Best Coilovers For GTI MK6 – 5 Top Picks In 2023

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Coilovers continue to be Mazda’s most practical suspension modification choice for your MK6 GTI. Now the reason for this is that they permit considerable suspension adjustability that most people don’t get with the stock hardware.

Both of these attributes are related to damping and ride height. Moreover, Coilovers are versatile, and they go on a variety of street driving arrangements such as trailers, drag strips, and racetracks. 

Prior to purchasing a Coilover setup for your GTI MK6, think about your options. Dependable Coilover models come in various prices and computing configurations, so it’s required to determine the right choice for your personal needs. 

To choose the coilovers with the top bang-for-the-buck, we scouted all the best coilovers for GTI MK6 and made a list of the best ones. 

Our Top Picks

Comparison Table of Coilovers for GTI MK6

NameQuick FeaturesRatingPrice
Godspeed MMX3290-B MAXX Coilovers-Comes with an Adjustable Camber Plate 
-CNC Machined Aluminum And Carbon Steel Hardware Parts
-Anti-Corrosion Coating Integrated Shock body
-Highly viscous Italian IP F.A. Made Shock Oil
-Replaceable shock damper
9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
Godspeed MRS1810-B MonoRS-Mono-tube shocks with valving
-32 levels of compression rebound adjustment
-High-quality Koyo bearings
-Weight Saving Aluminum Components
-Independent Ride Height and Spring -Pre-load Adjustments
9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
Megan Racing Euro II Series Coilover-Upper body with Anodized finish
-Monotube Internal Single Cylinder Construction
-Full-Length Adjustability and ride height adjustment
-32-Level Damper Compression 
-Separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment 
9.7 Out of 10See On Amazon
Rev9 R9-HS2-033_7 Hyper-Street II Coilover-Mono Tube Shock With Steel Alloy Body
-Independent Spring Tension And Ride Height Settings 
-32 levels of dampening force adjustment
-Pillow Ball Camber Plate
-Full-length adjustability
9.6 Out of 10See On Amazon
Yonaka Adjustable Spec 2 Performance Coilover Kit-28 level full dampening adjustments
-Inner bump stop to prevent damage
-Wide range of height adjustment
-Fully threaded dual tube advanced shock absorber
-Rubber dust shield
9.8 Out of 10See On Amazon

Best Coilovers for GTI MK6 Buyer’s Guide

We have put together the best Coilover buying guide to make the process of finding the perfect coilovers easier for you. We have included a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a Coilover system, from price to quality to fitment. This guide will help you make an informed decision and get the most benefit out of your new suspension system.

Types of Coilovers

There are three different types of coilovers available in the market and considering what type of Coilover you need is the first and foremost duty, especially when you’re purchasing your first aftermarket Coilover setup. The three major types of Coilover are discussed below:

  • Non-Shock Adjustable Coilovers

As the name implies, Non-shock adjustable coilovers are full-bodied coilovers that come with shocks, but they’re not adjustable.  That means you won’t be able to adjust the compression, rebound force, and stiffness settings as you need. This type of Coilover is mainly praised for its incredible flexibility. 

  • Shock Adjustable Coilovers

Shock adjustable Coilovers share most of the features of the non-adjustable variant. However, the key difference lies in “adjustability”. Due to the adjustability, full-body adjustable coilovers are more popular among people who love to fine-tune their vehicles according to their driving habits and conditions. 

  • Coilover Sleeves

If you have heard about lowering springs, understanding coilover sleeves won’t be difficult for you. However, the aspect that differentiates them from lowering springs is their adjustability. You can choose from a variety of approaches and pay rates. 

Coilover sleeves don’t have any strut or shock. It gives you a choice between top mounts and can be adjusted over an existing shock. They’re often considered to be a good option for beginners willing for a suspension upgrade. 


When you’re looking for coilovers to modify your GTI MK6’s suspension system, you have no way to make any mistakes. For this, you should carefully find out which Coilover setup is made for your specific model. Be sure that your car model is listed in the product description otherwise, it does not fit!


Coilovers can vary widely in cost depending on the type and model you select. Use the compare function to narrow down your choices and identify a particular producer from which you can list by selecting their price range. Prices for a Coilover kit’s full component range roughly from $500 and upward. 

