BC Racing Vs Fortune Auto – What Are The Major Differences?

When it comes to performance cars, few companies can rival the quality and prestige of British car manufacturer, BC Racing. With over two decades of experience in the motorsports world, BC Racing has become a household name for high-performance enthusiasts around the globe. 

Likewise, Fortune Auto is no stranger to the world of motorsport either. So, both companies have a long history of producing high-quality cars and offer a wide range of product options. This might stick you in the BC Racing Vs Fortune Auto battle while looking for a new set of coilovers. 

If this is the fact, we could help you out by making a fair comparison between these two industry giants. So, don’t waste your time and read through our article till the end. 

BC Racing vs Fortune Auto – Comparing Major Factors

No doubt, BC Racing, and Fortune Auto are two of the most popular brands in the racing industry. They both offer high-quality products and competitive prices. However, which brand is better? To find out, we’re going to compare some important factors such as ride quality, performance, and so on.

Ride Quality

The first question that arises in people’s minds when they want to buy a new Coilover is how much it will cost. Whether you’re spending 3,000 or 300,000, you just have to know what you’re getting. 

In any case, no one wants to limp to Tesco at midnight for a three deal, it’s just not worth it. Despite not being the best on the market, BC Racing’s products are known amongst car buffs and really recommended by countless suppliers. 

Their coilovers can be quickly adjusted, making them more enjoyable automobile rides or softened for daily driving. From this perspective, these vehicles are a great option for all-around use, delivering excellent trip sense for the price.

On the other hand, Fortune auto coilovers are known for their ability to absorb shocks and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. This makes them a popular choice amongst drivers who want a quality suspension system. 

The coilovers also work well with other suspension components, such as lowering springs and shock absorbers, to create a perfect suspension package for your vehicle.


This is somewhat of a gray zone to consider, considering that if you just use a tool to chop wood regularly, eventually it will dull. If you frequently sharpen butter knives, it’ll take more time for them to become dull. 

So, durability really depends on how you drive. If you push for several weekends that you’re tracking the entire time, it tends to wear out faster, and you’ll have to replace it earlier.

Take it easy and don’t overload the BC coilovers, as they are built to dismally handle harsh usage. Drive them with a harder grip, but they’ll be more worn out and won’t last as long as you do. These are superbly built and will go just as long as twice my payroll does. Overtaking control is not so far off.

Fortune Auto Coilovers are often considered to be a durable option for those looking for a suspension system. They have been shown to last longer than other options, which is likely due to their design. 

These coilovers use oil cartridges that are coated with a metallic material that helps them resist wear and tear. Additionally, the springs themselves are made from high-quality materials, which also contributes to their longevity.


Among BC Racing’s most popular BR Series coilovers is their entry-level line, which means their overall performance improvements over their factory counterpart are aimed mainly at improving drivability and handling.

In addition, while improvements are expected in this regard, the size, comfortability, and adjustability of BC Racing’s coilovers are capable of far exceeding the abilities of low-quality and aftermarket coilovers.

These coilovers reduce the handling of the GTI, making it more chuckable. Let’s say, installed on roundabouts, they add to the fun. They help reduces body roll and feel more settled with the stimulation of GTI’s wheel tire that runs the Indy 500 racetrack. 

We have noticed, with the new coil-overs, that the rear end of the car is a bit livelier, too, which is good fun in a front wheel mode.

The performance of Fortune Auto Coilovers can be seen in the vast difference between the stock ride height and the lowered ride height. The coilovers effectively take up the space between the suspension and the ground, which results in a smoother ride and improved handling. 

After performing extensive testing on a variety of coilovers, the team at Fortune Auto found that the Hoosier Stage 3 Coilovers were the most efficient and effective at handling increased performance. 

The coilovers are available in both front and rear configurations and are fitted with polyurethane bushings to provide superior suspension movement and response.


One of the key factors in choosing coilovers is installation. Coilovers from BC Racing and Fortune Auto are both manufactured in the USA, but they have different installation features. 

BC Racing coilovers use a threaded top mount and require the use of a torque wrench to install them. Fortune Auto coilovers do not use a threaded top mount and can be installed with just the minimum amount of torque required.

However, BC Racing Coilovers were found to be more easily installed than Fortune Auto Coilovers, with fewer steps and less time required for installation. Additionally, BC Racing Coilovers were found to be more comfortable than Fortune Auto Coilovers, with a more even ride and less noise.

Pros and Cons of BC Racing Coilovers

Whatever option we land on has both benefits and drawbacks, so let’s look at them.


  • Excellent brand value
  • Good lows
  • Adjustable dampening
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reasonable price


  • Seems to be a bit firmer
  • Lack of compatible car models

Pros and Cons of Fortune Auto Coilovers

Although Fortune Auto coilovers offer a great balance of performance and comfort, there are also some cons to consider before making the purchase. Here are the pros and cons of Fortune Auto Coilovers: 


  • They offer a great balance of performance and comfort. 
  • Provides smooth ride experience
  • The installation is straightforward and easy. 


  • Some people have complained about poor quality control with these coilovers.

BC Racing vs Fortune Auto – Final Verdict

One thing is clear that both BC Racing and Fortune Auto provide slightly different benefits for the driver, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference regarding which Coilover system to choose for your car. 

Both companies offer a wide variety of coilovers with different specifications, so it is important to do your research before making a decision. Regardless of which company you choose, make sure to have your suspension checked and repaired by a professional as soon as possible in order to maintain optimum performance and safety.

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