Skunk2 Coilovers Review – Is It Good?

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Are you looking for a high-quality, top-performing, compact design, and budget-friendly aftermarket Coilover? Skunk2 Coilover is the most fantastic choice then. This Coilover features everything needed to make the riding comfortable and sportier from local street to off-roading. But before making any purchase, you should go through the Skunk2 Coilover review to understand everything.

Skunk2 has been producing Coilover kits without compromising quality for more than 19 years. A compact design, satisfactory customer service, high-quality materials, and excellent fitting availability make this Coilover top-notch. Moreover, it handles high pressure as it has a standard spring rate.

However, if you have any confusion or dilemma about this Coilover, read through this article. This review will disclose Skunk2 Coilover’s features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Skunk2 Coilover Review

A high-quality and perfect Coilover makes your ride comfortable and you reach your destination safely. Skunk2 Coilover is one of the most precise and highly-demand Coilover right now. So how is this a top-notch choice? For its features and benefits. Here are some features and benefits that help to make your choice.

Skunk2 Coilovers Review
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Completely Adjustable

Skunk2 is a fully adjustable and redesigned Coilover with a state-of-the-art monotube design. It also adjusts ride height at a standard rate and can easily lower the car to get maximum performance.

Interestingly, it has a dual-adjustable ride height to eliminate binding and adjust the ride height without hassle. Therefore, there is no hassle in adjusting and enjoying safe turning.

Quality Materials

Skunk2 suspension kits are made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. The shaft is polished with hardened chrome. It also has solid anodized, forged 6061-T6 Aluminum spring perches, CNC-machined Aluminum sleeves, and SAE-grade springs (9254V). Surprisingly, mounting hardware allows you to drop your car more than 3 inches.

Complete Camber Adjustment

Skunk2 Racing Coilover features camber adjustment to make cornering straightforward and perfect. It also prevents bad handling, frequent tire wear, and other serious issues. The good news is this Coilover has a fully adjustable camber unit.

Straightforward to Install

The installation or setup process of this Coilover is surprisingly easy and quick. Manufacturers provide guidelines on how to set up this. You just need to gather the necessary tools, remove the cover that is under the hood, remove the top hat nut cover, remove 3 bolts, jack up the car, take off the ABS line, and finally set it up.

High-quality Shock Oil

The Coilover that has high-quality and premium-grade shock oil can easily improve grip and traction control. Also, it helps the piston go up and down smoothly. High-quality oil ensures accurate and faster steering without binding or corrosive effects.

Moreover, it keeps the shock inside clean and always keeps the piston efficiently to run. Shunk2 Coilover uses high-quality shock oil to get these benefits when driving.

Triple Upper and Lower Seals

Multiple top and bottom seals efficiently eradicate friction and increase shock life. It also prevents frequent rust and saves the spring from getting rusty earlier. In addition to increasing shock life, it improves ride comfort and performance. Moreover, it protects against dirt and dust and lessens early wear, and tear, air suction, and many more. A triple layer of upper and lower seals means more protection, more robustness, and more smoothness which you can find in Shunk2’s kits.

Perfect Pistons and Shafts

The suspension that is made by Shunk has an oversized piston, unmatched cornering grip, and precision machined to ensure maximum performance and pretty quick response. A high-quality and rugged shaft protects the shock body from sudden damage. Steel-made springs are designed to balance performance and ease.

Monotube Design

Monotube construction makes this suspension kit demanding. Between monotube and twin-tube design, monotube has the perfect features and benefits that everyone is looking for. Monotube design shock dissipates higher heat and it has only a cylinder. With a free piston, it can separate the coil chamber and gas chamber.

Enhanced Ride Quality

This Coilover has vehicle-specific valving, a single tube design, a Sae grade steel spring, perfect height adjustment, and an adjustable camber plate that ensures ride quality. However, the manufacturer uses the same technology and goes through the same process as their championship-winning racing and drag racing cars.


For enthusiasts seeking a comfortable ride at an affordable price, Shunk2 Pro-S II Coilovers deliver the highest performance. It is unbelievable that this high-quality and robust spring-based Coilover you can get just by spending $500-$700+.

