7 Best Coilovers For WRX in 2024

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It’s no secret the Subaru WRX is one of the greatest rally cars out there. A few can beat the handling and jaw-dropping performance of its factory suspension. But would you like to take that state-of-the-art suspension to your wringing edge? 

If that’s the case, you can harness the full potential when you have the best Coilovers for WRX at your disposal. However, finding the best Coilovers isn’t an easy task at all. And that’s the point why many WRX owners make the mistake of picking the wrong Coilovers. 

So, what’s the solution? Calm down. We’re here for you. Just scroll a bit down, and you’ll find some of the best WRX Coilovers we have reviewed here. Hopefully, you’ll get your one. Let’s move. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your WRX Coilovers?

Suspension parts for the Subaru WRX are perfect for roadway street driving, but alterations are required only for those cars that will be operating on racetracks and need to be replaced in the same location as race cars. Here are some details that relate to why the significance of upgrading WRX’s stock suspension parts to Coilovers is vital.

Enhanced Ride Control

To take the most advantage of your vehicle’s Coilovers, seek out the hottest spots for your damper enhancement, such as popular update locations. Changing the suspension of your WRX will draw little innovatory application into your stock bouncy suspension. 

Coilovers provide a more stable ride than a car with standard shock absorbers, as they give you more composure to react to corners. Choose Coilovers for added ride stability and improved cornering. 

More Adjustment Options

Coilovers help you make fast adjustments to the height of your vehicle, as well as control the center of gravity. Types of Coilovers for your preferences and comfort are also available. Adjustable Coilovers also allow you to end your shift with comfort and reduce the pressure on your hands.

Various adjusting knobs may also be set up to allow more control of your vehicle’s handling. It appears as if you can select a Coilover with as few settings as required or as many knobs as an enthusiast desires.

Superior Track Performance

For the WRX that has been reconfigured with Coilovers for an off-highway track, adjustments can be made with these, such as cornering weight and more specialized suspension tuning. 

Coilovers are designed to yield a variety of modifications, such as modifications in cornering weight and adjustability, thanks to suspension tuning. When using a solution sold off the shelf, you should expect lighter modifications on light tracks and costlier versions for off-road tracks specially designed for your WRX.

Best Coilovers For WRX

Ahead of the Coilover specialists making our final selection, we consulted the top engineers to outline the best options available for the Subaru WRX. From low-cost options to mid-tier solutions, we assess customer reviews and present them with the very best options until we have found the ideal option feasible for you.

1. KW Variant 1 Coilover Kit 

Best Coilovers For WRX

The KW 10245018 Coilover kit comes at the top of our list. You’ve probably heard of or seen it at some point. They are the go-to automotive authority for what they do, and when you purchase that product, you are making a deluxe choice. It features superior driving abilities and optimal functionality. 

If your Subaru Impreza WRX is too old or one of the newest models, you can experience the thrill of high-performance driving by using this kit. This WRX Coilover kit was made for Impreza WRX and STI models that date back to 1993-2019, and you’ll soon discover that your car’s suspension feels revived. 

Even though you won’t find a dampening adjustment, this Coilover kit is among the very best that you can purchase for your Subaru WRX unless you have budget concerns. We must say this kit’s high-quality materials and design are hard to beat. 

KW’s Inox line stainless-steel bodywork has got it going with amazing efficiency for lowering your automobile. The TUV examined this product in action, giving you a sleek, aerodynamic appearance to match your current car’s chassis. 

Like most other premium KW Coilovers, this unit also comes with amazing adjustability, leaving you with the ability to control the degree of dampening in a multitude of driving environments. 

Therefore, you can make your ride as comfortable or firm as you prefer. It’s also thoroughly factory-tested, so you don’t need additional hardware or tuning to provide an appealing and comfortable ride.

Driver Experience:

Changing how my car handles, in a good way, has changed my satisfaction with the car itself. I feel no more bouncing, even in the roughest conditions. It seems I got the smartest solution to spend my cash. 

