5 Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Pilot In 2023

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When you’re driving your Honda Pilot for the first time, the trip is so nice that you don’t consider it necessary to measure things. After a certain period, the ride in your Honda Pilot has been starting to feel rough. Perhaps it’s driving a bit bouncy, swerving to one side, or making noise as you put your foot on the gas pedal when driving over a bump.

Or else, you’re thinking the suspension setup you got in your Honda Pilot doesn’t suit your expectations. Your shocks and struts play a decisive role in the way your vehicle drives and handles. At the same time, people have diversified driving habits and preferences. 

In this case, to meet your desire or resolve the particular issues you’re struggling with, replacing the shocks and struts on your Honda Pilot would be the wisest approach. But what are the best shocks and struts for a Honda Pilot? Don’t worry, we have formulated a list for you below.

Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Pilot Comparision Table

NameBest forRatingPrice
Front and Rear Shock Strut and Coil Spring KitBest OEM Replacement9.5 out of 10Check prices on Amazon
Detroit Axle – Front Struts And Rear ShockBest for Smooth Drive9.4 out of 10Check prices on Amazon
Monroe Quick Complete StrutBest Overall9.7out of 10Check prices on Amazon
KYB Excel-G Gas ShockBest Shock for Rear9.8 out of 10Check prices on Amazon
SENSEN Front Complete Strut AssemblyBest for Front Suspension9.6 out of 10Check prices on Amazon

Why Should You Replace The Shocks And Struts in Your Honda Pilot?

Struts and shocks are integral to your Honda Pilot’s suspension system. They help to maintain your car’s stability when traveling on rough surfaces, keeping the bottom from sinking in. 

While the struts maintain suspension framework geometrics, a shock absorber permeates the car and cuts down the vibration. Together, both struts and shocks help your Honda Pilot withstand abuse to keep the vehicle’s height and ride in control.  

However, as we mentioned in the beginning, different drivers have different driving habits and their preferences. However, not all drivers can get equal performance from the stock suspension setup in different conditions. 

For the case in point, the stock shocks and struts in the Honda Pilot were created for the stock spring specifications. Therefore, they’re not much more than transplanted and they aren’t made to operate in normal street conditions. Yes, you can still try to conquer the roughest terrain with this. 

But in reality, no matter how they function under trying circumstances, it’s not ideal. In doing so, they’re more inclined to have damage and may even have to be changed earlier. This is where aftermarket shocks and struts come in. 

With the specialized shocks and struts, you can thrill with your Honda Pilot no matter what’s the road condition. However, the necessity of replacing shocks and struts also arises when they’re near the end of their lifespan.

How Do You Know When to Replace Shocks and Struts in Your Honda Pilot?

Knowing when to replace your vehicle’s shocks and struts will make sure you have a safe, smooth ride and of course, you’re out of the risk of uncertain dangers. This is because, if your shocks and struts are worn and not replaced promptly, you may have trouble maintaining control over the car. 

Consequently, the handling could turn out to be unsafe, and not maintaining control over your vehicle can lead to an accident.  But how do you know when you need to replace your shocks and struts? Check the following section to learn more:

Be Mindful of Warning Signs

There are certain warning signs that your Honda Pilot’s shocks or struts are in poor condition and could need to be replaced. For instance, you may notice your Honda Pilot bottoms out for protracted periods off railroad tracks, road dips, or speed bumps, or even it continues to bounce after being hit over an obstacle. 

Additional indicators are abnormal noise when hitting a bump, support in the vehicle turning when there was almost no tilt before, and the front wheel dipping out of sight when rounding a curve. Bad shocks can also take a toll on the steering control system, which may lead to uneven tire wear and other issues.

Test the Suspension Yourself Preliminarily 

Considering that damage to your shocks and struts progresses gradually, you might not be able to interpret. This is because you get accustomed to an increased, more bouncy general ride quality, similar to the way you get used to longer stopping distances as brake pad wear increases in your car. 

