5 Best Coilovers For Nissan Altima (Review) In 2023

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A set of good-quality Coilover and suspension kits can make your old car perform like new. If you want to make your car flexible, lower than regular, and efficient, there is no alternative to a new coil-over installation. It helps you to bring a huge difference in the handling, performance, steering, and riding quality of your Nissan Altima car.

However, finding the right Coilover is very tricky, especially for beginners. Keeping you in mind, we have collected the 5 best coilovers for the Nissan Altima that will bring variety to your driving. We have saved these because they allow you to raise and lower your car as per your needs. In addition, you can adjust the ride height very easily. Also, it allows excellent handling, off-roading ride consistency, ride & build quality, durability, reliability, and everything else.

Don’t have time to read the entire article and want to pick the best one at a glance? Then we say you take Tein DSK10-LUAS2 Basic Coil-Over Damper Kit and KSP-CNS390-KP| Full Coilover System. The best value and quality are found in these products because they have such an extensive range of features.

Best Coilovers For Nissan Altima Comparison Table

NameBest ForRatingPrice
Tein DSK10-LUAS2 Basic Coil-Over Damper KitBest Overall9.8 Out Of 10See On Amazon
KSP-CNS060-KP| Full Coilover SystemBest for Performances9.4 Out Of 10See On Amazon
Emotion Coilover Suspension 24-Level Fully Adjustable High-Performance KitBest for Daily Drive9.7 Out Of 10See On Amazon
Ksport CNS390-RR Version RR Damper SystemBest for Ride-handling9.2 Out Of 10See On Amazon
Godspeed MSS1070-A MonoSS Coilover Lowering KitBest for Budget-friendly9.1 Out Of 10See On Amazon

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Desired Coilover 

Not all coilovers right now are worth buying. Additionally, not every set of Coilover has significant value where you should invest. Therefore, you should always look for some factors that are given below. Don’t forget to check them out before purchasing the desired one.

  • Fitment

Not all Coilover fits with your car. Different Coilovers have different shapes, sizes, and specifications that don’t match your Nissan Altima. Therefore, check the fitment and model that suit your car. Otherwise, your investing money will be in vain. So never compromise looking at the fitment.

  • Entire conditions

Looking at the Coilover’s condition like bushings, thread, spring perch, collar, and other components. If they are in natural conditions, buy the set. But if any of them is defective or inconvenient, don’t buy them. You need to look at the color and outer look for better sight.

  • Upper mounts

The top mount is important to bind the bolts and top of the Coilover strongly. Between strut and mount assembly, there are basically two types of stuff bushings, rubber, or pillow ball options. Nowadays, a maximum number of Coilover feature pillow ball top mounts instead of bushings. However, almost all OE manufacturers focus on rubber bushings.

Unfortunately, it causes suspension precision failure frequently and allows plenty of energy deflection. On the other hand, the pillow upper mount has a metallic spherical bearings joint. So buy a Coilover that has a pillow ball top mount.

  • Look for a monotube shock design

When you decide to buy Coilover, ensure the Coilover features a monotube shock design. The monotube design is more perfect than the twin tube. It has a single cylinder but a separate chamber (oil and gas), which dissipates heat incredibly fast. Therefore, it is wise to choose a monotube shock design Coilover.

  • Built quality

Investing your valuable money in the right Coilover kits means a lot. It is impossible to change the Coilover after every month or every 6 months. Isn’t it a waste of money? There is a saying, “Look before you leaf.” To ensure durability and construction materials.

The most highly-demandable Coilover nowadays is made of billet Aluminum components with a stainless steel body. Zinc coating with electroplating is a bonus, which resists rust and dust to increase longevity.

5 Best Coilovers For Nissan Altima

Right now, there are plenty of options available when it comes to Coilover kits. Therefore, it is always a tough task to pick the right coilovers for your Nissan Altima. However, when we knew you were facing trouble in making your decision, we looked out for the best Coilovers for the Nissan Altima. For your convenience, we select the 5 high-quality and top-notch coilovers to get all the benefits.

1. Tein DSK10-LUAS2 Basic Coil-Over Damper Kit

We selected the Tein DSK10-LUAS2 Basic Coil-Over Damper Kit as our first choice considering the quality and several reasons. This street basis Coilover by Tein is the affordable and perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a sporty feeling without compromising aggressiveness. Tein produced quality automotive parts by applying the latest technology to meet the quality ride.

best coilovers for Nissan Altima

Key Features with Incredible Benefits:

Here are some unique and tremendous features and benefits of this quality Coilover kit.

