Ridetech Coilovers Review – Is It Good?

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Spring is fast approaching, offering both the warmth and rain that countless car shows eagerly anticipate. Since you enjoyed the winter prepping your car for its grand debut at every single time-honored car show, hopefully, you’re now taking the opportunity to enjoy it even more. 

Be that as it may, we tend to be itching to go on a road trip. But invariably we must ask ourselves, have you got an upgraded suspension system last year? 

If you truly plan on cruising around that is good-looking, either around the whole area or just in the area, it may be time to get a refresher. And when it comes to hot rodders, Ridetech has something special for them. Check our Ridetech coilovers review to find out whether they are worth the investment. 

Ridetech Coilover – Overview

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RideTech is one of the largest aftermarket suspension manufacturers in the world, serving both entities and motorists. Incorporated by Bret Voelkel in 1996, RideTech first helped Engineers manufacture an air-ride suspension for a 1970 Ford project car. 

Their present name is actually derived from the suspension technology that facilitates air ride comfort of a 1970 Ford Mustang project car, first developed by Engineer Bret Voelkel. RideTech continues to develop more technically advanced suspension systems.

Since its debut, this company has been committed to providing the highest quality aftermarket suspension parts that boast a combination of performance, efficiency, durability, and reliability.  The company’s manufacturing office is based in Jasper, Indiana, and virtually all goods originate there to serve as an homage to its four-wheeled lifestyle benefactors.

Everything from GVWs to air suspension systems, shocks, coils, leaf springs, sway bars, and beyond is commonly featured in the lineup. And, above and beyond this, Companies are also active with OEM, manufacturing, and marine applications.

Ridetech Coilovers Review

Whether you’re looking to improve your handling or adjust your suspension, Ridetech Coilovers are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their driving experience. Here are some of the key factors regarding Ridetech coilovers discussed below.

Ride Quality

For RideTech, hard-to-predict ride quality has been a reality seat-of-the-pants operation, but it has proven a great idea for RideTech to choose NASA technology for measuring low-gravity space-borne activity’s prevalence and fit it to new car suspensions. 

This technology has been adapted by automotive and OEM engineers to fill in for suspension development. RideTech leverages it as well.

In simple terms, accelerometers measure the vertical, horizontal, and lateral movements of the car, as well as pitch and roll, and process this information into a score. The lower the score, the better the overall driving experience.

Rich Product Lineup

RideTech has a number of coil-over and OverDrive O/E-style performance suspension packages available with components that meet the requirements of cars and trucks’ factory suspensions. The coil-over kits feature a self-contained shock absorber and coil spring assemblies with adjustable preload.

The RideTech coilovers use mono-tube shock technology similar to that used on sports cars and rear cockpit vehicles. RideTech has introduced two models: the HQ Series, a high-performance unit with a single adjustable shock, and the TQ Series, for street use or racing.

Coilover kits available for building custom car suspensions are designed to accommodate vehicle owners’ specifications and provide a selection of leg lengths, depending on individual needs. These kits come in several lengths and even come with different size loads for certain models.

Daily Drivability

For day-to-day driving, these shocks are some of the best in the market which automatically ease the driver’s seat to a comfortable level that can be adjusted to minimum damping, making it very easy to proceed like a normal daily driver.

Afterward, you should also have the ability to adjust the height of your vehicle by lowering the spring height rather than decreasing the Coilover height, which is what most coilovers in the price range we searched for only allow you to do. 

Likewise, you should have the option to raise the dampers for driving on rougher roads, which we would recommend, considering that around four and six o’clock are the ideal specifications for this type of driving.


The most surprising result of the riding test, which was initiated by the test driver and included different drivers, was the fact that the installation of some models immediately revealed that the correct air pressure needed to be utilized to make sure the ride height was correct; the car pitched up gently in the rear from the insufficient compression damping.

In addition, by being persuaded to go back to the Master Series, we were able to learn about the setup of adjustable shocks. This enabled us to adjust the suspension system’s weight and dial the damping to each other and create one of the higher measured ride quality ratings.

Review of The Top Ridetech Coilovers

The gas pressure design of Ridetech has become a trademark of theirs. Their HQ series is praised for its advanced design along with some other features. Here, we have the RideTech 12263110 HQ Series Shockwaves Front Coilover. 

RideTech 12263110 HQ Series Shockwaves Front Coilover

RideTech 12263110 HQ Series Shockwaves Front Coilover


  • Monotube gas pressure design 
  • High-tensile premium steel 
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Double-sealed rod guide
  • Dust cover

RideTech’s HQ series shockwaves front coilovers are a great choice for those who want an extreme level of precision and control when it comes to their car ride. With a unique design that allows for precise adjustment, these shocks provide the driver with a crisper and more comfortable ride than stock while still providing the performance they need.

These coilovers are designed to provide a more responsive and comfortable ride while maintaining the stability that riders demand. The HQ series shocks feature a three-stage travel system, rebound adjustability, and an oil-diluting system to keep your ride feeling smooth and consistent.

As far as we say, they are suited for the majority of the kind of automobiles that you drive, whether they’re for driving on the street, at an autocross, or elsewhere. We’re impressed by the quality of their construction. Their springs are made of extremely resilient steel that’s cold-wound using computer control.

We have something more to say about the construction as it integrates the ride quality and durability of course. Their large piston permits an outstanding ride experience, while a double-sealed rod guide encases a dust cover that retains oil. Alongside, the anodized finish prevents corrosion buildup.


  • Excellent ride quality
  • Moderately priced
  • Incredibly durable
  • Greater adjustability


  • Complex installation
  • Mostly suitable for hot rodders

Are Ridetech Coilovers Good?

RideTech’s coilovers are really good. They are a clean, unobtrusive, cost-effective suspension option that works well. As with coilovers, the spring selection is vital, meaning that you need to talk about both ends of your car.

You can make use of the RideTech web-based ski solver to figure out the right spring for your car. By preloading collars on the shocks and adding various springs, you’re in a position to experiment with various configurations of three or more spring types until you find the best combination for your application. 

It may cost approximately $75 apiece, so you will not be spending much to try out different springs. With regard to vehicle suspension, it’s more challenging to install than coilovers and more expensive as well, but it provides a large range of manufacturing and adjustability in ride height and ride quality, especially when double-adjustable shocks are included.

The latest OEM technology will allow you to choose between switching from soft to firm transition shocks at the touch of a button. These are the shocks for those who prefer a soft ride but would feel better with a firmer suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ridetech worth the money?

In our opinion, the RideTech coil overs offer much better damping characteristics, which help drive and drive our impressions of the vehicles to new heights. The ride quality that we experienced was heightened overall, as it improved the compression and rebound damping of our vehicle’s springs.

How do I adjust my Ridetech coilovers?

There are a few ways to adjust your Ridetech coilovers. One way is to remove the entire strut tower brace and unscrew the upper strut arm. Another way is to remove the upper control arm and unscrew the arms. Finally, you can adjust the height of the coils by removing the lower control arm and unscrewing the screws.

How can I speed up my air ride?

If you just want to increase your speed, go up the throttles to a level that has an inlet diameter of at least 1.5 inches. The bigger the diameter of that opening, the faster your truck will lift off the ground and the more airflow will pass through.

Final Words

Of course, there are many different kinds of air suspensions or coil springs, shocks that aren’t adjustable, or those that can be altered by the driver or the passenger while the car is in motion. As the sophistication of the parts advances the more you pay, so evaluate our suggestions and make the right choice for your driving style and budget.

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