Best Shocks and Struts for BMW In 2023

Your BMW car defines the poshness of your life. But, is your car bouncing terribly at highway speeds, or do you feel too jiggly while driving your BMW car at low speed? Sad to hear. To improve your riding experience, you need to find the best shocks for the BMW e46/i/ci/xi/is. 

A shock absorber improves your car’s driving quality, stability, comfort, and safety. But, choosing the best shocks and struts for BMW is a somewhat tough task. Before buying, you need to check the struts and shocks’ stability, handling, installation process, durability, and compatibility.

To help you choose the best shocks and struts, we come to you with the top-notch shocks and struts for BMW right now available in the market. Let’s have a check.

Summarize The 5 Best Struts for Shocks and Struts for BMW

1. Best Overall Strut: Detroit Axle – Front Struts Coil Springs + Rear Shocks Replacement

The Detroit Axle front and rear struts and shocks are high-quality and less susceptible struts that will ensure superb stability to your BMW car. They offer high-quality manufactured parts with OE standard fitness, form, and function.

2. Best Strut for Easy Installation: COMPLETESTRUTS – Front Complete Strut Assemblies with Coil Springs and Rear Shock Absorbers

CompleteStruts front assemblies with coil spring and rear shock absorber give you the experience of installing struts in less than 1 hour. The struts are associated with the decompression of the coil spring and make the installation hazard-free.

3. Best Strut for Smooth Ride: AUTOSAVER88 Front Pair Complete Struts

Do you want to resolve the problem of abnormal sound, vehicle vibration, strut oil leakage, car bounce, and sway? To solve all of your related problems, there are Autosaver88 front pain complete struts. It will ensure a smooth ride experience.

4. Best Durable Strut: Shocks, SCITOO Rear Gas Struts Shock Absorbers

The life span of SCITOO Rear Gas struts is higher than other similar category struts. Quality construction and a comfortable driving experience make this strut unique.

5. Best Strut for Wide Variety Models: BOXI 2pcs Rear Trunk Shocks

If you’re looking for rear struts for your recent BMW car models, then Boxi 2 pcs rear trunk shocks are a good choice. They’re very easy to install and fit exactly with your rear shock sockets.

Comparison Table Of Best Shocks and Struts for BMW

NameBest forRatingPrice
Detroit Axle – Front & Rear ShocksBest Overall Strut9.8 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon
COMPLETESTRUTS – Front, Coil Springs, and Rear Shock AbsorbersBest Strut for Easy Installation9.5 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon
AUTOSAVER88 Front Pair Complete StrutsBest Strut for Smooth Ride9.7 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon
Shocks, SCITOO Rear Gas Struts Shock AbsorbersBest Durable Strut9.3 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon
BOXI 2pcs Rear Trunk ShocksBest Strut for Wide Variety Models8 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon

5 Best Shocks and Struts for BMW Review

All of these strut discussions are beneficial to get more information about the product. Here is the detailed discussion.

1. Best Overall Strut: Detroit Axle – Front Struts Coil Springs + Rear Shocks Replacement

Highlight Features:

  • Compatible with 2006 – 2013 BMW models
  • Fully assembled unit
  • OE standard manufacture quality 
  • 10 Years Warranty

Detroit Axle - Front Struts Coil Springs + Rear Shocks Replacement for BMW 128i 135i 325i 328i 335d 335i (w/o Sport Suspension) - 4pc Set

Detroit axle front struts coil springs are compatible with a wide range of BMW model cars. These front and rear struts and shocks will give you a super stable riding experience and improve car handling performance. These struts and shocks offer high quality with great value.

Superb Stability

The coil spring of the front struts and rear shocks restore the ride height and support the vehicle’s weight. This helps to reduce car shaking and enhance the handling performance with high quality and great value.

Easy to Install

You don’t need extra tools to install these struts and shocks into your BMW. It comes with a fully assembled unit and includes everything to install easily into the car. You don’t need any extra coil springs to perfectly place the shocks and struts on your vehicle.

Uses O-Ring

These shocks are manufactured with an O-ring. The O-ring creates a tiger seal and provides pressure to the inner tube. This o-tube keeps the valveless susceptible to dirt, wear, and fatigue.

Electrophoretic Coating

Oxidation and corrosion can damage your struts’ service life. But if you’re using Detroit axle shocks and struts, then you don’t need to do any tension. Because these struts are made with Electrophoretic-coating, this coating can improve corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

You may hear some noise after installing them in your car. It can’t ensure a silent driving experience.


