Legend REVO-A Shocks Review – Is It Good?

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If you find yourself pulling disgracefully to avoid manhole covers or discouraged when you have to cross a set of train tracks, cease deceiving yourself. For what you paid for that motorcycle, it should ride much better than that. And this can be ensured when you have a perfect suspension system in your bike. 

When it comes to motorcycle suspension systems, Legend, just like its name, is a legendary part of the aftermarket suspension industry. Legend created a variant of their coil shock system for bikes, allowing them to be isolated from road shocks using a conventional coil spring and shock absorber, with an upgrade over the ordinary REVO shocks. 

This upgrade is named REVO-A.  Legend Suspensions REVO-A shocks have revolutionized the way we think about shocks. Here is our unbiased review of those shocks.

Legend REVO-A Shocks Review

The background has enabled the development of a legendary suspension that now gives our driving far more rewards. By referring to the name, these shock absorbers are the best ones when it comes to absorbing the bumps in a fast-speed automobile. Here, we check out some noticeable attributes we found during our test that drove Legend REVO-A Shocks to end up at a place of reliability and convenience. Let’s have a look. 

Legend Revo-A shocks review
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Spring Length

The height of the counter and the run of the springs in the legend suspension are considered when determining the equipment’s dimensions. Completing this gives the customer a choice of alternatives from which to select the outdoor wellness product that meets their needs and requirements best.

Currently, the REVO-A is offered in a choice of twelve (Stock), thirteen, and fourteen increments. It’s worth making note of these shock cylinders’ firmness, particularly the extended coil length. This characteristic means more finite shock action, without changing the shock’s overall length.

Spring Variations with Variable Load Capacity

One thing that makes a suspension a lot better than its counterparts and struts is that it can calmly take a lot of weight. After you decide what ride shock length you need, you must determine between Heavy Duty and Standard springs offered by the Legend. 

Legend Suspensions recommends the Heavy Duty REVO-A installation for anyone who plans on retrofitting their setup for a weight of 500 lbs to more.  Odds are, if you often tour, you like a stiffer shock and desire using the Heavy Duty springs because your bicycle will be heavily loaded down regularly. 

In the event you like a more cushioned ride each time your weight load is below 500 lbs, then the Standard Edition ought to work well for you. 


In contrast to Progressive Suspensions for which you require a screw to make the hole tight or loose by your situation, Legend REVO-A is a lot easier. You need nothing else. 

Instead, they’ve replaced the nut with a knob that makes changing easier for all of you who have the manual. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest tributes to this innovation.

The restricted part of the ride, while you’re retracing your steps, will be enhanced if you please simply tighten up the suspension a bit. Simply raise and compress the spring by hand to stiffen up (or soften) the ride. 

You can also adjust the preload by using the preload knob, which offers six to several hundredths of a damping adjustment. Just shift towards a higher number for a predator much easier to control.


In terms of lifespan, Legend REVO-A shocks are unparalleled. Not only are they made of metal to block their strength from decay or contamination, but a comparable treatment is additionally used to increase the endurance of the material. 

The aluminum bodies of the REVO-A are exceptional in their ability to withstand the weight and make the item an exceptionally hard choice. The springs in REVO-A consist of high elevation that allows them to support the weight of both passenger and operator and is well-known for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ride Quality and Comfort

Commonly, the majority of riders think that to help enhance their level of comfort on a motorcycle and to make the ride much more pleasant for longer distances, you ought to opt for the conventional seat, but changing the stock springs for a set of Luxury Performance shocks like the Legend Rebuild’s will greatly improve the ride and ergonomics on the bike.

When constructing the REVO-A, Legend aimed to make a monumental, wide sweet spot with an extended coil length, so the rider can easily remain on the bike. 

As we mentioned earlier, REVO-A has a simple dial that quickly adjusts the preload – with a simple hand movement adjustment, you can override the load quite easily, so if you’re traveling a pair or if you’re carrying additional gear, altering it is a simple task. These overall provide an enhanced ride quality with superior comfort. 


Installing the REVO-A’s takes very little imagination, as long as you have ordered right, i.e., the correct shock cartridges for your bike. Follow the guidelines on the included packaging, and you can be dialed in within 15 minutes. 