The ride quality and level of handling are luxurious. There’s nothing around here before the straightaway when this configuration is hit, resulting in smooth driving. Quality and time in the design of this kit are better than anything I have used before.


  • Height adjustability
  • Excellent handling capacity
  • Immersive driving experience
  • Superior construction


  • Expensive
  • No dampening adjustment

2. BC Racing F-02E-BR BR Series Coilovers 

BC Racing Coilover

Up next is the BC Racing BR Series Coilovers, another immensely durable and high-quality selection to our listing. The most eminent Coilovers from BC Racing belong to the BR series, which is the least expensive of the bunch. 

However, BC is found to provide more badass designs if you want even more performance from its Coilover kits. Of course, the standard BC Racing Coilovers for WRX isn’t to be underestimated, either. 

The BC Racing F-02E-BR Coilovers have already been clinically proven to have a lot to offer those who wish to enhance the performance of their roads and autocross drives by fostering speed, both on the streets and on a racing circuit. 

Thanks to its 30-way adjustable dampening that allows for wide-ranging dampening alterations along with the adjustable ride height feature provides the various sensations essential to a trip. You can modify the experiences by altering the height of your Coilovers and terrain conditions. 

Moreover, you enjoy having a maximum 2-inch take-up compared to factory Coilovers. That means you can take advantage of this adjustable height trip next for your Subaru WRX together with the Coilover bushing setup for the best damping. 

These 2 functions indeed function to maximize the ideal riding height even once you create the trip extremely low, without any risk of damage to your car. The monotube shocks are the latest and greatest available, offering the greatest dampening competencies out there at the moment.

Driver Experience:

The entire vehicle handled better, I felt a smoother ride, and the shocks were less harsh than the ones I used before. I like to ride notably stiff, as the saying goes. My favorite part about the BC racing Coilover is the cornering on turns portion. 

It only weighs less and has an audible click you would feel when you change sides. It involves only counting and flipping the knob. Not only that, but it’s fast and straightforward to perform.


  • Adjustable dampening.
  • Monotube shock design.
  • Perfect Wheel Alignment
  • Ride height adjustability.


  • Slight vibration
  • Noise in the absence of preload

3. Tein Flex Z  VSSB0-C1SS4 Coilover Kit

Tein Coilover

On the third from the top WRX Coilover, we have the Flex Z VSSB0-C1SS4 Coilover Kit by Tein. Tein has a sterling reputation owing to the countless aftermarket tools they offer that are intensely tweaked and very well-tuned. 

The new design features of FLEX Z are almost as impressive as those of STREET FLEX. Still, a rugged construction process permits the production to take place at a very economical price point. The design is new and unique from TEIN’s perspective for your benefit. 

Whether it is to make installation easier or you value FLEX Z’s minuscule cost, this is something that the designers have done for you. When the hoop-height trend rises, FLEX Z uses a twin-strut system based on ride comfort on roads. The object of the ride comfort is the inclination in the rear part of the chassis. 

The drawing up and injection of fuel are directly adjacent to each other within a twin-tube system, making it easy to secure enough fuel supply. Its smooth movement makes it easy to follow rough and bumpy road surfaces well, facilitating a comfortable drive at low speeds and a stable ride at high speeds. 

These Coilovers function nicely for any person who uses them regularly and offer a straightforward introduction to Coilovers for somebody more into the sport. These are perfect for the daily driver and are not suited to those of us who excel at the wheel.

Driver Experience:

These Flex Z’s look fantastic, and they are cinched out of the factory, which means they are mostly right from the beginning of the ride height. I chose the Flex Z’s because of these reasons: 

The brand is known for producing high-quality, large OEM batches to lower costs. Plus, the customization of the fixed position height and the amount of elevation can be Higher. 


  • Ride height adjustability
  • Rigid construction
  • Decent pricing
  • Dampening adjustment


  • Difficult to set up in cars with wide tires

4. ECCPP E06558801CP Coilovers Suspension Set

Best Coilovers For WRX

For budget shoppers, we have something incredible now. Introducing the ECCPP E06558801CP Coilovers Suspension Set for your Subaru WRX. As far as we got information from the ECCPP official website, this model is specially designed for the Subaru Impreza 2008-2013. 