  • Perfect for preventing corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Ensure super stability with great handling performance
  • Manufactured parts provide 10 years of warranty
  • These struts are less susceptible to dirt, wear, and fatigue.


  • Can’t ensure a silent riding experience

2. Best Strut for Easy Installation: COMPLETESTRUTS – Front Complete Strut Assemblies with Coil Springs and Rear Shock Absorbers

Highlight Features

  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Install
  • Eliminate Safety Hazards of Installation
  • Reduce Vehicle Down Time
  • No Special Tools Required

COMPLETESTRUTS - Front Complete Strut Assemblies with Coil Springs and Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement for 2007-2013 BMW 328i - Set of 4

If you’re looking for a set of struts that can easily be installed within 1 hour, then Complestruts are the perfect choice for you. These struts will reduce your vehicle downtime and eliminate the hazards of installation.

Easy to Install

CompleteStruts front and rear shock absorber can reduce the installation time from 4 hours to less than 1 hour. You don’t need any special tool to install these struts as they come with all the components required for a strut replacement in a single, fully-assembled unit.

Precision Engineered Components

The kit box includes 2 x Front Complete Strut Assemblies with Coil Springs and 2 x Rear Shock Absorbers. They feature pre-assembled replacement bearing plates, top mounts, upper and lower spring isolators, an upper spring seat, coil spring, premium rubber dust boot, and a gas-charged premium-quality strut.

Free of Hazardous Installation

The struts are freed from safety hazards associated with the decompression of the coil spring. This unique design saves installation time by a good margin.

Wide Variety

The 4 set of front and rear struts and shock absorber is widely compatible with 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 models of the BMW 328i. The struts ensure the best quality ride and handling characteristics in all models.

This set of struts has been excluded from sports suspensions and Xdrive models.


  • This kit is ready to install and comes with all the necessary parts.
  • Precision-engineered components reduce vehicle downtime
  • The struts are freed from safety hazards associated with the decompression of the coil spring.
  • Optimize vehicle riding experience.


  • Excludes sport suspensions and Xdrive models

3. Best Strut for Smooth Ride: AUTOSAVER88 Front Pair Complete Struts

Highlight Features

  • Compatible with 1999 – 2005 BMW Models
  • OEM Grade Direct Fit
  • 25.79 x 17.32 x 8.66 inches product dimensions

AUTOSAVER88 Front Pair Complete Struts Compatible with 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 BMW E46 320i 325i 330Ci 328Ci Coil Spring Assembly Coil Struts Shocks

Autosaver88 front pair complete struts are best for ensuring a smooth ride experience. OE standard high-quality upper struts reduce vehicle vibration, friction, and noise when driving on the road & improve strut life.

Comfortable Ride

Even on uneven and bumpy roads, high-quality coil springs and oil hydraulic circuit systems effectively absorb the vibration. This offers you a stable, comfortable, and noiseless ride. 

Free from oil leakage and sounds

The struts adopt imported oil seals to avoid oil leakage and abnormal noise. The premium strut bearing ensures no shifting or losing through the firm connection between the struts and the car.

Sturdy and Durable

The sturdy piston rod of the struts is made from advanced TRIP materials with electrophoretic coating. This ensures high rigidity and wear resistance. Using this strut set, you won’t face any cracking experience.

Corrosion Resistance

The unique characteristic of autosaver88 is that it adopts a surface painting technique that prevents aging and peeling. This technique keeps your cars away from experiencing corrosion resistance.

This set of Struts does not come with a warranty from the manufacturer. So if you’re facing any problem after one or two years, you need to solve it by yourself or from a car mechanic.


  • These struts ensure a comfortable, the noiseless ride experience
  • This set of struts offers high durability and rigidity
  • Free from oil leakage
  • Improve ride and handling characteristics


  • No manufacturer warranty.

4. Best Durable Strut: Shocks, SCITOO Rear Gas Struts Shock Absorbers

Highlight Features

  • Wide compatibility with 1996-2005 models
  • The one-step solution to vehicle vibration and durability problems
  • High-Quality Construction
Shocks,SCITOO Rear Gas Struts Shock Absorbers Fit for 2000 BMW 323Ci 328Ci,2001-2006 BMW 325Ci 330Ci,2001-2005 BMW 325i 330i 330xi,1999-2000 BMW 323i,BMW


The durability of the Scitoo rear gas struts shock absorber is longer than the general shock absorber, and it reduces overall maintenance costs. You can enjoy a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Piston seals adjust a tight seal between the pressure tube and the piston. This minimizes the leak paths and ensures long-term durability.

