KYB SR4079 Review – Is It Good?

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KYB’s SR4079 shock has been designed to deliver excellent performance and ride quality, making it ideal for most vehicles on the road today. If you’re considering purchasing a KYB SR4079, be sure to read this review first. We’ll cover key features and benefits, as well as pricing and installation requirements.

KYB SR4079 Review

Highlighted Features:

  • OEM quality shocks and struts
  • Proper ride height and original handling capabilities.
  • The perfect fit for professional results
  • It has fatigue tested design
  • Designed with the latest technology to keep your car safe.
The Pros The Cons
-Extremely durable
-Improve control and handling
-Ensures smooth drive
-Perfectly fit with your truck
-Easily adjust to different roads
-Easy to install
-It may require constant replacement
-Costly replacement

Product Specifications

Internal designMonotube
ModelSturt plus
Item weight5 pounds
Vehicle specificTrucks

KYB SR4079 has some amazing features that promote a good ride and an incredibly smooth one.

KYB SR4079 Features

The KYB SR4079 strut is designed for superior comfort and stability, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable ride. With its OEM construction and integrated bump stop, this strut offers the perfect blend of performance and value. So if you’re looking to upgrade your car’s suspension, be sure to check out KYB’s SR4079, and keep reading KYB SR4079 Review.

OEM quality shocks

KYB is the most trusted name in OEM quality shocks and Struts, and for good reason – their products are backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that your vehicle will stay on the road longer. The KYB SR4079 strut assembly provides a complete solution for your suspension needs and offers a variety of features to make installation and use easy.

  • A heavy-duty zinc-plated steel body resists corrosion and rusting.
  • An oil-based monotube design delivers enhanced performance and durability.
  • Compression valving is calibrated to match the specific needs of your vehicle.
  • A non-corrosive finish ensures a long life.
  • All components are rigorously tested to meet or exceed OE standards.

Improved ride height and handling capabilities

If you’re looking for a well-rounded suspension system for your GM truck, the KYB SR4079 is a great option. It’s designed to provide proper ride height and restore original handling capabilities. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in its quality. Here are some of its notable features: 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rugged construction can handle heavy loads and tough terrain
  • Powder-coated finish protects against corrosion
  • Installation instructions included
  • Made in the USA

Exact fitment

KYB SR4079 is a high-quality shock absorber that’s been engineered and pre-assembled for professional results. Its exact fitment ensures a perfect match with your vehicle, while its superior construction provides unbeatable performance and durability.

Excellent handling and stability

The KYB SR4079 is a fatigue-tested, and improved coil spring with corrosion-resistant coating. It is ideal for off-road use and can be adapted to fit most light trucks and SUVs. The spring has been designed to improve ride quality while providing excellent handling and stability.

Electric safety system

It is a high-performance shock absorber that has been engineered to help vehicles with electronic safety systems (ESC, ABS, etc.). These systems are designed to keep the vehicle stable and under control in all conditions, and the SR4079 helps to improve its performance.

Benefits of Using KYB SR4079 Strut

The KYB SR4079 strut is a great way to improve your car’s handling and stability. There are several benefits, so find them in the review points.

You can use it for a long time

The KYB SR4079 strut is considered a highly durable strut with many benefits. It is a common choice for those who need a reliable strut that can take a beating. For example, the KYB SR4079 strut is perfect for use in heavy-duty applications or in situations where you need maximum protection from the elements.

Drive confidently on all terrains

This strut is a great way to improve the control and handling of your vehicle. Their patented design helps to reduce body roll and keep your car aligned through turns, providing a more stable and controlled ride. In addition, their resistance to wear and tear ensures that your car will stay aligned and in control for longer, even under the most extreme driving conditions.

Make your drive enjoyable

The strut works to absorb any bumps or potholes in the road, providing a much smoother ride for you and your passengers. This can be especially beneficial if you frequently drive on rough roads or live in an area with a lot of potholes.

