The Definitive Guide to ISIS (ISR) Coilovers: A Review 

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In order to buy the right suspension setup, you are standing in the general automotive section within your neighborhood store. You and your friends might even often cruise around in your car, but she seems to be nervous about the rougher ride as you progress with softer suspension.

Now it’s time to begin looking at lowering springs and adjustable suspensions, but if lowering costs isn’t your main goal, then you can continue to focus on suspension comfort for long and established suspensions. It has been more than 10 years ago that the racing suspension community started to keep suspension comfort and performance to anyone else.

ISIS coilovers are the perfect fusion of comfort and performance that they provide from a single suspension setup. Yes, we speak of ISIS coilover suspensions. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their investment in suspension may take advantage of our ISIS coilover review to get the most for their money.

ISIS Coilover Review

ISIS Coilover Review
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Let’s discuss some of the important factors regarding ISIS coilovers to analyze these coilovers. 

Components and Design

These are street coilovers designed for track configurations that are more than usual for beginners. The layout resembles the Skunk2 Pro-S (non-adjustable). However, when pushed to the limit, these Coilovers can’t deliver. 

They are something you can learn with but as you go through this practice, you’ll develop more acute expertise making them perfect for both wheelies and overpasses (and courses). Also, try to stay away from jumping with them as they have a lower bounce, and while going up this is high in relation to when going down.

To better define what controls their performance, the following components that, among others, contribute to this are the elements that distinguish ISR coilovers from similar products available in the marketplace. 

The following parts, among others, contribute to the functionality you hope for. These are included, such as the 32-way, adjustable dampen Monotube design 8K 6K spring rating, and the pillow ball upper.

Ride Quality

Many coilovers are known for offering great comfort. For just a couple hundred additional dollars, you can drive one. All you have to do is know what you are getting before you get it. Make the appropriate choice of ride, and you will not regret the decision for a second.

Among the many suspension manufacturers on the market is ISR  Coilovers. It’s common for a large number of drivers to appreciate ISR performance Coilovers for their ride quality. 

ISR Coilovers proved to be quite smooth because of their unique design and manufacturing, featuring a number of spring mounts that reduce distortion and give you a better, more consistent ride from corner to corner. Additionally, their construction is highly durable, so you can be sure they’ll endure repeated use.

Daily Driving 

Excellent for day-to-day driving, these are excellent for turning down to the more muted suspension setting, which feels gentler than the regular setting. The exception to these macros of comfort is that they’re not convertible for lowered damping. In this case, this feature may force you to drive.

In some instances, you can reduce the height of your automobile without reducing the spring size of the coilovers without breaking the bank since they usually allow you to lower only the place of the spring, thereby reducing the head suspension in some vehicles. 

Additionally, you can turn up the dampers (typically 4-6) when riding on the road, which we would say is the ideal setting for back-road driving.


We wanted to identify exactly what portion the big-ticket dynamometer damper was adding to our automobile compared to the flapper transmission line. We do not have a dynamometer damper, but it’s possible to position one end of it around the ground and push the other through as it goes, weighing down and unweighing as it goes by at different speeds.

As indicated by the speed of the vehicle, minimum acceptable progress can retrieve the important lows and highs of the game with minimum drama. The damper makes a similar compressional damping to the damper, which has a higher damping rate at slow speeds and a decreased rate of absorption at high speeds. It’s somewhat digressive, noting its low-speed damping.

Stiffer spring rates enable them to have slightly more destructive impacts than other pickup trucks. This means the bumps and potholes their vehicle may encounter will be substantially much like the ordinary ones, even while their body control will be higher than usual.

Track Use

Used on these manually operated rides, these go-on tracks lowered clue less than usual, and the dampers in fourteen are the type for the optimum examination of the track, roll-off in the car has been decreased, and maneuver curb is much sharper.

The amazing confidence of these coilovers allowed us to throw the car around in full force and come out the other side unscathed. Unfortunately, we could not time the difference in speeds with these and the pre-built coilovers, so we’re unable to determine exactly how much acceleration they provide.


No significant reports to make here, just an easy job dealing with the front setup. They come contained and pre-packaged, no worries. Check the preload Morneau, and make sure it is compressed exactly to 175 millimeters (calculate the distance between the gold raised locking rings above and below the spring, plus what you take off the rubber pad).

Far something similar to the Eibach Sportline spring heights is available thanks to the space between the bottom of the spring locking ring and the strut body locking ring mass lightening, which is about 30mm. The threaded strut body can be threaded through the bottom mounting bracket all the way to the top mounting bracket or even past that several inches. Going super low on these Coilovers won’t likely work.

The kit will now include a shorter front sway bar end link, be sure to use it. Removing the end link nut is a nuisance. Make sure to install a 17mm open-ended wrench in the space available behind the sway bar end link where the end link connects to the sway bar, locking it into place so you can securely use a 19mm socket wrench to remove the nut without the entire stud spinning in place. You need to do this from the security mount side.

Pros and Cons of ISIS Coilovers 

The positive and negative sides of Coilover suspensions are indicated clearly. Approach the same issue from both angles to be certain you understand not just half the option but the whole element.


  • On a really bumpy road, the ride is comfortable. 
  • The perfect turn is big. 
  • Reduced body roll and decreased body shocks are standout features of this setup. 
  • Pretty much leaves the tires untouched, and little shocks will enhance the camber. 
  • This is appropriate for things like drives or endurance competitions.


  • The decrease in elevation results in much less area for travel; the height decreases the enjoyable impact of the rides, and this sensation will subside at the final foot. 
  • These aren’t ideal for sticking with sharp turns. If you intend on any canyon terrain, just squat until the end of the month and buy a different one.

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