Finding Answers to Porsche Macan Air Suspension Problems

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The Porsche Macan is a sporting SUV that brings together the Sports and Utility traits better than most. James Bond and Daniel Craig’s qualities and Usain Bolt’s pace convey some sense of the Macan hybrid’s mix of abilities. But that’s not the whole story completely. 

Go into this a little bit further, and you get some idea of Macan’s uncertainty about ride comfort. While the ride comfort and suspension system are intimately related to each other, we have seen many users shouting about Porsche Macan air suspension problems. 

Problems including air compressor leakage, uneven vehicle height, vehicle corner sagging, suspension error, or lifting issues have been reported. In the following overview, we will investigate the typical Porsche Macan Air Suspension Repair problems, what variables bring about these problems, and helpful recommendations. 

Porsche Macan Suspension System In Brief

The standard front-end suspension is in the form of a damper with a double wishbone configuration. However, the turbocharged models have height-adjustable air struts instead of coilovers, allowing them to ride above bumps. 

The Rear suspension of the Macan is an independent suspension that uses a Torsion bar & coil springs. However, a key factor that distinguishes them from others is the Porsche Active Stability Management system. 

This engineering and staffing process governs the Air pressure in the suspension and the damper damping rate through the solenoid control with the help of sensors and accelerometers.

Common Porsche Macan Air Suspension Problems

Now let’s get into the main discussion. Before we start, one thing to mention is that these issues are sourced from user feedback and discussions on different forums and data portals. 

Uneven Ride Height

The Porsche Macan suspension’s height discrepancy is the most significant issue with the vehicle. Whenever this takes place, you will be tilted to one side in the neutral position, one side being lower than the other at regular height. 

Still, at times the Air suspension seems to work properly, even though there are no problems with raising and lowering every one of the four corners. Because of the possible effects of road conditions, ride height sensors are sometimes blamed. 

This is partly because, over time, it might happen that the sensors have lost their ability to determine their reference ride height position accurately. By carefully recalibrating them, you can regain essential precision.

Possible Solution:

You can troubleshoot the issue using the control module. First, the system will place the car in the center gear and inverted. The system then asks for the ideal height the Porsche manual specifies for each of the right and front reference points of your body and wheel and calculates the ideal height. 

The vehicle’s suspension is raised entirely until all the front corner points are measured, and the corresponding height is reached while sitting. It is then moved to the normal ride height position.

Suspension Lifting Issue

Some Macan owners have observed that lifting the Suspension after sitting low does not function, and according to the specs, condensate draining noise made by the compressor may also happen. In some situations, you may notice 2 error codes that are related to Failure in the PSM and the Air Suspension procedure.

Possible Solution:

When this happens, listen to ensure that the compressor is turned on first. Be sure to lift the suspension to determine whether it is enough for the compressor. If it is not, then your air springs might not be generating the required pressure via the compressor. 

To determine the cause of the malfunction, it will be useful to document the air pressure produced by the air compressor. Compare the pressure against the normal operating pressure, which will be listed in the Service Manual.

If the pressure is too low, this might be due to an insufficient connection at the compressor outlet, or the compressor has an internally worn bearing. You should remove the compressor and look for leakages. You may need to replace the whole compressor unit depending on the severity of the damage.

Corner Sagging

One typical symptom of the Corner suspension drops in ride height after parking occurs when the left-right ride height switch is activated. When pressing the height button, rides do not change.

However, the icon displays in the center of your screen, indicating that the car is at its normal height. Occasionally the Corner suspension drops while driving. When the corner rises, however, it soon becomes lower.

Possible Solution

When the suspension is too strongly forced due to a poorly functioning air compressor, air leakages could be the next thing to look for. Leaks of air due to the suspension sagging when driving are frequently brought up when the car sits for the complete night or several days or weeks.

Like all air springs, they could potentially last 70,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on how much they’re used. In the event your vehicle is in high mileage, it’s the air springs that you ought to check first for possible leakage.

If any of the aforementioned conditions exist, you must manually fill air into the hydration chamber. Afterward, smear the spring with soap solution to check for leaks. Subsequently, observe the location of any white bubbles that stay on a particular spot after wiping them with a hand.

You may even listen to a hissing noise coming from the leak point when the leak is too substantial.  In that case, you might be able to locate the leak area by observing it. When you get wind that there is a leak, the air spring has to be replaced. 

Suspension System Failure Error Message

Since the air suspension system of the Porsche Macan is electrically controlled, this problem is quite common and can be associated with other underlying issues. Sometimes, a system error message is displayed on Macan’s dashboard that the Suspension System Failure Transmission Failure Park Safely is displayed. 

Alongside, the ride quality can feel very extreme. As we mentioned, the issue can be associated with other malfunctions; the source of the error could be a Defective PASM control unit, a Defective Ride height sensor, or a Defective air compressor.

Possible Solution:

If your suspension is rough, it means your Air springs have no air pressure and that the suspension is riding on the bump stops. In this situation, it may be an issue with the air compressor. Examine your air compressor to address this concern and replace it if necessary.

Porsche Macan Air Suspension Repair – Our Tips

In most cases, severe Porsche air suspension issues require replacement and expert mechanics to deal with. However, if your skill and confidence are enough to approach a DIY process, you can start it with a helping hand. Generally, changing the air spring is the most common repair. For this, you can follow the steps below:

  • To begin, you should change the setting of the level alert to zero, so lifting the car will be much simpler. Once you’ve disabled the level alert, a system alert will be alerted to quench the well in which the wheel has dropped and increase the challenge, elevating it. 
  • Ahead of switching off the air spring for replacement, ensure that you press the release button at its mention, which can be found at the base of the pump, from the surface submerging.
  • Loosen the connector on either the left or right with a slow but steady motion if you suspect damage. This will weaken the O-rings in the connector and allow the air spring to be taken out. 
  • Be mindful when you remove the Air Spring and make sure it is turned off, disconnect the negative battery cable, and unplug the 2 connectors that communicate between the gas and strut systems.
  • During the Air Spring replacement, it is important to cut off the portion of the airline that you had previously stretched or torn prior to disconnecting. This ensures the previous cut portion does not fracture and cause a possible leak. 
  • Wash the part related to air connectors on the air strut and near the valve block with a soapy solution.

Final Words

As you know, the suspension system is one of the most crucial elements in your vehicle that highly influences both your safety and comfort; you should always be cautious. 

No matter how minor or severe the issue is, your intellectual decision can save you and your passengers from major dangers. So, whenever you notice Porsche Macan air suspension problems, don’t ignore them.