7 Best Coilovers For BRZ (Review) In 2023 With Your Budget

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A car with good suspension is a dream come true for many drivers. Unfortunately, not all cars come equipped with great suspensions. This can be a problem if you plan on driving your car regularly, as regular driving can cause the suspension to wear down over time.

 Fortunately, there are a number of aftermarket options that allow you to improve the quality and lifespan of your car’s suspension without breaking the bank. One option is Coilover suspensions.

When you want to bring your BRZ with a livelier and more elegant temperament, in this manner, you can enhance the handling of your car with this modification. You won’t be disappointed. 

However, to rip the maximum benefit and enjoyment, you should choose the best coilovers for BRZ. Are you hesitant about where to begin? Stick to our article till the end to find your one.

Our Top Picks

Best Coilovers For BRZ Comparison Table

NameBest forRatingPrice
BC Racing BR Series Coilovers Best Street4.9 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
Godspeed (MMX2220) Mono-max Coilover SuspensionBest for Daily Driving4.8 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
Bilstein 47-228337 Suspension KitBest for Comfort4.9 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
R9-HS2-004-1 Hyper-Street II Coilover KitBest for Budget4.7 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
Megan Racing Street Series Coilover Best for Tracks4.7 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
KSP-CAC100-KP Full Coilover SystemBest for Lowering Vehicles4.9 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon
FAPO Adjustable Height Coilover SuspensionBest for Smooth Drive4.8 Out Of 5Latest Price On Amazon

Best Coilovers For BRZ Buyer’s Guide

It’s fun to debate the best cars, but what makes one car better than another? When shopping for a set of coilovers for the BRZ, there are certain things you should consider. To order these coilovers efficiently, see our experts’ guide, which includes tips for buying the best Coilover for your BRZ and budget.

Tube Design

One of the most crucial components of any Coilover suspension system is the shocks. Shocks come in two major variants, these include mono-tube and twin-tube. 

1. Monotube coilovers: provide an OEM-like handling performance that’s improved in importance by their precision from corner to corner. 

Nevertheless, it can occasionally be uncomfortable due to this high responsiveness, which is why it’s always a great idea to get street-only vehicles. An individual driving the BRZ or FRS might say that a monotube is absolutely essential. 

2. Twin-tube coilovers: are designed to be more gentle and accurate for more precise handling. Their drawback is that they tend to be substantially more expensive than monotube coils and are, thus, less comfortable on the street. 

If you don’t mind being more aggressive on the road, then twin-tube is a pretty good option. Also, it’s not to say that twin tubes won’t be better at handling.

Top Mount

The Coilover includes a mount that secures everything together and bolts the top of the Coilover into the vehicle. This is the Top Mount. Between the mount and strut assembly, there are two types of bushings, these include rubber or pillow ball type.

1. Rubber bushing: Generally, OE manufacturers use rubber bushings because of their responsiveness and allow suspension precision to fail. Stiffer rubber mounts last longer and are less affected by energy deflection than softer rubber mounts. 

2. Pillow ball bushing: A pillow ball bushing is a metallic spherical joint that minimizes side load. Rather than absorbing directional movement through side torque, a pillow ball bushing does not move. This translates into a more demanding steering and suspension feel. 

The metal bearings on a racing vehicle may generate more vibrations from the road, decreasing the vehicle’s comfort for use on the street. However, this increased harshness is necessary for enhanced tire performance during sports events.

Spring Rates

The rate at which your vehicle’s springs decompress and justify determines its ride quality. Drivers who are doing a lot of regular driving will have coilovers with a slower spring rate that provide them with comfort. Backseat motorists, however, prefer springs that recoil quicker, so they can maintain control of the vehicle.

Sports vehicle coilovers have a spring rate of 10k, which means 10 pounds of force would be necessary for every millimeter of useful force. The higher your spring rate, the stiffer your car will be. 

As well the better it’ll operate, the less of a chance you will get knock-kneed. The lower spring rate of your coilovers lets you give up body oversteer but correspondingly knocks down your margin of safety to a corner.

Intended Use of Coilovers

You should also think about how you will be using your new car. For example, are you planning a road jaunt daily to support all your S2000’s track adventures? Alternatively, are you aiming to remain at your old car’s old lap time for as long as possible?

