Best Coilovers For S2000 (Review) In 2024

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The Honda S2000 is known for its handling and overall performance. However, they don’t come with the best suspension system you might desire, where people feel the necessity for aftermarket coilovers. 

If you’re looking for a way that can take your Honda S2000 to the next level, then you should consider choosing a set that’s made specifically for this car. Not only will these suspension kits provide you with improved ride quality and handling, but they’ll also help to improve the overall stability and performance of your vehicle. 

Nevertheless, you have to pick the best Coilovers For S2000 to reap the highest benefit and convenience. But the harsh truth is that choosing the most suitable coilovers is not as easy as it seems. That’s why we have come forward. 

After spending hundreds of dollars and testing dozens of coilovers, we’ve narrowed down the list to seven of the best options for Honda S2000 owners. Whether you’re looking for a simple drop or something more elaborate, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look! 

Our Top Picks

Best Coilovers For S2000 Comparison Table

BC Racing BR Series CoiloversBest Overall: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers9.9 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
Tein VSH64-C1SS3 Flex Z Coilover KitTein VSH64-C1SS3 Flex Z Coilover Kit for Honda S20009.7 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
KW 35250005 Variant 3 CoiloverKW 35250005 Variant 3 Coilover9.5 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
Truhart Street Plus Coilovers for 2000-2009 S2000Best Budget: Truhart Street Plus Coilovers for 2000-2009 S20009.8 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4725 Pro-S II CoilOvers Best for Trucks: Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4725 Pro-S II CoilOvers 9.3 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
Yonaka Honda S2000 CoiloversBest Value: Yonaka Honda S2000 Coilovers9.1 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon
Truhart Street Plus Coilovers 2006-2011 CivicBest for Smooth Drive: Truhart Street Plus Coilovers 2006-2011 Civic9.6 Out Of 10Latest Price On Amazon

Best Coilovers For S2000 Buyer’s Guide

Best products are always a hot topic, but what makes one product better than another? In the case of choosing the best s2000 coilovers, there are certain factors you need to consider. Our experts have gathered them in this buyer’s guide. This comprehensive guide will help you decide which type of Coilover is right for your needs and budget. 

  • Dampening Adjustment

The dampening adjustment feature is not entailed by all coilovers. Because of this, the dampening force remains constant throughout your vehicle’s spring travel. To meet the demands of your driving, it’s crucial to have this kind of feature since the damping force remains consistent throughout traveling.

You should focus on obtaining it to allow for the suspension’s firmness to be modified depending on the physical style of your driving habits and the existing environment.

  • Purpose of Coilovers

You should also think about how you will be using your new car. For example, are you planning a road jaunt daily to support all your S2000’s track adventures? Alternatively, are you aiming to remain at your old car’s old lap time for as long as possible?

Road surfaces and racetracks have different characteristics. Ordinary roads often have sweeping curves and no speed limit, while racetracks contain sharp corners and pressure to abide by a speed limit. It is equally challenging for suspension systems on the two surfaces to adapt to these conditions.

Over time, coilovers have become more driven for everyday purposes than sports driving. Some are more concerned with performance, and others are outfitted more for diversity.

Street-capable coilovers placed in the car initially have a great deal of customization, but they may not be well-fitted for the way you usually drive. Track-only coilovers are much firmer and more sensitive. However, there is no right or wrong here. It depends on what you like and where you will be making the most of your Honda S2000.

  • Spring Rates

The rate at which your vehicle’s springs decompress and justify determines its ride quality. Drivers who are doing a lot of regular driving will have coilovers with a slower spring rate that provide them with comfort. Backseat motorists, however, prefer springs that recoil quicker, so they can maintain control of the vehicle.

Sports vehicle coilovers have a spring rate of 10k, which means 10 pounds of force would be necessary for every millimeter of useful force. The higher your spring rate, the stiffer your car will be, the better it’ll operate, and the less of a chance you will get knock-kneed. The lower spring rate of your coilovers lets you give up body oversteer but correspondingly knocks down your margin of safety to a corner.

  • Compatibility

Honda’s great success with its initial AP1 version in 1999 resulted in the approval of its newly redesigned AP2 model just four years later. It was also around this time that coilovers for S2000 vehicles started being released, but not every one of them had AP1/AP2 generation compatibility. Therefore, making sure you get the right ones is essential.

