Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers: An In-Depth Review

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Skunk2, a leading brand in the automotive market, makes top-quality products. Since Skunk2 is so good at what it does, it has plenty of rivals that usually offer fewer quality products, although their prices can be a bit higher. 

However, if you want to get a coilover setup that gives you a premium feel and performance at a good price, Skunk2 Pro-ST Premium coilovers are the ones for you.

Nevertheless, because every product has its downsides, and each company’s single objective is to gain cash, you can’t rely upon anything unless you have checked them out for yourself or learned about their activities first-hand. 

Don’t concern yourself with it, as our Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers review will provide you with all the information you need.

Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers – Key Features and Specs

Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers review

Mono-tube Body

Advanced motorsport shock technology in Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover systems includes a 52-millimeter seamless carbon steel mono-tube body that offers you added structural strength. 

Alongside, it provides proper system volume for both the internal components at the track and increased durability compared to uses on the road.

Threaded Design

All without sacrificing comfort and safety for the automobile, this shock is designed with a threaded shaft and a nut to guarantee rapid and controlled elevation of the vehicle for precise driver and swivel adjustment.  

Rugged Construction

Each PRO-ST full-length threaded body is built with durability and performance in mind. These threads are gold-colored, and the body is coated with protective zinc electroplating for smooth adjustments, which are also protected against the elements by the powder-coated mono-tube lower mounts.

3” Lowering

Built with roadsters influenced by daily driving, these Pro-ST coilovers were created with a daily driver in mind, reducing the height of the vehicle by approximately 3 inches, while maintaining full shock travel. These adjustments help maintain proper suspension travel.

High-Quality Spring

Springs are the muscles of a suspension setup and do the lifting of the temperature control springs. The Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover kit comes with steel liner coils as opposed to progressive rate coils since progressive springs have a tendency to lose their recovery and effect if the weight is too high. 

The Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover Kit is designed specifically for use with the oil-nitrogen-filled strut, striking a balance between spirited circuit driving and street comfort. Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers use 2.5” AE9254V coils with a spring rate tuned to work in concert with the oil-nitrogen-filled strut 

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Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers Review 

Looking ahead, hopefully, you already have a quick overview of the Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers features. Now let us have a look at that in greater detail:

Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers

Ride Quality

There are very significant differences in comfort between the stock and the PRO-S. The stock has a rougher setup that experiences considerably less body roll than the PRO-ST. The PRO-ST, however, has much less roll as you take in the corners and you feel more in control of the road. 

The PRO-ST enables you to only adjust the height of your ride. As springs are a lot smaller than shocks, it’s very simple to adjust their compression amount. If you want to raise up the tire, you’ll release the compression of the spring and you alter the spring stiffness to your ride height without the spring being squeezed.

Fitment and Installation

The rear bushing socket is off by two millimeters. OEM is forty millimeters, so Skunk2 is forty-four millimeters and needs to be sanded two millimeters off each end. 

Bushing after sanding reduces the hole a bit so it would not go through the bolt. For this task, drilling is required. Except for 2 minor things, the fit is pretty much perfect on the front part of the suspension. 

You will have to face the line sticking out the front of the shock, but on the skunk2’s it will be very far back, and it won’t reach, so you need a spacer to get things lined up. The back shocks also have bolt camber changes along with a secure fit in the hole and the frame of the car, leaving practically no play at all in it. 

However, the back spring assembly tends to be unstable when the car is raised to the vertical elevation when the lift is engaged. These are subsequently adjusted and are available in a comfortable condition on the car.


Around the bodywork, you can expect about a 1″ drop, and in the front shock is brought fully up and the spring is fully lowered. Likewise in the back shock, it drops fully and the spring is completely used.

After calibrating the overhaul, nearly all of the vehicle’s noises have for the most part dissipated. The car does not feel as alarming as it did initially. It might still feel a bit jarring, but it isn’t bad. 

We’d like to see it on a daily basis, but if it’s only for speedy driving, it’s an exceptional arrangement. No roll whatsoever on tender corners, but we do sense a minor wheel hop when marginally accelerating beforehand.

