5 Best Coilovers for FG2 (Review) In 2023

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Are you looking for the best coilovers for FG2? Well-performing coilovers are considered to be the top-of-the-best when it comes to shock absorption for high-speed roadways. 

Yet not everyone has the financial means to buy expensive things. That does not, though, mean coilovers are beyond the ability of any car owner. Just the same as improving your Honda Civic FG2, the primary effect is to enhance purchasing coilovers that suit your budget.

However, it won’t be as simple as it sounds when you’re alone in the market. That’s why our experts have taken the task for you. Here we have detailed everything that you will need to check for when purchasing a new set of coilovers for your FG2, and a list of our top recommendations. Let’s take a closer look.

Note: Yes, we’re absolutely delighted to assist you in finding the right coilovers for your Honda Civic FG2. However, We won’t deny the fact that there may be other viable alternatives. Hence, we encourage you to read about the ones you are considering and compare them to your top pick.

Best Coilovers for FG2 Comparison Table

NameBest ForProsConsRatingPrice
Tein VSB14-CUAS1 CoiloversBest for Daily Drive-Provides high-performance
-Comfortable ride
-Improved handling
-Feels good on the road
-Hard to install9.8 Out Of 10Check Prices On Amazon
GOWE Adjustable CoiloversBest for the Money-Easy to install
-Include quality shocks
-Value for money
-Decent lifespan
-A little rough ride quality9.9 Out Of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Godspeed MSS0280 MonoSS CoiloversBest for Comfortable Ride-Adjustable stiffness
-Durable construction
-Custom ride height
-Improves Vehicle Handling
-Strange noise9.2 Out Of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Godspeed MMX2120-C MAXX CoiloversBest for Ride-handling-Excellent handling
-Comfortable navigation
-Superior response
-Adjustable damping levels
-Inconsistent performance9.4 Out Of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Truhart Street Plus CoiloversBest for Longer Use-Excellent heat dissipation
-Comfortable ride
-High-quality components
-Unbeatable durability
-Superior performance
-Installation can be a hassle9.1 Out Of 10Check Prices On Amazon

The Importance Of Honda Civic FG2 Coilovers Upgrade

Are you curious about why you should think of coilovers for your Honda Civic FG2? Here is some information that can tell you whether coilovers are really worth picking. Well, coilovers do a good job of lowering the suspension level and are considered the best on the market for fast-paced suspensions.

A point-of-sale setup like this is focused on controlling the automobile in such a way that it doesn’t come to a complete stop as a result of an external force, while also making sure that the ride is well tolerated.

Stock suspension components for the Honda Civic FG2 can be considered ideal for street driving, yet upgrades are strictly required for cars that will be running over any racetracks and are necessary at the same time as cars used for seeing vibrant street driving. Here are several facts relating to the importance of upgrading the stock suspension on FG2 to coilovers

You’ll Get Better Control Over Ride

The most beneficial places to tap into your vehicle’s coilover setups are the most well-known because they’re hot spots for most of your coilover’s rising technologies. Manipulating the sturdiness of your automobile’s suspension through good damper twisting turns out to have a considerable impact on the handling of your car.

Coilovers smooth out the rough ride as you respond with speed to make corners or turn rapidly. You should choose coilovers if you want a smoother ride and improved performance. Install your coilovers and raise the height for a more beat-up feeling.

You might furthermore get a preference for monotubes that are built for consoles, which, as stated before, is a damper built in a single tube. There are likely significant advantages since an off-road vehicle is pushed hard for extended periods, on the track. 

They Have Incredible Adjustability

Coilovers make it easier to change the height of your vehicle, either for perching or to make certain it has a particular weight bias. You can choose an appropriate coilover depending on your wishes, as well as adjustable handle shaving for comfort and traction. 

Adjustable rebound damping is also available for even more control over your vehicle’s handling. It appears as if you can pick a coilover with as few adjusters as desired or as many as four knobs, depending on what you require.

Coilovers featuring a variety of adjustable settings allow you to change the dampening mode from inside the automobile or using a program on your cell phone. Coilovers with appropriate top mounts let you adapt the tire settings to modify the handling or track the appearance of the tires. 

Where adjustability is a possibility, you’re gaining a lot of very precise control over how your motor vehicle handles so that you can have someone set up the best suspension components for your car’s exact body positioning, or you can do so.