Since the AP1 is built to be a sports car, it’s much stiffer and stronger than the AP2. In contrast to the AP2, which is more comfortable and livable. They share the same Coilover system, though some coilovers are interchangeable among both models and others aren’t. But, we recommend that you double-check the compatibility before purchasing any coilovers.

  • Adjustability

Coilovers are well known to allow you to adjust the height of your vehicle. They are typically distinguished by a shock made of low-pressure nitrogen gas, which has been renowned for being dependable and strong. Since subsequent changes aren’t any different from the first installation, no mechanical tool is necessary to make this setup quite low in cost.

Adding coil-overs with adjustable valves and spring height is superior to purchasing lowering springs. What would the point be of lowering your vehicle if it does not look good? This gives you more control over how your car handles on both the road and on the racetrack.

7 Best Coilovers For S2000 – Our Top Rated List

We’ve compiled our list of the best coilovers on the market today based on user experience, feedback, and intense research. Whether you’re looking for a performance upgrade or simply want to add some comfort, these suspensions will have you covered. From budget-friendly options to high-end options, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about our top picks!

1. Best Overall: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

Best Coilovers For S2000
Weight‎20 pounds
Dimension‎29.5 x 18 x 8 inches
Position‎ Front

BC Racing is one of the premier dealers of customized and prepackaged aftermarket suspension items. Headquartered in 2006, the company currently sells over 1,100 suspension kits. However, their BR series has a special fan base among Honda S2000 lovers. 

The BR Series shows better than the standard model you do not have to dig deep into your pockets to find the perfect suspension setup. They’re superb coilover suspension for those with a regular street S2000. BC Racing BR series includes three designs of damping controls and has a minimum 2-inch drop in ground clearance.

As soon as you fit the coilovers, you can observe the difference in the handling. Driving becomes much more stable and simple. Before, it only needed a simple installation procedure. These coilovers are incredibly handy, as they can be set aside as a go-to setup.

BC puts forth many springs with this setup, including Swift Springs which makes you feel even more of a luxury. If you’re trying to find lows, they also offer an extremely low setup. 

This Coilover kit features various accessible knobs that make it possible to fine-tune your compression rebound adjustments.  In addition modify the elevation of your car, no matter what height you select. These coilovers give a more centered, but soft ride state that’s wonderful both for street use and on tracks, allowing them to operate seamlessly.

The only drawback mentioned by users is clunking noises regarding the rear passenger side generated on impact with speed bumps.  This happens even when driving at very slow or normal speeds without a speed bump being present.

2. Best for Daily Driving: Tein VSH64-C1SS3 Flex Z Coilover Kit

Best Coilovers For S2000
Weight‎54 pounds
Dimension3‎6 x 12 x 12 inches
Position‎Rear, Front

Here is our second candidate. This time we have a marvelous Coilover set from the reputed brand Tein. Tein has recently released the new Flex Z Coilover suspension for those searching for a high-quality setup, which indicates you can still save a sizeable amount of money when upgrading.

These are full-bodied and contain top hats created to permit you to have a leak-proof installation. Flex Z purposes nearly the same features and high quality. Despite being a new type, its exorbitant cost has been reduced because of the upgrade of its platform. FLEX Z, like its predecessors, has thus maintained the internationally acclaimed “Made in Yokohama” quality.

After careful analysis, Tein created a new manufacturing system and intended to create a new product platform, so that people could attend to its low prices. Contraindicated by the choice of wheels and the lowered ride height, FLEX Z contains twin-tube shocks, as stated by comfort and ease on streets. 

Its finely dispersed stroke movement makes it easy to navigate over rough and uneven street surfaces. It is apt for short trips, as it depicts a firm surface at low speed and a smooth one at high speed. Using the full ride height adjustment system, the ride height can be altered by adjusting the case length for each of the safety restraints, without changing the damper stroke length and spring pre-load. 

The curves keep the changes in ride quality to a minimum when the height of the vehicle is adjusted. This system not only holds an excellent balance between the low-down look and riding comfort but is also compatible with different settings for sports driving.

