D2 Racing Vs BC Racing Coilovers (With Pros And Cons)

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If you have recently accessed the aftermarket coilovers industry, you might have seen that D2 Racing vs. BC Racing has become a hot topic in the community. On the whole, the D2 Racing coilovers are stiffer and better for tracks, while the BCs are best suited for daily drivers. 

Some customers claim that the D2s come equipped with a given number of camber adjustments, while the BC Racing coilovers remain tightly priced regarding these features. Which one would you get?

To clarify this fact, we’ve gathered a close comparison based on some vital factors of these two popular brands. To find out which one might suit you, you just need to stick to our article till our verdict. Let’s go. 

A Brief History of D2 Racing and BC Racing

In this modern world, every market has too much competition. And in this highly competitive trade world, every brand has to show its best in work, effort, and dedication. The picture you’re seeing of both D2 Racing and BC Racing has a glorious history behind it. Here is a brief discussion of these two brands. 

D2 Racing

D2 racing coilover

Headquartered in 1997, D2 Racing manufactures high-performance coilovers, disc brakes, suspension wheels, and suspension systems for vehicles in Taiwan, working with over 2,500 different car models to satisfy a customer base of over 110 countries.

D2 shock absorbers and brake kits are among the most popular racing choices in Southeast Asia, especially in Macau and Asia Pacific Rally Championship Vietnam events. D2 has sponsored motorsports competitions in Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. 

Whether you’re a weekend sports enthusiast or an extreme downhill Mountain Racer, D2 Racing gets your Coilover necessities covered, including big brakes, lowering springs, air suspensions, and much more. D2 Racing coilovers are manufactured, built, and tested in our state-of-the-art factories and meet high-quality standards.

BC Racing

BC racing coilover

In 1999, the automotive industry was on fire in a good way, and Taiwan’s low-cost items lighter business was in substantial demand. The corporation referred to as BC Racing was birthed at this time to fill the need for a reliable source well-priced.

To address US demand, BC was able to raise funds in the early 2000s and launch its own BC Coilover Kit. It was a good price from the very beginning because the whole thing was made in Taiwan. 

It took on more popularity after it started being sold in the US in 2004, where it made the maximum profit. Here they started by producing and selling comparatively smaller products. This resulted in their interest in bigger companies or franchises that they could take ownership of, so they could ship their products out to more areas around the world.

D2 Racing vs. BC Racing – Comparison Table

Before we dive into the detailed comparison, have a quick look at the comparison table. 

FactorD2 RacingBC Racing
Damper TypeTwin tube shock designMono Tube Shock Design
PerformancePerforms better in race tracksProvides superior performance in daily drive
Dampening adjustmentExcellent Moderate

D2 Racing vs. BC Racing – Head-to-Head Comparison

Here comes the real head-to-head comparison. In this portion, we’ll compare some common factors regarding their coilovers. Let’s see.

Damper Type

BC Racing BR Series is one of the most well-respected coilovers from BC, so we chose it as our baseline model. What makes it stand out and why it’s so popular among buyers is that it offers such an efficient shock at an affordable price point. The BR Series boasts an exceptional price of just under $1000 for most kits, but it contains a variety of features of coil-over shocks that cost much more.

On the contrary, the popular model D2 Racing comes with a twin tube shock design. Now, you must understand that the benefits of a modern tube shock are explained by a twin tube shock, which has an oil diaphragm. 

In essence, the two are comparable in that the dual-tube shock is still powered by traditional pistons with channels that control damping during compression and rebound as the pressure of the liquid changes during compression or rebound. 

The floating piston causes the primary and secondary pistons to control the operation of the system by preserving an inventory of compressed gas and by eliminating them in separate tubes. However, the dual-tube design is not particularly proficient at combining crude oil and gasoline, leading to inconsistencies and sharp changes in pressure.

Top Mounts

Both of their coilovers come with adjustable top mounts for the wheels and separate camber and caster adjustments, so both receive 5 points. In conjunction with the automobile, an adjustable saddle for the wheel permits the user to easily adjust the camber and or caster of the suspension.

Damping Adjustment

D2 Racing coilovers deliver bump and rebound adjustments separately for individual driving styles. Whilst, BC has independent adjustments for bump travel and rebound speed, giving the user many setting-up options. The BC uses external reservoirs for enhanced capacity. Tein scores 0 points, BC scores 10 points for the bump and rebound adjustments, as well as 5 points for the reservoirs.


They are both equipped with standard inner diameter springs, making it easy to change the spring rate when you have to, and you can get the springs cheaply, without getting them from the manufacturer. Each of them will get 10 points here.

Pros and Cons of D2 Racing Coilovers

So, here we have listed the notable positive and negative factors of D2 Racing coilovers.


  • 36-way adjustable dampening
  • Camber plates
  • Pillow ball mounts (faster response in handling)
  • Superior track performance
  • Slotted hole for easy adjustment
  • Beefier steering arm


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for daily drive

Pros and Cons of BC Racing Coilovers

We have also summarized the pros and cons of BC Racing coilovers. Check below,


  • Excellent ride quality
  • Incredible adjustment options
  • Better performance
  • Superior dampening
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good lows


  • Lack of car selection
  • Struggle in tracks


Are BC coilovers good for racing?

BC coilovers are great for racing because they’re able to handle autocross well too. They provide a lot of stability and grip, which is crucial for any type of racing. They’re also very durable, so you can rely on them to perform well race after race.

How high can BC Racing coilovers go?

BC Racing coilovers can typically be adjusted to raise the car 1 to 3 inches. This will change the ride height and also the way the car handles. When raising the car, be sure to have it aligned afterward to ensure that it drives correctly.

How many miles do BC Racing coilovers last?

BC Coilovers typically last around 75k miles. However, this can vary depending on the make and model of the coilovers, as well as the driving conditions and habits of the vehicle’s owner.

Are BC coilovers digressive?

BC Racing’s DS Coilover system is built with digressive valving, which provides a large amount of low-speed compression damping. This makes the ride more comfortable during normal driving, while still providing enough damping to prevent excessive body roll and pitch during more aggressive maneuvers.

How long do D2 Racing coilovers last?

D2 Racing coilovers are designed to last up to 8 years. They are made with high-quality materials and construction techniques, so they can withstand everyday wear and tear. However, harsh weather conditions or accidents may shorten the life of the coilovers.

Is D2 air suspension good?

Yes, D2 Air Suspension is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for quality and great performance in one package. The ride quality is top-notch, and the system installs easily and performs flawlessly.


So, who is the winner in the D2 Racing vs. BC Racing battle? Frankly speaking, it just depends on your perception, your preference, and of course the budget you have. For budget shoppers, BC Racing comes as a blessing. 

At the same time, these coilovers have a special fan base that wants coilovers for daily driving. If you’re one of them, BC Racing is for you. However, if you don’t hesitate about spending bucks and need coilovers for tracks, D2 Racing should be your first choice. 

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