Fox 2.0 Shocks F250 Review – Get the Edge on the Trails

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Fox 2.0 shocks provide a range of performance options, including Performance Shock and Performance Reservoir Shock, designed for compatibility with f250.

If you’re using a Ford F-250 Super Duty, it is worth noting that your truck’s shocks can wear out. Over time, your shocks will gradually lose their performance, even if they may look like they are working just fine on highways. 

While this isn’t something you’ll notice right away, off the road, you may notice that your truck is shaky and unstable. Fox designs reimagined with Fox 2.0 shocks, which are often used with F250 pickups, can make the roughest rides even more fun. 

Fox’s innovative designs and advanced technology have made their product comfortable and tough in even the most precarious environment. Not only is this vehicle ideally suited for a 4×4 vehicle, but, they additionally provide your daily driving expertise a taste of victory with each passing moment. 

Fox 2.0 shocks F250 review will tell you simply how amazing it is to have them on your Ford F250 and the reason it’s worth the investment.

Fox 2.0 Shocks F250 – Key Features and Specs

Fox 2.0 Shocks F250 Review

Before we land on the heart of our review, let’s take a peek at the key features and specifications of the Fox 2.0 F250 shocks available on the manufacturer’s site and other third-party selling platforms. 

Key Features:

Here are the features of Fox 2.0 shocks that might draw your attention:

  • Excellent Adjustability

Fox’s 2.0 Performance Series for Ford F250 comes with excellent adjustability that affords you the option to modify your compression characteristics in eight stages by means of simply clicking on the knob. Having eight compression adjustments, you can modify how your vehicle’s shocks respond to your particular driving style.

  • Sturdy Construction

Fox’s 2.0 shocks incorporate an impact-resistant, metal aluminum body for maximum strength and to dissipate heat more quickly than a standard steel body shock. The shock assemblies are finished in a tough style with an anodized matte finish for superior rust resistance.

Attached to an external reservoir that grants access to increased levels of oil plus nitrogen, these shocks have an internal pressure regulating valve coupled with a chrome-plated alloy piston shaft that helps superior dampening and reduces unnecessary bouncing.

  • Convenient Bolt-On Installation

Fox made the installation of their shocks a direct bolt replacement for your car’s factory shock absorbers. Prior to the installation, make sure that the technician has aligned your vehicle.

  • 4-6” Lifting 

The FOX2 F250 Shock Kit comprises front shocks and rear shocks that work with a lift of 4 to 6 inches. With phenomenal upgrade functionality for your Ford F250, you can get the performance you need by lifting your truck on or off the road as well as the smooth ride quality. Your truck will even look better with these shocks installed.


Upper Mount TypeTop Mount
Lower Mount TypeEyelet
Length18.280 inches (46.43 cm)
Extended Length23.210 inches (58.95 cm)

Fox 2.0 Shocks F250 Review

Hopefully, you have got adequate info about Fox 2.0 F250 shocks basics. Now let’s jump into the review:

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Shock


Even if you wish the drive to be rough, these shocks have it taken care of. You may still get that ordinary comfort from your vehicle’s factory suspension, but it’s thereby boosted just enough so that you aren’t harmed by bucking around in the truck. 

And if a softer suspension like this did that to us, we cannot imagine sporting anything else. We know some individuals lean a bit toward a suspension that is a little bit stiffer and somewhat sturdier and if you’re one such individual, then Fox 2.0 is not for you as it’s on the softer side. 

Fortunately, we like this as you can drive for hours without feeling as though the truck is entirely falling apart on you or you’ll be exhausted. Also, it’s nice to stretch out. 

On the test drive, the shocks functioned excellently out and in. We chose them to outperform the factory-assembled shocks. The steering does not falter when we pull on the brakes. It’s just more invigorating due to the better dealing with and capacity to fine-tune the system.  

Despite not being a lot taller, these shocks have a lot of benefits over super soft factory shocks. They are more adaptable than the stiff springs on factory shocks. When you get a heavy load on them, they will begin squatting as high as you can drive.

On-road Handling

If you didn’t know that the car you drove was an aftermarket motor vehicle, you would never have realized that. Yes, they are that excellent. The base of a sports car provides a greater sense of control than that found in an SUV or a truck. 

You have little to zero body roll, very low body squat, and very little diving around heavy braking. The suspension is built such that the rear end dives less than the established suspension when you’re overloaded on a bumpy road.  

Their high-speed stability above rough roads is fantastic. There’s not a sound or a vibration. The vehicle seems to be a lot more willing to absorb significant jolts, but the suspension still pays no mind to sharp jostling. 

Off-road Handling

We have to temper our expectations about them here, however. Obviously, we aren’t going to see the same great results from these shocks that cost three times as much. 

The level of the Fox 2.0 shock is superior to other shocks within this same price range, though it and the technology integrated within it may be very expensive. We’ve yet to reach a point where we’ve exceeded the allowable upper temperature, but we haven’t run the vehicle at a high speed for an extended period of time. 

These are absolutely not going to beat the fastest car, but continuous driving with unpaved roads will be a breeze. The Fox 2.0 can roll up to moderate speeds while remaining smooth and level. 

It provides superb rear-wheel traction over pretty uneven terrain and gives an intense level of driving comfort. These characteristics give you a secure feeling out on the trail.

Our Verdict

These shocks are far more likely to be something that will propel your off-roading confidence, and this is none other than what it does. As long as you’re on smooth and flat terrain, you are probably not going to encounter any problems, and we felt that it cruised along well for the most part and was comfortably planted. 

But once you hit something that throws you for a loop, you will be kicking yourself later. We were happy with the way that this kit performed on the whole, so there wouldn’t have been any great reason to doubt the information in our review. 

Hence, based on several elements, it is apparent that Fox 2.0 shock is a great starting point for those hoping to increase and improve the handling of their F250s. We think that incorporating a lot of extra weight into this kit might be a disadvantage as it may not be able to provide the body weight a back is crucial for.

The cost of buying this kit and how quickly it installs along with the part it plays in lessening bouncing are all good things for this upgrade that a lot of people are gonna really value. 

Even concluding our brief overview on Fox 2.0 shocks, we haven’t found any incident with the build quality on this suspension setup.

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