The only disadvantage that stands out is that altering the position of the car’s damper travel backseat and front seating isn’t possible. It wouldn’t be completely suitable, but we reckon 10 to 12 millimeters would be roughly useful. We use them as intended though, making them popular among certain drivers.

3. Best for Competitive Use: KW 35250005 Variant 3 Coilover

one of the load adjusting coilovers
Weight‎40 pounds
Dimension‎29 × 17 × 6 inches
Position‎Rear, Front

If you’re hunting for the best Coilovers for track s2000, you can never go wrong with a product from KW. We cannot possibly list the best coilovers on the market without bringing up KW. And, among those who can be seen visually, the Variant 3 is simply incomparable. 

These coilovers ensure the utmost road comfort by allowing you to adjust compression and rebound stiffness with their dual-level valves. This KW kit installs in the S2000, boasting price tags that are a bit steeper, but it’s very useful in that it has various modes of control borrowed from race cars, including things such as pillar handling, multifunction SR racing safety devices, and keel stabilization.

One of the most distinctive features of KW Variant 3 suspension tuning is its 14-level compression and rebound adjustability. Using cutting-edge Chromoly aluminum, KW developed Coilover kits that deliver extremely high durability. These kits offer an infinite number of suspension setting adjustments and a free-floating rebound mechanism.

You don’t need to be concerned about messing up other adjustment systems while trying to change the parameters of another one because all systems are independent. Their parameters are also accepted by the German Technical Control Board, an organization that evaluates goods such as automobile components.

The biggest drawback was that these coilovers are somewhat hard and too stiff to drive considering everyday street use. Each person could describe it differently, but we considered it a major downside that most reported.

4. Best Budget: Truhart Street Plus Coilovers for 2000-2009 S2000

Best Coilovers For S2000
Weight‎15 pounds
Dimension‎15 x 10 x 10 inches

Are you looking for a set of coilovers to give your S2000 a lift? Truhart Street has the perfect solution! These coilovers are specifically designed for the S2000, and they provide a great amount of adjustability to allow you to customize the ride to your liking. 

Although they are not as popular as some of the more well-known brands, these coilovers should not be overlooked – especially considering their reasonable price tag. 

Truhart Street Plus coilovers provide drivers with a comfortable, compliant suspension system that can be tuned to their driving styles. These coilovers feature a progressive spring rate that offers both enhanced ride comfort and improved handling, making them perfect for use on both street and track vehicles. 

People have lauded the Truhart coilovers out of the box about their temperate control. The quality of driving is similar to the fuel economy of a vehicle with an upfront cost. It’s just not going to bottom out, which is one of the main reasons why people prefer these cheaper kits. 

Truhart has demonstrated a steady rise in production capacity and ensures that its products are delivered on time. All of its products include a manufacturer’s warranty, and it also provides invaluable customer service.

One of the most frequent shortcomings of these coilovers is that you can hear random clicking and clunking sounds from the first day. They sound like blown shocks from the very start.

5. Best for Trucks: Skunk2 Racing 541-05-4725 Pro-S II Coilovers 

you can go anywhere with this Coilover
Weight‎25 pounds
Dimension‎‎23 x 11 x 11 inches

Skunk2 has been operating in the industry of aftermarket car parts for some time now, and their staff continues to work in tandem with automotive suspension engineers as they focus on tuning. Its innovative Pro-C coilovers are suited for all Honda Civic (all models), and the latest version, the Pro-S II Coilover, also has an adjustment of their double height.

Thanks to threaded cages, the Skunk2 rear suspension now features shocks that can be set to different values regardless of spring preload. This allows increases in the height of the vehicle independently of changes in sensitivity to compression within that spring. 

Fast and accurate corner-to-corner ride height adjustments can now be made for dialing in corner balancing as well as for improved performance, responsiveness, and overall weight distribution. Skunk2’s innovative Pro-S II shock valving provides the optimal balance between everyday driving and track performance.

As the trailer layouts have been redesigned, their shocks and shocks have been lowered in such a way that the suspension systems perform more successfully while diminishing the possibility of injury from inadequate ladders. 

Just like all Skunk2’s coilovers, the Pro-S II coilovers feature anodized CNC-machined forged 6061-T6 aluminum spring perches and CNC wound racing springs created from high-quality, SAE9254V spring steel.