Road surfaces and racetracks have different characteristics. Ordinary roads often have sweeping curves and no speed limit, while racetracks contain sharp corners and pressure to abide by a speed limit. It is equally challenging for suspension systems on the two surfaces to adapt to these conditions.

Over time, coilovers have become more driven for everyday purposes than sports driving. Some are more concerned with performance, and others are outfitted more for diversity.

Street-capable coilovers placed in the car initially have a great deal of customization, but they may not be well-fitted for the way you usually drive. Track-only coilovers are much firmer and more sensitive. However, there is no right or wrong here. It really depends on what you like and where you will be making the most of your Subaru BRZ.

Damping Control

The dampening adjustment feature is not entailed by all coilovers. Because of this, the dampening force remains constant throughout your vehicle’s spring travel. To meet the demands of your driving, it’s crucial to have this kind of feature since the damping force remains consistent throughout traveling.

You should focus on obtaining it to allow for the suspension’s firmness to be modified depending on the physical style of your driving habits and the existing environment.

Adjustment Options

Coilovers are well known to allow you to adjust the height of your vehicle. They are typically distinguished by a shock made of low-pressure nitrogen gas, which has been renowned for being dependable and strong. 

Since subsequent changes aren’t really any different from the first installation, no mechanical tool is necessary to make this setup quite low in cost.

Adding coil-overs with adjustable valves and spring height is superior to purchasing lowering springs. What would the point be of lowering your vehicle if it does not look good? This gives you more control over how your car handles on both the road and on the racetrack.

7 Best Coilovers for BRZ – Our Top-Rated List

Now it’s time to check out our list of the best coilovers for your four-wheeled buddy. Our top-rated picks are sure to make a big difference in how the car handles and feels on the road. From budget-friendly options to high-end brands, our best BRZ coilovers review has you covered. So don’t wait any longer – get yourself a set of coilovers and enjoy the ride!

1. Best for Street – BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 2012+ Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z
ManufacturerBC Racing
Weight‎‎46 pounds
Dimension‎29.5 x 18 x 8 inches
Damping Level‎ 30 ways

BC Racing’s BR Series coilovers are acknowledged all over the world as one of the Best street coilovers for BRZ for many reasons, enabling shoppers from all over to take advantage of their top quality and affordable prices.

For this reason, BC Racing has unveiled its BR Series coilovers, which have earned worldwide recognition for the two elements that make them exceptional, their desirability and affordability. So we had no trouble coming up with their top to exclude and we’re very proud to say we make no exception with BC Racing BR Series Coilovers. 

The BR Series is relatively exclusive in its coilover compatibility with those with a Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S, so it will provide great suspension to those with these models. While the BC Racing BR Series has samples of dual, three-way, and four-way damping systems, it also has a minimum 2-inch drop in ground clearance.

After you’ve assembled it, it ends up being apparent that the latch process has enhanced quite a bit. Driving is considerably more simple and boosted once you initially put the coil-overs. These things, which can be an effective stand-in setup to utilize, are incredibly beneficial.

What’s more? Well, this Coilover kit comes with multiple aperture controls, allowing you to exploit the power of your compression rebound control to set the ideal height when you’re driving your automobile.

Along with determining the elevation of your vehicle, you can control the ride quality in any situation. By utilizing these coilovers, you’ll get a sturdier driving experience even on unpaved streets.

The only complaint that users cite regarding this unit is clunking noises when traveling over speed bumps. These noises can be heard even at lower speeds when there is no speed bump present.

2. Best for Budget – R9-HS2-004-1 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit

R9-HS2-004_1 compatible with Subaru BRZ (ZC6) 2013-20 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit w/ 32-Way Damping Force Adjustment Lowering Kit by Rev9, 32 Damping Level Adjustment
Weight‎56 pounds
Damping Level‎ 32 ways

After years of development and testing, the Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit has finally been released to the public. If you’re looking for the best budget coilovers for BRZ that provide a great deal of adjustability, the Rev9 Hyper-Street II kit should definitely be at the top of your list. 

This system is made up of two adjustable struts and monotube adjustable shocks, all of which can be adjusted using simple bolt-on steps. Additionally, this suspension system features a drop-in design that makes installation a breeze, and it comes complete with all the necessary hardware and instructions.  