During installation, you may change the sag on your suspension. The instructions that come with your REVO-A’s give you detailed instructions on how to get them set up properly.

Once you have got REVO-A on your hand, you simply need to turn the bolt to tighten the fastener which in turn will prevent rust from forming. The configuration of the legend will help you fasten the fastener in the appropriate location.

Price vs Value

If you’re having a difficult time financially, then Legend suspension is not a good choice for you. Even though legend REVO-A suspension is high in cost, the midpoint lifespan combined with its powerful structure pays for the price. 

Legend REVO-A suspension shocks, besides having a powerful structure, also undergo a manufacturer’s warranty, letting you rest easy is worth its price. 

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Some Negative Points Regarding Legend REVO-A 

Every product on the market has negatives. Let’s discuss the shortcomings we’ve encountered with Legend REVO-A suspension shocks. However, the list isn’t long at all.  

Oil Leaking

Right away, we had a shock leak. And, seeing that this is an all too common difficulty in this shock, searching the web about this problem will yield you results. Fortunately, service life is assured by the warranty for all products by Legend, and so the REVO-A shocks are also covered under the warranty.  So sending them in to be fixed has been no problem. The employees of Legends are extremely positive, and they love their products.

Unexpected Rubbing

We have found a related shortcoming of this model, namely, that the coils are somewhat wider than those of several perpetual shocks. Depending on what kind of bags you’re hauling, they may rub against them.


Yes, we’ll mark their price as a drawback for people with limited budgets. These shocks are a tad more expensive than most, making them more difficult for most families to acquire. And for many individuals, it’s also a bit challenging to shift these bikes with more fancy suspension.

Things to Consider Before Choosing REVO-A Shocks

Your skill level, the manner you choose to ride, the frequency with which you put on your bike accessories, and your specific weight are what will affect your preference for suspensions. We understand that mechanics often use online sites for stunt-riding world records. 

It’s quite different from a daily commute. Even the same dual figure 8 300-foot track will limit the height distinction among riders with very different riding styles and personalization.  

As a rule of thumb, a 200-pound person with a height of 6 feet will take in an entirely different viewpoint when riding on Legend Suspensions REVO-A’s set up in this fashion. The way anyone feels during the ride on any Legend Suspensions REVO-A setup will differ greatly from others.

What is the difference between the REVO and the REVO A?

The rebound adjusts choice readily available on the REVO-A is the first thing that differentiates it from the standard REVO. The standard REVO shocks were made to give users a versatile circulation range without the need for engineering expertise. REVO-A also comes with an additional spring variation, which allows for alternative element designs.


Are Legend Revo-a Shocks good?

Yes, legend Revo-a Shocks are good. They are top-quality products that can provide riders with a great riding experience. Their shocks are made to provide superior performance and durability, and they come with a wide range of features that can be beneficial for riders of all levels.

What is the difference between Revo and Revo-a shocks?

The main difference between Revo and Revo-A shocks lies in the rebound adjustment option offered on the REVO-A. This allows riders to fine-tune their rebound damping performance to better match their riding style and preferences, while the standard Revo shock does not offer this feature. Aside from that, both shocks are functionally very similar and will offer a great ride quality for any mountain biker.

Where are legendary motorcycle shocks made?

Legend motorcycle shocks are made in the USA. They are a high-quality product and are known for their durability and performance. If you’re looking for a great shock absorber for your bike, Legend is a brand worth considering.

What is shock rebound?

Shock rebound is the elasticity of a shock absorber. It allows your shocks to return to extension fast enough to absorb the next bump. If you have stiff shocks, they will not rebound as quickly and you may feel more bumps and jolts in the car. This is why it’s important to replace your shocks when they wear out – not only will it make your car ride smoother, but it will also be safer for you and your passengers.

Final Verdict

At the end of our Legend REVO-A shocks review, we must humbly admit that the Harley-Davidson Legend REVO-A Suspension was one of the best suspension systems we have examined for motorcycles. These shocks have been one of the top upgrades for the handling and performance of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. 

Whether you want to get a subdued ride while viewing the coast, or a construction that enables faster cornering on bumpy roads, the REVO-A is the perfect suspension setup for handling both tasks. 

We went so far as to say that if you retrofitted only one thing on your motorcycle when you bought it, REVO-As would be the first upgrade you should install.

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