Best Coilovers For Toyota 86: Enhancing Your Ride

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Your Toyota 86 coagulates from your home or office precisely as it should, and you can count on it to function reliably on its surface. There is nothing not to like, and there’s potential for it to improve. 

However, to get behind the wheel of the Toyota GT86, make the handling even more incredible, or make suspension mods if you prefer finer alternatives, Coilovers are a perfect choice.

Nowadays, manufacturers across the world have consistently been striving to make the perfect Coilover setup for their customers, causing many excellent choices out there. 

Perhaps you currently surf your 86 and want to get a greater velocity on the twisty roads or invest all of its abilities on the track. In that case, our best Coilovers for Toyota 86 review can be your guide.

Best Coilovers For Toyota 86 – Our Top Rated List

Our team spent hours in painstaking research to review the many Coilover options available for Toyota 86. Furthermore, we closely monitored market developments in order to identify evolving trends and implement the most innovative features discovered. Now, let’s review our selection of top-rated Coilovers for the Toyota 86.

1. VALBEL Weight Reducer 24 Ways Coilover

best coilovers for Toyota 86

Intuitively, the question of power is logical. What we would attempt to do from the start is to create handling as successfully as possible, specifically by leveraging the present automobile’s building. At the track, the creator actually focused on reducing lap times.

With a racing stance enabled, we had to move to an oppositional place, leaving our street-performance aftermarket Coilovers and exploring the automotive racecar territory. VALBEL Weight Reducer 24 Ways Coilover

 has satisfied our needs in this regard with its fully adjustable height, compression, and rebound.

Multiple settings allow for an individualized set up as a function of external factors, such as vehicle weight, highway conditions, track conditions, and driver needs. In addition, VALBEL Coilover Kits use linear race springs with more aggressive rates.

The shocks provide more comprehensive management of every season, slope, and speed in harsh race environments. They are well suited for race track enthusiasts who take lapping events or driver safety course clients.

Driver Experience:

The VALBEL Weight Reducer 24 Ways Coilover suspension kit includes a controller designed to offer an improved ride experience while decreasing the effects of hits on the track and enhancing the car’s handling. 

While getting up to speed on fast, bumpy tracks, the Coilover is comfortable, well-damped, even, and well-positioned without ever feeling nervous or insecure. Adjustments are most noticeable on bumpy, downhill sections of the track.


  • Excellent cornering capability
  • Require minor adjustments to suit
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable rebound
  • Wide height control range


  • Not superior for lowering cars
  • Shock adjustments are difficult

2. Ksport CTY070-SK Adjustable Coilovers 

best coilovers for Toyota 86 ksport

Now we have the CTY070-SK Adjustable Coilovers from Ksport, the world’s leading suspension manufacturer. The plasma dampers that kept the suspension level at the desired fall rate first got our attention. The unparalleled damping provided by the CTY070-SK Coilovers, featuring 36 adjustable levels, inverts the occurrence of a standard tower car mount. 

Surprisingly, the adjustable spring mount can also be adjusted as you desire. As the manufacturer advises, this Coilover has been designed to handle the extreme abuse and handling-intensive task of drifting. 

Even though, in 36 levels of compression and rebound, you can effortlessly adjust the ride to your liking. The dial is designed to control both compression and rebound simultaneously, making it easier to adjust the ride.

Pillow ball upper mountings also let you get a better feel for strong driver response. Camber adjustability is incorporated into pillow ball upper mounts that let you change camber from the Coilover, as opposed to separate camber kits.

This coil-over design is adjustable, which means that you lower the ride height without losing the suspension travel that other applications have. It was fabricated from 6061 aluminum alloy, so it is lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant.

Driver Experience

Without a doubt, Ksport is among the most well-respected suspension companies in the market, and it’s an outstanding option for those who are GT86 owners. This setup was almost certainly developed with the utmost consideration to keep handling comfort and journey effectiveness while at the same time maximizing your lap time at the tracks.