Monotube vs. Twin Tube 

There are two possible Coilover setups, monotube, and twin-tube. The monotube setup is simple, you just have to have the piston and rod in the coilover’s damping case. The twin tube configuration, on the other hand, has an inner and an outer tube, with the inner tube containing the cylinder and shaft and the outer tube housing the fluid. This is called a hydraulic fluid reservoir if you want to sound extra industry! It has real benefits, such as the benefits of a faster piston stroke, which makes it more capable.

The monotube is often found in less expensive to mid-level coilovers because it is simpler and easier to create, while the twin tube is found in luxury coilovers. As long as you’re not too worried about paying a higher price, don’t be annoyed about it. 

Many people won’t even know that you have this particular Coilover. High-end coilovers are created specifically for doing as much work as possible for the driver, to accusing him of no exception, any advantage is critical.

Dampening Adjustability

Dampening controls how quickly springs compress and the degree to which they rebound. So, dampening adjustability as the term suggests is the ability to control the compression and rebound of the coil springs to control the vehicle’s suspension. Simply put, it is adjusting how stiff or soft you would like the suspension. 

Beginning with implanted coilovers, you’ll generally find two dampening options. Mounted without dampening, preset dampening coilovers are among the best options for those looking for a controlled driving experience; they can add a bit of additional comfort, though. Coilovers with dampening adjustability are more expensive but allow the driver complete control over the ride and response.

Spring Rates

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for your MK6 GTI coilover is the compression or spring rate. Spring rate refers to the amount of pressure it takes to compress the spring by one inch. You will typically see this measurement in pounds per inch. 

For example, 250 pounds in the front and 220 pounds in the rear will be softer than 400 pounds in the front and 420 pounds in the rear. So the first example will probably work best for drivers who aren’t exceptionally aggressive in their driving style or with a lifted car, whereas the latter example will probably be ideally paired with cars that are a tad lower or truck tires. 

Just be sure to find a tolerable balance between ride height and damping rates, as you will want to avoid squashing the springs at an inch off the ground. No one wants to feel their stomach bottom out, so it is always better to go for firmer springs if you’re riding low a bit off.

Ride Height Adjustment

Coilovers available in the market come with a wide range of riding height and suspension settings. The difference among various suspensions is the incorporating mechanism which usually comes with a single immovable elevation. 

Some Coilovers are made with fixed ride height features, while others have multiple settings. You can also select from among different choices depending on your driving patterns, preferences, and requirements. 

Depending upon the settings you choose, your driving position and fuel economy will be affected. The adjustments in the lower mount affect standard Coilovers and the number of options available.

5 Best Coilovers For GTI MK6 – Our Top Rated List

Our team has handpicked the best coilovers on the market and tested them extensively to find the ideal one for your GTI MK6. From budget-friendly to high-end options, we have you covered. Whether you’re in need of addition like a new performance upgrade or a straightforward way to make your car handle better, our superior coilovers will suit you perfectly.

1. Best for Drifting Aggressive Ride – Godspeed MMX3290-B MAXX Coilovers 

  • Comes with an Adjustable Camber Plate 
  • CNC Machined Aluminum And Carbon Steel Hardware Parts
  • Anti-corrosion coating Integrated Shock body
  • Highly viscous Italian IP F.A. Made Shock Oil
  • Replaceable shock damper
MMX3290-B MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Height, 40 Damping Settings, made for VW GTI (MK5/MK6) 2006-14(54.5 mm), best coilovers for GTI MK6

Some coilovers in Car communities be described as world-class. What enables these coilovers to stand out above others? Possibly it’s the exceptional performance, or perhaps the important thing is the first-rate build. Whatever the cause, Car communities are in complete agreement that when there is Godspeed, there’s something to top that. 

Godspeed on MMX3290-B MAXX is a Coilover kit that features advanced handling for crazed drivers. It provides the functionality to readjust its height and suspension damping. Intended mostly for moderate-to-intense driving, this Coilover kit can provide experience and handling abilities for aficionados who dare to win. 

Body rolls are barely present, and many experiences become smoother once you possess the coilovers installed. When you turn it on, there are no creaking noises. They roll easily, even on freshly paved roads. With several options for height adjustment, you can obtain the perfect height to your liking. 

Also, its shock-mounted shock absorbers will aid the riding experience and provide satisfactory functionality. The shock is connected with a strong top hat equipped with a high-caliber bearing pillow ball mount (when available) at the site of the brake arm bracket by a set employing a ten-millimeter machined and heat-treated bearing.  

