Durobumps Vs Timbren: Which Is Better For Off-Road?

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DuroBumps are built for smooth suspension cycles, which will help your vehicle stay more stable on or off the trails. Timbrens use AEON hollow rubber springs that work with existing leaf springs to handle rough road conditions well.

Durobumps and Timbren springs are common aftermarket suspension modifications for light trucks and SUVs. Both bumpers are designed to improve the vehicle’s ride quality by absorbing bumps and shocks, but they work in different ways. Here we’ll take a closer look at the differences between Durobumps and Timbren, so you can decide which is best for you.

What Are Durobumps?

Durobumps Vs Timbren

DuroBumps are the only bump stops on the market that have been custom-built to allow for smooth suspension cycles, which in turn generates greater vehicle stability off-road. From conceptual design all the way through CAD engineering they offer customers nothing but top-rated products at an affordable price point.

Installation of the Toytec Bump Stop System is easy and requires no cutting or welding.

Designed and manufactured right here in America, these high-quality tires will provide you with long years of service.

The company has vehicle-specific applications for Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra.

Some Questions About The Durobumps

Do I Need New Bump Stops in Tacoma?

Installing new bump stops is a great way to optimize your truck’s performance when hauling or adding weight. You can also do this if you’re about to install an upgraded suspension lift, as it will allow for better handling of heavy loads.

Do I Need Bump Stops on My 4Runner?

If you tow with your 4Runner, beefing up the bump stops could help reduce rear-end sag and provide a much smoother ride. As we load down our trailer it becomes obvious that these points are getting lower – especially when driving off of roads or onto scales.

Is Bump Stops Worth It?

With a bit of care, your bump stops will last for years. If you start to notice signs that they’re wearing down or becoming damaged from repeated use then it’s worth investing in some new ones.

Do Bump Stops Affect Ride Quality?

The factory bump stops are ineffective at preventing metal-to-metal contact, which leads to harsh jounce and poor ride quality. They do nothing when you hit holes in the road or bottom out on an obstacle so it’s best if they were replaced with more advanced offroad accessories like rock guards.

Why Do You Need Bump Stops?

Bump stops are there to protect your car from bumps in the road. They’re housed inside of a protective tube, and their job is to absorb some of that energy so you don’t have any damage or serious noise issues on either side.

What Is Timbren?


Timbrens are a great way to improve your car’s performance on rough roads by using AEON hollow rubber springs. These reliable, effective parts will help give you more control over the vehicle suspension system of any make or model.

The reliable and quite effective rubber springs are a part of the improved performance of your vehicle suspension.

They’ve been a trusted name in the industry for over 30 years. And it is made in Canada.

Some Questions About The Timbren

Is Timbren a Canadian Company?

Timbren is a Canadian-based company that specializes in suspension upgrades for vehicles such as the F150, Sierra, and Ram.

How Do Timbren Springs Work?

Timbren rubber springs are self-adjusting and progressive. This means that they can automatically adjust to variable loads, even if you roll over obstacles or cracks in the road.

Are Timbrens Worth It?

Timbrens have been one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve ever made for my truck. Not only do they protect me from damaging shocks and vibrations, but their smoother ride off-road makes it easier on our obstacle course through life.

How Does Timbren Bump Stop Work?

Timbren bump stops work by using progressive springs to reduce sway and prevent sagging. The vehicle will not be impacted when it is unladen due to the assistance provided by these adaptive devices, which come into contact with your axle once a load has been applied for support, this way you can enjoy both ride quality as well as safety on those rough roads.

Will Timbrens Lift My Truck?

Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kits for pickups are designed to work with a standard-height suspension, but if installed on your 2” – 3″ lift truck it will squat even more. A simple spacer kit can be purchased that compensates for the extra height and allows you to drive normally without worrying about being stuck in traffic or having car trouble.

Does Timbrens Help Sway?

Timbren SES upgrades are designed to keep the vehicle level at all times and prevent roll or sway, which can make driving more comfortable.

Does Timbrens Increase Payload?

Timbrens are a great option for those who want to increase their trucks’ performance. The SES kit will not give you more weight or depth, but it does provide an improved ride quality with better handling when carrying heavy loads on bumpy roads.

Durobumps Vs Timbren: Which Is Better?

Durobumps and Timbren both provide a similar function, but their differences are important enough to consider.

DuroBump’s bumpers are installed in place of your existing air shocks or springs to provide extra suspension authority for off-road use while also helping lift up when driving on paved roads.

Duralump bumpers are designed for off-road use while timbre metallic springs can also be found on cars with high-speed driving characteristics in mind such as drag racers drivers who need more stability when accelerating out of turns at top speeds over 200 mph.

Durobumps and Timbren are both new products on the market, but one is used for off-road vehicles while another will be more appropriate if you want to lower your ride height.

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