5 Best Shocks for Grand Marquis (Review) In 2023

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You won’t want to enter a banquet hall or wedding with your gorgeous car that isn’t comfortable to ride. The vibration and noise won’t only make you feel low but also ruin your mood. You choose a Grand Marquis according to your personality which everyone loves. Then why would you ruin it for a shock absorber?

Yes, if you can choose the best shocks for grand marquis all of your pain points will be gone. Shocks need to change when they wear and tear or enter the rupture point. A bad shock will help you with the whole riding experience.

So, to make your journey comfortable here we come to you with some best shocks for Grand Marquis.

Best Shocks for Grand Marquis Comparision Table

NameBest forRatingPrice
KYB KG5521 Gas-a-Just Gas ShockBest Overall10 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Monroe 5993 OE Spectrum Passenger Car Shock AbsorberBest for Handling and Control9.7 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
SCITOO Shocks AbsorbersBest for Wide Compatibility9.2 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Front and Rear Shock AbsorbersBest for Longevity9.5 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon
Premium Front Hood Lift Supports Shock StrutsBest for Easy Installation9.4 Out Of 10Check prices on Amazon

The Best Shocks for Grand Marquis Buying Guide

Choosing a shock for your grand marquis isn’t an easy decision. Your riding experience, your comfort, your journey environment, and your purposes for using your vehicle depends on this shock choice. We’ll try to help you with what you need to look at carefully before deciding on buying shocks for Grand Marquis.


You first need to select, for what purposes you’ll use your Grand Marquis. You can use your car for your riding, you can use it for wedding entries or it might be used for load carrying.

Whether you choose off-road or on-road, you need to select your shocks according to the road and environmental conditions. On bumpy roads, you need to focus on fewer vibration shocks while on-road riding, you might choose a shock that can cope with a silent environment.  


Budget is a determining factor. You can’t expect everything on a low budget. Also, a high price doesn’t ensure better quality. You need to choose a shock that serves all purposes with a minimum budget. We’ll suggest you go for optimizing features for an optimized budget.

What do we mean by optimum? Well, it means the features that are necessary and sometimes cross the demand expectation. This section doesn’t meet all criteria and also doesn’t leave the essential features behind. 

Shock Types

You will find 2 types of shock absorbers on the market. Oil and gas-filled shocks. Oil-filled shocks are expensive but ensure better dampening control due to their variable stiffness nature. On the other hand, gas-filled shocks have fixed stiffness and are easy to find in the market.

Braking and Steering

Try to choose a shock absorber that provides auto adjustment to your steering wheel and has excellent braking ability. Exceptional handling and control also ensure stability in your riding.


No one changes shocks continuously. And changing shocks over and over isn’t a good idea too as it hampers your economic condition. A shock with a longer life also ensures an improved lifetime of its supporting equipment.

Easy to Install

You will not find a mechanic near you now and then. So, buying a shock that is easy to install and doesn’t need an extra special tool always keeps you on the profitable side. 

5 Best Shocks for Grand Marquis

1. Best Overall: KYB KG5521 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

Highlighted Features:

  • More damping performance
  • Components and valving designed for muscle cars
  • High gas pressure design
  • Monotube-designed shock absorber
  • Air-free hydraulic units
Best Overall: KYB KG5521 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

If you want to experience the most satisfying and most effective riding experience on your Grand Marquis then replace the old shocks with KYB KG5521 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock. The gas shock will add up to 25% damping performance over the original product. You don’t need to be tense about the performance as the unique, air-free, hydraulic units will fade away all your tensions.

Don’t you want to get rid of the sloppy handling and seasick feelings? You’re. The struggle you face with previous Monroes, won’t come around with this shock. Components and valves are designed for classic muscle cars and provide instant and extra control.  During the hard braking, the rear stays remain under control with a load of passengers. 

You will face some difficulty in installing this equipment on your 98-2002 rear partners. You may need to look for some extra tools for completing the upper installations.


  • Increase Performance
  • Ensures Stability
  • Excellent braking and steering
  • Monotube shocks protect from rugged roads.


  • Difficult to Install

2. Best for Handling and Control: Monroe 5993 OE Spectrum Passenger Car Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features:

  • All-weather fluid
  • Full displaced valving
  • Fluon banded piston
  • Reduced noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Exceptional handling
Best for Handling and Control: Monroe 5993 OE Spectrum Passenger Car Shock Absorber

Monroe 5993 OE spectrum passenger car shock absorber will give you extraordinary precision and control over your Grand Marquis. This shock absorber will keep your distance from impact-related noise, vibration, and harshness. The OE all-weather fluid won’t retrain you from driving in extreme temperatures without high oil consumption.

