KYB Excel-G Shocks Review – A Comprehensive Analysis

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If you are a motorist, you know that maintaining your car is an essential obligation. It requires a continuous examination of the vehicle’s mechanical parts. The suspension plays a leading role in preserving your vehicle’s stability and smoothness.

The shocks absorbed by shock absorbers help reduce the flaws that your car encounters while riding on a rough road. Therefore, it is important to use the ideal shock absorber, and there is no doubt about this. When we talk about suspension components, the name “KYB” appears.

KYB is the world’s leading provider in the automotive shocks market, and the KYB Excel-G is constructed on the same assembly line as KYB’s premier powertrain parts. KYB’s Excel-G is a nitrogen-charged shock containing all requisite quality components current OEM products feature. Want to learn more? Read our KYB Excel-G shocks review. 

KYB Excel-G Shocks – Key Features and Specs

Let’s first discuss the core features and specs of KYB Excel-G Shocks, which can be found on the manufacturer’s website, other selling platforms, and prudent sellers as well. 

KYB Excel-G Shocks Review

Key Features:

  • Hard chromed piston rod
  • Restores OE performance
  • Seamless inner cylinder and eye ring, no leaks
  • One-way anti-foaming valve 
  • Teflon-coated piston valve
  • Bonded bushings and sleeves
  • Three-stage dual valving


PositionFront and Rear
Vehicle Service TypeCars, Trucks, Sedan, SUVs
Upper Mount TypeStud
Installation HardwareIncluded

KYB Excel-G Shocks Review 

KYB Excel-G

Now it’s time to dive into the core of our review. Let’s start:


Ride Comfort may be necessary, but reestablishing the original function of one’s car is keeping its Ride Control, stability, stopping, lane change responsiveness, and handling at a high level of functionality. KYB Excel-G Shocks are designed for the most critical performance by restoring your vehicle to its initial status.

As a manufacturer of automotive shock absorbers and struts, KYB provides products to many major automobile manufacturers. KYB OE ride quality levers, referred to as thrust adjusters, are identical to the finely calibrated equipment used on specific KYB assembly lines to restore their original, designed characteristics.

However, KYB shocks do have a drawback that may prohibit them from competing in the marketplace with shocks from other high-quality brands. So, if you’d like dependable shocks for a garden hose that will never exceed the street, KYB shocks are absolutely what you require. 

So if you search for off-road shocks then prior to purchasing them, you might want to consider another brand.


When the rebound and compression valves are triggered, they control the contact between the vehicle and tire, the steering responsiveness, and the suspension’s body movement. 

KYB assembles both control systems via an intricate process, in a sterilized room in order to avoid contamination and ensure they operate as intended.  Shock failure may be caused by fluid leaks. 

Fortunately, the KYB Excel-G Shock Absorber has an ultra-smooth triple chrome plated chrome piston rod to minimize friction between the seal and boost the cleanliness of the oil. The multi-lip, synthetic oil seal is also engineered to keep fluid in and has a wiper to remove impurities.

As you probably know, optimal wheel alignment is vital to vehicle performance. With this in mind, KYB uses the heaviest and strongest frames in order to provide the greatest rigidity. A sintered iron rod guide also aids in maintaining correct alignment in all driving conditions.

Ride Quality

Taking advantage of KYB OEM shocks in the real world is a good way to understand their advantages. This manufacturer has guided countless shocks throughout the years, and their awesomeness is observable in every area. 

Interestingly enough, KYB shocks have little effect on a car’s ride quality, except for some improvements made where stock shocks fail. You will surely observe that Excel G shocks ride slightly stiffer than your initial shocks felt because the shocks’ calibration was specifically selected for your auto by the OEM. 

Yes, there’s no real reason to wonder.  That’s to say, you’re taking into effect the unavoidable progression of wear and tear. Even if you don’t fix this and make everything, the highest-quality input has still got a manner of working. 

Excel G shocks, which have undergone rigorous processes and testing, have been modified so they compensate for some of the deterioration that happens during use. You can see the improvements in both rebound and compression values. 

We agree that firmer damping might not be suitable for everyone. However, many people are pleased with tighter vehicle controls. At the same time, KYB Excel G struts excel at cornering because of their exact response to multiple different driving situations.

Fitment and Installation

With the KYB Excel G, the metal tab that goes on the inside of the knuckle, you’ve got a massive amount of adjustment there. And basically, when you fit the KYB, we think you’re going to need to get an alignment to get the damper sitting. 

This is because you don’t have that metal tab to guide you as you do with other units such as Bilstein’s shocks. Well below average in our opinion of the KYB Excel G, they can be a difficult installation. 


Driving on roads with a lot more undulation fast can be a little uncomfortable and even more uncomfortable than a set of sports staffers because the suspension is not moving so much. 

So in that respect, we’d say the KYB are probably average to below average on the high-speed bump absorption over the big undulations for potholes and what have you. 

This is always going to be a problem for a standard replacement damper. We think it’s just a lot of momentum to control while at the same time having a damper that’s comfortable over bumps. So comparing the KYB to a stock replacement damper, we’d say again that the average.


Generally, KYB’s Excel G Shock can work for up to 8 to 9 years, while OEM shocks can function for as little as 10 years. Once we compute the mileage, we find that the OEM shock results. 

KYB typically provides 60,000 to 70,000 miles of hassle-free service life. However, KYB’s other shock will probably offer 30,000 to 80,000 miles of shock absorption. Therefore, with careful consideration, consider which shock will really be most proficient for you. If you’re searching for a long-term jolt, OEM shock is a superb choice. 


KYB’s fleet of shocks has another selling point: their products are eligible for a warranty if you’re ever unsatisfied with them. If any of the products are defective or do not meet your expectations, you can contact the dealership and they will replace them at zero cost to you. 

They have a great deal of confidence in their products, and their confidence in your equipment should give you peace of mind as well.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Excel G shocks are a higher-quality alternative to OEM shocks. We strive to say these shocks are a step above because lots of OEM brands either cut out strut assemblies or make it too costly, which only leaves aftermarket assemblies. 

As a rule of thumb, OEM parts are the safest choice if you’ve got the money to invest. This has become particularly apparent in regard to the pandemic. While the aftermarket parts may not be as consistent as they once were, they’re still a good bet all things considered.

Older automobile shocks are likely to have softer dampening grids in comparison to brand-new ones. While this fact could be safer for people operating older vehicles, it does undermine the vehicles’ overall performance. 

Nonetheless, some car enthusiasts prefer a softer shock feeling. Suspension replacement tasks are not that hard to get oneself into, all things considered.

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