Godspeed vs. Megan Racing – A Real Comparison

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Whether driving off-road or on-road, a perfect Coilover plays a big role in getting the most tremendous ride. There are lots of Coilover suspension kits available right there. Among them, Godspeed and Megan Racing both are impeccable choices for various reasons.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of all their similarities and differences before purchasing any of them. Therefore, today this article will break down inch by inch differences between GodSpeed and Megan Racing. The major difference between them is dampening adjustment. The Godspeed has 33 to 40 variable dampening valve adjustments whereas Megan Racing features 32 levels of damper adjustment. Another crucial contradiction is their price range.

However, they are slightly similar in quality and reliability. So, want to know something more? Don’t worry. Read this comparison article carefully and invest your valuable money in the right place.

GodSpeed vs. Megan Racing Coilover: A Table

They are different in terms of manufacturer or Brand, size, weight, shape, piston diameter, quality, reliability, features, price range, and so on. Look at the comparison table between GodSpeed and Megan Racing suspension kits below.

Key FactorsGodSpeedMegan Racing
Manufacturer GodspeedMegan Racing
Products weight56 Pounds40 Pounds
Country of originTaiwanChina
Damper adjustments16 to 40 levels of damping valve adjustments.32 levels damper adjustments available.
Monotube or Twin tubeInverted monotube shockSingle tube shock
Piston diameterInternal piston diameter is 44 mm.Easy to set and looks appealing.
Shock oil qualityRacing quality shock oil.High-quality shock oil.
Key featuresRebuildable and easy replacement kits.Monotube design with a bigger tube (52mm) and spring preload adjustment.Completely adjustable and superb ride height adjustability.Aggressive and excellent spring rates.
Pros Rebuildable and affordable price range.Easy setup and looks appealing.
Cons Leaks after going through a harsh drive.Don’t have any replacement parts or rebuilt options.
Lifespan Durable construction ensures 100K+ mileage without wear and tear.No matter what. It lasts for 2 to five years easily.
Costs $800+$1000-$1300

GodSpeed vs. Megan Racing Coilover: Major Differences

Now, come to the details discussion to know a lot better. Here you will understand the details about them and their features and benefits.

Manufacturer Introduction

Brand or manufacturer is important when buying a new Coilover because of reliability and experience. Both Godspeed and Megan Racing Coilover are top-notch brands with quality products. For more than 10 years, Godspeed has led the market along with customer satisfaction. It introduced three different series (MonoSS, MonoRS, and MAXX coilovers) till now.

Megan Racing Coilovers, on the other hand, has been in the business for more than two decades and has made more than 5,000 models so far. It provides high-quality Coilover to gain customer satisfaction. So considering their experiences in this field, Megans’ racing Coilover is reliable.


Both coilovers has single-tube design shock with standard damper adjustments. Godspeed Coilover dampers are unique and designed as a full unit including standard spring rate. This ideal spring rate provides a balanced ride and offers an accurate balance between street and track.

In contrast, Megan Racing has OEM upper plates with a conservative spring rate. It comes with completely adjustable pillow ball top mounts and 32 levels of damper force adjustments.

Weight and Piston Size

Megan is a lightweight Coilover than Godspeed. The weight of them tells everything. Megan’s racing Coilover weight is only 40 pounds whereas Godspeed’s weight is 56 pounds. So the weight difference is 16 pounds.

The lightweight design makes it easy to install quickly and hassle-free. In the meantime, heavyweight means the construction is superb and high-quality.

Construction Materials

The quality and durability of both items are outstanding and uncompromising. But here Megan’s racing is ahead of Godspeed. Megan racing coilovers and coilovers-related kits like collars, shaft, shock body, and thread are made of high-quality steel and the spring is made of SAE-9254 cold-wounded steel.

All of them ensure the higher quality of Megan Racing. On the contrary, Godspeed uses good quality materials at a reasonable price range.


The lack of Megan’s racing Coilover is clear here. Megan has no rebuild option and replacement kits for repair next time. You should buy the new Coilover after any deformation or damage.

But surprisingly, Godspeed is a rebuildable Coilover with all the necessary replacement kits. It is fully customizable and can be replaced comfortably.

Spring Rate

The Godspeed Coilover has a perfect coil spring rate with rigidity. It has an ideal spring rate for loading 886kg loads at a time. Megan Racing Coilover has a 12k front and 10k rear spring rate that ensures a little additional ease. It helps to reduce over-road bumps efficiently and respond quickly.

Installation Process

The installation is straightforward Megan coilovers. Pillowball upper mounts with great fit allow you to install or fit this in less time. On the other hand, you need to go through some basic steps to install Godspeed Coilover.


If you look at the reliability and customer satisfaction rate you’ll rely on both of them. But all positive reviews go for Megan. The installation process built quality, and ride quality are just tremendous for Megan. Alternatively, Godspeed adds great value at this affordable price range.


If you look at their price range, you see a significant difference. Both have big differences in pricing. You can buy a high-quality Godspeed Coilover just by spending nearly $800 whereas the price of Megan racing is skyrocketing. 


If you are looking for a perfect Coilover for lowering your car, increasing handling proficiency, improving ride quality, ride height adjustable, and rebuildable option available at an affordable budget, there is no alternative except Godseed. But if you want a high-quality, durable, dashing, and top-class Coilover, go for the Megan Racing Coilover. Both have individuality and a uniquely strong position. So both are good at different tasks. However, more information has been described in this comparison article between Godspeed and Megan racing Coilover above. So, make your valuable decision and invest money in the safe zone.

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