The material used in its construction is a mixture of steel and copper, and the product is both durable and lightweight. It’s the best way to give your suspension system a lift without having to spend too much. 

It comes with 32 clicks of adjustable valving so that you can set the Coilover to whatever setting you see fit, and it has adjustable full-length shocks that allow you to pick what ride height you prefer. 

You can make even small changes to the ride height without affecting the spring tension. There are no different requirements associated with the spring height adjustment system, so there’s no additional risk of punishing unintended changes. 

Despite the fact that this Coilover kit is highly acclaimed for its reasonable price and moderate quality, some customers have reported chipping included. That suggests that users should anticipate the powder coating’s finish to deteriorate quickly over time, perhaps rusting or corroding at some point in the future if they must maintain it from that point.

3. Best for Daily Driving – Godspeed (MMX2220) Mono-max Coilover Suspension

Godspeed (MMX2220) 2012 2013 & up Scion FRS 12+ / Subaru BRZ 12+ Mono-max Coilover Suspension/Camber Plate 40 Level Adjustable
Weight‎55 pounds
Dimension‎60 x 30 x 20 inches
Damping Level‎ 40 ways

Introducing the Godspeed MMX2220 Coilover for the Subaru BRZ. This suspension is perfect for daily driving and offers a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. With a mono-max design, this Coilover offers excellent handling and stability while providing a smooth ride. 

This Coilover edition from Best Specialty has an excellent focus on weight reduction and excellent functions and specs for car lovers who have some familiarity with coilovers. It has 2 monotube stainless steel shocks, enabling 40 levels of compression rebound adjustment. 

Particularly, the shock is connected via a high-quality top hat that contains a high-performance bearing pillow ball mount (when appropriate) to the base of the brake arm bracket through a ten-millimeter CNC machined heat-treated bearing. 

The thing that drew our attention is the high-quality T7075 forged aluminum or cast steel bottom brackets that are lightweight without compromising durability and also incorporate brake line brackets (if appropriate).

Its spring tension knob and the ride height adjustment work independently of each other, and when the shock cushion is damaged, you can fix it by getting a replacement part. 

Moreover, the springs of unconventional SAE9252 steel have been specially designed to produce an optimal balance between performance and luxury. By employing specialized Italian shock oil, this unit is able to offer first-class crumple performance at any temperature whether it’s on or off-road conditions. 

The major drawback of this system is it’s difficult to fine-tune the ride height and stiffness of the suspension to fit the needs of each driver. 

4. Best for Tracks – Megan Racing Street Series Coilover 

Megan Racing MR-CDK-MMX590-EZII EZII Street Series Coilover Damper Kit
Manufacturer‎Megan Racing
Weight‎‎38 pounds
Dimension‎29.5 x 18 x 8 inches
Damping Level‎ 15 ways

Megan Racing is one of the oldest names in manufacturing aftermarket suspension systems going back to the start of the JDM rivalry. Concerning its performance, Megan Racing has protected the equilibrium between quality and price for almost three decades. 

And the racing Megan Street Series has all sorts of typefaces, suitable for amateurs who are just starting out. The cheapest one is the EZ II which has zero top hats and 15 adjustment options. 

Adjustable air springs on each Coilover design are 8K in front and 6K in back. In any case, we expected them to be exceedingly stiff considering the BRZ is considerably lighter than other auto types. 

On the other hand, it is softer and more with extra comfort than we had anticipated. Generally speaking, they aren’t bouncy or “floaty” in any way. They are usually paired with a 220mm-long threaded shaft, a 1.5-inch-long bump stop, and 1.5 inches of initial coil-over travel. 

The rear coil-over travel is 85mm in them, and the bump stop is 1.5 inches in their other coils. The unmodified bump stops will keep 3 inches of front travel and 2 inches of rear travel at full droop. 

The major issue that some users face is when they attempt to come to grips with tight corners or park spots there is a humming sound originating from the rear of the coilovers.

5. Best for Lowering Vehicles – KSP-CAC100-KP Full Coilover System 

best coilovers for BRZ: KSP-CAC100-KP| Full Coilover System | Lowers Vehicle & Increases Handling
Weight‎‎39 pounds
Dimension‎31 x 14 x 14 inches
Damping Level‎ 36 ways

KSP-CAC100-KP is a full Coilover suspension system designed and manufactured by Ksport. When you’re thinking about lowering your BRZ and just love to drive a lowered vehicle, this option might suit your needs. 

