Legend Suspension Reviews (With Pros And Cons)

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Anyone who’s ever been in an accident knows the importance of a good suspension system. Your motorbike’s suspension is what keeps you comfortable and safe while you’re driving, so it’s important to choose the right system for your needs. Here are legend suspension reviews.

The Legend Suspension is a great way to be safe while driving on the road. This product has an excellent suspension system that will keep you protected from harm’s way, so read through this review for more information.

Legend Suspension is a great option for those who want to take their riding skills and modifications up another notch. With the wide range of options, you will find something that suits your taste no matter what it looks like or how much weight needs to be dropped off.

Legend suspension is a popular product among bikers, but there are some drawbacks to this system. This will not work for everyone and it has features that other systems don’t have. We’re here in the Legend suspension reviews so let’s take an objective look at how Legend works compared with its competitors by discussing each one of their advantages/disadvantages.

Legend Suspension Review

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent ride quality and performance.
  • Ability to soften pre-load
  • Reducing ride height
  • Standard heavy-duty springs
  • Available color: Gold and Black
-Shock may leak oil
-Little stiffer very beginning
-Shock a little wider
-Shock may leak oil
-Little stiffer very beginning
-Shock little wider

Legend Suspension Reviews

Legend Suspension Reviews

Legend continues to use only the highest quality components and parts, made at their USA manufacturing facility. All systems are tested thoroughly before being released to the market so you can feel confident about your ride’s safety when it counts.

Legend suspensions are a great investment for your bike. They provide more control and cornering ability than other aftermarket suspension components, which makes them worth the money.

The three different Legend suspensions are REVO, REVO-A, and REVO ARC.

The most significant difference between the REVO and its more expensive series is that it offers rebound adjustment. The primary appeal of this feature is to riders who want a stiffer ride without adding extra weight or cost, while those looking for enhanced tunability may find themselves pleased with what’s available from other models in their price range as well.

With the REVO line, they designed them to be user-friendly without requiring a degree in engineering and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, their latest creation, the Rebound Adjuster Knob offers all of that but also has an adjustable rebound control for when you want more responsive damping or less reactive settings on your shock. It’s easy to use so even newer riders can get into it right away. There are two different Legend REVO-A shocks: 12″ and  13″.

When you’re sitting on a bike with shocks, the height can be different depending on which shock it is. For example, our 12″ unit will sit about 1/2″ lower than its 13-inch counterpart when installed and adjusted properly – because stock ones don’t have very much sag or “give”.

The REVO-ARC’s are designed for serious racers looking to take their game up another notch. With higher rates and springs, these shocks will be able to handle the punishment that comes with high-performance racing without sacrificing any comfort or control you might experience on trails where there is more compliance.

The Features

Legend Suspension is an innovative suspension system that minimizes bike resonance, which means you get a more stable ride. It’s also adjustable so it can fit any type or size of motorcycle and doesn’t require special tools to install.

Improve ride quality and performances

The Legends touring spring rate produces a luxurious ride with excellent handling and performance. It also helps to prevent bottoming-out, which can be caused by REVO coils that offer better control of your bike’s behavior on rough terrain or steep hillsides.

Superior spring rate

The innovative REVOS technology allows riders to adjust their spring rate, so it offers a softer setting for those who want more comfort or harshness. This way you can reduce ride height and maintain smoothness while still getting the best out of your bike’s suspension.

Preload adjustments

The shock can be easily adjusted to fit different weights and sizes with a simple turn of the dial, making it perfect for adventure seekers who need customizable suspension.

With Rebound and Preload adjustments so easy, you don’t need a single tool to make them. This suspension’s Legend technology is what sets it apart from other aftermarket products.

Heavy duty applications

The perfect choice for riders who weigh 400 pounds or more, the REVO riding bikes are built with heavy-duty components so you can take on any terrain.

It’s important to use the right equipment for your specific application. For example, if you plan on carrying 500lbs or more than two people then REVO-A is definitely recommended.

Which springs are best for you: Heavy-duty or Standard?

Some of their shocks have a Legend logo stamped on them. This is followed by an identifying number, either 110 or 130 for example there are also 850 and 1000 series numbers as well.

On all of their FL Touring, Dyna V-rod Sportster FXR Street models the ” Legend 110″ is a standard spring and “130” heavy duty spring if you want extra resistance.

The heavy-duty springs can be a good option for those who want to take their bike off-road or ride very fast.

The Legend 850 is standard strength but if you’ve got ambitious plans of going on an adventure. However, The Legend 850 springs are a standard offering for most Softails.

When you add more than 50% of your bike’s weight to it, like in the case when carrying luggage or passengers on FL Touring models (500lbs recommended), then use heavy-duty springs.

When you’re adding weight to your bike and it hits 250+ lbs., we recommend going with a heavy-duty spring. For Dyna models in particular, because their chassis is different from FL Touring’s, these shocks are mounted at an angle which results in higher leverage ratios applied on them – this softens up how much force they can handle before breaking down under pressure.

There’s a lot of subjectivity regarding what riding style is best for various riders. Some people prefer aggressive, responsive bikes while others want the cushioned feel and stability that come with heavier parts such as suspension or wheels, there isn’t one right answer when it comes down to which type you should go after because everyone has different preferences.

The right shock for you is a necessity, not an option.

The Benefits Of Using Legend Suspension

Legend Suspension is a legendary company when it comes to suspension. They specialize in providing high-quality products and services for all of their customers, which means that you can rest assured knowing your ride will be taken care of from headlight adjustment down securely year round.

  • Lifetime warranty

Legend Suspension offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. If you have any issues with your suspension, they will fix it for free.

  • Ensuring smooth ride

The Legend suspension system ensures that you’ll have an enjoyable ride, no matter the terrain. It has quality features as well as springs which provide super smooth movements throughout your journey.