  • Superior adjustability
  • Excellent build quality
  • Camber adjustment
  • Suitable for tracks
  • Excellent ride comfort


  • Stiff setting
  • Installation is difficult

3. F2 Suspension Type 2 Coilovers

F2 suspension Coilovers for Toyota 86

Function and Form, the name might seem a bit odd to you. But the fact is that name doesn’t matter. As a Toyota 86 owner, you’ll surely love their brand new F2 Suspension Type 2 coilovers. This is why we have listed this one. 

Although this Coilover arrangement is performance-oriented with improved customization options, it adds adjustable damping, providing you with more choices when it comes to the manner in which your suspension handles the road.

For street jaunts, you’ll have a softer ride for an air-cooled suspension soft street and rear heaver axle, but for track and finals, you can manually change the rider damping and corner response and angle down. The 32 levels of adjustment bestowed by form and function give you the ability to narrow down to your particular stance.

Technically, Type II shares similarity with Type 1 in terms of the spring rates, but the sports- and the action-oriented ride is completely different. Along with differentiated preload and in-cabin ride height changes, you can fine-tune the suspension or plunge it for you on the racetrack without ride adjustment.

Driver Experience:

For the price, it is a relatively affordable Coilover. Not too firm and feels much better than my previously installed Coilovers that were originally 8,000 pounds. A little too soft it exaggerated some bumps. I bought these with the purpose of hitting mountain curves, and they don’t disappoint. 

If you’re not interested in cruising around a track or merely want good handling without affording those hefty prices, then these might be good for you.


  • 32-way adjustable damper
  • Twin-Tube Technology
  • Red Powder Coating
  • Adjustable Lower Mount
  • Steel Collars and Spring Perches


  • Not suitable for tracks
  • Too soft

4. Maxpeedingrods Coilovers Lowering Suspension Kit

Maxpeedingrods Coilovers for Toyota 86

Among the least expensive Coilover available for purchase, Maxpeedingrods Coilover is truly average. They’re certainly not great, but you get what you pay for. Maxpeedingrods Suspension Coilover Lowering Kits provide the best comfort when driving on rough terrain, and they’ve been tailored to suit your vehicle only.

Coilovers made of redneck rods do not look bad; however, they could seem more prestigious if better welds were applied to them. The welding in some places on these Coilovers is of variable quality at best. Aside from most cosmetic defects, the Coilover looks all right for the Toyota 86.

In the case of durability, they last more than quite a lot of affordable models. You will probably get a lot of excellent above-ground driving with a set of these. These Coilovers may be a bit more pricey than any other type of Coilovers, but hopefully, you will get a couple of years of driving experience out of them.

If you are searching for affordable Coilovers that you can adjust the height on, then these Coilovers might be a good option for you. These Coilovers have 1 to 3-inch height settings that you can set. You can select the car’s height you want so you can ride comfortably.

Driver Experience:

The modification to the front top hat required no changes, but the rear required some minor adjustments to be made as the rear top hat mounting hole had to be made longer to accommodate the adjustments, and the front camber plate adjustment angle does not follow from one model to the next. 

Apart from that tiny glitch, these Coilovers remained unchanged in regard to ride height and lifted the rear to the rear as well, which is something I am pleased with, given that I’ve never desired it from the previous model that I had to max out for it to be satisfied.


  • Easy to install 
  • Fit great
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Feel well built


  • Not suitable for rough use
  • A little bouncy

5. ST Suspension Coilover Kit

best coilovers for Toyota 86

For decades, the conventional spring shock absorber package was the favored replacement suspension solution. It was a cheaper solution than the advanced coil-over-suspension technology, which remains limited to motorsports applications and is considered an expensive upgrade.

To be reinforced, we are pleased to report that ST offers the most advanced Coilover suspension systems. Take the ST Suspension Coilover Kit as an example These reasonably priced Coilover suspension kits are lowered by 2 to 3 inches for improved road-borne, more responsive steering, and higher safety measures. 

