7 Best Shocks And Struts For Mustang in 2023

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The Shocks and struts of your Mustang play a large part in how your car handles on the road and on the track. However, as everyday driving miles accumulate, even the finest suspension systems will start to show considerable wear and tear and no longer be able to tolerate vigorous driving conditions. 

You will then feel the urge to replace the old suspension component. This is because replacing them with an upgraded version will yield tremendous handling and enhanced driving performance. And, of course, it will outweigh the expense.

But what are the best shocks and struts for Mustang? Ordinarily, that answer would be long and consist of a list discussing the worth of trial and passionate building and remaining flexible as you can pick from an array of possibilities. 

However, only this time, we’ll forgo all that and state with confidence the best shocks and struts for your Mustang would be Steeda Pro-Action Shocks and Struts. But, if you’re worried about their price tag, we have some substitutes as well. For this, you have to go through our top-rated list below. 

What Are Shocks & Struts, And What Do They Do For A Mustang?

Before we dive into the core, let’s first get acquainted with shocks and struts. This is because there are many people who remain hesitant about what are shocks and struts in Mustang and who they actually do. If you’re also one of them, let’s first clarify the whole fact:


Shock absorbers (shocks) are hydraulic components created to reduce the impact of a harsh ride caused by the vehicle’s movement. These components are designed to absorb the jolts you might feel from uneven or irregular roadways. 

By attenuating the disruptive effects of rough roads and rough terrain, shocks can help you maintain better control of your motor vehicle, creating a more comfortably controlled, smoother drive.

Shocks also improve your vehicle’s road-handling characteristics, allowing you to run it at faster speeds around curves and on the way to a safe stop on the road. They can also be replaced by struts at the same time, but if your car requires both, they should be replaced at the same time.


Struts are a structural component of certain types of vehicles, mostly used with axles and the rising mechanism. Struts are usually constructed of springs and shock absorbers in order to provide optimal protection from bumps in the road. 

However, struts are more resilient than shocks in that they employ both a wall and a weight.  In addition to supporting a vehicle’s weight and dissipating stress and vibrations, struts also help your vehicle make more accurate turns and are highly parked. 

Occasionally, both front- and/or rear-mounted shocks and struts are used on a vehicle. Other vehicles will have just one or the other. It is crucial to be aware of what components you’re working with when you get under the car. 

Role of Shocks and Struts in Ford Mustang – Why Should You Replace Them?

The function of shocks and struts in your Mustang are the same, but the arrangement is entirely different. Shocks are installed in the passenger compartment, and the struts are located inside the wheel assemblies of your Mustang. 

That being said, some adjustments are required with strut mounts so that your automobile maintains proper alignment. Your shocks and struts function together to support and absorb the impact of any bumps or potholes you encounter, maintaining a rock-stable automobile. 

Meanwhile, they also raise your Mustang, which makes it able to make turns on those dirt roads. So, if you want to lower your Mustang the next time, it is smart to think about upgrading the shocks and struts at the same time if you need a stronger suspension system throughout uneven terrain or your drive down twisty roads. 

Besides, the stock struts were created for the stock spring specifications. Therefore, they are not designed to work under lowered circumstances. Even if they can operate under the circumstances, this isn’t optimal at all. In doing so, they are more prone to inflict wear and tear and might even need to be replaced sooner. This applies equally to your stock shocks.

You can feel these small impacts on a rigid road much more as you frequently tweak the shocks and struts. The best shocks and struts for lowered Mustang will ensure additional handling and improved weight distribution, making you feel much better as you drive.

How to Tell When It’s Time For New Shocks Or Struts In Mustang

Replacing your vehicle’s shocks and struts in a timely manner can keep your ride smooth and safe. Otherwise, you could be unable to maintain full control over your vehicle, resulting in a substantial accident and the possible injury of yourself or your passengers. But how can you figure out if your shocks and struts need to be replaced? 

Shocks and struts won’t suddenly break; they wear down gradually. Due to this, it may not be evident to you when you notice the suspension is on its way out, and before that point, ample damage might have already been made to your vehicle. Pay close attention to the following warning symptoms that you should have your shocks and or struts inspected and replaced. 

Rough and Bumpy Ride

The most frequent indication of something wrong with shocks or struts is that your car feels rougher than usual when you’re going over a bump or pothole. If you’re about to lose control of your vehicle while you’re going over a bump or pothole, then it’s likely that your car’s shocks or struts probably need to be replaced.