Pros and Cons of Skunk2 Coilover


  • Adjustable ride height and camber plate.
  • Fixed dampening and super-finished solid chrome shaft.
  • Liberal spring preload.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Very much affordable.


  • May not fit with some vehicles or specific cars.

Why Should You Buy Skunk2 Coilover?

Do you want to lower your vehicle to a standard height? Skunk2 kits make it straightforward and keep the car workable always. There are many more reasons to look at a glance.

Balance Ride Height Precisely

These Coilover kits are fully riding height adjustable and camber plate adjustable. So they can balance the ride height perfectly and reduce shaft stroke. Also, lowering the car to a maximum (more than 3”) height can be done by this Coilover for a dashing, aggressive, and sporty appearance. In addition, its spring rate is good enough, and the spring balances both comfort and performance.

Higher Spring Rate

A higher spring rate means less body roll, improved ride quality, helps the tires to detect unevenness for the utmost grip, and so on. Shunk2 Coilover has also a higher-rated spring (front and rear) to ensure these benefits. It has an 8 kg/mm spring rate (front/rear).

Durable Construction

Every time when buy a new Coilover to improve the overall performance of cars, it is crucial to check the materials used. Premium-grade and high-quality materials mean long-lasting and durable.

The Pro-S II series Coilovers are made of Billet Aluminum,  SAE-grade steel spring, hard chromed-finished shaft, polyurethane bushing, and aluminum spring perches. So if you are looking for a durable and long-lasting Coilover to ride safely, make this Coilover your companion.

Fit Accurately

Another reason why you choose this is the perfect fitment. It easily fits the car as it has a factory set and customizable mounting. Also, the installation process is easier. So anyone can do it. So there are plenty of reasons to confirm a purchase.


For more than a decade, Skunk2 has produced high-quality, customer-satisfaction, long-lasting Coilover that lessens the demand of customers. Those who bought this product experience a tuning performance and issues-free riding. The uniqueness is it has double-adjustable ride height with forged upper mounts.

Improve Handling

Shunk2 Coilover, especially the Pro-S II series, makes the handling perfect. It features specific valves for specific vehicles and steel springs improve handling dramatically. Plus, race-inspired and monotube shock designs ensure the highest performance. So, undoubtedly, all the things that are required for the best performance are available in this coilover.


The materials used in this coilover are high-quality. Needless to say, the skunk2 coilover is long-lasting. Super-finished hard chrome, stainless steel spring, and polyurethane rubber bushing make it durable and prevent premature damage.

Shortened Shock Body and Stroke

The Coilover with a shortened body is more flexible and handy to improve performance. Also, it is easy to install and carry and fits perfectly. Therefore, this Skunk2 coilover in a different series is the top-notch choice right now.  

Skunk2 Coilover vs. MaxSpeed Coilover: Which Comes Out the Best?

Skunk2 and MaxSpeed 2 are the most highly demanding Coilover that fulfill user satisfaction. But there are some subtle differences between Skunk2 VS MaxSpeed Coilover. The following features contradict them.

Spring Rate

They are slightly different in terms of spring rates. The rear spring rate of MaxSpeed is lower than Skunk2 Coilover. 

Position Skunk2 MaxSpeed
Front 8kg/mm8kg/mm
Rear 10kg/mm5kg/mm

Spring Material

Shunk2 Coilover’s spring is made of stainless steel with a polyurethane rubber bushing that ensures durability. On the other hand, the MaxSpeed coil spring is made with upgraded materials that take the stress and reduce spring deformation.


Skunk2 and MaxSpeed Coilover components like shock body, collar, spring perches, and mounts are made from the same 6062 T6 billet Aluminum. It ensures durability, a better lifespan, and prevents rust. So the durability is the same.


In terms of pricing, the MaxSpeed is slightly lower than the Skunk2 coilover. The maxSpeed price is between $250 and $600. On the other hand, the Skunk2 coilover price is around $500 to $800, which is slightly more expensive than its counterpart.


So finally, if you are thinking of installing a Skunk2 Coilover, you have made a wise and fantastic decision. In this skunk2 Coilover review, you might know the features, benefits, reasons to buy this, and many more. However, Skunk2 has held its position firmly for over 15 years. If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride with the advanced-designed Coilover, skunk2 racing or pro-S II Coilover is a tremendous choice.

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