Comfort is not compromised while providing some great value. The ST Coilover Suspension system replaces the typical shock setup with an open coil tubing system, which means you only have to disconnect 1 part to change the shock. It is named Coilover, with the spring coiled inside the dam.

This Coilover is identical to the ones offered in their legendary ST-XA line. Available with unique, adjustable on-car, per-corner lowering, and on-car rebound damping settings, this Coilover is a user-specific product, enabling you to bring your skills to the fore when setting up your car. 

There is sufficient damping for everyday use despite the decreased suspension. Depending upon the setup, the ST Coilover suspension kit is a high-performance tool or supplies a comfortable cushion on demand for the Toyota 86. Their special wheel spacers are mounted with the adapter ring, ensuring the spacer sits properly on the wheel hub.

Driver Experience:

In my experience, even after the vehicle is lowered, it takes bumps well, not even a bit. I’ve completed corner tips with much more confidence, and my ride feels awesome out of them. The ride feels wonderful to me, even more so than the ride with my car.

I hit a smaller bump than anticipated, so I rubbed the rear a bit on the dip, but there was a rub on the front when the turns. Really, I have not heard any clunking since previous ST owners have experienced it in their cars. Overall I am quite happy with travel comfort. It is far better than I thought and reasonable for the price.


  • Initial quality
  • Performance for Price
  • Ride Quality
  • Fitment
  • Smooth low-speed damping


  • No user manual
  • Durability is questionable

6. BC Racing DS Series Coilovers 

BC racing Coilovers for Toyota 86

If you’re a hardcore tuner, the name “BC” should remain in your mind despite their hefty price tags. You should indeed, especially due to their premium quality. We have the DS series Coilover for your Toyota 86. It’s quite surprising that we keep this unit at the bottom of our list. You can think of it as a special selection for premium tuners. 

DS Series Coilovers operate in the same way as the BR Series Coilovers with their own unique dampening system. However, this unit features digressive damping provided by the digressive piston geometry. This results in intensified downforce at low speeds while retaining a linear damper sensation at higher speeds.

The biggest advantage of this is that the driver receives through the vibrations reflected by the vehicle’s roll, pitch, dive, and weight pick-ups when taken at tight twists and turns or when moving through time trials and intricate autocross courses. 

These coilovers are an excellent choice if you are looking for improved driver comfort and safety. The DS series Coilovers will not aid with comfort while driving, which is mostly centered on the track. The DS series springs weigh 7 kilograms each and are stiff. 

To allow traction for even more aggressive driving, the Coilovers veer toward the steering wheel. Therefore, the DS series Coilovers are a great choice for drivers who want to get Coilovers that can function on the track but could be driven at other times.

Driver Experience:

When you’re driving down the highway, based on the curve, isn’t everything not trembling when going over a rumble strip? That is likely true, but since my Coilover came along, I’d frequently brace myself whenever they approached a bump in the road.


  • 30-way dampening adjustable
  • Adjustable rear camber
  • Shock body with satin chrome finish 
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Premium quality
  • Suitable for tracks


  • Lubrication is frequently required
  • Higher price

Final Verdict

With regard to installing aftermarket parts, safety and reliability are two of the chief physique concerns. But when it comes to aftermarket suspension components, things can be more complicated than that. 

There are several elements to think about, these variables include cost, ability, drivability, driving style, and usefulness. To this particular end, we’ve listed the following selections, taking care not to overlook any.

Top Choice: VALBEL Weight Reducer 24 Ways Coilover is the ideal bang for your buck if you’re on a tight budget. It offers a multitude of damper setups to meet your vehicle’s driving requirements. The dual-truss design might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the price, the VALBEL Weight Reducer 24 Ways Coilover literally has no competition whatsoever.

Best Overall: ST Suspension has a good following in the aftermarket world. Thanks to its robust design and reliable construction at an exceptionally affordable price, it is a great upgrade option for a great deal of Toyota 86 owners. The SST Coilover Kit strikes a good balance between everyday driving and occasional track use at a fair price point.

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