Uneven Tread Wear

Scarred, sommelier-shaped ridges in the tire’s tread are an indicator that worn struts and shocks are to blame.  This is the result of your vehicle not maintaining proper contact with the ground when you drive. This condition shortens the service life of your tire and compromises driving characteristics.

Steering Issues

Another indication that you have an aberrant shock or strut issue is a stiff or hard-to-handle steering wheel. You may even feel like your vehicle is swaying or leaning when you take a turn or transfer from one lane to another.

Fluid Leaks

Leaking fluid on the inner part of the shock absorbers warns you against a big hassle. If hydraulic fluid has dried out in the suspension, it will not be able to work effectively, and your vehicle may experience considerable degradation. 

In case you’re hesitant about whether the fluid on the shocks is a result of fluid leaking into the shocks or is an old fluid leak, clean it off and then examine the area after driving. 

Problems While Braking

Did your car somersault when you were applying the brakes? Car struts are the structural portions of your vehicle. Bad struts cause other issues along with your suspension. If you observe that your car feels insecure, lurches forward, or dips down when you brake, it may mean your struts need to be replaced. 

7 Best Shocks And Struts For Mustang – Based On Budget And Driving Needs

Much like most car parts, many excellent shocks and struts are available, but we tried to choose the ones we know work for most people or are the most famous. Besides, we made sure to select solutions from brands that are well-suited for everyone or most individuals. 

We took into account various factors, including ride quality as well as custom applications, to come up with a shortlist of products we surely know. 

1. Monroe RoadMatic Complete Strut Assembly – Best for Smooth Ride

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully-integrated design
  • Meets OE product specification
  • Nitrogen gas-charged design
  • All-weather fluid
  • Fully assembled unit 
Monroe RoadMatic Complete Strut Assembly for Mustang

Monroe is acclaimed throughout the vehicle sector for its effective shocks and struts. It is a fantastic quality shock absorber option for those looking for goods that fit their budget. As a reliable producer in the automobile market, you can trust Monroe’s aftermarket options. Take Monroe RoadMatic Complete Strut Assembly as a good example. 

If you crave a specific status assembly that boosts control over steering and suspension, choose Monroe RoadMatic. Monroe Roadmatic allows better protection from bumps and controls your steering and suspension functionality better than other brands. 

Besides that, the shocks automatically correct for the terrain so that you’ll have better control when driving off-road. The unique design assists drivers in maintaining the uniform pressure of their tires so that they can turn smoother.

As a consequence, you’ve got less possibility of rollover when driving with these struts, which can be helpful to older drivers who believe they can drive faster on highways or travel on unpaved surfaces. Overall, you get greater safety when driving on smooth and paved roads, as well as driving in rough terrain.

You can set the struts yourself, or you can even have a mechanic install them for you. After purchasing the Roadmatic struts, many customers said they could take advantage of the straightforward installation process to go through the steps and install the product without a hitch.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comes as a complete unit
  • Straightforward installation
  • Higher quality materials  
  • Good for paved roads


  • Clunking and rattling sound
  • Undersized springs

2. KYB 235920 Excel-G Gas Strut – Best for Off-roading

Highlighted Features:

  • Specifically calibrated for Mustang
  • Sintered iron strut rod guide
  • Multi-lip oil seals
  • Triple chrome plated piston rod 
  • Seamless working cylinder
KYB 235920 Excel-G Gas Strut for Mustang

Over time, the suspension on your car or truck will suffer over time due to faulty road conditions. It can lead to a sagging ride, a squishy feel, and unhappy drivers. Don’t fret when your vehicle’s suspension is starting to feel tired – put on KYB Excel-G Gas Struts and instantly experience vehicle handling reminiscent of a new car.

First of all, the KYB staff members customize the struts for your particular year, make, and model of the Ford Mustang to meet your exact specifications. This ensures that you receive not only a perfect fit and painless installation but also fine-tuned handling. 

At the same time, these struts are customized carefully to compensate for compressed shock absorbers to restore ride quality and performance OE. The KYB Excel-G struts are designed to handle significant bumps as well as regular road conditions without compromising your vehicle’s reliability. 

Their design ensures a satisfying ride whether you’re on a smooth road or an uneven back road. KYB Shocks also offers one of the main advantages to owners with regard to their rides with lightweight rubber monotube shocks and reinforcement bars. 