However, you can examine the condition of your shocks and struts by attempting to push down on each corner of your automobile. If the vehicle doesn’t bounce when you let go of it, your shocks should probably be replaced. 

Nevertheless, this strain experiment for shocks could be challenging, as the test may require various degrees of strength, and with a lot of high-riding SUVs like your Honda Pilot, it can be hard to exert the force to make the test.

Go for A Professional Inspection

It’s a good idea to have an expert mechanic inspect your shock absorbers, it would be helpful to assess the condition of your shock absorbers. The main reason for this is that a qualified mechanic knows to know if there are signs of serious damage (shock absorbers have fluid inside that needs to be let out), worn mounts, or physical flaws to the struts, which may affect the ride.

5 Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Pilot Reviewed

To narrow down the best shocks and struts for the Honda Pilot, our team spent many hours examining the different options available. 

From cost-effective options to premium alternatives, we assessed consumer feedback and assessed the very best options until we could discover the optimal choice available for you. Now, we’d like to introduce you to our selection of top-rated shock absorbers and struts for your Honda Pilot. 

1. Front and Rear Shock Strut and Coil Spring Kit – Best OEM Replacement

Front and Rear Shock Strut and Coil Spring Kit 4 Piece Set - Compatible with 2009-2015 Honda Pilot

Highlighted Features

  • Comes as a pre-assembled unit
  • Both front and rear parts are included
  • Modern design with a black exterior coating
  • Direct fit
  • Stainless steel piston rod

You’ve likely heard about the nightmarish tales concerning the amateur mechanic who had to travel with the same coil spring back to an auto-part store to have it removed. However, there’s no need to endure such a harrowing experience. 

Introducing Marketplace Auto Parts Front and Rear Shock Strut and Coil Spring Kit to you. If you have any of the 2009-15 Honda Pilot models in your garage, this modern 4-piece set will be worth every penny. 

However, Marketplace Auto Parts might not be as well-renowned as most other premium aftermarket suspension manufacturers, yet their products have a special place among Honda Pilot owners. 

First of all, the Original equipment style replacement Strut Assembly attaches to a Honda Pilot’s frame directly without requiring more than just a single specialized tool. It is designed to restore factory ride height. 

At the same time, the Pre Assembled Suspension Strut Assembly Includes a mounting bracket, bearing plate, bumper, insulators, and coil spring, which repairs a straightforward task for DIY home mechanics. 

These struts won’t feel as uncomfortable as your factory-installed struts if you have experienced difficulties with them or want to replace the current models. That means that you ought to see a dramatic improvement in your ride. The small bumps and jolts will be far less noticeable. 


  • Easy installation
  • Proper fitment
  • Comfortable ride
  • OE-replacement unit


  • May struggle in extremely rough conditions
  • Durability is questionable

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2. Detroit Axle Front Struts and Rear Shock Absorbers – Best for Smooth Drive

Detroit Axle - Front Struts w/Coil Springs + Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement for Acura MDX Honda Pilot - 4pc Set

Highlighted Features:

  • The electrophoretic coating on the exterior for corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • The package includes all necessary hardware
  • Vehicle specific design
  • Engineered with a valving technology
  • Undergo Impact, Wear, and Fatigue Testing 

Coming to our second candidate. This time, we have the Detroit Axle Front Struts and Rear Shock Absorbers. Detroit Axle struts and shocks may be a hundred dollars apiece, but they’re a more sensible alternative to the costly suspension units produced by popular brands. 

While this is not the most reasonable option on our list, the price and performance ratio of this unit will be soothing for most car enthusiasts. This is why Detroit Axle Front Struts and Rear Shock Absorbers have garnered a strong position among Honda Pilot owners who want a smooth driving experience. 

Automotive struts are not something you change every day, so also taking into account the material quality and durability of parts of the struts is critical. Detroit Axle Struts verifies these parameters about the quality of its components. 

Because struts are installed on a vehicle to avoid being swapped out prematurely, assessing how the product can withstand day-to-day wear is essential. Detroit Axle Struts takes this into account when it comes to the build quality of its parts. 

