjustment Options

Coilovers are well known to allow you to adjust the height of your vehicle. They are typically distinguished by a shock made of low-pressure nitrogen gas, which has been renowned for being dependable and strong. 

Since subsequent changes aren’t really any different from the first installation, no mechanical tool is necessary to make this setup quite low in cost.

Adding coil-overs with adjustable valves and spring height is superior to purchasing lowering springs. What would the point be of lowering your vehicle if it does not look good? This gives you more control over how your car handles on both the road and on the racetrack.

Top Mount

The Coilover includes a mount that secures everything together and bolts the top of the Coilover into the vehicle. This is the Top Mount. Between the mount and strut assembly are two types of bushings, rubber or pillow ball type.

In addition, OE manufacturers use rubber bushings because of their responsiveness and allow suspension precision to fail. Stiffer rubber mounts last longer and are less affected by energy deflection than softer rubber mounts. 

Whilst, a pillow ball bushing is a metallic spherical joint that minimizes side load. Rather than absorbing directional movement through side torque, a pillow ball bushing does not move. This translates into a more demanding steering and suspension feel. 

The metal bearings on a racing vehicle may generate more vibrations from the road, decreasing the vehicle’s comfort for use on the street. However, this increased harshness is necessary for enhanced tire performance during sports events.

Intended Use of Coilovers

You should also think about how you will be using your new car. For example, are you planning a road jaunt daily to support all your S2000’s track adventures? Alternatively, are you aiming to remain at your old car’s old lap time for as long as possible?

Road surfaces and racetracks have different characteristics. Ordinary roads often have sweeping curves and no speed limit, while race tracks contain sharp corners and pressure to abide by a speed limit. It is equally challenging for suspension systems on the two surfaces to adapt to these conditions.

Over time, coilovers have become more driven for everyday purposes than sports driving. Some are more concerned with performance, and others are outfitted more for diversity.

Street-capable coilovers placed in the car initially have a great deal of customization, but they may not be well-fitted for the way you usually drive. Track-only coilovers are much firmer and more sensitive. However, there is no right or wrong here. It really depends on what you like and where you will be making the most of your Subaru BRZ.

7 Best Coilovers for 350Z – Our Top Rated List

Our team of experts has compiled the best coilovers on the market and tested them extensively to find the perfect system for your 350Z. From budget-friendly options to high-end systems, we have you covered. So whether you’re looking for a performance upgrade or an easy way to make your car handle better, our top-rated coilovers are perfect for you.

1. Best for Drifting – BC Racing BR True Rear Coilovers

BC Racing BR True Rear Coilovers Compatible with 03-09 Infiniti G35 03-09 Nissan 350z
ManufacturerBC Racing
Weight‎‎30 pounds
Dimension‎30 x 6 x 6 inches
Damping Adjustment‎ 30 levels

BC Racing is one of the premier dealers of customized and prepackaged aftermarket suspension items. Headquartered in 2006, the company currently sells over 1,100 suspension kits. However, their BR True Rear Coilovers have earned a special fan base among Nissan 350Z owners. 

BC Racing’s product line, specifically this unit, walks the fine line between a great price and top-tier manufacturing. To support this, a number of Nissan 350z coilovers forums assert that you just get the taste you’re getting, almost twice the amount. With regard to affordability and quality, we highly recommend this Coilover to be the greatest of this group. 

These coilovers on your Nissan 350z will ensure that you always have a car that is nimble enough to perform a track and streetcar simultaneously. As soon as the middle deceleration control is adjusted, driving feels more pleasant since the coilovers are invulnerable.

If you appreciate the handling and height of your Nissan 350z, then you would benefit greatly from purchasing a Coilover for your automobile. And of course, this unit will have some complementary effects on your Nissan 350z’s appearance as well!

It doesn’t require a great deal of work to set the majority of the coilovers into place. When you install them, you can see the difference in how the automobile functions. This sort of Coilover performs quite well. 

