How to Adjust Magnetic Ride Control

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Precise riding comfort, low-velocity damping control, response quickly, and ensuring maximum performance without reacting or bumping are possible when the car has magnetic ride control. Magnetic ride control or MagneRide (MRC) is useful for adapting and adjusting the suspension kits allowing the car to run rough terrain without hampering ride quality. But first, you need to adjust magnetic ride controls to your vehicle accurately. Any mistakes can lead to great damage to the entire vehicle.

Magnetic ride control is an electronic suspension system that allows the reduction of road bumps and precise dampening. It has numerous advantages including enhanced ride quality, quicker response, and reading the road conditions thoroughly after spending a few minutes. It recognizes the changes quite faster even if the change is few.

Adjusting the magnetic ride control unit to the car requires a few steps. Before starting the installation process of the MRC system, first gathering the necessary materials is crucial. However, the procedures will be mentioned here elaborately. Keep reading this article to make the adjustment straightforward.

8 Steps to Adjust Magnetic Ride Control

8 Steps to Adjust Magnetic Ride Control: Beginners Guide

The process of adjusting magnetic ride control is pretty straightforward and anyone can do it. However necessary knowledge and materials are needed to complete the task in a fun way. Here is a step-by-step guide to adjusting the most crucial parts for getting the utmost benefits.

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

The pre-condition before doing anything, especially related to the automobile parts and kits, gathering required materials and hardware is fundamental. Doing the task efficiently and in a more accessible way, there is no substitute except for collecting essentials. However, if you collect all the hardware and equipment, the task will be straightforward. The required materials are:

  • A screwdriver blade
  • A 10mm open-end wrench
  • 15mm socket
  • 18mm ratchet wrench
  • Hand gloves
  • Goggles for eye protection
  • Face mask.

Step 2: Ensure the System is Off

The second step is to ensure the power and everything is turned off. It is not a wise thing to just close the car and put your hand on the suspension. If you do so, you will suffer severe injuries. Therefore, wait for a while after turning off the car and then start working. It should be done because the system might be hot and it will burn your hand or body.

Step 3: Disassembly and Reassembly

The third step is disassembling and reassembling. Now, take the suspension-related components off to adjust the MagneRide control easily. First, disconnect the little lock located with the ABS cable with a screwdriver blade. Don’t pull it hard. Otherwise, it will be damaged entirely. Then, other components like the top mount, lower mount, and sensors need to disconnect.

Step 4: Set the Pump Rod

Step four is to set up the pump tod with a 10mm open-end wrench. Tighten this gently so that it can’t lose its shape while driving. When it is firmly attached to the joint, stop rotating the wrench. Then, attach the wire loom clips from up with a pry bar. Just pry them down and they will automatically attach to the joint. After that, relocate the magnetic ride control wire by pushing the gray connector straight.

Step 5: Connect the Wire

After setting up the pump rod, gently locate the connecting wire. Push up the screwdriver blade to pry this off and connect the wire safely. Remember to connect genuinely. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide the desired performance.

Step 6: Tighten the Lower Strut Mounting Bolts

Now time to tighten the lower strut mounting bolts by using the 15mm socket. Then use an 18mm ratchet wrench to reattach the top strut nuts. Be careful when tightening the nuts and bolts, because if any nuts are loose or don’t fit tightly, suspension parts will come off at any time. As a result, danger or accidents will happen without notification.

Step 7: Ensure There is No Damage

When assembling and reassembling, be careful about unusual damage. Any damage can lead to severe injury. In addition, make sure the parts are in perfect shape when taking off. Often, people make mistakes when disconnecting the MRC wire. They tighten or loosen the nuts too hard so the thread loses its shape. Consequently, you may need to buy again and pay extra money.

Step 8: Check the Fitting

Finally, overlooking the joint and connection. See if there is a defect or deviation or not. If there still are some loose nuts and bolts, or the wire doesn’t connect perfectly, assemble again. If you see there is nothing wrong, then you have done the job. Now, ready to experience an uncompromised and hassle-free ride all the time.

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Importance of a Magnetic Ride Control in the Car

There are numerous benefits of the magnetic ride control system. It provides you with a calm and enjoyable riding experience in all conditions. Additionally, it reads the road quickly and reacts accordingly. Here are some additional benefits that insist you install this.

  • Read road conditions fast

Among numerous benefits, the most satisfactory one is it reads the road condition within 5 milliseconds. Road conditions can be read by a magnetic ride control system a thousand times a second. This way you can’t feel any discomfort while riding. Even in unsurfaced conditions, it provides smoother and sporty feelings.

  • Eliminate discomfort

As mentioned above, the magnetic ride suspension is determined and perfect to provide you with a classy and enjoyable ride experience. It helps to keep the perfect balance between comfortable riding and handling. This works in a unique way by magnetorheological fluid which is completely different from the conventional suspension parts. This is why the fluid constantly flows and passes through thoroughly.

  • Consistent and accurate movement

If you want more consistent and accurate movement, installing magnetic ride control is enough. The electronic control unit allows it to react quickly and respond accordingly. It has low-velocity damping control for excellent chassis responsiveness and ensures pretty much better ride comfort. It also helps to absorb road bumps and reduce stress.

  • Provide smoother ride

Enjoy a comfortable and smoother ride by adjusting the magnetic ride control. No matter whether you are driving on rough terrain or local streets, it always provides a better and safer ride. The advanced technology of MagneRide controls reacting to the road quickly and reads the road faster than a conventional suspension unit. By doing this, it absorbs bumps and bounciness and adjusts the vehicle’s shock absorber to give a perfect smoother ride.

  • Less mechanical wear and tear

There are a few lackings and drawbacks of the MRC system. It lasts for a long time without damaging or wearing rapidly. Also, manufacturers make this system carefully to ensure no mechanical issues. This is why adjusting a magnetic ride control enables you to ride better and get a smoother ride anywhere anytime.


What is magnetic ride control?

Magnetic Ride Control is an advanced suspension technology using magnetorheological fluid in shock absorbers. It rapidly adjusts damping rates based on road conditions and driving style, using sensors and electromagnets. This system enhances ride comfort and handling, adapting in real time for optimal vehicle performance.

Does magnetic ride control wear out?

Magnetic Ride Control systems are generally durable, but they can experience wear. While the system’s sophisticated design minimizes traditional wear and tear, issues can still arise with electronic components or fluid degradation over time, especially under harsh driving conditions or as the vehicle ages. Regular maintenance is advisable.

How do I know if my magnetic ride control is bad?

If your Magnetic Ride Control is failing, you might notice a rougher ride, reduced handling precision, suspension-related dashboard warning lights, unusual noises from the suspension, and potential fluid leaks from the shock absorbers. A professional inspection is recommended if these symptoms are observed.

Can you lower a car with magnetic ride control?

Yes, you can lower a car with Magnetic Ride Control, but it requires compatible lowering kits or springs designed for these systems. Proper installation is crucial to maintain the system’s functionality and vehicle handling. Professional installation is highly recommended.


The importance of magnetic ride control can’t be avoided. Everyone should agree on the necessity of this. The working mechanism and other technical subjects related to MRC are pretty amazing. But beginners are worried about adjusting the magnetic ride control and how to use it. The adjusting process is effortless as mentioned in this guide. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful to you. Wish you a happy ride always.

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