They Are Just a Complete Package

A Coilover, which provides a comprehensive suspension, is nearing completion as a package deal. This means that the spring and the damper are being created to work as one unit, and you can even get coilovers that offer an entirely different ride from the stock suspension. 

While purchasing separate dampers and springs can be a good idea to achieve more improvements, the best bet is often to pair up and work as a complete. Replacing the entire suspension drastically changes the characteristics of the car’s motion, from equipment designed for enhanced comfort to athletics-ready setups. 

Things from specially created comfort suspensions to driver-controlled damping, and hydraulic lift systems can be arranged for your vehicle. Depending on the model of the car, specially designed drift suspensions, hydraulic lift systems, and electronic damping systems can be arranged.

Best Coilovers For FG2 Buyer’s Guide

Although it’s correct to experiment with some of the coilovers on your own to get a feel for them, consulting a specialist first is always preferable. We compiled this guide to assist you in making the decision that will be ideal for you. This informative guide can help you determine how to get the best type of Coilover for your specific automobile and budget.


You’re right when you’re aware of a vehicle’s compatibility with its coilovers. Although a lot of coilovers are not comprehensive, the ones that serve certain makers will work with the model of your automobile. 

Check the limits of the Honda Civic Coilover, which you’re likely to buy below. Our selected product will satisfy your purpose. But make an additional check to be certain that the product meets each item’s criteria. If any inappropriate product is delivered, your purpose will fail. Being the consequence of this is obligatory, make the selection deliberately.

Adjustment Options

Coilovers are very unique in their ability to change the height of your vehicle. This is because a shock is endowed with high-pressure helium gas that is known for being tough and long-lasting. Then, there’s no difference in height between each Coilover kit, so you can alter the elevation of the vehicle without having to pay extra.


Coilover setup isn’t a simple endeavor. To make this process easier, you have to go through numerous steps. At the same time, patience is needed to complete the task. It’s always wise to follow the instructions in the step-by-step format to complete the setup process. However, that doesn’t mean the process is clear-cut, but you may follow the instructions to complete it successfully.

If you need assistance and can’t install it by yourself, you can set up a service contract with a technician and hire him to carry out the job. Well, you will lack the cash to do it, but you can save on the money side by doing that. If you have a small budget, you can have a self-install by yourself to save money.

Intended Use

Next, you ought to think about how you’ll be using your new vehicle. For instance, are you hoping to go on countless road trips to rip the enjoyment of all the track adventures on your FG2? Alternatively, are you hoping to beat your old car’s cycle record for the maximum? 

Road surfaces and racetracks vary dramatically. Ordinary roads often have smooth, sweeping curves, with little to no traffic speed, whereas racetracks have the mechanics of an amusement park with sharp turns and very strict rules regarding speed limit enforcement. It’s difficult for trucks and automobiles on ordinary roads to suspend the system on curves with sharp penetrations.

Coilovers have evolved better at doing everyday activities than sports, which enables people to talk freely. After all, coilovers can be oriented for someone to focus more on performance, and they can easily allow individuals with more unique preferences to also ask to use the car.

The extensive amount of customization that you can get with many track coilovers comes partially at the expense of a lack of fitting preferences. Commonly used track coilovers give you an easier time getting in and out, but they may not be comfortable for driving the way you’re used to.

5 Best Coilovers For FG2

Our team of experts spent a sizable amount of time checking each entity’s positive reviews and ratings, conducting extensive research, and noting the existing trends in the automotive aftermarket. Additionally, our research included consulting with manufacturers to verify our rankings are timely and relevant. Now, let’s look at our top-rated list of the best coilovers for the Honda Civic FG2 nationwide.

1. Tein VSB14-CUAS1 Coilovers

Tein VSB14-CUAS1 Coil Over (06-11 Honda Civic Sedan FG1/FG2 Flex Z)

Our first candidate is Tein. Whether you like rebuilding old street cars or working on new ones, you probably have heard of them. They specialize in engineering suspension upgrades, including the Street Basis Z, Kind Basis Z, as well as the SBS14-CUAS1, which we have for the Honda Civic Sedan FG2.