Furthermore, the solid chrome piston rods and seamless cylinders provide you with the ride you demand by minimizing disturbance and enhancing dampening performance. Besides, KYB backs your rolling stock with its Lifetime Warranty for as long as you possess your vehicle so that you can rely on it.


  • Good reliability
  • OE-standard design
  • Durable construction
  • Maintains proper wheel alignment
  • Superior performance


  • We didn’t find any negative reviews regarding these struts

3. SENSEN 2330 Front or Rear Struts – Best Budget Struts

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality steel rods
  • Corrosion and rust protection
  • Individually tested
  • Proprietary Rubber materials
  • Fully Chromed Piston Rod
SENSEN 2330 Front or Rear Struts for Mustang

Sensen is an exemplary strut company that provides a huge selection of high-quality products that can be personalized for fashion-conscious people. Their strut covers a wide variety of vehicle brands and models. Their choice of accessories, competitive prices, quality materials, and particular design applications have resulted in popularity with a large fan base. 

And with SENSEN 2330 Rear Struts here, you can have safe driving in your favorite Mustang. Ford Mustang owners who use these structurally superior, premium strut sections can be sure they will have the same longevity as the car’s stock struts. 

They come with high-quality, OE-grade metal, reinforced mounting springs and can be installed quite quickly so that you can reap the benefits of their sturdiness right away. Based on the uniformity of both inner and outer construction, the alternating ridges and grooves of the lip are contoured into equal ability. 

This guarantees that the double lip, which is manufactured from a compound, has uniform thickness and will not lose its shape over time. The complete setup can mechanically support the spring loading of your vehicle over 5,000 miles during high-intensity use on uneven terrains. 

More so, the arming system makes sure that contact with springs is minimized, leading to decreased abrasion, rust, and corrosion. It’s also estimated that unwanted spring displacement is never allowed, which can otherwise distract your automobile’s stabilization and control.


  • Improves ride
  • Reduced noise
  • Cheaper price
  • Perfect fit
  • Smooth ride


  • Durability is questionable
  • Installation becomes costly when done by professionals 

4. Bilstein 24-064187 Rear Shock – Best for Comfort

Highlighted Features:

  • Gas-pressurized monotube design
  • Compatible with sway bars 
  • Highly customizable
  • Application-specific valve settings
  • Shorter damper body
Bilstein 24-064187 Rear Shock for Mustang

Want to increase the cornering power of your next ride? Bilstein 24-064187 rear shocks allow you to work on both the tarmac and the track at the same time. For the best-looking, most efficient vehicle, Bilstein 24-064187 rear shocks are tailor-made in unique ways to work in tandem with performance springs and sway bars.

Bilstein 24-064187 Rear Shock is an OEM-length solution; however, it is equipped with a more optimized and regulated damping rate. Therefore, it works perfectly with up-featured lowering springs. 

This mechanism is primarily concentrated on the use of inverted monotube technology, which uses oil and gas to hold it at a more stable temperature. These monotube dampers offer the benefits of far better-damped sensitivity to vibration and enhanced energy efficiency thanks to varied rate damping algorithms. 

These make it easier for drivers to take corners with increased comfort and are suitable for characterized mainly with a minimal drop for drivers who like to press on. New additions are the best fit of course and are far more entertaining than trying to beat an old set of revamped springs. 

Bilstein’s sport shocks are specifically designed to be installed on your Mustang, which allows them to offer optimum shock absorption, functionality, and durability right out of the box. 

Though these shock absorbers are quite expensive initially, they prove to be well worth the investment, and anyone who’s been fortunate enough to drive on Bilstein sport shocks via road testing or by first-hand observation will attest to their superiority.


  • Excellent cornering capability
  • Good ride quality
  • Superb height adjustment
  • Very responsive
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Seems a bit stiffer than the stock

5. Steeda Pro-Action Shocks and Struts – Best Overall

Highlighted Features:

  • Steeda’s Proprietary Active Valving
  • OE quality construction
  • Precisely engineered and specified situations tested
  • Less damp friction
  • Adjustable rebound settings
Steeda Pro-Action Shocks and Struts for Mustang

You’ll be hard-pressed to locate a Ford-focused company like Steeda.  Steeda has a tremendous edge when it comes to the performance of Ford vehicles. They are devoted to manufacturing aftermarket parts for Ford’s performance. 

