Tein Coilover: Flex A Vs Flex Z

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The Tein Flex A and Tein Flex Z Coilover systems exhibit distinct separation in pricing, with the Flex Z commanding a higher cost compared to the Flex A.

The higher cost of the Flex Z can be attributed to its status as the latest version of Tein coilovers.

Undoubtedly, the Tein Coilover stands out as a supreme high-performance coilover, showcasing unparalleled ride handling and optimal adjustability on the road.

The series of Tein coilovers (Tein Flex Z Vs Street Basis Z Coilovers) exhibit numerous resemblances, however, contingent upon the user’s intended application, the series can be utilized for distinct purposes.

The Tein Flex A coilover system is a top-of-the-line choice for individuals seeking a refined and comfortable ride during daily street use.

The Tein Flex Z Coilover is ideal for those who prioritize high-performance capabilities over luxury. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who frequently traverse off-road and rugged terrain.

Tein Flex ATein Flex A Coilovers$$$
Tein Flex ZTein Flex Z$$$

Tein Flex A Vs Flex Z In a Table

Tein Flex a Vs Flex Z

What Are Tein Coilovers?

Tein Coilovers

The Tein coilover is a high-performance suspension system that excels in ride handling, comfort, adjustability, and performance and boasts a wide range of series. This outstanding product is meticulously crafted in Japan, ensuring top-notch quality.

The consistent damping performance of this product is secured by its twin-tube design construction.

The Tein Coilover guarantee provides comprehensive coverage of 3 years or 36,000 miles for dampers used strictly during daily driving and on paved roads.

This Coilover earns an impressive reputation for delivering an exceptional driving experience to enthusiasts who value both performance and comfort. Its unparalleled longevity instills drivers with confidence, making it a reliable choice for any car endeavor.

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What Is a Tein Flex A Coilover?

The primary focus of the coilover assembly is to provide a superior level of riding comfort.

The newly introduced hydraulic bump stop in the TEIN coilover system provides an enhanced level of comfort, elevating the driving experience to new heights of luxury.

This coilover system features autonomous ride height adjustment, allowing for preloading of adjustments with ease and without interference.

By utilizing the adjustable feature, one can achieve optimal ride height quality to enhance the overall driving experience.

This coilover is also available for overhauling.


  • Adjustable damping
  • Ride height adjustment
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly


  • Little noise and Vibration

What Is Tein Flex Z Coilover?

The primary objective of the Tein Flex Z Coilover is to enhance the driver’s performance rather than prioritizing comfort.

The Linear Damping Force Adjustment System has an impressive 16-level capacity, enabling users to tailor their experience to their unique preferences. Enjoy unparalleled control over your equipment with this advanced technology.

The damping force adjustment system serves to not only optimize ride performance but also enhance the overall driving experience.

This Coilover is equipped with comprehensive rust-proofing to ensure its durability in challenging terrain.


  • High-quality materials
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Improved performance
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Little stiff ride
  • Expensive


The Tein coilover system is a highly regarded option among driving enthusiasts. With a diverse range of Coilover configurations available, each driver can tailor their suspension setup to their specific needs. While the Tein Flex A coilover may be an older version, the recently released Tein Flex Z.

That being said, the total cost of a Tein coilover system may not be the most cost-effective option for every driver. It is important to thoroughly consider all available alternatives (Truhart Vs Tein Coilovers) before committing to a purchase.