  • Easy to install

The fully adjustable columns allow for easy installation and alignment. With spherical bearings on top, the bottom edge of each column can be detached easily to adjust suspension without any tools required.

  • Improving your riding control

The spring rates of a suspension system allow for the production and distribution of energy, which in turn produces superior ride quality as well. Whether you’re racing on track or off-road – it’s sure to make an impact on riding control.

  • Made in the USA

Made in the USA, Legend Suspension is a type of product that was designed and assembled here at home.

The Drawback Of Using Legend Suspension

Legend suspension has been around for a long time, but it’s still an option that is often considered when installing new shocks and struts.

  • Shock, sometimes, may leak

One issue that has been noted is that the shock may occasionally leak. While this isn’t a major problem, it can be an annoyance, and it may require you to periodically check and refill the shock fluid.

  • May little stiffer at beginning

There can be a bit of a learning curve when using Legend Suspension, as the system may feel a little stiffer at first. However, once you get used to it, it provides a truly optimal suspension experience.

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Customer Reviews Of Legend Suspension

The Legend Suspension customer reviews are in. This is what people have been saying about our product.

The quality of these shocks is top notch! I have been on many rides with them and they never let me down. The packaging was also great, which made it easy for delivery by postal service here in America without any problems at all. Said by Smith.

The $900 shocks that came on my Harley Touring bike were not a night and day difference from the stock ones. While there is more suspension travel, it’s just as uncomfortable to ride with these new arrivals. Said by Mike.

The installation was super easy and once it was adjusted to my height, I didn’t notice any difference in handling or seating position. The only thing that stuck out about this mod were all the padding underneath me when riding alone- like having an extra cushion for your butt. Said by David.

Compared to The Competitors

Legend Suspension Vs. Ohlins: What’s the Differences?

Legend suspension is known for its superior performance and quality. This includes being easier to handle, even at higher speeds or on twisty roads that require more control over your bike, while Ohlin’s are less adjustable in these circumstances because they’re designed specifically with racing through sharp curves in mind – which can make them much harder to manage if you don’t have experience riding one beforehand.

Legend Suspension Vs. Progressive: What’s the Difference?

Legend Suspension has been known as a brand that produces high-quality products for avid riders. The Legend series of shocks offers an improvement over the stock ones and is perfect if you want to get into mountain biking or just need better handling on trails with rough terrain, but don’t have much cash. Progressive shocks are affordable so most people can afford them without spending too much cash.

Legend Air Suspension Vs. Shotgun: What’s the Differences?

Legend Air Suspension is known for making some of the most expensive, but high-quality bike suspension systems in existence. Their product line includes different models that allow riders to customize their bikes with multiple airbag options depending on terrain or preference. Others also offer more affordable alternatives like shotguns (which only come equipped with certain vehicles).

You May Like Other Suspensions

Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks

Progressive Suspension

With Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks, you’ll enjoy a smoother ride. That’s because these shocks feature Frequency Sensing Technology (FST), which allows them to automatically adjust damping to account for bumps and other irregularities in the road. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle even the most challenging roads with confidence, knowing that your shocks will provide superior ride quality.

These shocks are designed with a deflective disc valve that provides outstanding damping performance. They’re also built tough to withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

They feature adjustable spring preload, so you can customize the ride to your specific needs. And best of all, no special tools are needed to make the adjustment – you can do it by hand, quickly and easily.

With a progressive rate spring, they offer a smoother ride and better handling. The standard spring rate and black finish give you the look and performance that you want.

Similarities with Legend suspension

  • With their smooth and comfortable ride, both shocks provide a fun experience for riders.
  • The capability of both shocks to absorb even the most intense impacts makes them perfect for any terrain.

Differences with legend suspension

  • Progressive suspension is an economical choice for those who want to save money.
  • Progressive suspension is less durable than legend suspension 
  • When you need a custom suspension system for your bike, there’s no doubt that Legend offers more options than Progressive.
  • Legend suspension offers a more complete package than progressive.
  • legend suspension provides better ride quality, and ride control than progressive ones

How Do You Set Up Legend Suspension?

Legend Suspension is a process that many people are familiar with, but not all of them know how to set up. The steps below will help give you an easy method for doing so- let’s take it from the top.

  • First, estimate the setting using rider weight.
  • Next, measure bolt center to bolt center.
  • Again, remeasure with rider on the bike
  • Finally, adjust the sag to ¾“-1“

How do you adjust the rebound on Legend Revo shocks?

To get the best out of your rebound, you need an explanation of what exactly it is that will change when setting up different rebounding settings.

The damping in your shocks is essential to reducing the harshness of riding over bumps. Without it, you’ll feel like a pogo stick as opposed to smoothly bobbing up and down with each step on pavement or trail-side dirt roads.

To find your perfect setting on the REVO-ARC models, there are seven positions or “clicks” that you can adjust. Position 7 which is next clockwise from fully anticlockwise results in more rebound and opposite direction of 1 click out for less dampening; make sure this doesn’t happen.

When you move the control knob on your oil damper to position 7, it will allow more of a free flow for proper lubrication and reduce how quickly oil moves throughout any component in question.

Position 1 reduces this moving time so that less energy is wasted while traveling back into the engine bay or being pushed around by pistons during operation.


Legend suspension is a top-of-the-line product that will make your ride more enjoyable. It’s perfect for someone who wants to get on their bike and go, without worrying about getting stuck or crashing because they are not used to these things yet. Legend suspension reviews have already discussed why you should choose this brand. However, if you have a tight budget and want to stick with cheaper shocks then go ahead. The progressive shock provides an affordable ride quality for those who don’t need anything fancy but just good enough.

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