Along with determining the elevation of your vehicle, you can control the ride quality in any situation. By utilizing these coilovers, you’ll get a sturdier driving experience even on unpaved streets.

The only complaint that users cite regarding this unit is clunking noises when traveling over speed bumps. These noises can be heard even at lower speeds when there is no speed bump present.

2. Best for Daily Driving – KW V1 Coilover Kit

KW Coilover Kit V1 10285002, best coilovers for 350Z
Weight‎25 pounds
Dimension‎‎30 x 18 x 6 inches
Damping Adjustment‎ 16 levels

While coilovers aren’t new to you, you’re most likely familiar with KW due to their reputation in the suspension and Coilover market. KW has been in the aftermarket suspension business for some time and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Able to perform well for a wide variety of vehicles, the KW V1 coilovers are the ones that adjacent function admirably for most drivers. These coilovers use KW V2’s patent-pending technology, called inox-line, which is composed of stainless steel from the lug to the line folds and even more distinctive electrical connections.

After years of intensive use, corrosion-resistant springs and the elastomers in the KW Variant 1 coilovers for the Nissan 350Z should last you their full lifetime. The system features one of the KW Variant 1 coilovers, which allows for 16 clicks of changes.

Because of their height adjustment capabilities, they allow you to adjust the level of your sports coupe anywhere from 0.8 to 1.5 inches. Even though they may not have the most effective drop, it is enough for some owners.

The suspension is quiet, controlled, and not too hard. Take a stressful corner, and the car just grips and goes, without the slightest disturbance. Arriving home later tonight on specific roads full of turns and GW Parkway, you’ll have a much better understanding of how the whole vehicle behaves. The car’s ground clearance will be lowered a little, and the vehicle will look more lively.

Despite the fact that this Coilover kit is highly acclaimed for its moderate quality, some customers have reported chipping included. That suggests that users should anticipate the powder coating’s finish to deteriorate quickly over time, perhaps rusting or corroding at some point in the future if they must maintain it from that point.

3. Best for Street – Tanabe TSE5063-B Sustec Pro 5 Coilover

Tanabe TSE5063-B Sustec Pro 5 Coilover Spring with Height Adjustment -0.25 -1.5"/+0.25 -1.5" for 2003-2007 Nissan 350Z Z33
Weight‎‎67 pounds
Dimension‎‎31.5 x 13.6 x 12.8 inches
Damping Adjustment‎12 levels

Have you been eyeing an entry-level drifting or local pro-am event and need a set of coilovers for your 350Z? The Tanabe TSE5063-B Sustec Pro 5 Coilovers would be the best bet. Generally, this is an intermediate coilover. 

The design of the wheels and automobile features a dual-tube coilover combined with Tanabe’s Slide Valve Technology, which is borrowed from the PRO SEVEN Coilover kit but in its own price range.

This hydraulic steering rack kit by Tanabe seems to stand out for its compatibility with the TEAS electronic suspension controller. This device can be securely installed in the car, allowing you to perform remote suspension setup with ease. It feels like you just finished off a Formula 1 race in your vehicle!

You don’t need to be concerned about messing up other adjustment systems while trying to change the parameters of another one because all systems are independent. Their parameters are also accepted by the German Technical Control Board, an organization that evaluates goods such as automobile components.

Moreover, the reinforced shock piston and valving have been specially designed to produce an optimal balance between performance and luxury. By employing specialized Italian shock oil, this unit is able to offer first-class crumple performance at any temperature whether it’s on or off-road conditions. 

The biggest drawback was that these coilovers are somewhat hard and too stiff to drive considering everyday street use. Each person could describe it differently, but we considered it a major downside that most reported.

4. Best for Budget – Godspeed MSS0270-A MonoSS Coilover

Godspeed MSS0270-A MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Height, Spring Tension And 16 Click Damping, compatible with Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2003-09
Weight‎‎56 pounds
Damping Adjustment‎ 16 levels

Introducing the Godspeed MSS0270-A MonoSS Coilover for your Nissan 350Z. This suspension is perfect for daily driving and offers a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. With a mono-max design, this Coilover offers excellent handling and stability while providing a smooth ride. 