The fluon band provides balance sealing between the piston and pressure tube. This ensures high durability and control.  You don’t need to face any mess while installing the shock absorber to your vehicle as it is super easy to install.

The shock is way too soft from the initial time. So after using this for 4-5 months, you may experience that the wheelbase isn’t firm enough to support the vehicle’s weight in Portland and uneven roads.


  • Ensures exceptional handling and control
  • Reduce noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Help to reduce oil breakdown
  • Easy to install


  • Shock doesn’t support high vehicle weight

3. Best for Wide Compatibility: SCITOO Shocks Absorbers

Highlighted Features:

  • High-performance shocks absorber
  • Wide variety
  • Consistent buckle holes
  • Monotube design
Best for Wide Compatibility: SCITOO Shocks Absorbers, best shocks for grand marquis

Are you looking for a shock absorber that is compatible with wide-range models? Scitoo shock absorber is suitable for all the models of Grand Marquis from 1983 to 2002. It will reduce the vehicle bounce in roll and swaying road without decreasing the acceleration squat. You can easily and quickly install the buckle holes in situ without any changes.

Montubes will increase the lifespan of the product by decreasing the heat rapidly. The longer lifespan will reduce your maintenance cost. You can handle your car with comfort and stability because this shock adjusts the constant height of the vehicle’s body automatically. It’ll also help to increase the life of the related parts of the shock.

When you’re going to buy the set of this shock absorber, thoroughly check both shock absorber sets. The front shock set works fine but the oil leakage problem is sometimes found in the rear shocks.


  • Reduce vehicle vibration
  • Widely compatible with various models
  • Dissipates heat rapidly
  • Increase product and supporting equipment lifespan


  • Oil leakage from the rear shock

4. Best for Longevity: Front and Rear Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features:

  • No modification
  • All kits in one
  • Longer life
  • Improved ride comfort
Best for Longevity: Front and Rear Shock Absorber

As our fourth-best shock absorber, we will review the front and rear shock absorbers. We said fourth but we’re yet to confess that this shock absorber is best for long life. This shock absorber will also protect the related equipment. It’ll come to you as a 4 piece set.

This 4-set shock absorber is widely compatible with the model ranging from 1992 to 2002. You don’t need to modify the shock absorber as all the parts are combined in one kit. So, to improve your ride comfort you can choose this shock absorber.

The handling and control feature of this shock absorber isn’t extraordinary. You can’t expect rapid heat reduction from these 4 sets of shock absorbers.


  • Ensure high longevity
  • Provides a comfortable riding experience
  • No modifications required
  • Widely compatible with a variety of model


  • The slow heat reduction process

5. Best for Easy Installation: Premium Front Hood Lift Supports Shock Struts

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect Fitment
  • OE replacement lift support
  • Mileage quality guarantee
  • High-strength leak-proof piston seal
Best for Easy Installation: Premium Front Hood Lift Supports Shock Struts

How much time can you give to install shock struts to your Grand Marquis? We think you budget a pretty good amount of time to install. But, what if you can install shock struts within 5 minutes? Surprised? Don’t be. You can install Premium front hood lift support shock struts in your vehicle within 5 minutes without any special tools. It’s that easy to install!

This shock doesn’t stop here. It also comes with a High strong leak-proof piston seal and dynamic damping technology. You don’t need to showcase your high energy to lift as these shock struts help in easy lifting and reduce closing effort. The superior rod finish resists corrosion of your struts which ensures long life.

This shock strut won’t help you in experiencing a noiseless environment. A loud scraping noise may be heard during compression. Cycling the hood up and down won’t reduce the sound.


  • Easy to install
  • Dynamic damping technology
  • Resists corrosion
  • Ensures longer life


  • Noise occurs during compression

How to Replace Shocks on Mercury Grand Marquis

Are you hearing any cracking sounds from your car? It can happen due to bad shocks. You will also face some trouble in handling and controlling the car if your shocks are broken. Now, you need to replace the shocks on your Mercury Grand Marquis. The processes of changing front and rear shocks are different.