Each spring is lined up individually alongside other complementary shocks to enhance performance and draw stability. You can install this unit with shock-offset settings as low as three inches, lending an aggressive and sporty look to the vehicle.

6. Best for Smooth Drive: Truhart Street Plus Coilovers 2006-2011 Civic

enjoy the road
Weight59 pounds
Dimension‎‎23.2 x 13.3 x 13 inches

Another tremendous edition from Truhart. This time we have the Truhart Street Plus Coilovers 2006-2011 Civic for you. StreetPlus coilovers are an ideal choice for budget-minded tuners seeking to reduce handling performance while also lowering their vehicle. 

The coils feature full twin-tube steel construction and an integrated design top mount. Henceforth, an integrated aluminum top mount will not only give you the best ride imaginable but also make installation much easier. 

Typically, the ride height of an automobile can be altered by decreasing or increasing the pre-load on the coil spring. This arrangement of coil springs can result in inconsistent ride heights that are determined by the vehicle’s trip height. 

However, in the case of Truhart coilovers, its bottom mounts are designed to be adjusted independently, so you can adjust vehicle height without having to sacrifice ride comfort and shock in the excursion. 

It assures that the springs remain constant regardless of how high or how low your automobile happens to be. At the same time, the system guarantees the springs are placed onto the struts properly so that they are snug as well as reduce unnecessary and unnatural sounds.

The major drawback of these coilovers is that you can hear random clicking and clunking sounds from the first day. They sound like blown shocks from the very start.

7. Best Value: Yonaka Honda S2000 Coilovers

each money will be worthy
Manufacturer‎Yonaka Motorsports
Weight‎41 pounds
Dimension‎24 x 12 x 14 inches
Position‎Rear, Front

Last but not least. When it comes to modifying your car, there are few options as complete and well-thought-out as Yonaka Honda’s S2000 coilovers. With a 7-point adjustment range and an adjustable ride height, these coilovers will give you the ultimate control over your suspension setup. 

As per our observation, it provides a significant increase in handling and cornering ability, making the car much more enjoyable to drive. Alongside, they are quite easy to install, and their prices are very reasonable. 

If you’re looking for an upgrade that will make your Honda S2000 feel like a world-class sports car, then these coilovers are the perfect solution. What’s more? Well, this unit comes with a built-in damper, so there is no need for a separate suspension kit. 

As the installation is simple, you can make it with basic tools and know-how. There are several reviews online that praise the performance of these coilovers and say they make a significant difference in the way the car handles. 

Our extensive experience has revealed one problem with these coilovers. They often aren’t fitted with the appropriate tool to tighten them. You should also have a good selection of vices close by to tighten them.

FAQ Of Coilovers For S2000

How to adjust coilovers?

There are a few ways to adjust coilovers. You can use a wheel nut wrench, an adjustable wrench, or a spanner. To adjust the front coilovers, loosen the wheel nut and turn it counterclockwise until the suspension moves slightly. Tighten the wheel nut clockwise to adjust the suspension height. To adjust the rear coilovers, loosen the wheel nut and turn it counterclockwise until the suspension moves slightly.

Do I need an alignment after adjusting coilovers?

If you drive regularly in a straight line, then an alignment may not be necessary. However, if you frequently make sharp turns or go over bumps, your suspension may need to be re-adjusted. In either case, it’s always a good idea to have your suspension checked by a professional to ensure that everything is in proper alignment.

Do coilovers need time to settle?

Coilovers usually require a few hundred miles to “settle” or become comfortable. This can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how much air pressure the shock has been under and how much the suspension has been used.

Are coilovers good for daily driving?

Coilovers can be a good choice for daily driving if you have a car that is comfortable and stable. They can make a car more responsive and improve the handling. However, they may not be ideal for cars that are used for racing or high-performance driving.

Final Verdict

The best coilovers for S2000 are those that offer a good balance of performance and comfort. Brands like BC Racing and KW offer products that provide great handling while still providing comfortable ride quality. Be sure to consult with a qualified mechanic before making any alterations to your car, as improper installation can lead to decreased performance or even serious injuries.

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