Coilover Vs. Lift Kits Vs. Spacer Lifts – A Real Comparison

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The Coilover and lift kits are two different types of components to increase the performance and functionality of any vehicle.

Coilover, however, is a mandatory automotive suspension part to lower the car and get sportier handling always. Lift kits, on the other hand, are used to increase or raise the vehicle’s ride height at a standard rate. A spacer lift is used to uplift the vehicle’s body without changing the suspension and improve off-roading performance.

For the newbie in the suspension world, the difference between Coilover VS lift kits and spacer lifts is very subtle. But those who have very close relations and profound knowledge about these kits, find out lots of variations here. The functionality and working mechanism are also highly different among them. Again, the purposes and features of Suspension lift kits, spacer lifts, and Coilover differentiate them.

There is a lot of variety and functionality in these two vital kits that everyone in the automotive world should know. Here is a detailed discussion of them to clarify your shallow thoughts.

Coilover Vs lift kits Vs Spacer Lifts: In A Table

Coilovers are well-known suspension kits that are found in almost every vehicle–be it advanced RC cars or typical normal cars. Lift kits are used in some specific models of vehicles, depending on customer support and instructions. Here is a comparative table among the Coilover VS lift kits VS spacer lifts to know better.

Key Measurement CoiloversLift KitsSpacer Lifts
Using PurposesImprove ride quality, lower the car, achieve perfect ride height, and keep the car away from shaking or rolling.Lift kits are outstanding and offer high-end performance, ride height, handling, and a smoother ride.Usually, two types of spacer lifts–polyurethane and steel.
Types There are two main types of coilovers–full coilovers and slip-on coilovers.Body lift kits, suspension lift kits, and leveling kits are three lift kits.It lasts more than 50k miles without any issues.
Ride heightWith the perfect Coilover kits and spring, it is possible to set ride height between 4” to 13”.With a suspension lift kit, you can add a 3” to 7” ride height.It raises both sides’ height simultaneously without extra ground clearance.
Positions Adjacent to the wheel and passenger area.Seat between the body and the frame.Located between the upper mounts and the coil spring
Increase ground clearanceIt can change the ground clearance at a minimum height range but is not specified.can increase the ground clearance between 2” and 3”.can increase the ground clearance between 10 and 15mm.
Pros It helps to avoid scraping while riding bumpy roads or other unsurfaced areas.Offering cool and hassle-free riding off-road.Lower in price, keeps the spring rate stable, and versatile.
Lifespan 6 to 10 years with proper maintenance.More than 3 years with an average of 30k mileage.It lasts more than 50k miles without any issue.
Costs A perfect and precise Coilover costs around $500-$900, depending on the quality.The costs of average to high-quality lift kits are around $150 to $1500.The total cost may be between $30 to $500, including the installation.

Coilover vs. Lift Kits vs. Spacer Lifts: Major Differences

Now, time to look at the detailed information and everything about these three different modifications in a descriptive way. It needs to know the exact information whether you are a fresher or an advanced folk.

General Thoughts

Coilovers, lift kits, and spacer lifts are three unique modifications for the vehicles to perform differently. Coilover suspension kits are nowadays becoming a mandatory part of any vehicle. They help to lower the vehicle, respond swiftly, enhance performance and handling, improve traction, reduce excessive road bumps, and many more crucial things.

They allow individual attachments required by the person’s preference. A coilover that has an adjustable rebound and compression allows great adjustment. Also, there are lots of things included that insist you install Coilover.

On the other side, lift kits are efficient for raising your truck or any other heavy-duty vehicle at standard height. It allows you to make your ride crazier and sportier. Most importantly, they are capable of expanding the ground clearance between the vehicle and the roads. After installing the lift kits, you can go off-roading without damaging the ride quality.

Again, spacer lifts are great for raising the vehicle at standard height without breaking or changing the suspension conditions. A spacer lift is an entry-level lift that is great for leveling a vehicle when you are an inch down.