So, we were talking about the price. Even though we have some other budget-friendly options on our list, they don’t have such amazing pricing indeed. Interestingly, this Coilover unit comes with some impressive features that won’t make you feel you’re wasting money on something cheap. 

First up, the Coilovers will be able to individually alter strut lower settles, allowing the ride height to be modified without impacting the amount of compression. The ride height may be altered to suit individual requirements within 30 to 50 mm of elevation.

Steering precision and car roll have been improved by significant reductions in oversteer and understeer. This ultimately comprehensively reduced the braking distance, also affecting the efficacy of the brake. Ultimately, all these aspects collectively influence driving safety.

When you have the right tools in hand, the installation of ECCPP Coilovers will be buttery smooth. The most surprising fact is that ECCPP offers camber and preload spring tension adjustment in this unit that ensures the potent control of vertical rebound bounce height.

Driver Experience:

I was quite astonished to discover the adjustable camber plates on the front and back. The specifications included adjustable dampening, but the set I received is said to have zero adjustability on the matter. I am wonderfully satisfied after first driving. Let us discuss the ride quality. 

Frankly, how marvelous these Coilovers ride left me speechless. These coils lavish you with the comfort you can only get with these coilovers, honest. The price tags on each spring are what made me buy these. They were reasonably priced and looked precise.


  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable camber plates
  • Ride height adjustment
  • Good price-performance ratio


  • Struggles in bumpy roads
  • Needs modifications to fit properly. 

5. Godspeed MRS1430-A Coilovers 

Godspeed coilovers

Introducing Godspeed MRS1430-A Coilovers for those who are looking for a reliable Coilover setup for their WRX.  This kit is engineered by professional racecar technicians to help you improve the return rate to enhance the steering and handling of your Subaru WRX STI. 

One of the main attractions of these Coilovers is its Koyo Japan 6204Z bearing that keeps the piston stabilized to prevent damage to the slide. It is additionally coated with an anti-corrosion finish to ensure the ultimate protection of the internal dampening components and durability.

With more oil storing capacity, it also makes up for the ride’s responsiveness so your vehicle’s suspension is adjusted to various road condition types. As a result, your vehicle can adapt to crucial topographies in a mellow manner, almost eliminating most of the vibration and tremor your vehicle may produce during travel.

To provide you with the ability to adjust your settings with greater ease, the Mono RS Coilover is fitted with spring preload and ride height adjustments separate from one another. So wherever you are in your vehicle upgrade, you set your particular settings.

Based on scientific research and a bright engineering team, the various parts of this mono Coilover damper kit offer full performance at every turn. They use only the most durable and appropriate materials that might be worth your investment.

Driver Experience:

I was merely amazed at the price tag on these coil springs. Sectional springs and twist handle adjusters that utilize a normal spanner all fit and work well. No problems with the installation, I drove about 7 hours on the unit the first time, and it was just a great ride. I usually complain of painful curves, but these comforts are so amazing it makes for a smooth road trip.


  • Dampening adjustment
  • Highly viscous shock oil
  • Performance Internal Piston
  • Rugged construction


  • Some drivers complain about the harsh ride 
  • Steering tends to vibrate on rocky surfaces

6. Maxpeedingrods 24 Way Full Adjustable Coilover 

Best Coilovers For WRX

Among the least expensive Coilovers available for Subaru WRX, Maxpeedingrods 24 Way Full Adjustable Coilovers are very mediocre, honestly. They’re not something outstanding, but if you invest your money, you’ll get the most out of your investment. 

Maxpeedingrods Suspension Coilover Kits provide you with maximum comfort when driving over challenging roads, and they have been created to match your WRX perfectly. 

One of the most often used attributes of this set is the ambiance that its components can provide each time a user takes them for a spin. Even in the harshest of road conditions, the experience stays enjoyable. In addition, the driver can be better prepared for a variety of the hallmarks of this brand.

