Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks F150 Review – Experience the Ride

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The F150 is both a versatile and functional truck currently available in the market. This truck is great for something as simple as carrying out household chores, to something as demanding as the transportation of a heavy load via a powerful suspension. 

Even though the factory suspension is standard, it’s not entirely designed for the toughest off-road excursions. F150 drivers often sense that the vehicle is hard to control and tough to manage on rough trails and work sites. 

One simple and relatively cheap means is to improve both the on and off-highway driving capabilities of your vehicle by investing in suspension upgrades. Right here, we’ll review the Fox 2.0 rear shocks F150 review to show you the knowledge you require to find out whether this shock is right for your truck. 

Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks for Ford F150 – Key Features and Specs

Let’s start with pinpointing the key features and specs of Fox 2.0 F150 rear shocks found on the manufacturer’s website and other selling platforms: 

Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks F150 Review

Key Features:

  • Nitrogen-charged aluminum body with tuned performance springs
  • 6061-T6 aluminum rear shocks 
  • Customizable ride heights
  • Improved stability and off-road performance
  • Specific shock valving for F-150 trucks
  • Upgraded wheel and tire combinations 


CompatibilityFord F150
Weight12 pounds (5.44 kg)
Front Leveling2.0″
Made inUSA

Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks F150 Review

If you’re familiar with the inner workings of any rough terrain lift truck, then you probably have noticed the distinctiveness of Fox shocks. Their aluminum body and strong brand logo encourage further credibility. 

Fox 2.0 shocks are the newest innovation that gives broad adjustment capabilities and great road performance. Being more curious? Okay, let’s get into the detailed information about these shocks without further ado. 

Fox 2.0 shocks


What would you anticipate from your after-market shocks? If we are not mistaken, the answer might be “good handling” in difficult conditions. Luckily, the Fox 2.0 rear shocks are capable of dealing with bad external influences even without literally digesting all the extra weight brought by additional equipment. 

We haven’t seen any noticeable difference whatsoever between driving performance and its quality once you set off. The reality is that the obtained performance loss isn’t so severe when the vehicle preheats significantly. In short, this is a terrific rig for handling substantial weight and lots of driving, and it is also a great rig if you choose to get in some off-roading.

It should be noted you should consider having an F-150 if you tow a weight below the model’s already-reduced standard weight. With less weight to tow, the shocks won’t have to work as hard to control your vehicle.

Off-road Performance 

Now and then, when an individual looks into higher-end suspensions like a Fox 2.0 shock, they anticipate having an enjoyable trip that’s going to be thundering over woodlands. However, it simply isn’t that easy. 

You simply cannot put this pack on your vehicle and run it down like you’re in a street chase movie. While it undeniably will not be fast if you go shaming at 100 mph, the Fox 2.0 rear shock might still be considerably better than the stock suspension. 

Whether you are only cruising along the roadway, or you are going absolutely full steam ahead, you will notice a big change in your truck’s ride dynamics with Fox 2.0 shocks. These shocks will swiftly absorb the majority of small bumps without affecting handling capability. 

Even when you accelerate as hard as you can over rough ground going 20 mph or even look to make sure you hit the bumps stopping the vehicle will not go anywhere, and the chassis remains firmly planted.

Ride Comfort

Ride comfort! This is the elephant in the house when justifying any suspension setup. Well, are you thinking about how Fox 2.0 rear shocks compare with others? How do they feel while riding? Are they stiff or soft? All these questions are related to the ride quality or comfort. 

In truth, things are pretty much determined by your personal preferences. However, on the whole, we found that Fox 2.0 rear shocks tend to be on the softer end of the spectrum, so it comes as no surprise that these offer a great amount of squishiness and comfort.

Normally, running with such shocks bears the risk of the body bouncing too much and losing control or adjusting your braking either. Moreover, in cases like this, your trucks amplify the degree of body roll. If you ride over extremely rough areas or your truck is rolling around, these shocks adversely impact your ride experience. Fox Shocks manage it well, however.  

How They Perform on Highways

As far as on-road performance is concerned, this is most often the very last factor that is added to our review. The reason is that it’s all about off-road driving and Fox 2.0 shocks are set to do their part in the off-road adventures.

But while the suspension is definitely intended as a commuting setting, you’re definitely going to have a thoroughly enjoyable driving or cross-country trip experience, whichever you choose. The Fox 2.0 rear shocks have a very soft ride system. 

What can be said is that when driving on the streets it feels just like a fluffy pillow. In this case, we agree that it is among the comfiest kits for driving on highways that you can find in the marketplace.

As road trips progress, you’ll enjoy the floating sensation that this kit will give you when driving. That is because highway mileage can just float by in the course of a day-to-day commute. 

So, just forward-thinking or worrying about the well-being of your loved ones and yourself is not going to lead you to be disappointed with the way this shock rides. 

Ground Clearance 

The Fox 2.0 shock kit is designed to adapt itself for level height when pushed on top of a level plane. The shocks work to improve the vehicle’s clearance for large tires and wheels while helping to eliminate awkward factory looks. Adjustable ride height allows you to tailor the look and dampening to the individual driving style.

Pros and Cons of Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks F150 

So, now let’s point out the positive and negative sides of these shocks we found so far. 


  • Incredible for lifted truck
  • Good handling
  • Superior off-road performance
  • Excellent appearance
  • Smooth installation


  • Expensive
  • People who like a stiff setting may find it unsuitable

Should You Buy Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks for Your Ford F150?

We think it’s very likely you’ll be pleased with how your vehicle looks following installing these shocks. However, merely taking in your auto and driving it how you need it is likely to make a bigger difference.

If you’re simply looking to upgrade from your more entry-level lot or you’re simply aiming to upgrade your vehicle a little to match a much bigger tire for trail driving that isn’t too fast, you might think that a kit like this one is probably not appropriate for you.

However, If you’re a driver who likes to crank your vehicle or your travels entail a lot of driving over rough surfaces. To explore rougher terrain, you’ll have a lot of weight in your truck and if you really value toughness, you might admire this shock. In case you want your truck that stands up to expensive falls in the outback, and here also this will be a better pick.

How Long Do Fox 2.0 Shocks Last?

A Fox Performance Series shock is a great option for most applications involving daily driving of a vehicle and needing a smooth ride. The aluminum shock body will resist corrosion in certain regions of vehicles and is capable of resisting winter and salt conditions for a longer period of time. You might not need to be worried before 50,000 miles. 

Final Verdict

Replacement shocks on your Ford F-150 can improve the vehicle’s handling, give you a more stable and smoother ride, and alter the truck’s appearance. As far as our Fox 2.0 rear shocks F150 review reveals, this particular kit works great due to its sturdy, dependable performance, providing high-quality components that are designed to last.