If you know how to change shocks by yourself, it will save you hundreds of dollars. We’ll show you the easiest way of changing shocks from both the front and rear parts.

Replace Front Shocks on Mercury Grand Marquis – Step by Step

You will discover now the step-by-step process of replacing front shocks on the Mercury Grand Marquis.

Step 1 – Take Off The Top Nut  

First, open the bonnet or hood of your car. Take a wrench, if you have any. Now, twist the top nut in an anticlockwise direction. Take off the top nut and keep it in a secure place. You’ll find a rubber bushing under the top nut. Take off the rubber bushing too.

Step 2 – Loosened up the Underneath Nut and Old shock

Now, go underneath the car. Here, you will also have a nut that needs to take off. As soon as you loosen up the underneath nut fully, the old shock will be discovered. Now simply, pull out the old shock from the car.

Step 3 – Install the New Shocks

Grab your newly bought shocks. Some shocks come with an assembled kit whereas some shock bushings need to be manually assembled. 

You complete the assembly manually and put on the universal shock boots over your new shock top body. Now insert the rubber bushing at the top side. Some shocks have a polyurethane bush. You need to apply grease before inserting the polyurethane bush over the rubber bush. Don’t forget to insert the new shocks from underneath.

Replace Rear Shocks on Mercury Grand Marquis – Step by Step

As shocks come as 2 sets. Front and Rear shocks. You need to replace the rear shocks if it troubles you. The step-by-step guide for replacing rear shocks is presented for you.

Step 1 – Take off The Lower Nuts from the Backside

First, you need to go to the backside of the car. Most of the car’s rear shock is situated beside the rear wheel. Go underneath the car. You will discover the old rear shocks in a far way behind the 2004 Grand Marquis model.

Take a wrench and fit screws. Hold the lower nut tightly with a wrench. Now careful, take off the lower nut. You’ll find a bolt below your old shocks. Pull off the bolt to uninstall the old shocks.

Step 2 – Install the New rear shocks

Now, take your new rear shocks. Add bushing that comes up with the set at the top of your rear shocks. Now, follow the reverse process of step 1. First, put in the bolt below the rear shocks that will help to hold the shock. Then, tightened up the lower nuts with a wrench or fit screw.

Symptoms of Bad Grand Marquis Shocks

Your bad boy shock will give you a signal when it’s on the verge of its life span. The below symptoms will help you to get the idea that now you need to change the shocks.

  • Unusual noises over bumps
  • Make trouble during turns
  • Hard to Break the car
  • An effective steering control
  • Uneven tire wire


Does a 2004 Grand Marquis have an air suspension?

Yes, the 2004 Grand Marquis has a rear air suspension. This complex rear air suspension consists of dozens of components such as springs, shock absorbers, struts, control arms, sway bars, and steering links.

Does a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis have air suspension?

From 1992 to 1999, all models had the same air suspension. The Grand Marquis air springs of these models are known as airbags. It’s made of a plastic and rubber bag that fits at the top of the strut. Instead of a metal coil spring, pressurized air is used as a cushion.

Does a 2005 Grand Marquis have air suspension?

The Grand Marquis 2005 model is a little bit different from the others. Some modifications have been introduced by the marketers. It included a new frame, suspensions, and steering system. Improved airbag deployment modulation was also introduced in this model.

Can I Drive With Bad Shocks on the Grand Marquis?

You can drive with bad shocks on the Grands Marquis but you will face safety issues. The bad shocks, noise, harshness, and vibrations from the car will make your journey horrible. Besides, you will face poor control, excessive car jumps, and poor traction if you continue the ride with bad shocks.

How Long Can I Drive with Bad Shocks on Grand Marquis?

You can’t drive long with bad shocks on the Grand Marquis. Road condition is also a measure to find out how long you can drive. You can drive about 40,000 to 50,000 miles with your bad shocks. But, it’s not obvious as anything bad can happen at any time. So, it’s advisable to change the bad shocks as soon as possible to avoid any troubles.

How much should shocks cost on the Grand Marquis?

To buy new shocks for the Grand Marquis, it may cost you about $250 – $350. However, prices and sets of equipment vary from brand to brand. 

Final Words

To optimize your riding experience in the Grand Marquis, it is imperative to carefully select the most suitable shocks. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in locating the optimal shocks for your vehicle. Before making a purchase, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly assess each feature and potential drawbacks. Enhancing your knowledge regarding your car’s components will substantially increase your likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome.

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