While “multi badge” conglomerates offer a few suspension parts for Mustang, they then revert back to Audis, Chevrolets, Volkswagens, or others; Steeda constantly re-imagines its shocks and struts to provide something solely specialized for Mustang cars. Take the Steeda Pro-Action Shocks and Struts as an example. 

As far as we have been informed, Steeda’s latest Pro-Action shocks and struts feature patented frequency selective damping technology to deliver top-notch control under the most abusive driving conditions. 

Since this unit is specially developed for the Mustang IRS S550 chassis, the new line offers superior handling and better stability in addition to improved comfort and tire traction in your Ford Mustang. Huge credit goes to the heightened damping control for this.

Instead of preceding performance versions that were focused on stiffer damping, these shocks and struts provide better handling in rough conditions by maintaining continuous tire-to-road surface connection. Paired with a set of Steeda lowering springs, the combination is an ultimate road trip experience, with unmatched comfort along with trustworthy handling.

No matter what mode the car is presently in, setting Active dampers to rebound enables the car to more quickly achieve speeds approaching 60 miles per hour. For braking and panic stops, setting compression limiters to Full Crushing hampers the car’s front end from diving too much. 


  • OE-standard 
  • Perfectly designed for Mustang
  • Excellent ride in all road conditions
  • Less side loading


  • We didn’t find any negative reviews.

6. Koni 8241 1240 Sport Rear Shock – Best Customized Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully adjustable damping design
  • Custom-fit 
  • Sold individually
  • It can be combined with lowering springs
  • Faster cornering
Koni 8241 1240 Sport Rear Shock for Mustang

Performance is the bread and butter of the KONI Sports Shocks. The Koni Sport shocks, also known as the KONI Yellows, are a line of dampers meant to give Mustang enthusiasts increased performance-oriented ride and handling features.

Rather than being an ordinary shock absorber, Koni Sport shock units function as “motion dampers” that are meant to greatly regulate the suspension of your vehicle by limiting the storage and return of energy by the vehicle’s springs.  This contributes to vehicle ride quality, responsiveness, and ability to maintain its balance.

KONI shock specialists recognize that each vehicle has various dampening requirements. This implies that KONI shocks are not standard shock absorbers because they feature numerous guidelines that make them exceptional. They are adjustable, so the driver can alter the automobile’s performance and adjust for wear and tear.

These replacement dampers are somewhat better than the unit originals. The Track Unit produces wonderful stuff, but you should remember that OEM dampers are designed for a price purpose. On the softest setting, the ride quality is the same as the original dampers, like buttery smooth. What could we find to be a fairly mediocre ride quality on the softest setting of the original dampers?

Making small bounces with very little drama, the chassis settles back down. The ride is quieter due to the improved rebound rate.  Turning and cornering are more stable, with less upset by rough terrain. The vehicle feels like it has better stability with incremental chassis control. Concerning driving, these dampers provide uneven dynamics without a negative experience.


  • Height adjustability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth ride
  • Provides excellent cornering


  • The paint tends to peel off
  • Adjustment requires complete removal of struts

7. Unity Automotive Front Complete Strut Assembly – Best Affordable Struts

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes as a fully assembled unit
  • Vehicle-specific construction
  • Restores Your Vehicle Factory Ride Height 
  • Reduces installation time
  • A direct bolt-on fit
Unity Automotive Front Complete Strut Assembly

Now we’ve reached the bottom of our top-rated list. Have you begun noticing some undulations on the road as your Mustang travels? Are your front tire treads beginning to curve inward? 

If so, you might benefit from replacing your struts. Before you pay exorbitant amounts to the dealer, check out Unity Automotive Front Complete Strut Assembly and imagine how you could make your Mustang retain its performance.

Unity Automotive’s OEM-quality parts and fast shipping cut your purchasing trip short, so you can get on and do things you enjoy. Thanks to the rapid and professional shipping, you’ll get to focus on the design process of your automobile as opposed to having it sidelined by broken parts.

With robust components around, these front-side assembly struts are excellent. Your purchase will boast a brand-new flatbed, bearing plate, bumper, insulators, and coil spring, all separately assembled and ready to be mounted. All components have a protective finish, providing longevity even in the most adverse weather conditions.

The installation procedure is surprisingly uncomplicated. The credit only goes to the part created for the make and model of the vehicle, so you won’t even need to make any adjustments. It’s extremely rare, but there have been many accounts of these particular struts failing much less than others.


