JDMSPEED Coilovers Review (With Pros And Cons)

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With the advancement of modern suspension technologies, we have seen so many types of suspensions. However, Coilovers have become incredibly popular among numerous car enthusiasts. Keeping pace with this demand, many companies came forward to satisfy customer needs. 

JDMSPEED is one of those Coilover companies, even though they don’t offer something luxurious with the hefty price tags we often find in other brands. Yet, this JDMSPEED has a fan base too. But why? 

Should you pick this Coilover? To get your answer, you have to read through our JDMSPEED Coilovers review. 

JDMSPEED Coilovers Review

JDMSPEED Coilovers Review

Now it’s time to explore some common factors in detail. This will help you to justify JDMSPEED Coilover more efficiently. 


The outlook of Coilover may not be a fact of importance to some people, but it does matter to some individuals indeed. In terms of these Coilover, there is certainly no doubt they’re inexpensive when evaluating them from a distance, but ultimately they’re lackluster. 

Parts of various heights are either anodized or powder coated, as well as the motor spring seats and top hat. When looked at closely, however, the craftsmanship just seems to be breaking apart.


By scrutinizing the nuts and bolts, we’re unpleasantly disappointed by the quality of boot and harness creation. The rubber seems cheap and will disintegrate in a short time. The snap protector is apparently of substandard quality yet works fine at present. Threads disintegrate quickly.

The base powder coating hasn’t appeared solid, and the coating must receive only an extremely minor knock before it starts removing. As soon as that has been stripped off, it will become vulnerable to corrosion. Welds near the lower shock mount seem to be imperfect.

And there is likely a lot of hidden damage on the surface of these Coilover that’s noticeable! We can only wonder what internal components are like. Interestingly, a manufacturer decided to offer only generous tolerances for their parts. Inadvertently, manufacturing errors will cause parts that are too big for the automobile.

Ride quality

Those who prefer a lower spring setting will immensely enjoy the ride on the slender roads. You’ll get accustomed to the vibration caused by low suspension, so you won’t even be aware there’s something different until you suddenly encounter some noticeably rough roads. 

Even a heavy four-wheeled vehicle can take lower bumps jumping over boulders like a champ and does not feel any different after it continues on softer, smoother roads. Unlike the steering wheel of a car that is manually pulled by the driver, in vehicles that are driven along the highways, the car pulls itself. 

We think it could ride much like a stock suspension system without the violent body rolling through corners if they were ridden at a higher gain height and a softer dampening.


These progressive shock absorbers utilize a monotube damper system with an automatically adapting digressive working piston. This allows appropriate flow rates along with better resistance and control. The floating divider piston has separate oil and gas chambers inside a single cylinder. 

Twin-tube dampers are traditional, as they feature divided tubes inside the cylinder, moving oil from the internal chamber to the external chamber as the damper moves. Because the tubes are not separated, aeration and cavitation are likely to occur as the oil cannot dissipate heat efficiently, increasing the rate of oil deterioration.

Handling Performance

You’re probably fitting aftermarket Coilover because you want to improve the handling. How does reasonable aftermarket Coilover perform? Everything appears to be a bit better. The handling will seem to suffer. The Coilover reacts inconsistently to the jolts and vibrations on the track.

These particular low-cost offers also come with loud clamorous jarring sounds that many drivers don’t like. It might concern drivers over how long they will last, but hate to discover! Some of them are pillowed ball tops for inflation of axial sections, and a few even give fluid camber adjustment.


The installation process for the fronts was fairly straightforward. Since the strut holds into place with two nuts, we could undo the nuts in the engine bay holding the strut in place, undo two brake line brackets, and the bolt holding the strut’s bottom into the forks.

We had to release a bolt that held the strut to the lower part of the steering handle to remove it. We could detach the strut from the steering handle by jamming it and sliding it at low speed, and removal ended up being as straightforward as the removal we subjectively considered a cliche. 