The system employs single-piece upper and lower A-arms with a built-in reservoir that allows for easy inflation and deflation. The setup of Coilover struts is just as simple, or so very similar to other kits in the marketplace, as you’d experience with other firms. 

After running for several months, you will realize if your car has superior speed down the street as much as you believed it would. They will boost your vehicle’s suspension on the asset struts.

With the primary aim of tuning the suspension, you may believe that the issue will become the bottom of the ride, but actually, this is not the case. Your primary goal while on the Ksport could turn out to be neutralizing the movement (less rake) and, therefore, improving the ride quality. 

Perhaps it takes many tries at various heights, but eventually, you will receive your ending property. You might need to climb the damper controls a little farther after a bit more miles, but you’ll experience much better handling and performance on your beat-up vehicle if you put in new springs at an earlier point.

The kit has everything necessary to upgrade your suspension system from the stock springs to lower detection and came along very well. You know for a fact that the stock kit cannot compare to the Ksport kit with regard to its price and its performance. We understand that by using the Ksport kit, you will not be disappointed by your suspension upgrade.

6. Best for Comfort – Bilstein 47-228337 Suspension Kit

Bilstein 47-228337 Suspension Kit
Weight‎43.7 pounds
Damping Level30 ways

Here we have another premium suspension from one of the world’s leading producers of four-wheel drive suspensions, Bilstein. These are among the supreme in terms of comfort, safety, and convenience. And when you’re searching for comfortable coilovers for BRZ as in the stock setup, this unit will blow your mind. 

Bilstein’s Coilover kit was made especially to accompany the chassis of the BRZ. This is a direct indication of the set compression and rebound rates. The B16 system fully controls drivers and settings on a good range of damping levels. 

At first glance, these simple coilovers are a relatively inexpensive and effective modification for your Subaru BRZ. They will make it an enjoyable ride on the city streets and highways and will make it easier to score pole position. 

However, they won’t stop you from enjoying it on the track either. It’s a little smoother than its competitors, making it a superb deal for the price. In the event that you are seeking a smooth suspension which is the outcome of advancements on the roadways at any speed, this is a wonderful pick. For roadway use, the progressive springs are generally low in comparison to several others.

Indeed, this kit can be a reliable choice for modifying suspension in many vehicles. However, there is one major downside to using a Bilstein kit – the kits are often difficult to install. This can be a problem if you’re not experienced with suspension modifications or if you don’t have the right tools. 

7. Best for Smooth Drive – FAPO Adjustable Height Coilover Suspension

FAPO Adjustable Height Coilover Suspension Strut Lowering Kit, Mono-Tube Compatible with Scion FR-S 2013-2016 with Toyota 86/GT86/FT86 2012-2020 with Subaru BRZ 2012-2020 Shock
ManufacturerFapo Racing
Weight‎‎45.5 pounds
Dimension‎20 x 10.5 x 10 inches
Damping Level‎ 32 ways

Finally, you have the least expensive choice to perform for your BRZ when it comes to coilovers. The FAPO Adjustable Height Coilover is the perfect manifestation of vehicle suspension upgrade liberty. Getting this Coilover kit will permit you to have an optimal drive experience, a completely configurable lowering feature, and extended performance, all packaged into one unit. 

If you are searching for a vehicle suspension that’s a bit on the overkill side, this Coilover kit is definitely the one for you. Each of the coilovers can be adjusted once again and the rebound damping trait can be as dynamic as you require additional. These products are made to be durable and with certainty offer you an ideal setup.

Because ride height, shock stroke, and spring preload are all independent of one another, whatever change you make in settings will not affect the settings. So just be sure to choose the correct ride height for yourself regardless of your mood.

If you want your BRZ’s stock ride height to be as low as 1 to 3 inches below the shelf height, and if you have a Coilover kit (with springs and dampening rates) that will work efficiently on lowered cars without affecting the quality of the ride. So it would be a bang for your bucks.

How Do You Install Coilovers On A BRZ? 

