Rancho vs. Rough Country Shocks – The Ultimate Comparison

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Rancho vs. Rough Country Shocks: Which is the best? This has become the talk of the town among car enthusiasts. 

Both brands offer great shock absorption for a variety of applications, but which is the best for your specific needs? 

Both offer good protection against breaking and impact, but which is better for your vehicle? 

No doubt, Rancho and Rough Country are two of the most popular name brands in the shock absorber market. Both brands have their fans and detractors, but which one is the best for comfort? 

With Rough Country shocks offering an 8-stage adjustable damping system and Rancho providing a 9-stage adjust, the latter provides more optimal driving comfort.

Popular models for off-roading enthusiasts include Rough Country’s N3, Rancho RS7000MT Monotube, and the Rancho RS5000X popular amongst others. I also like Rancho RS5000X.

Rough Country’s N3
Rough Country Stock N3 Front ShocksRead what buyers think
Rancho RS7000MT Monotube
Rancho RS7062 RS7000MT Monotube Shock AbsorberRead what buyers think
Rancho RS5000XRancho RS5000X Gas ShocksRead what buyers think

So, much confusion, but the solution? Yes, it’s hard to find. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Stay with us till the end to get out of your hesitation.

Rancho vs. Rough Country Shocks In a Table

Rancho vs. Rough Country Shocks

Are Rancho and Rough Country the Same?

We’ve seen in recent times this question come up, and the response is no. Rancho and Rough Country are not the same. Their logos and similar merchandise suggest they relate to each other. However, Rancho products are made by Tenneco, Inc.; whereas attempts to duplicate Rough Country products were unsuccessful, owing to the teachings of Gridiron Capital LLC.

Moreover, their missions, values, and approaches to marketing and branding are significantly different. Rancho is committed to providing environmentally friendly products while Rough Country emphasizes toughness and functionality in its products. Additionally, their customer bases are also different.

Rancho vs. Rough Country Shocks: In-Depth Comparison

Rancho and Rough Country shock absorbers are two of the most popular off-road suspension systems on the market. They each come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to know which one is right for your vehicle. Here we’re going to compare some basic factors to justify their superiority: 


Consider more than just cost when comparing Rancho and Rough Country shocks and suspensions. One thing we can’t stand about how Rough Country shocks and suspensions get mistreated on forums is that a lot of people consider them as inferior or inexpensive products. 

We feel that tariffs are unfair and unusual, so we don’t like that Rough Country shocks and suspension are called what they emote. 

Examine customer feedback on Amazon and you’ll note that they have very many 4.5-star ratings. Is it because consumers expect more or because people have grasped the matter? 

Many times, you will see the same street prosperity and truck power circumstances both owners and riders anticipate greater than what they really are spending for. Again, those who leave respectable reviews frequently on this service; understand what they pay for in advance.

Rancho shock absorbers are equipped with high-performing materials for sustained functionality while driving through any kind of terrain. Additionally, Rancho shock absorbers provide increased safety in rugged conditions, which is a huge consideration when choosing Rancho over Rough Country suspension systems. 

Rancho suspensions are designed to last longer than RC shock absorbers and outperform them on durability, which is one of the most important concerns when choosing Rancho over Rough Country suspensions.


Rancho shock has a larger volume than the Rough Country shock, which gives it a slightly bigger dampening effect. This means that it will absorb more of the impact before transmitting it to the vehicle. 

On the other hand, the Rough Country shock is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides greater strength and durability than the Rancho shock. Overall, these two shocks provide different levels of performance depending on what you are looking for in a suspension system. 

Rancho suspensions have springs that are twin sisters throughout the suspension system, offering a much more comfortable ride than RC suspensions. Other notable differences between Rancho and Rough Country suspension springs make it difficult to make a fair comparison, but Rancho suspensions are always a better bet.