Quality Construction

OEM standardized specifications are followed in the full construction process. High-quality and precision-made material ensures structural integrity and works as a perfect fit for the wide range of BMW models. Without compromising quality, the manufacturing process extends the life of the shock absorber.

Driving Stability

Do you want long-term companionship with your car? Then, your shock absorber needs to perform well on bumpy and uneven roads. These rear struts will give driving stability and riding comfort by automatically adjusting the constant height of the vehicle body.

Quality control systems will ensure products’ damping force consistently. This pair of struts also reduces the body’s impact and improves ride comfort.

Soundless Experience

We don’t want irritated noise during driving. Scitoo rear gas struts will help you to experience this extra noiseless driving. High-strength welding parts are tightly connected to the barrel and avoid oil leakage and abnormal sounds.

This pair of struts is comparatively more expensive than the same category struts. But, it will boost up your driving experience with confidence and comfort.


  • With these parts, you’ll have a smoother ride.
  • With a longer lifespan, your investment will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • This strut is so easy to install you’ll feel like an expert.
  • Drive with confidence and comfort


  • Expensive struts

5. Best Strut for Wide Variety Models: BOXI 2pcs Rear Trunk Shocks

Highlight Features

  • Wide Compatibility with 2006-2011 Models
  • Easy to install
  • 3 Years of warranty
BOXI 2pcs Rear Trunk Shocks Fit B-M-W 323i 06-11,325i 06-10,325xi 06-07,328i 07-11,328i xDrive 08-11,328xi 06-08,330xi 2006,335D 09-11,335i 06-11,335i xDrive 09-11,335xi 06-08,M3 08-11 Trunk SG302063

Wide Compatibility

Are you using recent model BMW cars? Then BOXI 2 pcs rear trunk shocks are the best choice for you. It is widely compatible with the 2006-2011 models of BMW cars. The item weighs 14.1 ounces, and the product dimension is 14.49 x 0.71 x 0.71 inches.


The installation process of these struts is so easy that you can replace and install them within a minute. Even without help from a mechanic, some basic knowledge about strut installation can make you feel like an expert strut installer.


You will get 3 years of limited warranty support from the manufacturer. During this period, if you face any problem, dedicated customer support tried their best to solve all the relevant problems related to Boxi rear truck shocks.

The construction quality of these struts is not good. The hinges are made from plastic, and they get stripped easily. It’s not maintained OEM standard strength.


  • Easy installation process
  • Exact fit type
  • Affordable strut
  • Decent warranty period


  • Hinges broke down easily
  • Doesn’t stand with OEM standard strength.


How long do shocks last on a BMW?

BMW shocks longevity mainly depends on the road condition and driving experience. If the road is smooth and no reckless driving is experienced, the shocks last for a long. Generally, BMW car shocks last about 10,000 miles to 150,000 miles. 

When Should BMW shocks be replaced?

You need to change your BMW shocks if you experience the following:

  • Abnormal sound
  • Excessive vibration
  • Poor handling or stability
  • Oil Leakage

What brand of shocks does BMW use?

The well-known manufacturer of BMW shocks are:

  • Detroit Axle
  • Complete Struts
  • Autosaver88
  • Scitoo
  • Box

Are Bilstein shocks Good for BMW?

Blessing shocks are the best brand in the market for BMW cars. As a BMW owner, owning Bilstein shocks shows your premium love for your car. Bilstein shocks offer superb handling and high-performance replacement.

How much does it cost to replace shocks on a BMW?

Shocks need to be replaced in pairs. To replace shocks on a BMW car, you need to combine the shocking price with the labor cost. Each shock absorber’s cost range is $150 – $850, and the labor cost is around $150 – $350. In total, BMW shocks replacement will cost you around $300 – $1200.

Final Words

Driving your car with a pair of bad shocks is both dangerous and irritating. This review tried to find out the best shocks and struts for your BMW. 

If you are still running out of time, we recommend you buy Detroit Axle – Front Struts Coil Springs + Rear Shocks Replacement. These shocks come to you as a complete package, and you don’t need to be tense about their quality, durability, performance, and other major factors.

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