How to Reset Service Suspension System? [step-by-step Guide]

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There is no alternative to achieving a smoother, quality ride without a suspension system. A service or air suspension system allows the car to provide comfort without increasing noise and fatigue.

However, after installing it, it can defect for rough and harsh driving. As a result, the service suspension system needs to be reset from time to time. However, the process of resetting the service suspension system seems critical to many. Just disconnect the battery cable, connect the shock location to a resistor, remove the fuse, and re-attach the cable will take you to the conclusion.

In addition to increasing ride comfort and grip, the service suspension system enhances the shocks’ lifespan and versatility.  However, any suspension system difficulties can cause great damage and severe injuries. Therefore, maintaining and taking it off after getting old is crucial.

If you are looking to get the resetting task done easily and risk-free, go through the entire article. Here you will find the step-by-step guide to resetting the service suspension system accurately.

Steps to Reset Service Suspension System Without Damaging Other Parts

You need to reset or turn off the service suspension system due to riding height deviation. Often, the riding height you want is not achieved because of bad air suspension installation or defects. In this case, it is necessary to turn the system off. Here is a simple procedure to get the job done quickly.

Step 1: Gently raise the vehicle

Before turning off or closing the suspension to balance ride height, first, lift the car at minimum height. Remember to ensure there is proper support to prevent any shaking or turning. It should be done for smoother and more accessible work. So take this as the first step and then go for the next step.

Step 2: Disconnect the negative and positive battery cable

The next step is to take off the negative battery. Remember when you disconnect the battery cable, first, disconnect the negative one. Now the basic thing you should do for disconnecting the cable is to locate or identify the battery’s negative polarity. After that, deviate from the terminal.

Remember to ensure you don’t connect the negative terminal to the positive terminal. After disconnecting the negative cable, disconnect the positive one too.

Step 3: Connect each shock location with a resistor

Next, you need to install the resistors to the wire that comes from the old struts. Basically, there are two resistors with four wire connectors and two resistors. Now, take the wire connectors and place them on the ends of the resistors.

After that take the wire and crimp them to the connectors. Cut off or unwrap the tape that is already wrapped around the wires. Once the wires have been unwrapped, cut them halfway around. Take some wire stripper to strip the ends off. By doing this you can crimp the wire connectors.

Step 4: Eliminate the fuses

Now time to remove the fuses like the F05 air suspension comp, F50 air suspension mod, and F87 air suspension/TT. Find out the fuse box and understand which fuse you are going to pull out. To remove them safely and quickly, you can use a plastic puller or your fingers or tweezers.

Step 5: Insert the removal fuses one by one

After finishing the fuse checking and the fuse-related job is done, again, insert the fuses in their location. Just locate the fuse panel, wire the cable accordingly, and fix the correct amperages. Don’t make any mistakes here. Otherwise, you may experience a hazardous situation.

Step 6: Re-attach the battery cable

After finishing the above steps, now time to relocate the battery cable. When you reattach the cable, remember to connect the positive first and then the negative. It is recommended because the negative has less potential and won’t arc properly.

When you put negative first, the whole metal of the car will be arched. So put the wire into a specific terminal so that there is no damage. Before that make sure you wear safety gear for this project.

Step 7: Turn the jeep on

Now, the service suspension system has been replaced. So at the moment, seat your jeep and turn it on. Keep an eye out and see if there is any fault or not. If the light comes on automatically, it is a bad sign. But if the lights don’t come on, there are no problems with the suspension system.

Step 8: Let the jeep run for a few minutes

Keep the car running for 8 to 10 minutes. By doing so, it can be determined if the car is running flawlessly or not. Also, ensure there is no issue in riding height and a smoother ride without producing weird noises. In addition, check whether the handling is smooth or sloppy. If smooth, the car now is okay.

Reasons why you need to reset the service suspension systems

Turning off or resetting the suspension systems after some time is crucial to get a smoother and more comfortable ride. Also, it eradicates sloppy handling, wired noise, rougher ride, etc. Here are some other reasons why you need to resolve the suspension system.

  • To Get A Noise-free Ride: Everyone wants to drive the car without hearing the noise coming from the bottom parts. But unfortunately, bad or old shocks and struts can’t provide a noise-free ride. In this circumstance, you should replace them with new ones to achieve the desired ride.
  • To Achieve Better Handling: Handling is a fundamental thing to have a safe and blissful journey. When the handling is out of control, cornering or turning the car seems too challenging. But the reverse scenario will be experienced when the handling is perfect. So whenever you feel inconsistency in handling, look at your car’s suspension system.
  • To Achieve Perfect Ride Height: The more ride height is the more wheels can travel accurately and absorb road shocks. In addition, the car can run smoothly even if the road is curvy or unsurfaced (not flat). But when the suspension is lousy, it won’t be achieved. In this case, the suspension system should be turned off or reset.
  • To Get Perfect Steering: Precisely steer the vehicle to keep the driver safe when cornering or driving in bumpy areas. When the sterling is perfect, the driver doesn’t need to give extra effort to run the vehicle. A lousy suspension system allows you to steer inconsistently and make the driving unsafe.
  • To Ensure Comfort: contact between the road surface and the tires is crucial to achieving accurate handling, stable steering, sportier driving, and reduced road bumps. When these things are ensured, maximum comfort will be achieved. A perfect shock and strut assembly allows the passenger to get maximum comfort by absorbing road bumps and dampening.

Concluding Remark

Suspension systems have numerous benefits in a car to get smooth, functional, noise-free, and sporty driving. Moreover, it adjusts the four shock absorbers perfectly, allowing you to take control of your hand. But after a month or year, the suspension gets old.

Therefore, it can’t perform like the way it performs when new. In this case, you need to reset the service suspension system. Hopefully, you are now clear on how to do this. Wish you a happy ride always.

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