  • Specified design for Mustang
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Decent performance
  • Enhance ride quality


  • Durability is questionable

Installation Tips For Replacing Shocks Or Struts On A Mustang

As you’re working on changing the shocks and struts on your Ford Mustang, there are a few concerns you should ask about. Read a few tips you should bear in mind as you’re installing new shocks and struts on your Mustang.

Be Cautious About Shock and Strut Mounting Orientation

When setting up struts, make sure that both the left and right units are fitted together, and their orientation is equal. As struts and shocks have more parts, they may also feature pins and slots, wherein other parts, such as brake lines and sensors, can be mounted. The positioning of a strut’s spring may also affect its riding quality and steering.

You can use a color paint marker to match the orientation of the existing struts so that the new unit can be installed without experiencing any disturbance in function. Just drawing an L or a juncture arrow can save you from something unexpected later. 

Ensure Proper Support Underneath Your Mustang

It may become tempting to try to pull off the upper strut mounts while your Mustang is lifted and the wheels are hanging, but the wheel’s weight may pull a wire in the speed sensor or brake line, thus damaging it. When you lift your Mustang, ensure it’s supported with Jack Stands.

Once you have raised the top mount, never depress the center button to lower the strut assembly unless you know exactly what you’re up against. If you experience cables or hoses coming out of their mounts, detach them from their rotators for protection.

Try to Install the Complete Assembly

Make sure to combine lowering springs with a high-performance shock strut designed specifically to deal with the shorter push-off and firmer rate at which the spring lowers your vehicle. Look to companies that offer complementary kits that include springs and shocks for an effective suspension overhaul. 

Nearly every spring in trucks and automobiles is designed to work as a shock absorber and a base for pillow mounts, handling a vehicle’s suspension as it hits bumps or irregularities. 

To order the suspension to respond differently, you could also change the springs and keep the shocks and struts, providing a softer or stiffer experience. The ride height and spring rate will change with the change of each season. 

Ensure Your Safety First

You should have some knowledge before performing this task. Enthusiastically attempting this project could be dangerous if you do not know exactly what to consider. While it will save you hundreds of dollars compared to paying to have your job performed at the mechanic, it might still come at the steep price of serious injuries.

Align Your Mustang

After installing new shocks and struts, be certain to have your Mustang aligned properly as soon as possible to prevent the need for other repairs down the line. It’s best to have this done in a short time after your completed job. Remember to wait on this action or you could possibly have to undergo other maintenance someday.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Shocks Or Struts

Space trekking through mountainous or rough terrain is likely one of the most thrilling facets of the trip. Nevertheless, when you think about your car’s suspension, it’s hard to feel any wonder or pleasure. 

It’s even worse when you’re simply cruising on a smooth road, but out you feel as if you’re driving an excavator. Inevitably, you may desire to get the most out of your newly installed shocks and struts and never want to encounter such a situation. For that reason, you should pay close attention to the following information.

Keep Your Tires Inflated Properly

After all else has been considered; the tires are a vital part of your Mustang and the suspension system as well.  You should consistently ensure they are inflated as required. If not, the tires will wear out quickly, affecting all the other components of your suspension, including the shocks and struts. 

In addition, it’s also worth rotating the tires, as this helps you to spread out the damage that uneven wear and tear would otherwise create.

Inspect Your Shocks and Struts Routinely

You should always inspect your shocks and struts yearly or every 12,000 miles. To demonstrate the rest of the suspension unit is working properly, start working with the vehicle on the ground and not while it is lifted with a jack. 

Proceed by bouncing the vehicle at every nook and releasing it in order to find out. If it makes more than 11 sharp bounces after setting up, it indicates an issue with your shocks or struts.

Replace Shocks and Struts Altogether

All components that affect a vehicle’s shock and strut dynamics have common wear and tear. Given that all shocks and struts are prone to injury when functioning in the same fashion, it is best to replace all four at the same time when they’re in need of repair.

Drive Carefully

When your car spends more time on the road following potholes or when the road is particularly rough, it’s best to avoid it if you can. Steer clear of locations where your car is more likely to get damaged. Doing this will prolong the life of your car’s suspension and help secure the overall vehicle structure. 

Final Verdict

At this point, you might have become acquainted with the best shocks and struts for Mustang. As you have seen, we selected shocks and struts with diversified price ranges. 

This is because we want to ensure you get the most effective suspension unit for your Mustang based on what you can pay for. KYB and Bilstein will be our recommendations in that scenario.

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