As you intend to add some killer handling and a bit of luxury to your Subaru BRZ, your newly purchased coilovers must be installed properly! However, most people find it a bit daunting. Therefore, we have formulated this guide. 

Before beginning any installation, make sure to read the car’s owner’s manual to find out what modifications need to be made in order for the coilovers to fit properly. Additionally, it is important to have all the necessary parts and tools available before starting work, as not all outlets carry everything needed for Coilover installation. 

If possible, it is also recommended that you enlist the help of a qualified professional when installing these suspension systems. Then, follow the steps below:

  • The first step in the process of installing Coilovers on a Subaru BRZ is finding the right kind of Coilover suspension. This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean the entire surface of your vehicle- from the body to the wheels. This will make installing and removing your coilovers much easier. 
  • Now, locate the front and rear suspension mounts on your car. These are typically located under the hood or behind the front or rear seats. 
  • Remove the nut and bolt securing each mount to the car, being careful not to lose any of the mounting hardware. 
  • Install the Coilover front mounts. This is where the spring sits, which will determine where you’ll locate the strut in relation to your wheel well.
  • Place each Coilover onto its respective mount, making sure that the springs are in the correct position and that they’re level with one another. 
  • Reinstall the mounting hardware, tightening it down until it’s snug but not too tight. 

How Do You Maintain Coilovers?

If you’re like most drivers, you love the feeling of a well-made Coilover suspension system. But like any mechanical device, coilovers can wear out over time. Here’s how to keep your Coilovers in good shape and enjoy their benefits for many years to come. 

  • Keep The Springs Clean

Dirt, grime, and corrosion buildup on the Coilover will weaken its ability to absorb shock and transmit force. You can clean the coils with a degreaser to remove the dirt, then use compressed air or a compressor to blow out any remaining debris. 

  • Inspect The Hardware

If your coilovers are equipped with remote reservoirs, make sure they’re working properly. Remove them and check the spring compression and rebound settings. You may need to replace the reservoir or retune them if they no longer hold air.

  • Check The Air Pressure Regularly 

One of the most common causes of Coilover noise is low air pressure. Check the air pressure before and after each drive to make sure it’s at its recommended level. Over-inflating your coils will cause them to wear out faster and create more noise.

  • Inspect The Suspension

A worn suspension is another indicator that it’s time to replace your coilovers. When they start to feel too soft, stiffen them up by removing an old rebound or compression spring and replacing it with a new one of similar size and length. The quality of your coilovers will go down if you’re replacing the rebound or compression springs with new ones that are too short. 

  • Check The Damper

The same thing goes for your rebound and compression dampers. Make sure the damper is placed correctly, and that the spring tension is correct. If you’re using an adjustable damper, make sure it’s set up properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coilovers good for daily driving?

Coilovers can offer a beneficial upgrade for virtually any car, even if you need to drive it daily, but you have to recognize they are more costly than the customary suspension. If you’re trying to find an extra-performance-based car, this might be the best option for improved performance.

Do coilovers ruin ride quality?

Some forum posts make disparaging generalizations about Coilover shocks, asserting that they soften a car ride or degrade its quality. But this assumption is probably false, regardless of whether you have adjustable shock valves. That’s because Coilover shocks don’t actually make the ride harsher than stock setup shocks generally do.

Do coilovers reduce weight?

Perhaps if you could significantly reduce the unsprung weight by making use of coilovers (also dependent on the model), it’s ideal since it’s more rigid when inverted. It can also take more abuse because the shock mount and the shock shaft are attached together.

How long do coilovers usually last?

Generally, coiled springs with a life expectancy of between 5-6 years can be roughly before their service life is up. This estimation, however, varies depending on the quality, maintenance, and duration of use. You should take care not to abuse your coilovers and not exceed their capacities, in which case they may last for nearly a decade if not more.

Do coilovers improve acceleration?

Coilovers do improve acceleration, but they are not the only factor that affects acceleration. Other factors such as weight, gearing, and engine power also play a role.

Final Words

In conclusion, our top pick for the best coilovers for the Subaru BRZ is the BC Racing BR Series Coilovers. These coilovers offer great performance and adjustability, making them perfect for anyone looking to improve their car’s handling. If you’re looking for a set of coilovers that will give your car an overhaul and make it feel brand new, then BC Racing Coilovers are a perfect choice.

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