Surprisingly, even though the price is on par with the competition, they offer durability and endurance that are superior to their rivals, which are statistically proven to endure over 80,000 miles. That is remarkable!

The struts can also be adjusted to meet your expectations, so you can configure your struts according to your driving standards and road conditions. To make everything even better, the design of the Detroit Axle Struts is that it can help boost your comfort while driving.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Smooth driving
  • Superb Stability
  • Easy installation


  • Squeakiness or misalignment 
  • Some Honda Pilot models require drilling for installation

3. Monroe 172647 Quick Complete Strut Assembly – Best Overall

Monroe 172647 Quick Complete Strut Assembly

Highlighted Features:

  • Protective coating resists rust and corrosion 
  • Pre Assembled and ready to install
  • Restores the vehicle’s factory ride height 
  • Premium upper strut mount for steering precision
  • Features superior tube and weld design for excellent structural integrity and durability

Now we’re going to land on the territory of something premium yet affordable. It’s hard to find a gearhead who hasn’t heard the name “Monore”. For your Honda Pilot, Monroe has the Monroe 172647 Quick Complete Strut Assembly. As the name implies, you can call it a fusion of the legendary Quick and Complete Strut Assemblies from Monroe. 

So, how did this unit come to our top-rated list? Of course, it has something that will charm you like numerous Honda Pilot owners. First of all, you’ll be pleased right after unboxing as the package includes every single thing required for your installation (unless you receive any damaged parts).  

The best part is that it reduces the dangers connected with compressing the spring, as the use of special lifters is not essential. Unlike cheap suspension parts, Coil springs used in Quick Struts are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications. 

Among its components exemplification, the Quick Struts coil spring, among Quick Struts’ components, is specially designed for spring-height precision. Manufactured in the USA, it is painted or powder-coated to resist rust. 

Aside from enhancing the driving experience, other elements of the unit also complement the ride control feature for your vehicle. The strut bracket gives you high tooling and better rebound, using your own maker’s joints. 

From that point, the plating of the new bearing unit is applied to deliver exceptional steering and eliminate any noise coming from damaged or worn-out bearings. 


  • Excellent durability
  • Superior ride comfort
  • Good for everyday driving
  • Better handling
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Many consumers reported defective or damaged components as they received the product.

4. KYB 349151 Excel-G Gas Shock – Best Shock for Rear

KYB 349151 Excel-G Gas Shock, Black, best shock and strut for honda pilot

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom-designed for the Honda Pilot
  • Patented check valve design for reduced aeration
  • Seamless cylinders and eyerings
  • Hardened chrome piston rods
  • Self-adjustable Velocity-sensitive valving 

If you’re thrilled by Japanese technological advancement, innovations, and precision, Excel-G Gas Shocks from the Japanese brand KYB is going to add an extra layer of amazement to your thoughts. It’s an open truth that KYB is one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket suspension parts in the world. 

KYB’s Excel-G shocks are the only line of proprietary shocks and struts that are specifically calibrated to help restore your car’s originally tuned ride dynamics. These shocks are produced on KYB’s original equipment assembly facilities, using OEM-level parts. 

So, do you need your vehicle in its original ride control configuration? If so, then the Excel-G shocks suit your needs. Probably the greatest satisfaction is that KYB designs and assembles dyno shocks and struts specifically to the particular year model of your Honda Pilot.  

This ensures that not only do you get the perfect fit and easy installation but that only the very best, and most importantly, optimized ride quality. Moreover, Excel-G Gas Shocks have adjustable heights with state-of-the-art dampers, so they are going to compensate for weakened suspensions with restoration in original ride quality.

These shocks are embedded with flow-sensitive valves that will alleviate the effects of bumpy driving conditions regardless of road conditions. As the piston rod’s working cylinder must be airtight, KYB relies on extruded tubing that provides a strong seal and superior overall performance.