Daily Drivability

The Rancho shocks provide a more comfortable driving experience than the Rough Country shocks because they are designed to absorb shock more effectively. This means that they will work better in daily driving scenarios where you experience frequent bumps and jumps in the road. 

The Rough Country shocks, on the other hand, are designed to handle rougher road surfaces. They may be a better choice for drivers who experience more extreme shocks and vibrations on the roads.


Rancho shocks are considered to be more reliable than Rough Country shocks because they are typically more compact and have a higher average lifespan. Additionally, rancho shocks are often custom-made for each vehicle, which allows for a greater degree of customization and accuracy.

Rough Country shocks, on the other hand, are typically less expensive and can be found in a wider variety of makes and models. Ultimately, it is important to choose the shock that is best suited for your vehicle and driving conditions.


Rancho is normally priced higher than Rough Country. For example, rancho shocks and suspensions tend to be priced around $200 to $300, which is higher than the Rough Country brand’s shocks and suspensions. Rancho is, in that sense, a better quality brand than Rough Country and typically has a better warranty. 

Generally, Rancho offers a lifetime warranty for all its shocks, whereas Rough Country provides no guarantees for its shocks. While Rough Country’s shock prices are low, that doesn’t mean that these products are of low quality. You might need to wait until you find the budget shocks you’re searching for. 

However, it lies in balancing quality and cost that you think is fair. If you’re spending $100 on shocks instead of $300, you should see why you’re paying more for the greater-priced item.

Rancho Shocks Pros and Cons

Rancho shock absorbers are a great way to improve your vehicle’s handling and ride quality. However, there are some pros and cons to using these absorbers. Here are some of the pros: 


  • Rancho shock absorbers can help improve your vehicle’s handling and ride quality. 
  • They are relatively affordable compared to other options available on the market. 
  • They can be installed by yourself without any professional assistance. 
  • Some Rancho shock absorbers come with warranty coverage. 
  • Some Rancho shock absorbers have a longer lifespan than other brands. 


However, there are also some cons to using Rancho shock absorbers: 

  • First, Rancho shock absorbers can be quite expensive, especially when compared to alternatives such as air suspension or Coilover suspension. 
  • Second, Rancho shock absorbers may not be suitable for all types of driving conditions. For example, they may not be effective in harsh off-road environments or during high-speed races. 
  • Third, Rancho shock absorbers often require special installation procedures and tools to ensure proper operation. 
  • Finally, Rancho shock absorbers may experience wear and tear over time due to regular use.

Rough Country Shocks Pros and Cons

Rough Country Brand shock absorbers are a popular choice for drivers who need a durable and reliable solution for reducing the impact of collisions. Shock absorbers are installed on either the front or rear suspension of a vehicle to reduce the severity of impacts. For drivers who frequently hit potholes or gravel roads, Rough Country Brand shock absorbers can be a valuable investment. 


  • Durable: Shock absorbers are designed to last through many collisions and road conditions.
  • Value: Shock absorbers from Rough Country Brand are affordable, making them an ideal option for budget-conscious drivers.
  • Installations: Shock absorbers from Rough Country Brand are easy to install, requiring only basic tools and skills. 
  • Performance: Shock absorbers from Rough Country Brand provide optimum performance in terms of reducing impacts and preventing damage to the vehicle.


Rough Country Brand Shock Absorbers are a popular choice among drivers and riders for their ability to absorb impacts. However, there are some drawbacks to using these shocks. 

  • Rough Country Brand Shock Absorbers are not as durable as other brands. 
  • They also tend to require more maintenance than other shock absorbers.
  • One downside is that the shocks can be difficult to service, as they require special tools and knowledge to work on. 
  • Another issue is that the shocks can be noisy, making them less ideal for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools. 

Final Thoughts

If we were to choose the best performing, overall quality, and durable warranty shocks, we would go with Rancho shocks. It must be noted that this isn’t a landslide. If you believe the price is your sole concern, or you want only to improve your truck’s appearance, we aren’t going to discriminate on which shock manufacturer you prefer.

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