  • Design

Tein coil overs have shortened shell case designs that provide the utmost damper stroke (possibly between 24 and 30 stroke/mnt). But it is lower than the standard vehicle ride height. The shell case’s damper is integrated and sealed assembly. Unlike a cartridge-type Coilover, the shock absorber isn’t built separately. As a result, it is straightforward to insert all the inner parts directly.

  • Shock design

Tein features a twin tube internal shock design with nitrogen pressure gas charged, which is good enough compared to oxygen. It uses the different valves in one piston. There are dual cylinders without separated oil and gas which provides a slightly dampening force. Interestingly, there is an inner cylinder and the piston valve moves up and down within it.

  • Higher built quality

Tein is a Japanese company that doesn’t compromise on quality. Rigorous construction with a powder-coated steel body, which resists rust and corrosion. In addition, there is a welded-free ZT-coated adjustment tube with standard-length dust boots. Powder-coated damper body prevents all kinds of debris, rust, and corrosion. The coil springs are made of high-tensile (more than 200 kg/mm2) SAE-grade steel and are cold-formed for increasing resistance against sagging and ensuring ride stability.

  • Improved ride quality

It features a full-length ride height adjustable system with FLEX Z which enables ride height attachment by connecting the case length. Surprisingly, it performs all these things without changing or altering damper stroke length or spring pre-load. This way it can increase the ride quality incredibly and maintain a balance between the low-down appearance and ride comfort. Additionally, it offers multiple settings preferences for sport driving.

  • Perfect ride height

As a bonus or gift, it has damping force adjustment to alter the ride to desired settings, which ensures the standard and classic ride height. The 16-level dampening adjustability with the FLEX Z option keeps the rebound and compression together.

It also features a pillow ball upper mount for easy installation. Moreover, there is a camber adjustment feature with this top mount for front strut assembly. The materials used to make the TEIN Coilover are suitable to ensure durability and reliability. An elastic and robust dust boot is efficient in preventing pre-mature damage to the piston.

  • Affordable price range

Considering the built quality and other specifications, it is slightly lower in price. In a word, it is a user-friendly, mid-budget-friendly Coilover, perfect for everyone who wants to improve ride quality.


  • The replacement shock absorber is fully customizable.
  • Available for Overhaul
  • 22m larger piston diameter for both front and rear strut.
  • Features high-spec damper oil.
  • Modified for superior handling and stable ride.
  • Wrought Aluminum spring seats with low-friction solid-resin thrust washers.
  • Affordable price ranges.


  • Only 1-year warranty.

2. KSP-CNS390-KP| Full Coilover System

Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover set is one of the KSP’s most satisfactory and popular choices. It has developed this set with its advanced technology and is equipped with such significant features.

KSP-CNS390-KP| Full Coilover System | Lowers Vehicle & Increases Handling

Key Features with Incredible Benefits:

Here are some significant features and benefits to understanding this Coilover better.

  • Shock design

The Coilover shock absorber has a monotube shock design with high-pressure gas charges. This high-pressurized gas reduces oil leakage. There is a cylinder with a separate gas and oil chamber, which dissipates heat faster and perfectly. Resulting in, it allows excellent damping adjustment. Moreover, there are no aeration and cavitation issues in monotube shocks compared to the twin tube shocks.

  • Plenty of dampening adjustment levels

Most KSP’s set of Coilover features variable dampening adjustments. This Kontrolpro series is equipped with 36-level damping settings to dial your car precisely. This way it can provide precise handling and ride comfort. Additionally, the advantage of higher-level damping settings is they change compression and rebound at a time.

  • Quality construction

KSP Coilover is a high-quality Coilover with excellent built quality. The entire body is made of aerospace, premium-grade steel with over-electroplating zinc coating. This coating prevents rust and protects from corrosion. Most parts including the collar, spring perches, mounts, etc. are constructed with Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum, which makes it lighter, robust, long-lasting, and rustproof. The combination of black and orange color makes it eye-catching.

  • Adjustable lower mount and pillow ball top mount

Most of the Coilover by KSP have adjustable lower mounts, which enable adjustment of the ride height without sacrificing suspension travel. There are front and great pillow ball upper mounts to set up and install in the specific vehicle easily.

There is a dust boot integrated with a bump reduced inside. It prevents deterioration compared to other designs. Pillow ball top mounts increase steering feel and response according to the requirement.

