BC Racing V1 Vs BR Series Coilovers

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BC Racing V1 and BR series both are successful Coilover lineups from BC Racing. While they are manufactured by the same company, people have made the BC Racing V1 vs. BR debate a hot topic. Why? V1 series coilovers are intended for tracks while BR is known as the daily-drive series. 

That means, despite their identical price point, you’ll get completely two different products with different objectives. Being more curious? You should of course. Before you’re going to invest in coilovers, make sure to read the detailed comparison shown below. 

BC Racing V1 VS BR Series Coilovers – Comparison Table

Check the comparison table below for a quick overview: 

V1 SeriesBR Series
Track ready Daily drive compatible
Coil springsSwift springs
Performance seriesEntry level
More durableDepends on maintenance

BC Racing V1 VS BR Series- Head-to-Head Comparison

It is revealed there is a good connection between BC Racing V1 and BR series coilovers. Each series has many car enthusiasts and favorable reviews from buyers. Ultimately, before purchasing such a part, it’s best to compare all the characteristics respecting price and performance needed to satisfy expectations. To aid you in this event, let’s compare the important factors here.

Damping Adjustment

Dampening adjustment is one of the most crucial factors you need to count on before purchasing any Coilover. Let’s compare these two models in this case. 

  • V1 Series

Talking about the dampening adjustment, the V1 series comes with a 30-way dampening adjustment facility that offers both compression and rebound adjustment with just a single adjuster button. You can change how your vehicle handles by altering the front and rear levels of damper force. 

Increasing the rear damper force relative to front damping, for example, can cause your vehicle to exhibit a surer, over-steering posture. If you want to participate in rear-wheel automobile drag racing, then you will want to squat at the back of the automobile to get additional weight transfer to the rear and onto the rear tires. 

This improves the traction of the car and prevents wheels from getting out of line. When doing so, you can set the rear dampers to soft, so they will work quicker to compress. Alternatively, if you want the dampers to be stiff, this is how you might run the drag race.

  • BR Series

BC coils have 30 settings and an adjustable knob that they connect to to modify damper adjustment. You can adjust the dampening by adjusting the knob on the top of the strut. For shocks, sometimes the adjustment is on the bottom of the strut, and in cases where there’s no access to the knob, you can turn a cable with an extender attached to it.

If you want to drift and are experiencing difficulty with braking while running and have problems with the front of your car blurring and crashing, then stiffening the rear dampers will make the braking more stable. At the same time, releasing the front dampers will change the vehicle’s behavior towards better acceleration.


You’re investing a handsome amount while purchasing coilovers, so you must get the most out of them. And durability is the key factor to ensure this. 

  • V1 Series

V1 series are praised for their durability. Tough parts are black chromed wrought iron for long-lasting use in the darkest winters of Europe. An assortment of aluminum components (beginning mounts, locking latches, and so forth) is then anodized. 

A set of steel parts (brackets, dampers, and so on) are then put to a test and go through an electrophoretic deposition process followed by a powder coating. A randomized selection of steel parts (bucklers, dampers, screws, and so on) is then put through a test.

  • BR Series

If you’re constantly driving and stress-racing your automobile to the limit, it’s like everything is going to break something that as soon as it falls apart. Take your time and smash-proof coilovers will last your whole lifetime.

They’re made to drive hard, so taking them to the same degree will conserve their life. Hardly drive them and they’ll last, just not so lengthy. Take good care of them and they will last a very long time. 


If you’re considering learning more about how they drive, maybe because you’re drawn to autocross events or just love the thrill of back-road driving, it may be time to get some more information concerning them.

  • V1 Series

You can find the difference between the stock ride height and the lowered ride height by looking at the execution rate of V1 coilovers. The coilovers exemplified a smoother ride and improved handling by taking up the space with the suspension and the ground. The team conducted extensive testing on various coilovers before selecting long-term stability.

The lower spring platform of the V1 series coilovers is adjustable. This allows the car to be adjusted for corner weighting to achieve maximum tire performance and ensures good balance. 

However, the chassis should be positioned in such a way that each side’s front wheels take equal weight, and both rear and front have equal load capacity, too. This ensures that both tires on each side are kept in balance.

  • BR Series

The hardest part about coilovers manufactured by BC Racing is their reduced capability to dramatically improve with any adjustments. Despite fitting a wider variety of vehicles, the BR Series coilovers are just entry-level. They allow you to adjust your compression and rebound levels, while also controlling the height of the shocks.

Using coils as daily drivers, these coilovers boost the GTI’s franchise ability. To illustrate, we can look at roundabouts as a very good idea. The BC’s reduce body roll and torque the American GT3 Touring Edition tires to their maximum. It has recently been noted that Indy 500 coils make the back end of the GTI a little more unsettled.

Autocross handling is one strength of this set such that after driving these cars to the track, you’ll enjoy your car racing, make fast lap times, and comfortably drive home. There’s no reason to be disappointed in this area.

BC Racing V1 VS BR Series Coilovers – Our Verdict

So, which one is suitable for you among the V1 and BR series? Well, it completely depends on your intended use. We mentioned the fact several times that the BR series is for daily drives, so if you want something reliable for everyday use, the BR series is suitable for you. On the other hand, if you need a Coilover setup for roaring on tracks, go for the V1 series.

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