They tend to last longer than a lot of other Coilovers. Drivers get the most out of these in the majority of open-air driving situations. If you want to buy Coilovers that will be economical for your ride but have adjustable heights, then these Coilovers are an excellent option for you.

Driver Experience:

I think they are the perfect balance of daily-driven routines and energetic driving. Finishing and machining look superb, the nuts and bolts stuck to the corresponding collars solidly, and the collars spun very loosely on the shock body.

The dual rubber spring seats for the two back support sections worked well. In addition, the leak controller’s integration with the base stiff to firm, medium, and very soft spring rates is a challenge that the locks weren’t too fazed about.


  • Easy to install
  • Moderate pricing
  • Decent quality
  • Excellent finish


  • Not suitable for bumpy roads
  • Durability is questionable

7. Raceland Primo Damping Coilovers

Raceland coilover

We have reached the bottom line of our top-rated list. Raceland Primo Damping Coilovers is here for you. However, it won’t judge its effectiveness as one of the best Coilovers for your Subaru WRX.  

This one is considered on the cheaper side. However, not the most affordable one on our list. Alright, we see. Let’s go back in time when you’ve been driving, and you don’t recall anything that sounded like cheap Coilovers (that you don’t feel are worth their time). And delve into bashing them if you don’t own any or have used them yourself.

The ride is not perfect, but it’s not bad on the road; the least you could do in certain stretches is keep your speed more or less consistent, not to mention your inner thigh job opportunities. 

To be honest, it certainly has knocks and imperfections as you travel unpaved roads. You may detect the trouble when you go down a road that has potholes in contrast to the ride throughout the road, which can be a little jittery and exciting

When you choose to put yourself on top-of-the-line Coilovers you’re likely to be taken out of the driveway once or twice inside the dirt during the trip. Still, this possibility can’t promise you any heartaches since that isn’t a wallet-draining situation. Despite everything, you can choose this unit rather than spend over $1500!

The Raceland Primos provide the most precise and versatile settings for customizing your suspension, so your ride can be the way you want it, whether you’re aiming to set your elevation down or you’re okay with sacrificing some ride quality. They run very well for the price if you are willing to give up a bit of ride quality.

Driver Experience:

For daily driving, the Coilover is a great improvement. It’s less demanding at high speeds and is easier to maneuver at stoplights, where handling is particularly critical. After just a few days of use, they have taken on a relaxed feel and can’t sit level. The suspension gave suddenly, so the seats didn’t sit level. I just needed to adjust the seats 6 times already, and my car is certainly not sitting level.


  • Nice stance
  • Value for the money
  • Height adjustments
  • Rides well


  • Squishy noise
  • Bouncy


Do Coilovers make WRX faster?

Coilovers can raise a WRX’s stability and contribute to the handling, acceleration, and braking of a car, making it a more efficient vehicle. 

Can the Coilovers survive on the Subaru WRX for a long time?

Yes, they can. However, to get a longer lifespan, you must ensure superior maintenance. Usually, standard Coilovers that are well maintained can endure 50,000 to 150,000 miles. Coilover lifespan can be affected by the grade of the part, its condition, and how you are driving it.

How much do you need to spend on Coilovers for Subaru WRX?

You want to put a lot of effort into Coilovers for your Subaru WRX. It is more crucial than you may realize to put aside a good amount of money so that you do not have to spend cash to purchase a brand-new set anytime soon. Another crucial factor to take into account is the cost of installation if you cannot install them yourself.

Final Words

From this first group of coilovers, it’s no exaggeration to say that these are among the absolute best for their WRX in normal daily usage, as well as track situations. A number of them can boast about their performance both on track and in normal daily driving conditions.

We have dropped the unnecessary listing down to shorten the list and make it more straightforward for you. Lots of satisfied users commented on how efficient and sharp the Coilovers are. 

You will find assorted price ranges in addition to plenty of costly options. It’s all based on how much money you’ve got to spend and the things you require. There’s no upper limit to the funds that may be spent, as well as on the alternatives you may procure.

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