  • Camber adjustment

There are camber adjustable for specific Ksport models, especially those that have pillow ball top mounts. This camber adjustment is useful to dial in the camber for specific vehicle agreement purposes. With the camber adjustment inclusion, you don’t need to buy camber setup parts separately.

  • Perfect spring rate

Perfect-rated spring helps to absorb high pressure and road bumps according to the needs. However, this KSP has a standard spring rate both front and rear. The front spring rate is 8.7 kg/mm, whereas the rear spring rate is 7.2 kg/mm.

  • Adjustable spring perch and ride height adjustable

As described earlier, it features adjustable lower mounts, which increase height adjustability without losing spring travel. With the 36-way dampening adjustability, it can balance the ride height with optimal value. Therefore, users can get the expected ride height without worrying about the bottoming parts.


  • A metallic finish with zinc coating protects the entire unit from rust.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Improved ride quality and reliability.
  • Increase vehicle looks.


  • Experience some bumps on a rough surface.

3. Emotion Coilover Suspension 24-Level Fully Adjustable High-Performance Kit

For your kind information, Emotion is a sub-brand of Autobahn88, which has versatile functions. You will get 5 benefits in one Coilover set, including precise control, quality traction, eye-catching appearance, street-based performance, and circuit.

Emotion Coilover Suspension 24-Level Fully Adjustable High Performance Kit, compatible with Nissan/Infiniti ALTIMA (C33), 1989-1993 (set of 4)

Key features with incredible benefits:

There are lots of features available in this Coilover that you should know before purchasing.

  • Monotube shock design

Emotion (Autobahn88) features seamless carbon steel monotube shock allowing the system to run incredibly well. The body tube is rigorous and made of a 52mm JIS G3445-STKM13C (DIN2393-ST44-2) carbon-based steel and there is a larger (44mm) inner piston with linear properties. With this monotube design, it can precisely reduce heat. Additionally, it has high-quality shock oil, a larger piston area, and a larger volume of oil.

  • Pillow ball upper mount

It has pillowball top mounts that are completely different from rubber bushings. Solid spherical bearings are used in pillow ball top mounts, which are better than soft rubber bushings. You can install the Coilover directly for this pillow ball mount. It also increases steering response while maintaining a pretty quiet operation.

  • 24-level of damping adjustments

The Emotion Coilover is equipped with 24-level damping settings (compression and rebound), making the ride height perfectly adjustable. In addition, it applies the latest and recognized needle valve technology for accurate fluid flow. As the needle valve contains a small bore pointed rod, the fluid can flow precisely through it. 

  • Linear damping force

The emotion features a linear damping force that provides excellently tunable vehicle control while giving a precise response to the road. This is a stable damping force that enables maintaining comfortable and unique rides even on bumpy roads or tracks. Overall, it helps to control the vehicle precisely.

  • Full-length ride height adjustable system

The full-length ride height adjustment function with a movable bottom bracket allows liberal height and preload adjustment. Therefore, it can balance the bump and re-bump ratio in optimum conditions. As a result, you can feel a sporty yet smoother ride throughout the driving session.

  • Aluminum Construction

Seamless carbon shock body tube with aluminum constructed parts make it lighter and durable too. The spring is high-performing and is made of chrome silicon steel. So there are no worries about driving on the rock surfaces or crazy riding. The springs are too robust to absorb the high pressure.


  • High-performing springs.
  • It provides precise control over a rough surface.
  • Wrought aluminum alloy body pipe
  • long-lasting.


  • Replacing is slightly hard.

4. Ksport CNS390-RR Version RR Damper System

This Ksport RR series is built for those who love road racing. For maximum performance and precision handling, it features aggressive rates and valving. Also, it is pretty responsive and reacts thoroughly according to the road condition.

Ksport CNS390-RR Version RR Damper System

Key features with incredible benefits:

Here are some unique and mind-blowing features and benefits to know it better.

  • 36-way dampening adjustments

Unlike Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover it also features 36-level damping settings to achieve the perfect ride height. When a spring compresses and rebounds, it oscillates more controlled when damping settings are increased. Admit it, excessive levels of damping can affect the ride quality.

  • Pillow ball and Aluminum mounts

Pillow ball upper mounts help to achieve the utmost performance. It has spherical bearings that balance the connection between the chassis and suspension. This is why you feel more connected and tuned with your vehicle– no matter where you are.

  • Aggressive spring rate

The spring rate is just awesome and standard to allow you to adjust ride height as needed. Also, it has shock valves for the utmost handling and performance. The front spring rate is 18.6 k/mm and the rear spring rate is 16 kg/mm. Both are standards that reduce body rolling or shaking.