  • Firm ride
  • Superior fit
  • No harsh jolting
  • Straight stock replacement
  • Reasonable price


  • Only suitable for low-speed roads
  • Not stiff enough for handling extreme conditions

5. SENSEN Front Complete Strut Assembly – Best for Front Suspension

SENSEN 100670-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assembly Compatible with 2003-2008 Honda Pilot

Highlighted Features:

  • Vehicle-specific design for maintaining OE ride quality
  • Premium powder-coated finish
  • Leak-resistant sealing
  • All weather shock oil for superior heat dissipation
  • Premium Grade Strut Mounts and Bearings

Amongst Numerous auto parts manufacturers, Sensen has managed to make a performance name for itself in the strut sector. Sensen struts are intended for almost any vehicle brand and model. As such, it will not be bearish to find Sensen struts while you’re rifling through a list of the best suspension for your Honda Pilot.

So, here we have the SENSEN Front Complete Strut Assembly for you. The SENSEN 100670-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assembly mounted on a Honda Pilot is a high-quality updated unit that will surpass the original in under a year’s drive. It fits perfectly on most Honda Pilots from 2003 to 2008. 

Let’s first talk about the design and construction of these struts. Sensen struts feature an all-weather shock oil that exhibits similar properties to water, such as having the ability to move actively yet produce friction. 

This will enable movements to take place seamlessly, keep away deterioration, as well as absorb new customers when compared with differing oils.

What’s more? Sensen Struts uses heavy-duty Spring Seats that can handle rust and corrosion, and withstand distortion due to varying temperatures, destructive gasses, and aggressive liquids. The optimal result is a seat that can support the spring loading of your vehicle for 5,000 miles across varied terrains.

Because Sensen Struts use specially designed OE-grade steel coil springs, they are easy to install and durable, as they do not have a high elasticity limit or a low load limit. Because of this, they can decisively dissipate the impact with minimal effect on the body.


  • Restore factory ride height
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth driving
  • Superior ride comfort


  • Not easy to install


How long do struts last on a Honda Pilot?

Honda pilots have struts and shocks that should last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. If a driver’s rough driving habits shorten the life of these parts, they may need to replace them at around 50k or 100,000 miles

How long should shocks last on a Honda Pilot?

The expected lifespan of shocks on a Honda Pilot can be influenced by driving habits, particularly those that involve rough terrain. In such cases, the durability of shocks may replace between 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

How much does it cost to replace all 4 shocks on a Honda Pilot?

If your car is less than 10 years old you will need four shock replacements. A simple shock and strut replacement can cost you anywhere from $ 200 to $ 500 for a combination of parts and labor. The cost of an individual shock and strut assembly is approximately $ 100 to $ 200, whereas the labor cost can range from $ 100 to $ 200 per assembly.

Can I drive my car with bad shocks a Honda Pilot?

When driving with bad shocks and struts, you are at risk of several dangerous situations. You will feel poor handling, excessive body roll, a shaky steering wheel, and poor traction.

How do I know if I need new shocks on a Honda Pilot?

If your vehicle suddenly starts bouncing well after the fact, you may need to replace its shocks. This is often a sign that there are loose struts or shock absorbers in the car.

What happens if you don’t fix bad shocks?

When your suspension system isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to control your vehicle’s speed and direction on the road. This can make it harder for you to handle your vehicle and make it less fun to drive.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

The main difference between shocks and struts is that a strut is a structural part of the vehicle’s suspension system, while a shock does not have this function. Also, struts are pivot points for the vehicle’s steering system and contain a coil spring. This means that an alignment must be done when replacing them.

Final Words

The list is short, but it only contains products designed specifically for your shocks and struts needs. We have narrowed down the topic to merely those that would work well for your Honda Pilot, whether it be from the years 2005, 2008, or any others. 

We know that these are some of the best out there, and we invite you to give them a try by buying one today! However, if you’re still hesitating to pick your best one, we would recommend the Monroe 172647 Quick Complete Strut Assembly from our perspective.