We should also mention that the tightness of this system appears to be higher than might be expected. This fact could be inconvenient to certain users. 

2. Best for Street – Megan Racing Euro II Series Coilover

  • Upper body with Anodized finish
  • Monotube Internal Single Cylinder Construction
  • Full-Length Adjustability and ride height adjustment
  • 32-Level Damper Compression 
  • Separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment 
Megan Compatible/Replacement For MK5 MK6 Golf GTI Euro II Series Coilover Damper Suspension Kit

Afterward, we included Megan Racing in our selection of shock absorber brands. As one of the oldest producers of shock absorbers, Megan Racing remains at the top of the heap. The manufacturer produces some of the best shocks out there. We can say this even more so of their MK6 GTI Euro II Series Coilover Set scheme. 

With these coils mounted in your vehicle, you can determine where your suspension settings need to be, especially when coupled with the range of turns the coilovers give you. These coilovers enable you to lower your car’s height anywhere from one and 11/8 to 1.5 inches.

You can also access 32 total click functions, so you can manipulate your damper settings to anything you want. Apart from changes, you will also get premium parts you usually see in motorsports.

It is generally softer and more widely supported than any preconception, and it is paired with additional comfort and springs. The difference between what we had anticipated and what came was usually a 220-millimeter-long threaded shaft, 1.5 millimeters of bump stop, and 1.5 more inches of coil-over travel.

The model is extremely delicate and precisely designed, so it’s strongly advised you hire a professional to handle the installation of the product. You’ll be able to complete it yourself, but a misplaced screw can lead to severe difficulties over the years. To make things even more difficult, there is no instruction manual included for the task.

However, one issue that some users encounter is when they come into tight curves or park spaces, there is a type of humming noise from the rear of their coilovers. 

3. Best for Daily Driving – Godspeed MRS1810-B MonoRS

  • Mono-tube shocks with valving
  • 32 levels of compression rebound adjustment
  • High-quality Koyo bearings
  • Weight Saving Aluminum Components
  • Independent Ride Height and Spring Pre-load Adjustments
Godspeed MRS1810-B MonoRS Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit for Volkswagen GTI MK5/MK6 2006-14

Do you pay attention to aftermarket car accessories? If so, you’ve probably noticed the iconic Godspeed name. Yes, we have another member from this legendary brand. This time, we’re going to introduce the MRS1810-B MonoRS coilovers for your Volkswagen. 

Let’s first talk about the construction of this middle child of the Godspeed Street Coilover lineup. We have found this unit quite durable, especially because of its high-quality components that include carbon steel and powder-coated CNC machined aluminum accessories. 

This Coilover suspension features a threaded base specifically created for precise cockpit height modification without compromising the natural response or travel of the shock absorber.  Additional high-performance upper mounts have been added, as well as a 32-way damping adjustment, so you can set up your GTI MK6 for either the road or the track. 

The entrance sections of our organization comprise a 52 mm Monotube Stainless Steel Shock for unsurpassed rigidity in order to keep the damper from binding under pressure from excessive weight. 

According to Godspeed, all chrome steel piston rods were heat-treated and chrome-plated by heat treatment to shape precise tolerances for dependable, unrelenting operation.

This kit is a good option for making modifications to suspensions on an assortment of vehicles. However, its single major defect is that the kits are hard to set up. This can be an issue if you’re not sure how to set up suspension modifications or do not have the required tools such as.

4. Best for Race Tracks – Yonaka Adjustable Spec 2 Performance Coilover Kit

  • 28 level full dampening adjustments
  • Inner bump stop to prevent damage
  • Wide range of height adjustment
  • Fully threaded dual tube advanced shock absorber
  • Rubber dust shield
Yonaka Fits 2010-2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 Adjustable Spec 2 Performance Coilover Kit

For someone with a passion for hot-hatch racing, shock-dampening settings are not as essential. As long as their cars manage properly, no one actually cares about height adjustability for as long as its sensible fender well gaps remain. 

Only one element is non-negotiable for those who enjoy hot-hatch racing, and that is excellent ground clearance. If folks like you belong to this crowd, you ought to be checking out the Yonaka Adjustable Spec 2 Performance Coilover Kit. 

These coilovers operate just as great, both on a car’s standard suspension and on its considerable springtime. They feature a progressive flow that functions perfectly for setups with controlled valve shocks. 