This Coilover edition from Best Specialty has an excellent focus on weight reduction and excellent functions and specs for car lovers who have some familiarity with coilovers. It has 2 monotube stainless steel shocks, enabling 16 levels of compression rebound adjustment. 

Particularly, the shock is connected via a high-quality top hat that contains a high-performance bearing pillow ball mount (when appropriate) to the base of the brake arm bracket through a ten-millimeter CNC machined heat-treated bearing. 

The thing that drew our attention is the high-quality T7075 forged aluminum or cast steel bottom brackets that are lightweight without compromising durability and also incorporate brake line brackets (if appropriate).

The major drawback of this system is it’s difficult to fine-tune the ride height and stiffness of the suspension to fit the needs of each driver. 

5. Best for Tracks – Rev9 R9-HS2-008_1 Hyper-Street II Coilover

Rev9 R9-HS2-008_1 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit, Mono-Tube Shock w/ 32 Click Rebound Setting, Full Length Adjustable, compatible with Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2003-09
Weight‎‎56 pounds
Dimension‎29.5 x 18 x 8 inches
Damping Adjustment‎ 32 levels

After years of development and testing, the Rev9 R9-HS2-008_1 Hyper-Street II Coilover has finally been released to the public. If you’re looking for the 350Z Adjustable Coilovers, the Rev9 Hyper-Street II kit should definitely be at the top of your list. 

This system is made up of two adjustable struts and monotube adjustable shocks, all of which can be adjusted using simple bolt-on steps. Additionally, this suspension system features a drop-in design that makes installation a breeze, and it comes complete with all the necessary hardware and instructions.  

The material used in its construction is a mixture of steel and copper, and the product is both durable and lightweight. It’s the best way to give your suspension system a lift without having to spend too much. 

It comes with 32 clicks of adjustable valving so that you can set the Coilover to whatever setting you see fit, and it has adjustable full-length shocks that allow you to pick what ride height you prefer. 

You can make even small changes to the ride height without affecting the spring tension. There are no different requirements associated with the spring height adjustment system, so there’s no additional risk of punishing unintended changes. 

After installing the Rev9 R9-HS2-008 1 Hyper-Street II Coilover on your car, you may start noticing problems. The coilover seems to be not seated properly and would move around when driving. After doing some research, we found out that this is a common problem with this coilover model. 

6. Best for Lowering Vehicles – Godspeed MRS1550-A MonoRS Coilovers

Godspeed(MRS1550-A MonoRS Coilovers Made for Nissan 350Z 03-08(Z33), Fully Adjustable, Set of 4
Weight‎‎56 pounds
Dimension‎31.5 x 20 x 7 inches
Damping Adjustment‎ 32 levels

Have you paid any attention to the automotive aftermarket over the past two decades? If so, you may have noticed the Godspeed logo. The unbelievably popular brand is known for various automotive performance components, including coilovers. That’s why we have added another tremendous edition from this brand. 

This time we have a member from its legendary Mono RS lineup. The middlemost selection on the Godspeed Street Coilover line is the MonoRS. These step it up a notch by providing an Exit Control damper that has adjustable rebound adjustment, can be adjusted with 32 levels, and features a corrosion-resistant and anodized finish. 

Most of the parts in the MonoR line are CNC-machined aluminum billet, providing more weight reduction. MonoRS kit’s adjustable camber plates are also provided in most cars to give you the chance to set your rear cambers with a greater bespoken setting for grip through corners.

This Coilover suspension has a built-in threaded base for precise height adjustment without compromising the natural response or travel of the shock absorber. High-performance upper mounts have been added, alongside 32-way damping adjustment, so you can set up your 350Z for either the road or the track. 

The design of these sections includes a 52 mm Mono-Tube Stainless Steel Shock for heightened rigidity to prevent the damper from binding under excessive weight. The Chromoly steel piston rods have been processed and chrome plated by heat treatment to precise tolerances for dependable, consistent operation.

