BC Racing Vs KW Coilover – A Real Comparison

BC racing and KW coil-overs are completely different types of Coilover. They are different in terms of their brand, height adjustment, construction, price, lifespan, etc. a question arises too often as to which Coilover is the top-notch between BC racing VS KW Coilover considering everything. Well, if you want to know the details about that, go through this article.

BC Racing BR series is the aftermarket Coilover kit with a monotube shock design. Plenty of dampening adjustability and camper plates are available in this Coilover. Moreover, BC racing is determined to ensure a significant customization level at a reasonable cost.

In contrast, the KW Coilover provides ride comfort and quality performance over high road bumps. The significant feature is they have an easy setting depending on the vehicle. Also, the installation process is straightforward.

There is a long gap in their price range which is almost $600. BC Racing is affordable whereas KW is slightly more expensive than BC. However, there are lots of things you should know before buying a top-notch Coilover between these two.

BC Racing Vs KW Coilover: In A Table

When you’ve decided to buy new Coilover kits, you should look for design, piston diameter, thread quality, coil springs, upper and lower mounts, etc. here is a table that helps you to get a transparent idea about these two products.

Key MeasurementBC RacingKW Coilover
Manufacturer BC RacingKW
Made inTaiwanGermany
Piston diameter46mm diameter with 53mm damper body.Piston diameter available is 35mm, 36mm, 40mm, and 43 mm.
Dampening adjustability30-clicks16-clicks
Shock designMonotube Twin-tube 
Height adjustableFully height adjustableSporty harmonic spring rates allow to adjust the height precisely
Rebuildable or not100% Rebuildable Rebuildable without changing the valve.
Construction Almost all the components are made of high-end (T6 6063) aluminum.Stainless steel construction with polyamide endurable springs ensures longevity.
Pros Affordable, plenty of damping adjustable benefits, rebuildable, and customizable.Ensure quality ride, advanced technology, effortless installation, adjustable compression, and rebound.
Cons Firmer ride when set the adjustment more than 14 clicks.Slightly pricy 
Costs $1000+$1500-$2000

BC Racing Vs KW Coilover: Major Differences

Here is a detailed discussion regarding Bc racing and KW’s features. Read their features carefully and make your valuable decision about which you should buy.

Brand or Manufacturer

From 2006 to the present BC Racing Company has introduced its breed. Their aim is to produce Coilover kits that satisfy the customer’s needs. They are improving day by day with satisfying the customer as well.

On the other hand, KW Coilovers, which started its journey in 1995, has now established its strong position in the market. KW is top-notch in terms of reliability and experience. They always make coilovers with ride comfort and performance in mind.


Both coilovers are great quality products that are unbelievable. BC racing provides extreme suspension kits with the highly customizable feature. In addition, the springs, locking collars, shafts, thread, bearings, etc. are sensational.

In contrast, KW has superior performance and endurance helper springs, and an efficient damper control system (ESC module). Additionally, this Coilover is well-known for dampening control. The parts are made with established and durable materials.

Dampening Adjustability

The BC Racing Coilover has 32 different damping adjustability for smooth and hassle-free height adjustment any time anywhere. As a result, it can adjust damping force when turning knobs.

Alternatively, KW kits utilize Twin Valve rebound technology with 16 clicks independent rebound adjustment. This allows the driver to dial the car a little bit more efficiently with sportier yet tighter handling and comfortable settings.


Almost all the components including locking collars, shaft, coil springs, and shock body are made of high-quality T6 6063 aluminum. Aluminum-based materials are well-tuned and work as shields against rust. Therefore, it adds ultimate strength and improves performance and durability.

Alternatively, the KW Coilover uses rustproof and exclusive quality steel for long-term driving comfort. The springs are made of wear-resistant and friction-controlling high carbon polyamide composite materials with stainless steel polishing.


Bc racing Coilover has a monotube shock design whereas KW has a twin tube shock design. Monotube shock design is efficient to dissipate the heat and works simultaneously as a cylinder, carrying the oil, gas, and piston valve. It has a floating piston that separates the oil from the gas.

On the contrary, the KW Coilover is made with the twin-tube damping principle. Twin tube shock has 2 different cylinders. There is no gap between the oil and gas chamber and the internal cylinder holds the piston valve.

Rebuild Option

BC racing parts are 100% rebuildable whereas KW can be rebuilt without changing the valve. So here is the difference. When the Coilover grows old, don’t worry. You have an option to rebuild by spending some money instead of replacing. But if you want to repair the KW Coilover, you need to set up the valving individually.

BC Racing Coilover: Best For Comfortable Ride

If you want to install the best Coilover within your budget, there is no alternative except BC Racing. Needless to say, they meet the product to their customer which has high-end construction, superb performance, plenty of damping adjustment, and many more outstanding features.

Customers who bought this item gave it 5 stars and appreciated it with joy. Within a thousand-dollar budget, monotube shocks provide superior handling, ride comfort, full customization, affordability, and rebuild options.

Kw Coilover: Best For Performance

Nowadays, KW is a highly recommended and performance Coilover kit with flawless construction. Made to last long without premature wear and tear. Till now, there are 4 different variants of KW Coilover with different features and benefits.

Surprisingly, perfect height adjustability, ESC module, hydraulic lifting system, street, and track performance, and TVR-A and TVC-A technology make it advanced and reliable. Though the price is slightly higher considering other aftermarket coilovers, the quality tells the reason why it is pricey.

Final Touch

So there is an ending section of this comparison article between BC Racing VS KW Coilover. Almost everything that needs to be understood for those who want to buy the top-notch coilover are discussed above. Both coilovers are top-class and highly performance.

BC racing is the perfect choice in terms of enhancing handling smoothness, price range, build quality, and dampening adjustability. In contrast, KW coilover is great in terms of street and track performance, advanced technology and features, and robust construction. For those who want the best product on budget, go for the BC racing. Otherwise, KW is the best partner.

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