Enjoy all road conditions

The KYB Strut is designed to provide excellent ride comfort and handling stability on all types of road surfaces. It also helps to control the vehicle’s body motions for a more comfortable and controlled ride. Plus, the strut is fully adjustable to adapt to all road conditions.

The Disadvantages of Using KYB SR4079

The KYB SR4079 strut is a wonderful addition to your vehicle. It has some advantages as well as disadvantages, but overall this component will provide you with great service.

It is really expensive

Don’t buy if you’re on a tight budget because this is really expensive and there may be other strut brands out there with lower prices.

Need proper take care

The lack of a cover in this strut makes it easy for dust to enter, so keep your eyes open and don’t forget to clean it often.

How to install KYB SR4079 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

Before you begin, be sure to loosen the lug nuts on one of the wheels. You’ll need a jack to lift the car, and it’s always safest to work on one side at a time.

  • Jack up the car and remove the wheel.
  • To remove the old strut assembly, first disconnect the sway bar end link. unscrew the three bolts that hold the strut at the top. The bottom bolt can be tricky— you may need a universal joint or swivel socket to reach it. Finally, remove the nut holding the ABS line to the strut and pull everything out.
  • Now it’s time to install your new KYB SR4079 Strut Plus Complete Corner.

You may also like its competitor’s strut

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 172123L Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Monroe strut assembly

Highlighted Features

  • Improved ride height
  • Make for a specific car
  • Made to long last
  • OE specific design
  • Improve controlling
-Cheaper than KYB SR4079 strut
-Included premium strut mount which KYB SR4079 does not have
-It is an OE quality strut where KYB SR4079 OEM quality
-KYB comes with fatigue testing where Monroe does not
-KYb is more durable than Monroe
-KYB SR4079 is better for off-roading than Monroe 172123 L
-Both are durable
-Easy to install
-Both have a specific fitment
-Design with a proper ride
-Both are trusted brands in automobiles

This complete repair unit includes everything you need for strut replacement in a single, fully assembled unit – no spring compressor necessary. So why waste time and money on an incomplete repair that might not even work? With Monroe Quick-Strut, you can rest assured knowing that your repair will be done right the first time.

This shock and strut assembly is precisely calibrated to meet the OE design. Each application-specific coil spring type is engineered to provide enhanced ride quality, making it the perfect choice for those who want the best performance from their shocks and struts.

This assembly features application-specific components for a ride and handling experience that’s optimized for your specific vehicle profile. Monroe is one of the most trusted names in the business, so you can rest assured that this product is built to last.

This OE-quality strut comes pre-assembled with upper strut mounts, coil springs, and struts for a seamless fit.

This top-quality product reduces body sway, vibration, and road harshness before it reaches the passenger cabin, providing you with a smoother, more comfortable ride.

This premium upper strut mount helps ensure smooth, like-new steering precision.


Is KYB a good strut?

KYB struts are known for their excellent performance in terms of handling, stability, and comfort. It is widely recognized as a reputable manufacturer of suspension components.

Which is better KYB or Monroe?

KYB enhances performance and durability, appealing to those seeking a firmer ride and better handling. Monroe, on the other hand, typically offers a smoother, more comfortable ride, ideal for everyday driving conditions.

Is KYB made in the USA?

KYB is a Japanese company and some parts are manufactured in the USA. They produce most parts all over the world. So the origin can vary.

How long do KYB struts last?

KYB struts are known for their durability and typically last between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, their actual lifespan can vary based on factors like driving conditions, vehicle type, maintenance, and driving style.

Final Words

We took a look at the KYB SR4079 strut and determined that it would be a great choice for those looking for an excellent ride-handling strut with good performance. The company has been manufacturing high-quality strut assemblies for decades and continues to set the industry standard.

It provides good ride quality and comfort, while also being very durable. It’s a great choice for any application where a good-quality strut is needed.

So if you have a big budget to invest in your car, then go with KYB. But If you have a tight budget, the Monroe is for you. It’s also worth investing in quality and comfort.

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