  • Racing quality

A racing-specific Coilover, the RR series is built to perform. Aggressive spring rates and sensation shock valving with 20-30mm shock stroke. This allows the shock to perform unbeatably on both track and rough surfaces.

  • Rigorous construction

6061-T6 Billet aluminum internal and external parts make it lighter and rust-resistant. In addition, the spring is built for the racing world, which is a 100% steel-based component. The shock body has zinc-coated electroplating overlapping, which prevents rust. Camber adjustable pillow ball top mounts (specific model only) in the front to give you comfort feelings for perfect driver response.

  • Monotube design

Needless to say, the Coilover with monotube shock design is unstoppable in providing heat dissipation, control, and performance. In addition, quality shock oil keeps the inner piston running smoothly. Compared to the twin tube design shock, the monotube can dissipate heat faster and keep the system cool. In the meantime, aeration and cavitation issues are hard to find in monotube shock design.

  • Increased comfort in handling

Most of the Ksports RR series utilize or feature an adjustable lower mount for allowing you to fit the height according to your need without losing suspension travel. This way, you feel more comfortable and sporty handling with optimal control.


  • Unmatched ride quality and reliability.
  • No aeration and cavitation.
  • Electroplating with zinc coating ensures rust-free.
  • Adjustable spring perch.


  • Do not have brackets attached.

5. Godspeed MSS1070-A MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

Godspeed MonoSS Coilover is a fully adjustable, superior ride height adjustable, and highly-demandable option, compatible with Nissan models (2007 to 2012). If you are looking for Coilover at an affordable price range, enjoy a comfortable ride, and feel the best handling, choosing Godspeed is sufficient.

Godspeed MSS1070-A MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit, Fully Adjustable, Ride Height, Spring Tension And 16 Click Damping, compatible with Nissan Altima Sedan (L32A) 2007-12

Key features with incredible benefits:

Here are some special features of this true conversion kit with such mind-blowing benefits.

  • Standard spring rate

Proper spring can make you feel sporty when driving on rough terrain. The more the spring rate is the more you feel a softer and smoother ride. It is because spring allows absorbing road pressure and responds accordingly, resulting in you feeling the quiet operation. However, the front spring rate of GodSpeed is 8 kg/mm and the rear is 6 kg/mm.

  • Mono-tube shock design

Coilovers with monotube shock designs are more efficient than twin-tube designs. However, Godspeed has a larger diameter (52mm) mono-tube stainless steel shock, which is impeccable in dissipating heat. Also, there is just one cylinder with a separate gas and oil chamber, which enables it to provide maximum performance.

  • 16-level dampening adjustments

There are 16-level damping settings for achieving the utmost ride height adjustability. Perfectly adjustable ride height Coilover allows you to go lower when needed and bring its natural position. You can safely control the car body rolling and cornering.

  • Rebuildable

All replaced parts available to rebuild when worn out thanks to Godspeed for introducing such great Coilover suspension kits. This is why when any of the parts are broken or work out, you can replace them in no time. This Coilover is imported from the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Robust built quality

GodSpeed Coilover features a Koyo Japan 6204z bearing with an anodized shock body. The shock body is made of carbon steel with a performance internal piston. The Aluminum-based lower mount with T-7075 carbon steel or forged aluminum brackets makes it robust. Also, it uses race-quality shock oil along with a high viscosity index. Besides, the other accessories are made of CNC-machined Aluminum and carbon steel.

  • Smooth stroke

This performance-based built quality provides a smooth stroke. Racing-grade shock oil allows the piston to move up and down friction-free. Using polyurethane bushing improves the car’s handling and stiffens the ride.


  • Liberal ride height and spring pore-load attachments.
  • Anodized shock body.
  • High-viscosity race-quality shock oil.
  • Easy to install.


  • Could go lower in the rear.
  • Sometimes wrong bushing can be found.

Final Touch

No matter whether you want to lower your car or improve handling, Coilover is efficient in both terms. Not only these terms, but Coilover also plays a prominent role in enhancing ride quality, improving handling, absorbing bumps and bounce over rough terrain, and feeling comfy steering. Therefore, you should invest your hard-earned money in the right coilover set.

In this article, we described the 5 best coilovers for Nissan Altima that are incredibly perfect. In our point of view, KSP Kontrol Pro and TEIN coilovers are perfect for everything you want. But others are good enough too for different purposes. So never hesitate to pick one of them to meet the desired driving experience.

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