It’s a budget-oriented Coilover kit that offers enjoyably spirited stock car driving without breaking the bank. As a member of their legendary Advanced series, this kit can improve your vehicle for road use. The finish of the VSB14-CUAS1 Coilovers Kit comes in green for fashion lovers! How fun is that?

An Advance Needle Technology feature in this unit gives the user perceptible changes to the suspension when the most current damping settings are changed from 16 distinct degrees. What makes it a truly worthwhile, 21st-century investment is the fact that it’s easy to set the suspension by 16 distinct degrees.

When accelerating or decelerating at an advanced ride height, you’ll experience the most minimal variances in the flat area around a large-hung case, as a result of a threaded sleeve that bears the long-colored wires for the damping mechanism and spring-loaded seats. The VSB14-CUAS1 coilovers allow for a drop of around 1.9 inches, enough for most driving circumstances.

Hundreds of miniature pressure points distribute weight, making it easier for them to descend during long times spent at low seat heights, such as when in motion or on bumpy streets. The adaptive suspension has programs that handle passenger weight, making them an excellent choice for short trips, particularly when many trips are anticipated.

Driver Experience: They normally require an additional purchase of OEM top mounts, and they do not permit the adjusting of camber without some particular models. So, you have to be aware of the fact and the additional cost. 


  • Provides high-performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Improved handling
  • Feels good on the road


  • Hard to install

2. GOWE Adjustable Coilovers

GOWE 24 Steps Adjustable Coilovers Suspension for Honda Civic 06-11 FD2 FA1 FG1 FG2 FA5 FK FN FD1 FD2 FD7 FA1 MK8 Struts Absorber

You’re crazy about the Honda Civic FG2 and want to experience the drive to its fullest. So, we’ve selected downhill joys that will two decades later complete this epic journey. After the first exceptional set on our list, we have another terrific option, which is the GOBE Adjustable Coilovers.

If you’re a Honda enthusiast, then there’s a good chance you’d have heard of Gowe before. They are highly touted by serious Honda enthusiasts for their skills in manufacturing aftermarket suspension parts. They are given respect due to their reputation in the community as Honda specialists, and they manufacture excellent parts for Honda for the most enthusiastic users.

Believe it or not, you can successfully deal with rough terrain in an off-road situation and take on challenging terrain when you go off-road with a Gowe coilover. Seasoned in building the perfect solution for any of your vehicle’s off-road needs, Gowe coilovers are readily available in several sizes and can be used in many different places to upgrade your auto, truck, or Jeep.

Anyone who has used GOWE Adjustable Coilovers will see that they provide superior low-speed handling and a professional-level smooth ride with no shakes or vibrations. 

These coilovers can turn an ordinary car into something that resembles a racecar. This has height and ride control settings, high-quality Chromoly steel parts, and a 45-millimeter piston that is much stronger than conventional dampers.

Driver Experience: This assembly promotes the improvement of your car’s clearance for better wheel climbing and suspension, allowing you to drive on rough terrain more comfortably. The low shocks that you feel in your body will make the trip on rough roads a lot more comfortable. However, if you place your wheels over rocks, you may experience more traction.


  • Easy to install
  • Include quality shocks
  • Value for money
  • Decent lifespan


  • A little rough ride quality

3. Godspeed MSS0280 MonoSS Coilovers


Godspeed has been hovering at the top of the aftermarket section for decades. Their products have been installed in a number of sports vehicles, notably the Honda Civic FG2. As for the FG2, they’ve got the Godspeed MSS0280 MonoSS Coilovers.

Perfect for daily driving, this coilover provides a comfortable ride while still maintaining driving performance. Its monoss design offers optimal rpm and handling without compromising smooth ride quality. 

The Best Specialty Coilovers Coilover edition from this cleft boasts a leading part in weight loss and the sharpest capabilities and specs for automobile lovers who have some understanding of coilovers. Its 2 monotube stainless steel shocks allow for a maximum of 16 levels of compression rebound adjustment.

Especially, the shock transmission is actuated utilizing a high-quality, torque-resistant PVC top hat that comes with a high-performance ball-mount bearing assembly (if not, mounted employing a solid-caliber CNC machined heat-treated bearing) to the base of the drive arm assembly through a Ten-millimeter bearing nut member.

We found the action factors that influence the quality of T7075-forged or cast aluminum or cast steel bottom brackets. Their weight is sufficiently significant to be strong and, if necessary, they include brake line brackets.