Purposes Of These Modifications

The primary purpose of installing a Coilover is to lower the ride height between 0” to 4”. In addition, Coilover springs are used to eliminate the chassis from lower parts, assist the wheels, and mitigate the body shaking or rolling while cornering or turning. Coilovers are completely different from shock as they have numerous adjustability, perfect ride height, spring preload, shock dampening, compression, and rebound.

The lift kits, however, separate the body and the axles by raising or lifting the vehicle’s chassis. Other significant purposes are– to intensify ground clearance, enhance ride quality, allow the car to ride smoothly over rough terrain, increase towing capacity, etc.

Spacer lifts are also used to increase ground clearance, add a tuned touch of lift without changing the spring rates, improve riding performance on off-road or unsurfaced areas, enhance ride quality, etc.


The coilover is set adjacent to the wheels and the passengers’ area. By setting up the Coilover spring perfectly, the highest ride quality and performance can be achieved.

In contrast, lift kits like body and suspension lift kits have seats between the frame and the body. To get the most out of it, it needs to sit up correctly.

According to experienced people, the spacer lifts are installed between the top plate (upper mounts) and the coil spring. In the meantime, it raised the coil’s preload and raised the truck.

Ground Clearance

These three modifications are impeccable in increasing the ground clearance at a standard rate. Coilover can increase ground clearance but not determined how much it can increase. But it can be said, the Coilover helps increase ride quality and lower the car by increasing ground clearance dramatically.

On the other hand, lift kits can increase the ground clearance between 2” and 3”. As a spacer lift lessens the propagation and constriction, it can increase the ground clearance between 10 and 15mm.

Construction Materials

Coilover kits and springs are usually made of different materials. Significant of them are stainless steel and billet aluminum. Surprisingly, they are rustproof and long-lasting. There are lots of things included in coilovers such as damper, nuts and bolts, washers, top, and bottom mounts, threaded sleeves, and more. 

Alternatively, lift kits are also made of aluminum by the hand-built process. The products come up by completing robotic welding and excellent finish.

Spacer lifts are made of rubber or alloy. They are built with steel or polyurethane that ensures the utmost durability.


A perfectly designed and robust construction Coilover lasts up to 6 years. Also, in mileage calculation, they offer 150k miles of riding without any fault. In contrast, lift kits are built to last more than 50k miles and sometimes they cross 100k miles. But spacer lifts last for up to 3 years or more if maintained accurately.


There is a significant difference among them when it comes to price range. Depending on the size, materials, and quality, the Coilover prices may vary from $500 to $900.

Inversely, the price of the lift kits is around $150 to $1500, depending on how much they can lift the trucks or other vehicles.

If you look at the spacer lift’s price, you will be wondering about the price range. They are only $30 to $400 with installation.

Coilover VS Lift Kits VS spacer Lifts: Which Increase the Overall performance

Now, here it is. Identifying which modifications are accurate and efficiently improve the performance and required things that ensure a quality ride. So, let’s break it down inch by inch.

Coilover has numerous benefits and ensures a quality ride even if you are on a grave surface or rough terrain. It protects the entire vehicle from body rolling, and early damage keeps the wheel alignment right, and ensures ride quality, proper handling, pretty tuneable adjustability, etc. It is worth considering if you want stiffer yet sportier handling and rides.

On the contrary, lift kits allow you to feel comfortable in riding by increasing ground clearance and ride height. It separates the wheels from the body or suspension. When lift kits are installed, the distance between the body and the tires will increase and allow the driver to get a sportier ride.

Moreover, this creates room to install bigger tires. Another purpose of this leveling kit is to increase style and entire looks. So lift kits give you smoother and bump-less rides.

Spacer lifts can’t improve the ride quality and change the spring rate. But the advantage is it can lift heavy trucks and improve ground clearance. Interestingly, it gives real feelings in off-roading conditions.


Coilover is enough to lift your vehicle at minimum height and provide you with the most sophisticated riding all the time. But if you want more accessibility in raising height or lifting your car to get a smoother ride always, ensure to install the perfect lift kit that is worth the money.

In the meantime, if you want both lifting benefits without changing the suspension, you can choose the pacer lifts for convenience. Hopefully, the comparison between Coilover vs. Lift Kits vs. Spacer Lifts help you to understand everything related to them.

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