Indeed, this kit can be a reliable choice for modifying suspension in many vehicles. However, there is one major downside of this unit, the kits are often difficult to install. This can be a problem if you’re not experienced with suspension modifications or if you don’t have the right tools. 

7. Best for Terrains – Tein GSP26-8UAS2 Coil-Over

Tein GSP26-8UAS2 Coil Over (03-07 Infiniti G35 Coupe/03-06 G35 Sedan V35/03-08 Nissan 350Z Z33 Street Basis Z)
Weight‎‎‎64.5 pounds
Damping Level‎ 32 ways

Here is the last candidate on our list. This time we have a marvelous Coilover set from the reputed brand Tein. Tein has recently released the new Tein GSP26-8UAS2 Coil Over for those searching for a high-quality setup, which indicates you can still save a sizeable amount of money when upgrading.

These are full-bodied and contain top hats created to permit you to have a leak-proof installation. This unit uses nearly the same features and high quality. Despite being a new type, its exorbitant cost has been reduced because of the upgrade of its platform.  Tein GSP26-8UAS2, like its predecessors, has thus maintained the internationally acclaimed “Made in Yokohama” quality.

After careful analysis, Tein created a new manufacturing system and intended to create a new product platform, so that people could attend to its low prices. Contraindicated by the choice of wheels and the lowered ride height,  Tein GSP26-8UAS2 contains twin-tube shocks, as stated by comfort and ease on the streets. 

Its finely dispersed stroke movement makes it easy to navigate over rough and uneven street surfaces. It is apt for short trips, as it depicts a firm surface at low speed and a smooth one at high speed. Using the full ride height adjustment system, the ride height can be altered by adjusting the case length for each of the safety restraints, without changing the damper stroke length and spring preload. 

The curves keep the changes in ride quality to a minimum when the height of the vehicle is adjusted. This system not only holds an excellent balance between the low-down look and riding comfort but is also compatible with different settings for sports driving.

The only disadvantage that stands out is that altering the position of the car’s damper travel backseat and front seating isn’t possible. It wouldn’t be completely suitable, but we reckon 10 to 12 millimeters would be roughly useful. We use them as intended though, making them popular among certain drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust my adjustable coilovers?

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the adjuster bolt from the top of the coilover. You can then use a Phillips head screwdriver to turn the adjuster nut on the bolt. Once it’s turned, you can tighten the screwdriver by hand until the nut is snug against the bolt.

Why are my coilovers bouncy?

There are a few potential causes of bouncy coilovers. One possibility is that the suspension is not seated properly on the springs, which can cause them to bounce. Another possibility is that the coilovers are not compressed enough, which can lead to excessive movement and bouncing. 

Can you daily drive a Nissan 350z with Coilovers?

Yes, you can daily drive a Nissan 350z with coilovers. However, if you do decide to daily drive your 350z with coilovers, make sure to have a good understanding of the suspension and how it works before doing so. Also, be sure to have a good set of driving habits in order to ensure that the suspension is handled well.

How do you raise 350Z coilovers?

There are a few ways to raise 350Z car’s coilovers. One way is to use a jack and lift the car up while holding the coilovers in place with a wrench. Another way is to use a hydraulic jack and lift the car up while holding the coilovers in place with straps.

Do coilovers have adjustable ride height?

To increase your car’s ride height, you’ll extend the coilover, and subsequently, lower the car by lowering the length of the coilover. You can also adjust the ride height without having to unbolt the lower spindle mount by turning collar A or B, but before doing so, ensure that the collars are tightened against each other.

Final Words

There is no dispute about the fact that, if you plan to construct your 350z mods, including aftermarket rims using spacers on OEM wheels, coilovers are usually a better choice than lowering springs. Of course, the range of coilover suspension systems for Nissan 350zs is vast. However, if we had to choose, our vote might go for the BC Racing BR True rear coilovers.

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