Cadillac XTS Air Suspension Problems (Reasons & Solved It Now)

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There is nothing serious except an air suspension problem, especially when driving comfortably. In the meantime, there is a wired noise or something like the car ups and down inappropriately. When driving a Cadillac XTS and there is a problem with air suspension, the mode will automatically change. Therefore, understanding the Cadillac XTS air suspension problems is crucial for a Cadillac owner.

Most Cadillac owners complain about airbag suspension problems and it happens regularly. As a result, they don’t feel comfortable when driving their beloved car. However, as a car owner, you should have knowledge about air suspension problems and their solutions. The common but concerning problems include leaks, faulty wiring, drive shaft disconnection, inconsistent lowering, etc.

There are many more problems including airbag suspension problems. If you don’t take a look and have genuine knowledge about the problems, you will damage your car entirely. Therefore, go through this article to know deeply and their solutions.

Common Cadillac XTS Air Suspension Problems That Happen Regularly

The ride quality and comfort will suffer significantly if the air suspension warning light is on. There are many problems that appear when the suspension system gets old or after driving a long drive. In this section, you will introduce some major Cadillac XTS air suspension problems.

Problem 1: Driveshaft disconnection

An accurate suspension driveshaft connection is mandatory to transmit torque from the transmission to the ultimate drive. It transmits the torque to a trans axle straight away to the wheels. But before performing this, the driveshaft must be worked through from different angles.

In most cases, the Cadillac XTS airbag suspension system occasionally has problems with the driveshaft. As a result, the desired angle can’t be achieved and allowed to bring change in the drive.

Problem 2: Rear Suspension compressor failure

Every car has a minimum lowering height and the car sits at that height, but when the compression is lousy or faulty, the car sits below the standard height. It is considered the most basic symptom of a faulty suspension. However, this problem is common in Cadillac XTS cars.

As a result, drivers always hear abnormal sounds coming from the bottom part of the car. As soon as you detect there is a compression failure, fix it without looking back.

Problem 3: Broken Struts

Struts are the most crucial component for any vehicle to achieve the maximum ride height and reduce road bumps. A strut is efficient in absorbing unusual road bumps and bounciness.

Most of the time Cadillac users feel uncomfortable and inconsistent while driving on uneven surfaces. In addition, a bad strut can cause a braking problem, poor control, and premature tire wear.

Problem 4: Lousy Bearing plate

The fourth number problem can be a faulty strut bearing, which creates a knocking or clunking noise. The noise especially occurs when you are cornering bumpy roads. It also causes bad alignment function and early tire defects.

Moreover, the driver feels a stiffer ride and inconsistency in controlling when steering. This issue is serious in the Cadillac XTS car and you need to fix it soon.

Problem 5: Air dryer failure

In an air suspension system, an air dryer plays a crucial role to prevent preventing the air. When the air, especially damping air accumulates in the suspension systems, vehicle sagging seems a major problem.

Accumulating the wet air also interferes with its leveling abilities, which causes inappropriate cornering. In this situation, you should replace the air dryer and install a new one.

Problem 6: Air spring failure

Springs (coil springs) are important to absorb road pressure and bounce. They link up between the car body and wheels to ensure the utmost comfort. Surprisingly, springs are considered a foundation of any suspension parts. When the car faces lots of trouble on uneven surfaces, it minimizes the road bumps and assures a smoother ride. Unfortunately, it seems incomplete in all models of Cadillac cars.

Problem 7: Suspension error message comes on

When the suspension system faces any trouble or stores a suspension fault, this message always comes on. Often, when driving on the freeway or local street, you may see a defective light.

Additionally, if there is something wrong with the suspension system, the error message comes and gives an alarm to you. As soon as you see the error message, understand there is something abnormal activity happening on sturt or shocks.

Problem 8: Leaks

The air suspension system can leak for many reasons. One of the major reasons is damaged airlines. Leaking in the suspension can be dangerous and keep you away from driving safely. Even a minor leakage can cause great damage to the car. So it needs to be repaired hurriedly so that the desired performance is achieved.

Problem 9: Not adjusting accurately

Many suspension systems of Cadillac are not firmly adjustable. This is why driving will be uncomfortable and the suspension loses completely. If the suspension system is messed up the overall function may mess up. The poor adjustment will lead the car to leakage fluid, bumpy ride, premature tie wire, etc.

How to fix Cadillac XTS air suspension problems: troubleshooting processes

There is no substitute to get smoother and risk-free driving except a better suspension system. But often, the suspension loses its shape and individuality. Therefore, here is a complete guide to troubleshooting the Cadillac air suspension system.

If the problem is leaking suspension, then try to resolve the issue by following the below steps.

Step 1: Take some water and a bottle. Pour water into the bottle with a few drops of soap.

Step 2: Identify the air fittings and spray or dip the fittings in soapy water. Now, watch carefully if there are any bubbles or not. If a bubble comes out from the joint, understand there is leaking.

Step 3: After identifying the leak, take a wrench and tighten the fittings. If the joint is broken or damaged completely, replace or reinstall it. 

Step 4: Be careful when you tighten the joint. Ensure you tighten the fitting correctly. It is wise to wrap the fittings with Teflon tape. Finally, test the fitting as you did in the first step.

For faulty pressure switch of air system:

If the pressure switch is not working thoroughly, the suspension system will lose its performance. Look at the following steps and fix them accordingly.

Step 1: First, check and examine the pressure switch that is in the air system. Usually, the pressure switch works less effectively due to insufficient air supply. You can examine it by jacking or shaking up the car.

Step 2: Drain the air tank, which is usually at the below part of the tank. Then, turn the vehicle on, by doing this you can activate the pressure switch. Now, set a test light on the cable and see if there is a light showing or not.

Step 3: If the light does not show, check and replace the fuse. Finally, replace the pressure switch if the fuse is good but the switch is off.


The Cadillac XTS is a mind-blowing feature-rich car with versatile functionality. But there are some common but major Cadillac XTS air suspension problems, which cause significant damage to overall systems. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be aware of future problems and keep your car up to date. The suggestion is don’t let the car seat idle with inappropriate suspension systems. Happy driving always.

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