After the first installation, your car could occasionally make loud clunking sounds when slowing down or stopping, as well as weird rattling noises when first starting up. 

Having adjusted the car to your satisfaction, the many other sounds have nearly disappeared. The car ride no longer feels so big and in suppressible as it used to have. 

However, the ride may still feel a bit turbulent, but there is absolutely no fun to it. A mild roll on turns going just a few kilometers per hour is noticeable, although the tire rolls occur only on sharp corners.


The Skunk2 Pro-ST utilizes a valving system that gives simple controls. We should mention the specially designed keys on the top of the body that are used to adjust dampening are removable, so they can be left in place while driving. 

Technically, these keys are retained on the top of the piston rod by rubber o-rings, so they can be left in place while driving. Many suspensions claim 36-way shim, which allows you to customize traction settings, but it can be difficult to ensure they’re adjusted at the right time, making it challenging to set up. 

Skunk2 offers 12 points of adjustability instead, making the user feel that they can go from click to click while adjusting damping. 


Aluminum struts and perches are a solid choice if you live where weather conditions include rain, snow, or dirt. Corrosion is a common problem with low-quality struts and perches. 

Besides, adjusting their greasing after prolonged usage typically requires replacing both the spanner wrenches and hammers with small punches and hammers. The Pro-ST shocks are composed of T6061-T6 aluminum, a hardened aluminum grade. 

This imparts the threading with additional corrosion-resistant character and longevity, as it stays easy to adjust even after years of exposure to harsh elements. Extensive exposure to the underside of the shocks is predicted by evaluations from those who have put on these coils more than two summer seasons. 

Pros and Cons of Skunk2 Pro ST Coilovers

Now let’s share our perception from both positive and negative aspects. 


  • Decent Tune ability

It is common for there to be twelve levels on the vehicle, and you can sense all of them. We carried out this on the track countless times, modifying the settings. The settings often took hold of between 4 and 6 clicks in the front, and problems with understeer would be reduced with shocks per the front end.

  • Excellent for Daily Driving

So far, this is the best coilover that you can get in this price range due to its superior performance and weight balance. A lot of shocks use this valving. 

The Skunks’ adjustment options can also be somewhat more customized than the stock shocks. We would say the Skunks have to be at about level 8 to be identical to the stock shocks in stiffness.

  • Good Control in Understeering

Vehicle mode in the event of quickly turning off the power supply did not have a big impact on acceleration and was thus easily controlled, even with an additional 21 mm rear lift bearing and AS RE brace. After all, it’s A user-friendly system that holds up very well while turning.

  • Braking Performance

The reliably robust shocks can withstand the formidable breaking of hard descents. In reference to concretely, the laterally radical danger 1.25x to 70mph and 1.2x to 120mph is there. 

  • Money-Worthy Performance

Pro-ST Coilovers set the benchmark for suspension performance just like the entire Pro-ST lineup. How Skunk2’s Pro-ST Camshafts and Valvetrain revolutionized the Honda Accord engine’s performance. Even fully adjustable, Pro-ST Coilovers achieve the same thing for fans of high-performance suspension abilities at a lower price.


  • Not Suitable for Tracks

For a little bit of firmer dynamic capabilities, these coilovers are not really the ultimate track coilover setup. 

  • Low Spring Rate

When you’re on a track that is tight, the car feels slow. This happens because the plucked spring rate was too low. To improve this situation, we would have gone with an increase in rebound rate, but we did not want to keep the truck understeer. Keeping the sway under 4 (with GSR) and 6 with 21-millimeter sway was a suitable option.

Final Verdict

A common recreational vehicle like car racing might be well-suited to your interests if you also enjoy driving on the street. A select number of car sports, like the local open road and sprint car racing events, may be enjoyable, too. 

If you love driving your vehicle to work every day, the Pro-ST is probably not what you need. Think about purchasing the Pro-ST with a lower spring rate if you drive your car daily or drive long distances to go to work or school.

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