Still, we were able to perform the shift with ease. The steering wheel had the same procedure, loosening the top two bolts in the trunk and rounding off the lower bolt on the strut.

We used brute force to remove the metallic bolt holding the shoulder trailing arm to the rear lower control arm, letting us stress-free from the loose strut previously obstructing us. 

However, we observed from the rear that it lacks a nut on the bolt mount for the lower control arm-but since it has this provision, the rear suspension can be adjusted to your liking when you add a mount, just like on the upper mount.


JDMSPEED Coilover is designed to suit a wide range of makes and models of Japanese and European cars, and they accommodate fresh aftermarket setups for modifiers and racer enthusiasts. 

Nevertheless, if you are considering the compatibility list of JDMSPEED Coilover, make sure you do so before making your purchase. They are popular among the owners of the Honda Civic, Lexus, and Subaru WRX.


Typically, a two-year warranty is standard for aftermarket JDMSPEED Coilover. Nevertheless, it is helpful to keep your receipt and other documentation if you do need to file a claim. 

Don’t assume that your warranty will cover everything, like a mix-up with several Coilovers, or if you dent your Coilover while on the car’s track, they may not be covered. Never purchase a product without reading the fine print first.

Aftersales Service

With good overall review scores, you can buy JDMSPEED parts straight from the site, and delivery is prompt and internationally accessible. The support contact information is also easy to access, and JDMSPEED provides swift exchanges for Coilover issues we spoke with them about on the net.

Pros and Cons of JDMSPEED Coilovers

You can’t imagine anything in this that doesn’t have any drawbacks. So, JDMSPEED Coilovers won’t be an exception. Let’s see both their pros and cons shortly:


  • Adjustable ride height
  • Tensile performance spring
  • Fitted rubber boots
  • Easy installation
  • Reasonable price


  • Fitment issues
  • Not much durable

How Much Do JDMSPEED Coilovers Lower A Car?

The amount of drop you can expect from your JDMSPEED Coilover will depend on your vehicle but usually happens to be two to four inches, with a positive modification to your car’s look and how smoothly it runs. 

It’s worth noting that making the drop can impact your driving routine in heaving footpaths or areas that include large speed bumps or potholes. JDMSPEED Coilover is a good option if you plan to seek out an aggressive stance. 

Be sure you do your due diligence before investing, and make sure that they are the right decision for you and your car.

How to Improve JDMSPEED Coilovers Performance

In case it becomes a headache to you the way your JDMSPEED Coilover is performing, there are several things you can do to improve its performance. Make certain they are properly fitted if they look wrong or inefficient, they will not operate to their full potential.

Finally, upgrade to a better-quality set of coilovers. There are numerous brands out there, so earlier or later, you might find a certain brand better suits your needs than the other. Also, get the most out of your spring rates if they’re too soft or too stiff, it could affect the performance of your Coilover.

Are JDMSPEED Coilovers Good For You?

JDMSPEED Coilovers Review

So, should you purchase JDMSPEED Coilover? In our option, it depends on how you want to fine-tune the performance of your automobile, but you can often save some money by lessening the overall comfort. 

If you already have a set of JDMSPEED Coilover that is, perhaps, your first, they will be adequate for learning. However, if you intend to use them on race tracks, or desire an incredible performance from your car, you might be better served looking into premium Coilover brands, that have a better reputation for track use.

Try to be as reasonable as possible when you’re shopping for parts, and remember you’re not getting pride in craftsmanship at a bargain price. Many of the parts used by do-it-yourself are manufactured cheaply and have low-quality materials, even though there is a commonly held belief that cheap parts are synonymous with being low-quality.

Final Words

They are debatable, as evidenced by a vast number of reviews on JDMSPEED Coilover. Some people claim they’re great, while others say they’re a complete waste of money. 

Our JDMSPEED Coilover review attempted to discern the pros and cons of using JDMSPEED Coilover and hopefully, we have provided you with the information you need to decide whether they’re right for you.

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