Truhart vs. Godspeed Coilovers – A Real Comparison

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From lowering the car to enjoying a softer ride start with the best and perfect Coilover kit. But a majority of drivers make mistakes in one place, which is choosing the wrong Coilover. If you’ve decided to buy Truhart or Godspeed Coilover but don’t know which is the best, this comparison article between Truhart and Godspeed Coilovers is for you.

Basically, they are different in their price range, installation process, quality, etc. Truhart Street plus Coilover is a perfect and cool option for those who are searching best at a cheap rate. Alternatively, for those who don’t look at money but quality, Godspeed makes it fine. Another variation is the shock design. Truhart features a twin tube shock design whereas Godspeed features a monotube shock design.

So lots of contradictions and similarities between them. Knowing them is crucial to saving the best products for your beloved car or other vehicles. Therefore, read through this article from top to bottom to know everything.

Truhart Vs Godspeed Coilovers: In A Table

A similar thing is they have the same piston diameter which is 44mm. They are dissimilar in terms of company, country of origin, weight, shock design, construction materials used, warranty, price range, features, benefits, etc.

Key pointTruhart CoiloverGodspeed Coilover
ManufacturerTruhart Godspeed
Country of OriginVirginiaTaiwan
Weight 50 Pounds56 Pounds
Damper adjustments No damper adjustments are available.16 to 40 levels of damping adjustments.
Shock designTwin tubeMonotube 
Piston diameter44 mm44 mm
Key features Solid upper mounts for a safe, sporty ride and effortless installation.Height adjustable.Completely adjustable.Monotube shock design for the utmost performance.
Lifespan or expected mileageIt runs 100k miles without wear and tear.150k+ miles running effortlessly.
Pros 2-year manufacturer warranty.Use race-quality shock oil and SAE-grade steel coil springs.
ConsPoor quality and come with improper adjustments for the brake lines.Slightly higher in price compared to Truhart.
Price Range Start from $600Start from $700

Truhart Vs Godspeed Coilovers: Major Differences

Do you want to know more information with details? Then read this section. Here you will know them in detail so that you can pick the best Coilover for long use.

Manufacturer Introduction

They are manufactured by different manufacturers. And their motto is also different. For more than two decades, Truhart has done a fantastic job in producing Coilover kits and suspension.

On the contrary, for more than 10 years, Godspeed led the market along with customer satisfaction. Till now, it has introduced three different series (MonoSS, MonoRS, and MAXX coilovers).


In terms of quality, Godspeed is slightly ahead of Truhart. Truhart is an entry-level Coilover. When you’re installing this suspension, you’ll experience a terrible ride as it has no damping adjustments. Also, it is made of cheap materials that can blow out after a few miles.

Godspeed, on the other hand, is more high-quality than its counterpart. From the quality materials to the performance, Godspeed wins the competition in every sector considering Truhart’s quality. 

Shock Design

Truhart features a twin tube shock design whereas Godspeed has a monotube shock design. We all know monotube shock is more efficient and demandable than twin tubes. It’s because in monotube shock there is a single cylinder where there is a separate chamber for oil and gas.

On the other hand, the twin tube has two cylinders. There is no piston or barrier separation between the oil and gas chambers like in the Monotube.

Weight and Shape

Godspeed coilovers are slightly heavier compared to the Truhart StreetPlus. Truhart is 50 pounds and Godspeed’s weight is not more than 50 pounds. So the weight gap between them are 6 pounds. Though it’s not a big deal, it affects me dramatically.

Ride Height

Both coilovers have different lowering height or dropping capabilities. Truhart suspension kits can drop the car from 0.5” to 4” which is good enough for safe riding.

In the meantime, the Godspeed MonoSS series can lower the car by a maximum of 2” on the rear side. So both Coilover is capable of lowering the car and ensuring maximum ride comfort and quality ride.

Damper Adjustment

Fortunately, Godspeed Coilover has variable damping adjustments. The dampening adjustment is between 16 to 40 levels, depending on the models or series. It means the car can go lower or upper independently and provide the utmost performance. Unfortunately, the Truhart StreetplusCoilover has no damper adjustment. As a result, body rolling can be a harsh experience.


Truhart Street Plus coil-overs are built with rigid and premium quality materials yet at a cheap budget. The strut is made of zinc and the lower mounts are coated with powder. The anodized lock rings shield the springs against corrosion. The shock body is made of billet aluminum. Overall, the materials used in this Coilover are rust-resistant and ensure maximum durability.

Alternatively, the Godspeed Coilovers are made of premium-grade stainless steel materials which protect the shock body, collars, shaft, thread, and other parts from corrosion. Great built quality and ensures higher handling efficiency.

Spring Rate

Spring rate also plays an important role in response accurately, reducing body roll, road bumps, and inconsistency. Truhart has a 7.2kg/mm front and 18kg/mm rear spring rate. Alternatively, the Godspeed Coilover has a 12 kg/mm rear spring rate.


Truhart Sport Coilover has liberal preload springs and independently attached lower mounts for a fast and safe setup. All the required tools and hardware are readily available for installing the lowering kits.

On the contrary, the Godspeed Coilover installation process is slightly time-consuming and tricky for beginners. But following the right steps for installing this will make it easier.


Both of them have a price range that is not too high. But here Truhart Coilover is lower in price than Godspeed.

Final Verdict

So now, you may understand what are the differences and similarities between Truhart vs. Godspeed coilovers. If you want quality suspension kits with a reasonable price range, Truhart is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to lower your car drastically and enjoy a safer, smoother, and experience quality ride, go for the Godspeed coilovers.

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