You should always expect to get something worthwhile for the money you spend on coilovers. If you opt for affordable coilovers, then you’re most likely to purchase poor-quality components. 

However, Yonaka is a notable exception to this rule, as their Spec 2 Performance kit is unquestionably affordable but offers a terrific ride and terrific control thanks to its conservative spring rate and adjustability.

With this assembly upgrade, you can make adjustments to how soft (or stiff) the stiffening in your vehicle is significantly under a couple of minutes. You can use the included lower trekking brackets to deepen or lighten your falls without changing the way your suspension slides on air. 

Keep in mind that regardless of how well it may offer you a smooth ride and superb handling, it’s only height-adjustable coilovers. If you can adhere to a tight budget, you might quite rationally choose coilovers versus height-adjustable coilovers.

5. Best for Race Tracks – Rev9 R9-HS2-033_7 Hyper-Street II Coilover

  • Mono Tube Shock With Steel Alloy Body
  • Independent Spring Tension And Ride Height Settings 
  • 32 levels of dampening force adjustment
  • Pillow Ball Camber Plate
  • Full-length adjustability
Rev9 R9-HS2-033_7 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit, Mono-Tube Shock w/ 32 Click Rebound Setting, Full Length Adjustable, compatible with Volkswagen GTI (MK6) 2010-14

Are you thrilled by premium suspension kits available in the market but worried about what you have in your wallet? Well, we have a budget-friendly option for you as well. Check the Rev9 R9-HS2-033_7 Hyper-Street II Coilover for your GTI MK6. 

So what does this Coilover offer? They provide you with a way to bring your chassis to the ground. And when we say that, we mean really low. You can make even small adjustments to the vehicle’s ride height without changing the chassis’ spring tension. There are certain restrictions on the spring height adjustment technology; therefore, the risk of making unintended changes is eliminated.

This system features two suspended adjustable struts (by means of one monotube shock) in addition to a set of easy-to-install bolts that attach them to the body of the chassis. In addition, it is designed with a drop-in design that makes it easy to install, and it comes complete with all the hardware and instructions.

All its constituents include a mix of steel and copper. This mixture imparts the system both durability as well as lightweight qualities. We ought simply to say, ostensibly, it’s just the by far practical way of getting your suspension spring system raised on a budget.

In addition to the characteristic elements of the aforementioned automobile, it boasts 32 flip-clicks of adjustable valving to allow the selection of a Coilover setup to your own liking, and it holds 6 fully blended shocks to decide on the level of the ride you desire.

As you install the  Rev9 R9-HS2-033 Hyper-Street II Coilover on your car, you may hear some unusual sounds and observe a slight shaking of the components. However, research suggests that this is a fairly common issue with this model and easy to get rid of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coilovers should I get?

It’s crucial to buy coilovers from a trusted company that offers good customer service and stands behind its products with guarantees and warranties. When selecting springs, balm balls, pillowtop mounts, and a monotube setup, it’s important to pay attention to quality.

Are coilovers safe?

Seeking coilovers that are cheaper may adversely affect the ride comfort and quality of the vehicle, so companies advise leaving room for models with a good reputation. Possible failure. Furthermore, inexpensive and poor-quality coilovers can be a real liability on the road. Some “sleeve type” designs can fail when driving.

Do I need coilovers?

If you want to lower your vehicle without any issues and adjust it to special situations, detachable coilovers are the best choice. If you only wish to engage in fancier handling with the advice of a visual aspect, you can easily set up a coilover suspension without rebound and compression damping adjustments.

Do coilovers adjust ride height?

Fully threaded coilovers can be adjusted to suit different vehicle heights. To adjust the height of a Coilover kit, unlock collar C using the provided adjustment wrench by turning the wrench counterclockwise.

How do you stop coilovers from rusting?

There are a few things you can do to try and stop coilovers from rusting. Firstly, make sure that they are kept clean. If there is dirt or dust on the coilovers, it will attract moisture and corrosion will start. Secondly, make sure that the coilovers are properly lubricated. This will help to prevent them from becoming rusty and also keep them performing their best. Finally, make sure that they are stored in a dry area.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some serious performance upgrades for your GTI MK6, a set of coilovers is the way to go. Depending on your driving style and vehicle setup, different coilovers will offer you varying levels of performance enhancement. 

Make sure to test out a set before making a purchase to ensure that it fits your needs and driving style. Finally, always be sure to consult your car’s owner’s manual for specific installation instructions.

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