Driver Experience: One extremely easy rebound on screen, and they are the best I’ve ever used. The rebound is great, and the screen feels well-balanced. Nonetheless, it seems slightly unpredictable. It is not made to carry out the rebound. Additionally, there is no formal training on basic setup and directions. For that reason, unless you have experience with this way, you will either have to work out the setup strategies on your own or find instructions on the internet.


  • Adjustable stiffness
  • Durable construction
  • Custom ride height
  • Improves Vehicle Handling
  • Versatile


  • Strange noise

4. Godspeed MMX2120-C MAXX Coilovers

best coilovers for FG2 2006 to 2011

Well, now we can add another worthwhile video edition from Godspeed. This time, we’ve got the unbelievable Godspeed MMX2120-C MAXX Coilovers for your Honda Civic FG2. What is more memorable about the MMX series Coilover? It’s a durable and effective solution for those who want to toss in a comfy Coilover to their toolbox to go over some scenic dirt roads.

Most of the core elements of this Coilover are made using machined aluminum billets, providing more weight reduction. Their adjustable camber plates are also provided in most vehicles, letting you select a different setting for your rear cambers, based on your vehicle’s choice.

This Coilover suspension’s integrated threaded base allows for precise height adjustment for an ongoing trip without needing to reduce or impede the response of the specified suspension. New high-performance top mounts, in addition to a 32-way dampening setting, let you configure your vehicle for both elements and asphalt.

This 52mm Mono-Tube Stainless Steel Shock was chosen to supply enhanced corrosion resistance, especially useful beneath the conditions of increased wear and tear. Chromoly steel piston rods have been processed and chrome-plated using precision heat-treatment procedures to produce consistent and uniform linearity.

Driver Experience: Affix these curbs to my FG2 to check whether the rear half of the car leveled correctly. Nonslip, however, I had to cut off the parts of the shock attachments for the levers at each end to fit with the bolts. 

The curve of my cutting wheel affected the way I placed force down on these pedals. I will say that my particular pedal setup has a favorable impact on the same responses when these two-wheel add-ons are installed.


  • Excellent handling
  • Comfortable navigation
  • Superior response
  • Adjustable damping levels


  • Inconsistent performance

5. Truhart Street Plus Coilovers

best coilovers for FG2 2006 to 2011

For the last, if you’re looking for a cheap Coilover for your Honda Civic FG2, you can take Truhart Street Plus Coilovers into account. This Coilover will supply you with the best under the price range. Nevertheless, it has been set up with some fantastic features. Your ride won’t be compromised. Instead, it is going to be smooth and comfortable for riding to be able to help you achieve the objective.

While they’re not as popular as some of the more well-liked brands, the Truhart Street Plus coilovers should not be overlooked — especially given their reasonable price. They give a smooth, comfortable, diverse set of suspension settings to drivers, making them an appealing purchase.

One’s appreciation of these Truhart coilovers has been noted due to their extraordinary temperature control. The maneuverability of a vehicle is similar to its fuel economy with a fine up-front cost. They’re not going to bottom out, which is why you don’t prefer these less expensive kits.

Truhart’s yearly contribution to production capacity has grown by roughly 100 percent and proven its commitment to constant production. Additionally, it offers dependable performance and valuable customer service, and each purchase has a guarantee of incoming quality.

Driver Experience: It is about a ball to help quiet down the noise. If there is noise while you’re going, you will likely hear the noise less well while having what appears to be a pillow covering your rib. A few different jobs have been carried out by this ball. It has a ball, so I’m to be somewhat more comfortable when conveying. I also appreciate its steering column because of the way it provides it.


  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Comfortable ride
  • High-quality components
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Superior performance


  • Installation can be a hassle

Final Words

Shopping for a Coilover without first speaking with an expert is almost a foolish endeavor. Taking it for a spin could end in an incident, even an instance of death. Certainly, safety is the one issue when riding a scooter. There are no risks. Perhaps you can deal with that scooter easily. Doesn’t it sound worth the risk to take this gamble where your life is concerned?

We’ve recommended that you buy the best coilovers for FG2 from our recommended listing because we have prioritized reclining comfort when driving for you and other things. It’s hard to deal with any questions now because we will continue to do everything we can to make sure you end up with the ideal alternative.

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