Rev9 Coilover Vs Truhart: What Are The Major Differences?

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If you love to drive your car daily and are looking to improve handling, Rev9 coilovers come for you. But if you want an entry-level Coilover without compromising performance and quality at a cheap price range, Truhart would be a satisfactory option. However, do you feel a dilemma to choose between them? Here is a comparison between Rev9 Coilover and Truhart including everything.

Rev9 Hyper Street II Coilover is the perfect solution for those who ride their car regularly and seek comfort. It comes with twin-tube shocks, stiffer springs, and 32-way dampening adjustment allowing you to lower the car with unmatched comfort. Truhart, on the other hand, also has twin tube shocks with zero damping adjustments. The quality and lowering capacity are outstanding which ensures comfort.

To know better and pick the best one between these two, read this from top to bottom. Hopefully, it will help you to understand deeply and assist you in saving the perfect Coilover for your car.

Rev9 Coilovers vs. Truhart: In A Table

They are different in terms of manufacturer, quality, design, internal components, external components, price, lifespan, warranty, ride height, and so many sectors. Look at this table to understand and see the differences and similarities.

Key FactorsRev9 Coilover Truhart Coilover
Manufacturer or CompanyRev9Truhart
Approximate Weight 38 Pounds50 pounds
Spring Length Front: 180 mmRear: 180 mmNot specified
Spring RateFront: 12 kg/mmRear: 8 kg/mmFront: 7.2 kg/mmRear: 18 kg/mm
Damper Adjustments32-levels of damping attachmentsNo damping adjustments are available
Built Of100% steel alloy construction with excellent Aluminum hardware to make a shield against corrosion.Zinc-plated body with anodized aluminum top hats and cold wound chrome silicon steel spring.
Shock DesignMonotubeTwin tube 
Key FeaturesCompletely adjustable upper and lower munt with ride height attachments.
Included tunable finished top hats or camber plates.
Perfect rebound force settings.
A larger capacity of oil and gas the chamber provides stable damping force.
Key BenefitsBuilt to last long.Improve handling and overall performance.
Lowering or dropping capacityCan be dropped down around 1” to 3”.Can lower your car around 0.5” to 4”.
ConsNo mounting hardware and installation instruction.Very entry-level Coilover and will experience offensive ride quality.
Price Range$$$$$$

Rev9 Coilovers vs. Truhart: Major Differences

Here is an in-detail discussion between Rev9 coilovers and Truhart to choose the best. Read them carefully and make your decision accordingly.

Manufacturer Introduction

Rev9 is a well-known and reliable company that comes to eradicate Coilover’s problems. Since back in the century till now, it has continuously made the best Coilover for earning customer satisfaction and satisfactory feedback. However, it introduces its customers to high-quality Coilover at an affordable price range.

Truhart, in contrast, now leads the market by ensuring quality and reliability. Everyone who bought this Coilover responded positively and they are completely satisfied. Here both are fresh and perfect as they are made by a reputable manufacturer.


Truhart coilovers are very functional and quality that meets the user’s needs. Aluminum upper mounts and free-adjustment lower mounts allow you to get a perfect and sporty ride combination. There is also a high-low spring adjuster to keep a balance between roads and cars.

In the meantime, Rev9 is also a top-notch Coilover with excellent quality. It features a larger capacity of oil and gas chamber and spring preload.

Shock Design

Both are different in shock design. Rev9 features a monotube shock design for better heat dissipation and increased performance whenever needed. It has a single cylinder with separate gas and oil chamber. Also, the monotube shock featured Coilover helps to reduce bumps and respond quickly.

On the contrary, Truhart has a twin tube shock design that is good for preventing the fluid from foaming.

Coil Spring Rate

The front spring rate of Truhart is lower than Rev9. On the other hand, the rear spring rate is higher than Rev9. the more the spring rate, the more you feel the former feeling, less body rolling and leaning.


Rev9 is a lightweight Coilover compared to the Truhart. Truhart Coilover is 50 pounds and Rev9’s weight is nearer 38 pounds. So there is a significant difference between them which is almost 12 pounds.

Installation Process

Rev9 coilovers have slightly critical functionality with a true rear conversion kit. This is not a plug-and-play type conversion kit that anyone can handle. It needs to be installed correctly by a professional or experienced person. Though all the necessary kits are available, it’s a bit challenging to handle yourself.

In contrast, installing Truhart kits is straightforward and all replacement kits are available. You unjustly need to follow the installation guide given by the manufacturer and install this.

Rev9 coil overs: Best For Daily Drivers

Rev9 is made with budget-oriented people and regular drivers in mind. If you want a high-value and performing Coilover to upgrade your car without changing your bank too much, Rev9 Coilover comes in handy. In this cheap price range, none can offer such a great feature-rich Coilover right now.

Surprisingly, it holds and combines both performance and comfort dramatically. If you love to go with your car regularly for a long journey, take this as your companion. You never feel bored!

Truhart Coilovers: Best For Performance

Do you love to ride your car on the light track regularly? Truhart then is an excellent solution. It provides you with a stiffer yet sporty ride no matter where you are! When you look at its quality, you can see there is a Zinc-plated shock body, anodized aluminum upper mounts, powder powder-coated bottom mounts.

All of them are good enough to protect against rust, dust, and other impurities. All these features you can get just by spending nearer $800.

Final Words

So here it is! Now you may understand which should be your companion for experiencing the most perfect ride. However, both coilovers are excellent in quality and performance. But if you are looking to save extra money without compromising performance and durability, choose Rev9. otherwise, choosing Truhart will suffice. So which should be your choice?

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